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Doomstadt Central Park, Doomstadt, Latveria. 2016 Imperial Calendar

Lelouch sat on a bench, holding an ice cream cone. To the left of him on the bench was his "Cousin" Rolo and to the right of him in her wheelchair was Nunnaly, both enjoying ice creams of their own. Around them were a bunch of bodyguards watching over the three. Lelouch, however, had barely touched his own cone. He was too deep in his own thoughts to eat anything. It was no wonder, since he had a lot to think about.

First was the fact that he was almost completely left out from his Father's plans. Since the day he had met Suzaku again, he had very little knowledge about what was going on in the mansion. He had been completely unaware about the existence of C.C. before Victor specifically told him to make a contract with her. That's how he gained his own geass. And although Lelouch had met C.C several times since then, the woman was still a complete enigma to him. Rolo was equally mysterious to him. All Lelouch knew about him was that he used to be an assassin, whose memories Victor had taken away. Now he and Nunnaly had to pretend to Rolo that he was their cousin, whose parents were killed in an assasination. They were also told that if he ever asked about the geass, they would tell him that it was in fact a mysterious power bestowed to the members of the Doom bloodline.

The second thing was that Victor didn't seem to do anything anymore, with or without Lelouch. It was nearly six months after the Britannians were defeated, the world had stayed relatively quiet. There were still wars going on, but they were mostly just small querillas. There were no large scale conflicts happening. In fact the largest ones were in the South America, where nations were fighting over the new borders the defeat of Britannia had caused. Victor had ignored even them.

Lelouch, however, could not ignore the problem. Both Schneizel and Charles had disappeared. And although Victor didn't seem to care about it, Lelouch knew the danger both of them possessed. Well, if Victor wasn't going to do anything about it, then Lelouch would.

"Lelouch." Rolo said turning Lelouch's attention towards him. "Your ice cream has melted." Lelouch looked at his cone, which now contained nothing but liquid, and his stained clothes. One of the guards came with a tissue to wipe the stains, to which Lelouch replied that it was unnecessary.

Doom's Family mansion, Couple of hours later.

Lelouch marched through the corridor to Victor's personal quarters. The passage was blocked by guards, but Lelouch simply passed them. Soon he arrived to Victor's study and opened the door. The study was in a total chaos. Papers were lying around the tables and the floor and furniture was toppled over. Victor was sitting on a chair with his back to Lelouch, looking out of a large window and holding a liquor bottle in his hand.

"Get out." He said to Lelouch, not moving from his spot.

"This is far important to-" Lelouch tried to speak but was interrupted by Victor.

"I said get out!" He shouted turning his face to Lelouch. Victors face was full of anger and frustration.

"No." Lelouch replied unfazed.

Victor sighed and turned his look back to the window. "Fine. Tell me what you want."

"What is wrong with you?" Lelouch asked from his adoptive father. "I have never seen you like this."

"I know." Victor, now calmed down, replied. "I haven't been myself in years. But it was only recently that I realised it."

"But why? You were so excited about helping me destroy Britannia! To make the world a better place! Why did you stop? There is so much to do!"

"There is nothing to do!" Victor shouted again rising from his chair to look at his adopted son. "Don't you get it, Lelouch? We have already done all that. Britannia is as good as dead. All that's left of it are two separate nations with no true connection to each other. Chinese Federation doesn't even exist anymore. There are only several scattered countries, who happen to share a united army, for now. Meanwhile the Euro Universe has become has become the most powerful political entity in the history of mankind, controlling nearly 40 percent of the planet's total landmass and almost 30 percent of the world's population. And what about the economy? Do you know what is the E.U:s combined gross domestic product?"

"42 trillion euros. What about it?"

"That's 63 percent of the planet's global wealth. Which means that the entire global economy is reliant on E.U:s technology and renewable energy production, just like it used to be reliant on Japan's sakuradite. Militarily you could say that the E.U. is undefeatable. It's years ahead in weapons development to the outside world. If you wanted to create a better world, you were late: I already did it."

"This is not the world I wanted. Now we could take over the rest of the world, unite it. Yet you stay here like some pathetic coward, drowning your own non-existent ghosts with those liquors!"

"Do you think I'm drinking because I'm afraid to lose? I'm drinking because I'm afraid to win!"

Lelouch's face filled with confusion. How could Victor not want to finish what he had started together with him? Plan they had developed for years. Victor sighed, while returning to his chair again.

"Right. How could you possibly understand how I feel?"

"Can't you just tell me?"

"(sigh) Before I arrived here I used to rule just Latveria. It was a small yet powerful country. But I was always lusting for more power. Fantastic Four, Avengers, Hulk, X-men, those are names you have never heard of, but I knew them well. Those were the heroes of my homeworld, and my sworn enemies. I hated them, especially Reed Richards, for ruining my plans for world conquest. But truth to be told I managed to take over the entire world a couple of times, but after I had succeeded in doing it, I would soon get bored and somehow reset everything?"

"Then why did you try to take over the world in the first place, If you never wanted to rule it?"

"I guess it was some kind of childish thrill seeking. Despite all of my great intellect and talents, I was just a big baby. And just like a baby, I was a tyrant. However I had a good time. In here I am the only super-genius in existence. Geasses are meaningless compared to my mechanical inventions, which are immune to them. World is essentially my toy, and I've grown too old to play."

"So you won't do anything?"

"No. It's better to stop, when you're ahead. I have no intention of taking over the world only to get bored and unable to press the reset button anymore."

"I can't believe, what I'm hearing. The Doctor Doom I have heard stories of would have never..."

"Doctor Doom is dead!"

"You are dead" Lelouch heard inside his head. The words his biological father had said about him, when he announced giving up his claim to the throne. Said that Lelouch was just a stillborn baby, who had never truly existed. And now Lelouch had heard Victor essentially announce his own suicide.

"Doctor Doom died, when the time machine exploded, and what was left was nothing. Nothing but a mere shell of a once powerful man, a man, who isn't even a part of this universe."

Lelouch was angry. He just wanted to geass his father into taking over the world. But before he did it he reconsidered. "So you are dead. And I have no use for dead people myself" He said. "Well I won't stay here and left the job undone. If you won't help me, I'll create a better world myself"

Victor didn't reply, but returned to his chair, while Lelouch left the room.

Lelouch's private quarters, a couple of hours later

However, soon Lelouch discovered something vital missing: He didn't have the means to take over the world. No army, no resources, no contacts, not even a good health. All he had was a mind controlling geass, which was useless against the robots in the mansion, and his intellect. Neither he have any sort of knack at inventing like Victor did. And even if Lelouch did have the inventing skills, he didn't have access to the laboratories. Victor had sealed them all with locks only he was capable of opening. Voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, access codes, all those things to lock everything up. Now they were just creating dust, instead of new inventions for the good of mankind.

Another thing was also missing: What to do? Unite the rest of the world under E.U? No, it would just make E.U. be seen as another Britannia. Should the E.U. be destroyed? No, world would plunge into chaos. Lelouch was in a political salient. Completely unable to truly do anything without making his dream of a better world to Nunnaly meaningless. Perhaps Victor was right, the better world, as flawed as it was, was already created

However, before he had planned on giving up, C.C entered his room.

"What are you doing here?" He asked in frustration

"I would like to talk about something."

"What reason could I possibly have to talk with you?"

"How about what you should do next."

Lelouch eyed the woman in confusion. "Could you be more precise?"

"I talk about making the world a better place."

"Go talk with Father"

"I'm not talking about political, economic or military games?"


"But of the laws of nature themselves."

Lelouch thought for a moment, and then spoke. "I'm listening."

Entrance to Doom laboratories, half an hour later

Lelouch looked at the door leading to the labs, holding a voice changer in his hands. This very machine had been used several times, when Lelouch had led the E.U: s armed forces. And now it was going to give Lelouch what he needed.

"Identify yourself" The door said.

"Victor von Doom" Lelouch replied, using the voice changer to resemble Victor's voice.

"Welcome" The door opened.

Lelouch walked carefully into the laboratories, not wanting to launch the possible alarms. Finally he found, what he was looking for: The storage of doombot Telepath. Opening the door, he saw telepath in stasis alongside the sleeping Mao.

"My geass power doesn't work on robots" Lelouch thought out loud. "But Mao is not a robot."

He walked next to Mao and opened his eyes. "Here goes nothing. I, Lelouch von Doom order you: Obey me forever!"

The geass activated and took over Mao's mind, whatever was left of it. Lelouch then walked to telepath and activated it.

"Where is the Creator?" the doombot asked.

"Forget about the Creator?" Lelouch ordered. "Obey me now"

"Understood." Telepath answered. Lelouch smiled. What ever worked on mao, apparently also worked on telepath.

"Collect all the possible information of the Doom technology, find a way to transport Mao away and get it outside. Read the location from my mind."

Victor's personal quarters, one hour later.

Victor watched as several vans carrying large amounts of technology leaving through the darkness of the night. Among them were the passengers Lelouch, Nunnaly, Rolo and C2. Victor walked to the mirror and took a comb from his pocket, grooming his hair back into condition. Then he pushed the mirror aside, revealing a safe, which contained a large amount of papers, pictures and photographs. These all contained information about the mysterious force known as the God, thought elevators and the Sword of Akasha

"The first part of my plan has started. Now let's see what this God looks like."