This is my first Another Cinderella story. This is after Mary and Joey come back from Manhattan. Mary has graduated from the Manhattan School of Dance. Tami and Dustin still date and have both graduated. Tami works at a fashion magazine and Dustin is a radio dj. They are all 22. My story is starts on May 28th.

No Matter What

"How far away are we now?" Mary asked.

"Well last time you asked we were about 30 minutes away and no we areā€¦" Joey answered before stopping to look at his watch. "29 minutes away."

"Sorry I just can't wait to see Tami. It has been a year since we have seen each other. Oh my gosh Joey! What if she doesn't like me anymore!"

"How could she not like you? She calls you everyday!"

"Well she hasn't called me once in the last week and a half!"

That's because she has that new article she is supposed to be writing that new article on summer fashions right?"

"It's not just that Joey, she gets to pick the top styles from all the fashion shows she has been to! This could make or break her career!"

"Wow! She that's why she hasn't talked to you in awhile she is probably stressed out." There was a brief pause.

"Speaking of careers have you talked to Dustin lately? How is his career going?" Mary asked.

"Oh, the Funk? He's good. I listened to his show yesterday; a caller asked him why he called himself The Funk. He sat there for about 5 minutes tongue tied, until the caller finally hung up."

They both laughed.

Mary sighed. "I miss them both so much. I still can't believe you signed a six month contract to sing right in my hometown!"

"With you as one of my back up dancers of course." Joey added.

After about five minutes of silence, Mary started to speak. "Joey, how far away are we now?"

Joey sighed. "Soon, we will be there soon."

Okay. That's the end of the first chapter .I gets a lot better and pretty suspenseful. I will update as often as I can. I will try to about once a week. More if I have the time. Things can get pretty busy here so probably once a week not more. But don't worry; I will NEVER just end the story without you knowing how it ends.