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"Stupid bitch."

"Ignorant swine."

"Ugly sow."

"Impertinent child."

"Short brat."

The girl opened her mouth to let loss another insult. "Nana stop that this instant," ordered a hard baritone voice from the doorway. Both children snapped their mouths' shut and looked at the figure. Tall, handsome, with few lines or gray hairs to betray his true age was the Vongola don's husband, and Nana's father. He gave both of the teens unhappy looks. "You are both teenagers, training to be the next don of your respective Family. Dons do not call others childish names." Looking directly at his daughter, who looked down, he said coolly, "And no daughter of mine stoops to such immaturity."

"I used bigger words," Nana mumbled.

"Regardless, your mothers are looking for you." He turned and left but not before hearing a soft voice hiss another insult. So creative it was that he had to pull his fedora down over his face to hide his smirk of pride.

The pair of teens hurried towards the Japanese gardens, where they knew their mothers would be. Both of them had been raised in Japan and dearly missed it, especially as they grew older. They spent lots of time in the gardens in whichever manor they were in at the time.

As they suspected, they found both adults sitting on the veranda of the Vongola Manor's Japanese garden, both wearing traditional yukata. They looked up when the children appeared. The blonde haired teen threw off his shoes and didn't bother with his slippers before hurrying over to sit next to his dark haired mother. Nana, the calmer of the two, took off her shoes gracefully and slipped her feet into slippers. Once the shoes were properly placed, she walked over to her own mother with an air of superiority gained after years of copying her father. Once she sat down next to her Italian-Japanese mother, the superiority vanished. One could not be superior when dealing with ones mother.

"You called?" Nana inquired.

Tsuna smiled at his daughter while Hibari scoffed. "Yes, we called to remind you two of your lessons tomorrow."

Kazu and Nana both scowled. Kazu stuck his tongue out. Lessons on weekends meant one thing. Edict lessons. Their Don parents could only teach them so much. Tradition required that all heirs go through proper lessons like those given to nobility in the old days, for in their world, they were the nobility and royalty, Nana more so for her Family was the strongest one.

"I hate those," grumbled Nana.

"Why'd we have ta bother with 'im?" demanded Kazu. "'s not like we use 'em anymore." He got a cuff over the head for his speech.

Hibari gave his son a hard glare. The boy had spent half his childhood in Japan, surrounded by the children of maids from the country. As such, he'd picked up their lovely speech pattern. It had taken years to break him of the habit, though when annoyed he often reverted to the unsophisticated speech pattern.

Tsuna gave the two sympathetic looks, "Tradition. Dino and I both had to go through them as well."

Nana grumbled rude words under her breath. Her classes included lessons in both traditional Japanese and Italian edict. She didn't even get to do anything physical like Kazu did. His lessons were all about shooting, riding, dueling, fighting, and the other things guys needed to learn.

With nothing else to do, both kids stayed with their mothers, meandering in the garden. Hibair watched with a despairing sigh as his son attempted to balance on the bridge's railing and fell in. Nana pointed and laughed. The boy truly had grown up beautifully. After elementary, Hibari, after much debated, had agreed to join his son and husband in Italy. It was a hard move, but the threats to Kazu were too great for the fighter to ignore. Plus Kazu needed his mother. The secondary school he attended for mafia children was a strict one, and his Family's prestige did not keep the bullies away. He came home crying many times.

The door slid open and Dino and Reborn walked in. The wives acknowledged their respective husband before returning their attention to the children. Nana was showing off her balance while Kazu made friends with the fish after a second fall in. When Kazu went for a third attempt and fell again, Dino went over, chuckling. "Here Kazu, this is how you do it."

"He's going to fall in," grumbled Hibari. A moment later there was a splash, a shriek of laughter, and a thud. Tsuna hurried over to the trio. Father and son laughed from within the pond, Nana clutching her head, injured after falling off the railing from laughing so hard. "Why did I ever come here again?" Hibari asked no one in particular.

From next to him, Reborn chuckled, watching his wife tend to their daughter, who was trying hard not to cry. The girl could act the part of a sophisticated, cold Mafia boss, but she was only fourteen, and just like her mother, prone to crying. "For Family."

Hibari rolled his eyes, but as he watched his husband and son decide that it was a lovely day to swim with the fishes the edges of his mouth twitched upward. He missed Japan dearly, but if going back to Japan meant leaving this, if staying in Japan meant missing watching Kazu grow up, than he wouldn't trade this life for anything.

Another splash. "Ahhh! Enzo!"


"Heeee!! Reborn!"

"PapĂ !"

A vein throbbed in Hibari's temple. Standing, he pulled his tonfa from within his sleeves and stalked forward. Time to kill a bitch.

Reborn stood back and watched the chaos with a content look on his face. Behind him, he could hear the other guardians and Family members rushing to see what was happening. He laughed when Nana and Tsuna both threw themselves at him, crying. This was life.

Out in the gardens, Dino fell back into the pond, dragging Hibari with him while Kazu attempted to calm the giant turtle down.

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