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This one's for LaPaige, who never fails to make me smile when she reviews. (: And she loves HarryGinny.


Harry watches her twirl in circles on the grass, barefoot and grass-stained, giggling. Shaking his head fondly, he goes out to meet her, taking her hand in his larger one.

"Look," she giggles, pointing down at the edge of the lake, a mischievous glint to her blue eyes. "Can you see it?"

"See what?" he demands, squinting hard and still not seeing anything remotely worth staring at.

She gives him a light shove, and they're both sailing down towards the edge of the lake, landing in a tangled heap on its banks. She reaches out for a handful of water to splash him with, but he's far ahead of her, rolling her over so she's resting with the water crashing on top of her.

She gasps, "Harry!" but he's not done, splashing her with a handful of water. This initiates a battle of reflexes, and they're both soaked from head to toe and laughing.

"I love you," he murmurs, pressing his lips to her laughing ones softly.

Oh yes, Ginny's been kissed before. But this is her first time being kissed, laughing and carefree.


Ah, Paige, I know it was pretty gosh-darn awful, but I hope you kinda enjoyed it. (: