Author's Note: I am going to make the assumption that everyone reading this has read both the Harry Potter books and the Gallagher Girls books. If not, here's a quick recap:

Harry and his friends (and enemies) are wizards and witches training at Hogwarts

Cammie and her friends are spies training at a spy school

Also, italicized words are thoughts

Chapter 1

Cammie POV

I was power-walking down one of the numerous Gallagher Academy hallways, rushing to the bathroom. I had woken up at 3:09am with a sudden need for the restroom. I could see the bathroom at the end of the hall and thought to myself, "Victory!" at the exact same time that I felt my foot catch on a loose stone. I was catapulted forward towards a wall, and instinctively stuck my arm out to block my body from hitting the wall.

I steadied myself, and then straightened back up. I stared in shock at the place where my hand had been – it was now glowing a light blue color. That was the moment when the floor started falling under my feet. The bricks just dropped out from under me, taking me with them.

Of course, any normal person would be terrified right then, but I think we all know that I'm definitely not normal. I'm the Chameleon, for Pete's sake! I can sit on an empty bench and even my best friends won't see me.

So, now that we've established I am not normal, I was excited while dropping into the ground. I had discovered a new passageway! I was a bit surprised because I didn't know there were any more.

Of course, being me, I decided to follow it and see where it led to. It started to slope downhill almost immediately, but after exactly 7 minutes, 29 seconds of walking, it angled steeply upward. I stood there for a moment, wondering how to climb a nearly vertical wall with no equipment. Then I noticed the rope hanging there. Brilliant spy work, Cammie, you managed to not see the rope hanging directly in front of you! In my defense, it was pretty dark in the passageway, and I didn't have any of those night-vision goggles that double as laser shooters that Dr. Fibs made last year.

I gripped the rope tightly and pressed my feet against the wall, then pulled myself up using my arm muscles. I have pretty strong arms, and here's proof: I can beat Bex in arm wrestling! Even though, being Bex, she won't admit it.

When I reached the top, it was a small room with no apparent exits. I was wondering why the tunnel had led to here when I heard voices.

"Do you think Cammie know yet, Rachel?"

"I hope not, but she is the Chameleon. She probably knows something," a voice I recognized as my mom's said. I of course was thinking, What do I probably know, what is it? and hoping they would go into more detail. I had figured out by then that it was my mom and Mr. Solomon talking in the headmistress' (aka, my mom's) office.

"I know we are sending 10 of our kids. How many of the Hogwarts students are coming here?" Joe Solomon asked. I gasped in shock. We were doing an exchange?

As soon as I made a noise, all talking ceased. Then my mom said in an angry, yet proud, tone, "Cameron Ann Morgan, I know you are listening to us! Go back to your dorm right now!" I jumped down the steep wall, then rushed back through the tunnel to where I had fallen. I managed to get back up to the hallway, and closed the tunnel by pressing my hand to the wall again. It was a miracle that no one else had walked by. I hurried back to my room and jumped back into bed as quietly as I could. I would have to tell my roommates/best friends what I had overheard in the morning.

As I was laying there, I realized that I had never gone to the bathroom.