Introduction -

This is just something short, silly, and experimental. Having bought the original Left4Dead for the Halloween season, I found myself making silly side comments about the events going on, and decided to compile it into a little series of diary entries for the lulz.

This follows my various adventures in the game, under the guise of 'Lily Thompson'. She's replacing Zoey, and as you can tell, she's not very smart. Otherwise the other team members are the same, dependable dudes addicted to pills and hating everything. This is very loosely based on the 'storyline', and isn't intended to be any serious plot-conjuring. So don't get mad at me if things seem wrong.

Lily is a recent graduate of high school, apparently, and seems to take time out of her day to inform her diary of the various many going-ons in her world. As this is simply an experiment for myself, don't expect too many epic updates, but it should be worth the laugh. If my readers wish to ask Lily a question, or have her explore a certain topic, please post that in the comments section. I'd love to hear your input and ideas.

By the way, for English class, we're doing writing excersizes, yes? So expect, when I get some free time and creative writing assignments, expect Pericolo! Morte! to reappear. I foresee a chapter about Halos, as it was requested on the TF2chan. You want more chapters of Pericolo! too? Post a comment on that story if you would. Thanks a bundle, readers, I love you to hell.

So without further ado, please enjoy the adventures of Lily Thompson.