One Piece, One Hundred Words

A/N: This popped into my head while rewatching the Alabasta arc. The hardest part was making it a true drabble of 100 words.

Sun Protection

When it came to their devil fruit powers, Pell had gotten the better deal, Chaka decided.

The first time they had transformed, Pell had gone soaring into the skies while Chaka had been left looking up in envy.

In comparison, a jackal was... meh.

However, flying came with its own set of dangers. When an exuberant Pell finally deigned to return to terra firma, Chaka noticed that the smaller man seemed rather...

"...burned." Dr. Ooh pronounced, slapping ointment onto Pell's lobster-red skin and earning a yelp from the badly sunburned guardian. "Ever considered sun protection?"

Chaka tried not to snicker.