I'm pretty sure that both Bex and mine's jaws dropped at the sight of someone walking through a wall. Sure we're spies in training and have seen way more than the average adult, but that doesn't mean we aren't surprised by superhuman acts! Our jaws dropped again as the cute black haired boy walked through, obviously trying – and failing – to be sneaky. Wait, did I just call him cute? Ignore my mind; it's been in an all-girls school for way too long. It thinks it can make these judgments on its own, but that's what led to the Josh circumstances. So I've decided that it is not allowed to have opinions on members of the opposite sex until it has gathered all data and considered all options. We don't want a repeat of the forklift situation. Anyways…

"Hey guys! We found you!" Liz shouted as she trotted over, Macey following along behind. Normally I'd be rolling my eyes at Liz's conspicuousness, but since we were pretending to be normal teenage girls, I supposed she was fitting the part. We quickly filled the hackers in on what we'd seen and were pleased to see their jaws drop, although not quite as far as ours did. Oddly enough, shortly after Macey and Liz joined us I saw Courtney's bright blond hair out of the corner of my eye. It was as though the universe was trying to unite us… or maybe not. I'm not so good at interpreting these signs. Hey, maybe at this Hogwarts school there'd be a fortune telling teacher! You never know!

"Hey Courtney! Over here!" Macey called out, projecting her voice like she'd learned from her father. Court looked relieved to have found us and hurried over, her braid swinging back and forth. "Thank Gillian I found you all! It's 10:45!" she said, and waited for the significance of this to sink in. Unfortunately, none of us knew just what the time had to do with anything. Seeing our puzzled expressions, she elaborated, "Our driver – mine, Eva, and Kim's – told us that we had to find the platform before 11:00! Didn't yours?"

We exchanged significant glances to see if any of us had somehow caught that as we had left the car, then sighed. Of course they couldn't make it that easy! I directed my attention back to the other girls as Liz asked Courtney if she knew where the others were; she didn't, but they had comms.

"Chica? Possible? It's Glamour. Paparazzi, Mouse, Whisper? Does anyone read me?"

Her mic must have been turned up to the highest volume because the rest of us could hear Mick say, "Actually, we see you with Duchess, Peacock, and Bookworm. We're on our way over. Mouse is over and out." Macey swatted at her so she would turn it down because we were getting some rather odd looks. Although that may have been partly from the fact that we were wearing our lovely plaid uniforms, but whatever.

The rest of the girls hurried over, rolling suitcases behind them. I did a head count, then sighed again. It was going to be rather difficult getting 10 of us through a wall without anyone noticing. Four would have been bad enough, but ten? "Okay girls, here's the plan: We have to get through that wall-" I paused for a moment to let the newcomers soak that in, then continued, "-without letting anyone notice us going through. I'll go last because it will be easiest for me to go through unnoticed, and after several of us go through, people may start watching. We'll go in pairs. Liz and Mick go first, then Anna and Tina. After them are Courtney and Bex and Macey and Kim. Like I said before, I'll go last with Eva. Ready?"

Most of their faces showed a little shock, but they all nodded at me. "Right then. Let's go!"

We all dispersed into our pairs and watched Liz and Mick casually lean against the wall and fall through, like we'd seen the redhead twins do earlier. Strangely, not one person in the crowd seemed to notice. Hmmm, maybe people really are blind to what they don't want to see, especially considering that no one reacted when Tina and Anna just straight up walked through, and Courtney and Bex freaking ran! As Macey and Kim sidled up to the – dare I say it? – magic wall, I did see one person's eyes on them. She was a boring looking girl, not as in appearances but as in personality. Her hair was pretty wild, but then again, I'm not really one to judge. We waited until she was looking away, then stepped up to the wall. It was actually pretty nerve-wracking, as I had no idea what was waiting for me! Eva and I glanced at each other then stepped into a solid brick wall, nervously anticipating what would lay on the other side.

Well. That was anticlimactic.

For a second I wasn't sure if we had made it through or not, since the other side of the wall was just a train platform as well. But I immediately started noticing little details that seemed a bit off. Like maybe the fact that someone was holding a newspaper with freaking moving pictures! Calm down, calm down, calm down. This is okay. Moving pictures can easily be explained; I mean, we have TV screens that can fit on the tip of a finger, courtesy of Dr. Fibs of course. However, what couldn't be explained so easily was the multitude of owls in cages. Maybe owls were the new carrier pigeons? But these people were so obvious; they would never last as spies! Unless… they were just so good that they could look like really bad spies to disguise the fact that they were spies? Wow that was convoluted.

Before my neural pathways could get even more tangled, Eva's tanned arm gently nudged my ribs. And when I say gently, what I really mean is she whacked me. "They're over there, under that sign," she whispered. The rest of our team was milling about underneath a huge hanging sign that read 'Platform 9 ¾, Hogwarts Express'. Huh. So we were in the right place after all!

I tapped my comm to send some static through so that they wouldn't jump when I started talking – an old trick from Professor Buckingham. "Hey, it's Chameleon and Chica. It looks like everyone needs to get on this train. We'll probably have to split up, so Duchess, Bookworm, and Peacock follow me; Whisper and Paparazzi follow Chica; and Glamour, you take Mouse and Possible. Got it girls?" After a muffled chorus of 'yes', I finished up my little pep talk with, "Remember, we have no idea what we are getting into right now. Remember everything Mr. Solomon taught us. Keep your eyes peeled. Trust no one, but don't give yourselves away. Alright, board the train now."

As I turned and led the way up the rickety steps, I knew my sisters were following me. We had no idea what was going to happen, or even where we were really going, but whatever happened, we would be in it together.

Hello again! Yup, I'm back from the brinks of obscurity to bring you all another chapter, a sparkling new one! Hope you enjoy it, and like always, read slowly, because there's no guarantee how long you'll have to wait for the next one!