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Little Secret.

God, that thing was an eye sore. Mustang felt himself sigh once again as his eyes rolled a bit at the grinning bespectacled man who sat across from him at the restaurant they currently resided at. Every single time the two went to a fancy restaurant, Hughes not only wore that terrible and bright red tie; he insisted on wearing it and refused to ever pick a different one. Whenever there was a speck of objection uttered about it from the grumbling Colonel, Maes would merely laugh and state: "You'd think it was stupid if I told you why I always wear this."

Mustang would have found this habit of his best friend's more amusing if that wasn't the tie that he wore to get married to Gracia.

After taking another sip out of his water glass, Roy discovered that he was out of the liquid that kept him preoccupied and nearly slammed the glass down in frustration.

"Why are they always so slow at this place?" The irritated alchemist spat across the table as if his dinner partner was the cause of it.

"Well, it is a holiday weekend, a lot of people are out!" Hughes merely smiled back widely with his chin resting on his hands that were laced together at the fingers. The shorter man smirked a bit.

'His hands are covering that tie of his. Good; now I don't have to have a staring match with it." He mused a bit as one of the waiters stopped by the table and set down the duos' drinks and refilled Mustang's water glass before leaving promptly. Roy merely pushed the glass of clear liquid to the side of the table and grabbed his alcohol, taking a deep drink out of the glass and placing it back down, feeling much better than he had before. Hughes only shook his head and began speaking again.

"Roy, I think you have a drinking problem," He laughed.

"And I think you have a problem with change. However, you don't see me complaining." Roy said back slyly with his glass back at his lips.

"Now, why would you say that?" The Lieutenant Colonel asked simply while his right foot moved under the table to gently brush against the other's leg. Roy didn't appreciate the contact and crawled further back into his seat.

"B-because," Mustang cleared his throat. "You always bring me to the same exact restaurant, order the same exact thing, and wear that… That thing." He glared at the object around Hughes' neck as if it would spontaneously combust just from his stare. It was now that he wished he had his gloves in his pocket.

"Oh come on, you can't still be complaining about my tie!" Maes laughed rather loudly, earning a few stares.

"It's annoying." Roy stated simply, looking away from the elder couple that stared from the table next to them. After a few more beats of impatience from his fingers, he sighed for the umpteenth time that night. "…Almost as annoying as this restaurant is for keeping us waiting this long." Hughes merely nodded and began to push himself up out of his chair. Roy's face instantly changed to a state of less irritation as he got up as well and lead the way to the front door. The two stepped out into the nippy night air as Mustang shivered a bit as the temperature crawled down his spine. He hid it by pulling his jacket to him and looking up at the blackened night sky. The two began walking down the street towards town in silence until the taller inhaled.

"I guess we'll have to find another place to eat tonight," Maes said lowly, being answered only by silence. "…So, do you really find this tie that annoying?"

"Yes. I've been in your house and I've seen you wear other ties out to other places, but when it's you and me, I can always count on you wearing that damned thing." His voices quieted a bit. "I don't think it's proper to wear a tie that you got married in when taking me out." Hughes' eyes traveled to the black haired man who looked straight ahead when stating what had been bothering him and suddenly was filled with the heavy feeling of guilt.

"…I wore it before than too, though."

"Doesn't make it okay." Roy shrugged. Before he could blink, Hughes had grabbed him by the shoulders and nearly threw him against the cold stone wall that they had been walking beside, and had him pinned into a rough kiss that nearly stole his breath away. Before he had time to react, the taller had pulled back, but kept his position of having an arm on either side of the confused Colonel.

"Are you really that curious about why I wear this?" Hughes asked in a whisper before Roy nodded breathlessly, a slight pink tint on his cheeks. "I was wearing this tie the first time I spoke to you. And I was wearing it the first time I kissed you," illustrating his point, Maes pecked Roy on the lips. "…The first time that you took me into your place after a dinner." The words lingered between them as if Hughes was still talking and Roy reached forward to touch the silky red material. He ran it through his slender fingers a few times before one of Hughes' larger hands reached down to cover his lightly.

Roy only looked up with an even deeper blush on his cheeks at the brightly smiling man and gave the tie a good yank, pulling Hughes' lips back to his. He kept a strong grip on the material, afraid that if he didn't hold onto something; he was going to lose his grip on reality all together. Hughes pulled back again, leaning his forehead delicately on Roy's.

"I wore it on my wedding day to remind myself what I was losing… Have I lost it?" He said in a thick voice. The Colonel remained silent before pushing ahead of him. Hughes chuckled to himself quietly, "I sure hope not."