Day 20

Sometimes you can love that person with your whole heart, and sometimes that person can love you the same. But there are things that stand in your way-your parents, friends, and even time. Everything simply factors against you, completely to the last breath of your life, but what can you do? You love that person and will do anything that they say. How can you escape it all, when simply trying to can mean death. You embrace, and then you dream, that his heart belongs to you, no one else. Still that is not the same.

Mine, mine, mine, your heart is mine, and that is all that counts when it comes to a love that even time stands in the way of it. My heart is yours, just don't tell anyone. No matter how much we both might hurt.

(* Inspired By-It's Yours By J Holiday)

Chapter 20

It's Yours

Itachi curiously watched as Sasuke would look at the window with trepidation. He watched even more closely as Sasuke moved his hand towards the beam of afternoon sun that was entering through the curtain. It took but a few moments, and then his little brother was hissing in pain, and the skin of his fingers was burned, red, and irritated. Itachi frowned, displeased with the fact that his brother was hurt, and then watched as the skin slowly healed, as if it had never been burned. Sasuke obviously still wasn't ready to go out in the sun, no matter how much the younger one wanted to go. Itachi was just going to have to keep protecting Sasuke until the sun no longer irritated his skin. Until there was no more danger of him losing his little brother, he was going to make sure the sun didn't directly penetrate into the room.

After a steamy morning of the two of them making out and cumming against each other one more time, they decided to get up and shower. The shower was relaxing, and although nothing exciting happen in it, there was still something special about sharing it. It wasn't until after a late breakfast, Sasuke had started to say how much it sucked the two of them could not go outside to do something together and decided to see if maybe, any time soon now, he would be allowed to be under the sun. Itachi hated how the sun burned his brother, but until he could, both of them would remain inside. "It isn't fair, Itachi," Sasuke muttered angrily, "What do you think will happen if I can never go out in the sun?" He decided to ask, voicing his own fears to his brother. Something in his felt like he couldn't hide even his fears for Itachi and he wanted to say them, although another part of him kept screaming at him to not act like a coward. He needed to be strong and have no fears. But his fear was now stated and he felt vulnerable to Itachi's response to it.

Itachi simply smiled at him, "Then I will live in the dark with you for all eternity," Itachi answered him, and Sasuke turned to look at him with love filled eyes. A part of him had not expected Itachi to say that, but for Itachi to say it made his day that much more bearable for now. The fear he felt that Itachi would think him weak also dissipated, and all he felt was nothing but warm elation fill his chest. Itachi was incredible to him at that moment.

"You'd give up the gift of living under the sun just to stay with me?" Sasuke softly asked, so softly that Itachi would have missed it if he had not been so attentive to his own brother's words. Right now, at this point it was hard not to be conscientious to anything Sasuke had to say. Itachi nodded his head and then crooked his finger towards Sasuke, making Sasuke blink curiously, and then move towards him in eagerness and without any hesitation. Sasuke jumped towards Itachi and into his lap, his arms going around his brother's neck as he cuddled into him. Itachi nuzzled Sasuke's hair and wrapped his arms securely around his waist. The warmth of their growing bond spiral through them and both of them welcomed it.

"Of course," Itachi softly whispered into his ear and Sasuke remained melted against him. "Besides, you still have to teach me about the night, we can still do a lot of things at night, even go out on dates. It won't stop us." Sasuke looked thoughtful for a moment, thinking about how the sun might be something that would be hard for his brother to give up. The fact that Itachi was willing to give it up for him, it made him feel cherished and loved. He nodded his head. "But for the rest of the week, the two of us will remain indoors," Itachi said with finality causing Sasuke to pout at him, and then narrow his eyes.

"Why?" he demanded. Suddenly they sound of a book falling, and pages flipping caught their attention. Sasuke glowered at the book and Itachi kissed his cheek, and softly nuzzled him. Sasuke felt his anger melt away from the simple gestured, and a calming feeling enveloped him. Itachi felt it when Sasuke calmed and he enjoyed the feeling of being able to read his brother's own motives by just knowing his body a little better now that he had touched him so intimately.

"We still have some stories to finish." He answered. The book stopped moving and came to a stop at a page that seemed to be about the beginning of the book, almost the middle. Itachi started to move so he could reach for it, but Sasuke refused to move from on top of him and shook his head, firmly gripping onto him. Sasuke could feel Itachi question him, and he moved to whisper in his ear.

"Not right now. I don't want to read anything right now; I just want to cuddle with you, I just want to be in your arms right now." Sasuke gently yawned, making himself comfortable in his brother's lap, with his head resting at Itachi's shoulder. Itachi didn't say anything and let his brother rest against him. They had an unexpected morning, and they had nothing else to do while they were stuck in the house together. Maybe they could read later, or find something else to do than watch television. Still, all Itachi could think about right now was about Sasuke and the fact that he was in his arms and he was unwilling to ever let go.

All he wanted was to indulge in his brother and let him sleep, let him rest, and let his mind just clear before they had to read something else that might fall to heavy on them.

"How do you think Sasuke and Itachi are doing?" Obito asked he was sitting beside Kakashi at a small restaurant in the center of Konoha. With them were Shisui, Akihime, Naruto, and Kyuubi. Naruto and Kyuubi were both new to spending the day together, but Kyuubi had some resistance to the sun, not fully, but he was not going to die and the sun didn't burn his flesh to an irritating red. Then again, Kyuubi was slightly older. Naruto on the other hand was loving every moment of being able to be with Kyuubi both day and night. It was a consistency that not many night and day dwellers had the pleasure of experiencing off the bat, especially when they were slightly younger than most. Kakashi barely glanced at Obito as he took a sip of his drink and shrugged, while Shisui and Akihime continue to look at each other with loving looks. The two of them were like Naruto and Kyuubi, and were experimenting Akihime's resistance to the sun. The loving atmosphere was getting on Obito's nerves. "Is anyone paying attention?"

"I'm sure they are doing alright." Kakashi finally answered him as he placed his drink down. "Think about it, they are young, they are alone, and stuck in a house together and one of them is a naughty little night dweller, what do you think they are going to be doing?" Kakashi shrugged indifferently. Obito gave him a look full of disbelief. He knew what Kakashi was talking about, but knowing what he knew, Obito knew this was not a matter of how horny someone can be, or the desire of the flesh when you finally found your other half, but something a lot more serious. This was like Day and night, life and death, a serious situation.

"You know a night dweller can talk dirty, but that doesn't mean we are fully comfortable with the act! We do have our limits" Obito scolded. "Besides, the whole deal with this exercise is to see if the two of them can survive with the fact that they are brothers. Relationships like those are so inviolable that any wrong move and it could kill them both."

"You do realize that this is Itachi whom you are also talking about, he loves Sasuke. He would do anything for Sasuke." Shisui said, feeling bothered by what Obito had said, after all, he too knew the complexity of it all. He just wished that maybe there was something different about his cousins. The idea of either Itachi or Sasuke dying really got to him, he never wanted to lose them. He also didn't want to have to tolerate any kind of negativity; he wanted to believe that there was a chance that Itachi and Sasuke would be different in their approach of their bond. Obito narrowed his eyes at him.

"Itachi can love Sasuke all he wants, but you know you can never know what Sasuke, someone younger than Itachi is feeling or what he will claim to want," Obito crossed his arms. "Sasuke might remember Itachi to some extent, but there could be a part of him that will start to recognize Itachi much more as a brother than anything else. These kinds of relationship are also sometimes looked down upon, you never know what kind of beliefs Sasuke has gathered throughout his life in the night. Not even I know Sasuke that well. He hardly even talked since he was separated from Itachi."

"Why?" Akihime asked, looking curiously at both Uchiha, their conversation interesting her. "If they are meant for each other, even if they are brothers, why would any of them second guess it?" For her, she could not imagine a life now without Shisui.

"It's because the relationship they share is more family involved, blood wise. The two of them have the same mother and father, they shared the same womb. It has to do with nothing but raw emotions you feel from the very first impression to the last, and sometimes that can be hard because it can override the mind." Obito shrugged as he tried to find the right words to describe the predicament Sasuke and Itachi were in, "Sometimes it's scary to be so attached to one person, to the point that they are constantly in your mind, you can even suffocate just because they are away from you, and every other relationship that has happened in the past, can never ever be compared to the way you feel when you are meant to be with a sibling. I couldn't even begin to imagine what happens, or how intense the feelings are, but what I have read…it practically drives a person out of their mind. It makes you do things…"

"Uh" She uttered, unable to say anything beyond it. She already thought what she had with Shisui was special and mind numbing but to come to the conclusion when there was something even deeper out there, it was kind of scary to think about. How much more deeper can a relationship get when the person you met was your other half? She felt Shisui's hand slip into hers and she turned to smile at him. His reassurance was comforting.

"It's not something that commonly happens, and when it does, you know it's going to be painful, and it's so often misunderstood that it's just better not to talk much about it until the two who have to deal with this come to terms with it." Shisui softly explained. "Incest, it rarely survives this curse we have to live with, and that is why you never see couples like that around."

"But your cousins are going to be alright though?" She asked, a little worriedly. She had noticed how both Uchihas seemed to be fond of their cousins and she had seen the worry in their eyes. She knew that, and she understood that this was not only an issue for the two brothers, but also an issue for the whole family. At the end of this week, as she understood it, everything was going to get unraveled and they were all going to get their answer on whether their cousin's relationship was going to survive. Life could be complicated, and a part of her was glad that hers wasn't as crazy as the two siblings. She didn't have much to deal with, but she still felt concerned. She knew how much it was going to hurt Shisui to lose both his cousins to the curse.

"We all just have to believe that those two will pull through." Kakashi finally said in a serious tone. "I mean what is the worst thing that has happened between siblings?" he asked. He wasn't clear on the subject, and he had never had to deal with it. Emotions were emotions right? But both Itachi and Sasuke were male, there had to be an understanding between the two of them in there.

"Well, death, that's how bad it gets, even torture and pain, what more do you want to know?" Obito said, glaring at his other half like he didn't get that this issue was crucial. "Itachi and Sasuke could die this week if they don't learn to properly communicate mentally and physically with each other and that is one of the things a lot of couples lack and work on with each other with time, for years! But for Sasuke and Itachi time is something they don't have. Time won't factor in anything, they have seconds to where as we have hours to make up our minds, decisions, built trust, and be nothing but completely open, defenseless, and susceptible to each other. Do you understand how hard that is to do?"

Kakashi would have pouted if he didn't know how hard that was. There were still times Obito was distant from him in the need to guard himself, just because he would remember his rejection from the beginning. Despite how far they have gotten in their relationship, there was an insecurity that still lingered in Obito that Kakashi by himself had not been able to vanquish and he was still trying, "I understand," he said in a low tone and Obito got a surprised look on his face. He shifted in his chair and shook his head.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have gotten angry at you," Obito whispered.

"It's alright, you have every right." Kakashi said, grabbing both of Obito's hands "I will work hard to gain your full trust, and get you to see, and feel like you are the only one for me," Obito blushed and looked down, feeling like Kakashi was taking his romantics a little too far today. "I love you Obito Uchiha!"

"You two act so cute together" Akihime gushed and Shisui was trying hard not to laugh at the little scene that his cousin and Kakashi had just pulled. Obito looked away to cover his face, and Kakashi was now blushing, trying to get the attention away from him. Naruto and Kyuubi who had not said anything were now looking at them with interest.

"What about cousins?" Naruto finally asked. "It's still a form of incest,"

Obito smiled at them. "Sorry if we concerned you, but no. Cousins have a difference in blood, and genes, a missing part that only brothers and sisters can have. You two will be just fine." Naruto and Kyuubi looked at each other again and continued to do their little stares. As for the others, they went back to discussing Itachi and Sasuke, and the relationship between brothers. All either of them could do was wait in anxiousness and see if Sasuke and Itachi were going to live through this ordeal.

"Without you by my side, I can't eat or sleep" Itachi gently brushed a bang away from Sasuke's forehead as he whispered his words into his ear.

Itachi and Sasuke found themselves lying again on the living room floor, surrounded by the couch cushions. After sleeping most of the afternoon away, they were wide awake that evening, and after they had filled their bellies they had settle for having a small conversation. Both of them felt a strange urge to just talk and try to get their feelings across to the other. Itachi and Sasuke had gone through a list of their likes, dislikes, and their pet peeves. When the thought of being alone came to the conversation, Itachi had made it clear that he wanted Sasuke at his side.

"I need you so much you know, Itachi" Sasuke murmured.

"I'm yours," Itachi responded. Their hands were together, and Itachi moved them to intertwine their fingers together. "I wouldn't leave you for anything."

"Then it's yours" Sasuke whispered, his free hand coming to tap at his own chest, and then he snuggled into Itachi, bringing his hand now to Itachi's chest. Itachi looked at him and wondered what his little brother meant. Instead he leaned down and kissed Sasuke softly on the lips. When they pulled away Sasuke nodded, "We can read the next story now." The look in his eyes was that of full adoration for his older brother. Itachi smiled, and leaned in to kiss those delicious lips again, and pulled Sasuke closer.

"I love you Sasuke," He whispered in return and Sasuke tightened his hold on him. Itachi then reached for the book, and opened it to the page that had words. Sasuke pressed a kiss to Itachi's cheek, over to his jaw line, and finally just nuzzled into Itachi's neck, getting comfortable and ready to hear the next story. Itachi turned his head and kissed Sasuke on his forehead. He then turned his head towards the book as best as he could, keeping Sasuke in his arms as they laid together.

This time the text was written in Byington, and it looked to be written in a scattered manner.

Go on, catch me.

That was the first thing my little brother told me from the very moment I had met him. It was the middle of the day, and he was my twin, we both felt the same urge and pull at the same time. We could live under the sun and the moon at the same time. The very moment that I had come of age, and so had he, and my younger twin was the first to find me, and I did as he asked, I chased him, and I caught him. From then on, he was mine, completely mine and I was never going to let him go. I loved him with all my heart; I would gladly do anything he wanted, anything he would ask me to do. My brother was the cutest; he'd nip my ear and tell me.

Follow me.

Mindlessly and without protest I would follow him to any place that he wanted. I would follow him to the ends of the world if I had to. He would grab me by the collar of my shirt and tell demand.

Look me in the eyes.

I would look into his eyes and see the love he held for me and I hope mine reflected my love for him as well. He would smile, and lean into me.

Kiss me.

His whispers were sultry and his mouth sweet like honey against my own. I could kiss him forever. He would be coy and looked to the side as if it was the biggest secret in the world. He was so beautiful.

Seduce me.

I would tell him everything I felt deep within my chest, and I would twirl him in a dance. He was mine and I made him feel it. He'd throw himself on the pillows of my bed, and place himself in the most vulnerable of ways.

Bite me.

Days and nights would go on around us, and at the end of every day just as the sun was setting he would hug me. He would cling to me and I would cling to him. We would sleep together on those cold nights, holding each other so tight.

Warm me up.

In passion and desire he was so open, and so eager. The way he would kiss me and I would kiss in return, our touches in no way shy or slow. He'd throw his legs open and welcome me.

Make me yours.

I would pleasure him. I would undress him and melt into his body. There was just one thing he wanted above all the others.

Love Me.

I loved him. I was never happier. We were never happier than when we were together doing things that were so deliciously sinful. I would have given my life just to get a taste of him, over and over again, and I did. I got him all the time I wanted and all it cost me was my love, and he his love. I loved him deeply. But our love was not something that our parents wanted to see. They thought it was a joke, that they could break it, that there was a chance for us to be with someone else, as long as it was not with each other.

Incest was not something that was tolerated, and they believed there was a way to break it. That there had to be a way to get rid of it, seeing as other incest couples had died before us. No one wanted us to die and they believed that like this, they could save us. They couldn't have possibly understood what we felt, or cared less.

Maybe it just was that my brother was free, or that he was a little promiscuous, but he didn't seem to understand the crucially about how much I love him either and I never worked to make him understand how much our love counted. He lived during the night, and I still could not stand the thought of staying up in the night. He would go out without me, not telling me where he was going and I would worry about him waiting to find out when he would be back. Then I saw him in the arms of another.

I started to realize that maybe his heart was not as mine as I once thought. And then our parents announced that he was going to get married to someone else and I would have cried, but he told me to stay quiet. It was the wish of everyone that we are married off to other families and I had to court the daughter of another person. It wasn't the same. Knowing we loved each other but being with another.

It was the hardest thing to do.

But when I was with him, my heart would beg for his love and I just wanted to sing poetry to him and ask him to be mine. I wanted him to be mine, but our love had to be salvaged, I understood him then. If our parents thought for a moment that anything we had together was serious, they would truly separate us. He had done everything possible to at least in a way keep us together. I understood it when he told me.

Let me dream. He begged. Let me dream that your heart is mine, mine, mine, completely mine. That I don't have to share you with the likes of another and that I don't have to ever be torn apart from you, let me dream.

He gripped the front of my shirt, and I knew he would be spending the night with me. I kissed him, feverishly, and held him close. It's yours. I told him. It's yours, my heart is all yours. You don't have to dream about it, my heart is completely yours even when we are apart.

He tightened his hold, and kissed me in return. My words seemed to give him strength and they seemed to comfort him. We spent odd nights together, alone, and shared all of our emotions and when day light came, he would tell me.

Don't tell anyone, how much I love you.

That I'm crazy

Don't tell anyone that your life is my life.

And that is how we lived, before it started to wear down on us. We were alone, imagining, waiting, to see each other, to be with each other, to hold each other. We both knew we could never get true fulfillment, and jealousy grew from there. It was driving us mad. When the point came that we were no longer allowed to be alone together, it made him cry. That was the first time I saw my brother cry and I felt that I had to be strong for the both of us. I never wanted to see him cry again and I strived to see him smile again.

You can only imagine how hard it was, for my brother to take the initiative and be strong were I couldn't seem to be. He decided all of this and I let him decide it all and I never got to make a decision in our relationship. Whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it, whatever he asked for, I would give it to him, but I never told him that my heart was breaking, or that I was hurting. I never once told him how badly I wanted to cry, to have to share him tore me apart in more ways than one. I didn't want to share him. I'm an Uchiha, a selfish creature, I was possessive, and yet his words came back to haunt me all the time I wanted to be a fool and go to him and claim him, completely in front of a crowd.

Don't tell anyone, how much I love you.

But neither of us said anything, for days, nights, weeks, months. Neither of us said how we were hurting, how we were longing, and how alone we felt. That was how he was, that was how I was, we could never tell each other exactly what we wanted nor tell anyone else what was missing.

And when he was crying, and he was in my arms, hugging me hard. I knew then that he too was selfish, that he to felt the deep cuts. He would hold on. We were withstanding through the pain for each other. But, I wanted to take him away from all of this, I wanted to go somewhere and hide far from the world. I wanted to be with him. It wasn't the same.

Mine, mine, your heart is mine, mine, mine, only mine. And he'd grab my face, Hey, don't tell anyone.

And I didn't.

I didn't say a word of my pain. I grabbed his own face and kissed him on the forehead. All I ever wanted to do was please him and show him that our love was real, and that I couldn't hold back. I had to touch him, I had to hold him. Keep him with me.

It's yours. Hold it, don't break it, my heart is yours. It's completely yours.

But my heart was breaking, and so was his. We wouldn't say anything, and we lived under the agony of our own curse. Day and night, they were such cursed things and they were starting to weigh heavily on us. I wanted to blend them into one, and I wanted to melt away with my baby brother by my side.

Don't tell anyone that your life is my life.

But dreaming is dreaming, and we were both dreaming, and imagining our lives away. I'd wait for him, and I would dream of sharing a lot more with him than just passion filled nights, and simple kisses. I wanted to share our lives, our emotions, and I knew he felt the same way. Being the way we were, with someone else, eventually the suffering became too much.

We both began to suffocate without the other by our side.

That was he, and that was me, both of us lacking what we both needed the most. I felt myself slip first, because unlike my little brother I wasn't as strong. I wasn't strong to think of a way to save us, and he didn't have the support he needed to stand up and do something to pull the two of us together.

He slipped away next and we both died, but the words in our hearts were the same. Selfish and claiming but we have destroyed our love, a lost cause, and with every move we created we died. It's all gone.

I feel it's my entire fault.

Let me dream. He begged. Let me dream that your heart is mine, mine, mine, completely mine. Mine, mine, your heart is mine, mine, mine, only mine. Hey, don't tell anyone….

At the end of the short tale, Itachi understood what Sasuke had said. 'It's yours,' Sasuke's heart was his. Itachi knew he would selfishly hold on to his own brother. The thought of his baby brother in the arms of another really angered him and he wouldn't even try to stomach the thought. Sasuke beside him hadn't moved much since the story was told, and when he did, Sasuke scoffed and just buried his face in Itachi's chest. "How can they be so stupid?" he asked, "why would either of them want to give each other up if they could have just ran away together?"

Itachi reached for Sasuke's hand and kissed the tips of his fingers, the gesture loving. "Because sometimes even that is love otouto, and sometimes you try to let go of the person you love enough just so you know you won't hurt him and the two of you can still have something. No matter what they were doing or the pain, what mattered is that they were still holding to a part of each other" Sasuke looked up at Itachi, and pushed himself up so he was looking down at his face.

"Niisan, it's stupid. They were still hurting each other. How does that help anything?" Sasuke arched an eyebrow, and then settle back down on his brother's chest. "You'd never let me run off like that would you," Itachi growled, and moved Sasuke so the boy was on his back and he was on top of him. The stand he took was predatory and dominant.

"Let's get one thing clear Sasuke, I refuse to share you with anyone."

Sasuke felt pure elation grow in his chest and he brought both his hands up to frame Itachi's face with them. "Good, I don't share either." He leaned up and brushed his lips against Itachi's. Itachi further leaned into his brother to deepen the kiss. Sasuke tugged on his shirt, silently asking him to move closer, and press their bodies together. There were so many things that kiss said, but there were so many other things Itachi wanted to say to Sasuke. When they both broke for air, Itachi pressed his forehead to Sasuke's.

"You're so beautiful Otouto. All I want to do is tease you, and be with you. I can never get enough of you, the more I get of you the more I want."

Sasuke blushed, happily, "You're incredible niisan. I want to be with you forever. I don't want to ever let you go."

"I love you so much Otouto. I love everything about you"

"I love you too, niisan, I love everything about you."

As the two looked into each other's eyes, they knew something within themselves was affirming itself. Silently they conveyed what they wanted. Tell me all you feel, don't like to me. They understood it better than anyone would have thought. If you have something to say, don't hesitate to say it. If you want something, don't hesitate to ask for it, but don't ever, ever ask me to hide my love for you. Never ask to hide what I feel. The message was clear.

Neither of them found themselves capable of hiding anything from the other. The feeling of their hearts being open and vulnerable to the other felt intense, and a part of them wanted to clam up and close off, but they remained that way, feeling the glow, bliss and the pleasure to know that they were bare to each other. Both of them could have cried from the powerful feelings in their chest.

Itachi leaned in again, and kissed Sasuke, making both of them gasp as a part of them was touched. A part of them previously empty and now completely filled. Both of them felt that they could have died right then and there. Yet they clung and thrive in it, and love seemed like to small a word to explain the feeling that they felt at that moment.

Without you by my side, I wouldn't even breathe.

I will tell you every day what I think, how beautiful you are, and how much my heart aches whenever you are away from me. I don't want to dream about being with you, I want you to be with me and I want to be able to hold onto something solid, something real. But the reality is too painful, too hard, to not have you by my side.

But just ask it and I won't deny you. Just say the word and I will run away with you, and just tell me what you are feeling and I'd gladly do the same. Anything, and everything, I will answer to only you in return. Don't make the mistake others have.

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