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There is Hope

Chapter 1

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Bella sits on the plane waiting for the flight attendant to finish the safety instructions as they prepare to depart. The trip is the first trip for her since the move and new acquired single status. Bella was going to a conference in San Francisco for the week and then taking an extended weekend for herself.

As she waited for the plane to leave the gate, she reflected on how she got to where she was today – successful, blessed to have 3 beautiful children at home, and now single. She remembered her high school days where she was in not in the "in crowd" but they respected her and liked her. Her parents were very strict because her dad was in the military and could not afford the luxuries the "in crowd" had.

She never thought of herself as pretty or attractive since no guys at school showed her any interest. She was in great shape, she ran track, played basketball, was in many clubs, and had little friends because they moved frequently. Her dad moved base to base and was out of town a lot.

She did not know what she wanted to do with her life once she graduated. HHhhHHer parents could not afford to help so she would have to get student loans if she wanted to go to college.

She got a small job that year to help her save for the books and gas for next year. Once she graduated she worked all summer and started school in the fall. College was hard and her family situation got worse. Her parents were still strict and still demanded a curfew. She was frustrated and began to spend more time working or at a friend's home just to get away from her controlling parents.

After a year in college, she began to advance with the company she worked for. She worked full time and went to college full time. All this was just to get away from her parents. She would travel and open new offices around town. This was great for her because she was able to stay in hotels and commute back and forth to work and school. It was almost like she was on her own. She was glad to be free for a while but she still had a ache inside. She longed for a deep friendship and her gal pals were all wrapped up on their boyfriends and college.

One summer, she while she was working and she met a young gentleman that she fell in love with. He was a frequent customer and would come in twice a week. They would flirt and talk each time he came in but deep down she knew that she would not find her Mr. Right. Guys like him were no interested in plain, small, brown eyed, brunettes.

One afternoon she ran in to him while out on errands. They talked and shared numbers. It was not long, he was calling and they started dating. It was exciting and comfortable. He insisted he was not looking for a commitment which she understood and agreed. They continued to date and eventually started making out from time to time. She felt a tingle all over when he would touch her. It was exciting and scary at the same time. For once, she found interest in someone and they reciprocated it.

Things progressed and finally she lost her virginity to him and within a few months they were engaged. She still felt she was not good enough and not long after their engagement he confessed that he had cheated on her. She was devastated! She did not know what to do. She began to doubt herself again because of her inexperience. One night when they were at a bar hanging out with friends she overheard him bragging with the guys about their conquests and even hand bump if they were able to bag a married or older woman. She began to doubt that this was what she wanted but fear that she would never find someone kept her there.

They later graduated college, married, got jobs, purchased a house and then had a baby. The perfect family! She had a hard time during her pregnancy and the birth was long and painful. The baby was fine but he tore her small frame resulting in 400 stitches, a dropped bladder and many female problems. Sex afterwards was painful - especially since he had demanded sex before the baby was even 6 weeks stating he had needs. Things got even worse after their second child was born. Jamie would not come home until 3 am claiming he was working late or out with the guys. He finally told her it was because she fat and did not meet his needs. She was heartbroken because their second son was three weeks old and her body was slowly getting back to normal. After many counseling sessions and family interventions, they still were not getting along. Jamie frequently commented that he would never let her leave him and if she did he would make her life miserable.

He continued to be gone much of the time while she was left to raise the two boys and work full time. She felt like she was nothing and put all her energy into her children and job. She worked hard and was promoted to executive director of her organization. This became a threat to Jamie because she was making a name for herself in the community and it resulted in more fighting and even some verbal abuse. One night he came home and it was plain to her that he was drunk. He and his buddies were in the den talking and drinking. He was hateful to the kids and left her to deal with all the family responsibilities. After she got the boys to bed, she snuck into bed herself. She had prayed he would be passed out and not notice. Sex lately had gotten rough and Jamie was frequently hurting her not to mention leaving burses on her arms from the force. She was not so lucky that night, he immediately attacked her and demanded pleasure which she quietly submitted. The smell of smoke and beer on his breath was repulsive and the sex was hard, rough, and a means to an end. He then allowed the other guys in the room to take her also. Be the end of the night she was in pain and hated her life.

Within two weeks she was violently sick and realized she was pregnant. She was truly devastated to be pregnant again because she knew he would be there to support her and love her like a husband and father should. When she told him he was so mad and angry. He accused her of cheating on him and then he just walked out saying he had business out of town to do for his uncle. Fear struck her because she knew his uncle was in to some shady business deals.

He was gone for about a week and things were finally peaceful. Not three weeks later she found out they were having twins and she cried for days. How was she going to take care of 4 children and work full time? Plus she did not know who the true father was. The pregnancy was from the night Jamie let his buddies and cousins have sex with her.

She made the most of the bad situation and decided that Jamie's actions would not take away from the miracle of having the twins. Naturally he came back in town but things were different – he was full of himself, throwing money at her as if to makeup for his past. She was in a high risk pregnancy and was not allowed to have sexual intercourse. This infuriated him. At 35 weeks, he came home drunk again and forced himself on her resulting in breaking her water. She left the boys with a neighbor and had to drive herself to the hospital where she had an emergency c-section during the night. She cried as they delivered the twins because she was alone and afraid.

The twins were too little and not ready to come into the world so they had to stay in the N-ICU for several weeks. She had made sure to have her tubes tied while on the operating table but the damage to her body was another issue. Jamie finally came to the hospital and pretended like nothing happened. He was sure to brag to everyone that he was the father of twins but everyone knew what a jerk he had become. Not long after that she had to have major female reconstruction surgery and then Jayden became ill. When she came home from the hospital something had changed with him and suddenly they were out of debt, living in huge house and he was driving fancy cars. She was forced to cut back her hours at work at his demand and he expected her to be at home all the time.

They - no she - spent much of her time at the local children's hospital while her family kept the other children. Jayden was so sick and things did not seem to be looking up. This took a toll on their lives then two years latter little Jayden was diagnosed with cancer. Life was never the same again for her. She felt like she had failed as a wife and mother.


So now she sits on this plane, preparing for arrival in San Fran for her week of meetings and renewal of herself. She was traveling alone which usually she hated but this time it was welcomed. She rose from her seat when the seatbelt sign was turned off gathered her laptop from the overhead bin and exited the plane. As she walked she thought about where she would go from here and she called home to let them know she arrived safely.

As she made her way to baggage claim, lost in her little world. When she noticed her bags going by – she quickly reached to grab them and they were stuck. She continued to move to grab them and was being pulled down when she felt two cold strong arms reach around her and grab her before she hit the ground. Embarrassed, she looked up to thank the kind stranger - this man was simply gorgeous! He had a strong chiseled face, muscular arms, and blond/auburn hair that was messy and in disarray.

He simply smiled at her and she thanked him. He kindly reaches forward to grab his bags and sets them down next to her before grabbing her bags and hands them to her. She thanks him again, he simply smiles and says, "Your very welcome, I am Edward". She shakes his hand, and says, "Nice to meet you, I am Bella". They proceed to the outside transport here she sees taxi, buses, and town cars.

A driver stands there with a sign reading " Dr. Cullen" and he nods his head at the man. She is blown away with his beauty, charm and the fact that he is a doctor. She thanks him again and begins to walk towards the parked taxi when he calls her name. She turns as she tells the taxi driver the name of her hotel " The Hyatt – at Union Square" – Edward approaches and smiles " It was nice to meet you Bella. Have a nice trip." She can only smile and thank him. She watches him walk back to his town car, enter and look one more time giving her a smirk before shutting the door and driving off.

She refocuses when the cab driver takes her bag and clears his throat. She gets in and is shocked at what had just transpired. There was no way this handsome doctor would be interested in a plain, middle class, single mom of 3.

As they ride from the airport into the city she aches to have that dream come true. The desire to have someone who wants her again but she is not tall, with long blond hair, blue eyes and dressed in designer clothes from Gucci (although she could if she wanted but it just was not her) She is 5'5, has short brown hair, brown eyes – nothing special.