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A/N: Okay, so during this scene, Ed is supposed to be with Father. I'm ignoring that and pretending he got out for the sake of this fanfic. Okay? Okay!

The halls were dark and damp. Edward's footsteps echoed loudly throughout the place as he futilely searched for his younger brother, hoping against hope that somehow his soul had joined his body and returned to the earth.

If it hadn't… If it didn't… Ed swallowed the lump in his throat. He continued on, now noticing the pungent smell of metal in the air. He clenched his automail fist, knowing that it couldn't be his own limbs.

Someone… had… died?

Edward stepped forward cautiously into the dimly lit room. He heard and felt something squish beneath his feet. Looking down, he was horrified to see a pool of blood, flowing over the rough ground and between the cracks.

"Blood?" He murmured. "Who's…?" His eyes slowly wandered upward, following the stream of blood to its center point. His heart skipped a beat as he registered the scene before him.

The lieutenant was lying still in Mustang's arms.



And she was bleeding- horribly.

"Colonel!" He called out, unable to stop himself.

The man in question looked up, clutching the lieutenant closer to his chest as he did so.

"Full…metal?" The man's voice barely rose above a whisper.

"Damn it, Colonel, what happened here?!" Edward exclaimed roughly, running over to the pair. He came to a halt when he noticed just where all that blood was coming from.

"I-is that… is she…" Edward stuttered, unable to find his voice. Mustang glared at the child before burying his face into his lieutenant's soft hair once more.

"I couldn't perform a human transmutation, knowing I'd fail. I had to let her go… I had to…" Mustang muttered pitifully.

Edward just watched as the older man's shoulders began to shake. Before long, he was sobbing. Sobbing. Edward's eyes widened in disbelief, and he fell to his knees.

He remembered his admiration for the first lieutenant; that feeling that had started long ago when he'd first met her and Roy Mustang. The Colonel was being an ass and she offered him and his brother a small, understanding smile. Ever since, she had felt like someone he could trust.

Even when he visited her to ask her about Ishval, she hadn't turned him away. She treated him as an adult. An equal. She gave him the truth, when no one else would. The lieutenant was someone special. Someone special and dear to many people. And Edward had always admired her strength.

But now…

She's gone. The lieutenant.

Is gone.


A/N: Yeah, so it's not too long or anything. Possibly incomplete too. This was based off a dream I had a few nights ago, and since I never have full or complete dreams, this story isn't really the best it could have been either.