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As I leaned in for the kiss, I didn't feel any hate or remorse for it, oddly. In fact I wanted to kiss him more. His smell, the feel of his lips on mine and the way his hands ran through my hair, they all made me want to jump him then and there. When he pulled me in for another, I didn't oppose as he eagerly slipped his tongue into my mouth. We continued going at each other until he was on top of me.

"I know we haven't been the best of friends, but Taylor, I'd like to make an arrangement with you…" Chad trailed off, looking directly at me. "I want us to still be friends… but I also want to give this whole relationship thing a test run." Chad continued. I looked at him somewhat angry and confused.

"You mean 'friends with benefits'? Oh… this is rich! I knew you were full of yourself…" I say, pushing Chad off me, fixing my clothes and getting up to leave. I turned around when Chad grabbed me by the arm.

"Not friends with benefits, that's cliche… I want to be in a relationship with you without anyone knowing, not even our friends. I want to keep this out of the press, because we both understand that once they know, we'll both end up heartbroken. Considering they've managed to break up solid marriages… so it hasn't shown to be hard for them to break up couples…" Chad explained, the caring look in his eyes, made my heart melt.

"Explain what exactly you want from me then Danforth…" I said and despite my feelings, I struggled to keep my angry demeanor.

"I want to go to places together… hold hands and don't have to worry about it being in a magazine. I want to kiss you in public and people look at us because we're a couple in love. Not a celebrity couple… Plus, I want to do this." Chad says, catching me by surprise and kissing me. My guard finally breaks as he backs me into a nearby wall. "I-want-to-make-love-to-you-and-not-have-to-worry-about-anything-except-when-I'll-be-able-to-do-it-again." Chad managed, as I kissed him and ran my hand through his curly hair and pulled him closer to me.

Already done with the teasing, I pulled Chad's shirt over his head, and momentarily broke the kiss. Chad let me down, briefly, to grab away all my clothes and within moments, I was pressed back against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist/

I was about to do something I never thought I'd do.

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