Dawn and dusk slowly falling over me.
Hand in hand I knew this was meant to be.
Your cheek gently grazing mine, our cold breath lingers in air.
You open your lips, wanting to let words be fair.
My palm reaching out for your face, then quickly you pull away.
Knees begin to quake, for the fear is digging in.
The words coming at me like a fist, and I dont want to give in.
The ground feeling like sand when you walk away.
Rain falling and your nolonger here.
Begining to drown, I cannot see.
Heart ripped open, seam by seam.
I grasp for your hand, feeling nothing but air.
Drowning even more and I cannot seem to care.
Sunlight shining through, my eyes start to burn.
Throat becoming raw, I knew it had to come soon.
Eyes become heavy, I think I feel a touch.
Pulling me up, I'm feeling like lead.
Someone whispers in my ear "this wont be the end".
Feeling coming back, eyes yearn to see.
But like a fool I knew, this was never meant to be..