Colonel Young found Rush in his lab about an hour after his fight with Greer. Eli has reported the details of the incident to him, and the colonel had already heard Greer's explanation about it, now it was time to listen to Rush's. This part wouldn't be so easy, he guessed. He had been looking for Camille Wray as well, but she was nowhere to be found. With a deep sigh, the colonel approached the scientist who was standing in front of an ancient console.

- Doctor Rush? Are you okay? Eli told me what happened.

Rush slowly turned his head to him. Bruises were beginning to appear all over his face, making clear that Greer had made a very good job earlier. He didn't reply, giving the colonel a blank look. Young immediately thought of Rush's previous break-down: having the wrong reaction after a beating was certainly not a good sign.

- Are you all right?, he insisted, now really worried.

- Yes, I am. Thank you for asking.

The scientist surprisingly didn't seem upset at all. Young decided to take advantage of this unexpected mindset.

- Look, I am sorry for what happened. I talked to Sgt Greer, and this is not going to happen again, you have my world. But I can't really put Greer on a cell here, on the Destiny, I hope you understand that.

Rush thought of it for a minute, and the colonel mentally prepared for the discussion to come.

- I guess I do. Just tell me when I can safely go get my water.

- You... do? Doc, are you sure you're okay?, Young felt so surprised by Rush's reaction, that he lost his professional tone for a minute.

- I'm very fine, actually. And yes, I realise how weird that sounds considering the situation, but trust me, Colonel, I'm not nuts, at least not for now. Would that be all? I have some important work to do here, as you should know.

Young stood there, stupidly watching as the scientist quietly went back to his current work. He was obviously missing some piece of the puzzle here, he thought as he finally noticed how relax Rush seemed to be compared to... well, the colonel actually couldn't remember a single time when Rush had been anything but stressed. Anyway, he could only hope that whatever had put the scientist in this mood would last, the rest wasn't his business after all.

Still, as he left Rush's lab behind him and headed to other problems of the day, Col. Young couldn't help but being curious about what had happened. He would ask Camille Wray for an explanation, but he already knew he would never know the truth...