A/N Ok – so this is my first attempt at Supernatural fanfiction. Many thanks to Enkidu07 for letting me join in the fun. Hope I've understood how a drabble works (although am over the 100 words on this one).

You remember hell don't you?

I've known for sometime now that my brother remembers hell.

Just didn't want to admit it I guess.

For weeks I've tried to pretend that the heavy drinking is just something Dean does; that his screams every night are just normal Winchester night terrors. And that the hollow-look in his eyes is simply a lack of sleep and not a reflection of the absolute horror he endured for my sake.

But now I know for certain; Uriel confirmed it.

So I have to ask my brother what he remembers from hell.

I have to prod and poke and pry until he finally breaks and tells me everything.

I just hope I'm strong enough to hear it!