Forgive me for not writing in forever! Life without someone you depend on each day and love dearly really can take a toll! I only have two more chapters until the end so I wanted to finish what I started many years ago! Sorry

… we left off ….

We walked out the door and she turned to look at me. "You are truly the most breathtaking bride I have ever seen… and I have been one multiple times over the years. You are going to knock him dead!" She said with a laugh and walked off. I took a deep breath and made my way down the beach where my family was waiting eagerly. My boys stood with Edward near the beautiful arch near the water. A beautiful red carpet was leading the path to my future.

I walked down the carpet and he turned around when he noticed the stillness of everyone around him. I knew the moment his eyes met mine that all my fear, doubt, and worry was for nothing. His eyes were full of love and devotion. The smile that graced his face was breathtaking and it was like my body was being pulled to him. I could only see him as my body walked down the beach to his side.

He gently reached for my hand bringing it to his lips to kiss while never once breaking eye contact with me. " So beautiful" he murmured and then brought one hand up to my face and ran his finger down my cheek and gently cupped my face. My natural reaction was to lean into his touch and close my eyes with a sigh. I was finally home… finally where I was meant to be… this was so right….

Chapter 85

I can honestly say that I don't remember much of the wedding other than the look in his eyes as he looked down at me. Everyone around me was like a blur as I looked at my soon to be husband. I can honestly say this is the wedding I never had and always dreamed of. I was content to know that the person holding my hand, professing their love and devotion with honesty and compassion. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Edward ran a cool finger along my cheek and smiled as if he knew I was lost in my head.

"Edward and Bella, at this time each of you will share your vows. Edward we will start with you" the preacher said. I looked away from the preacher and to my love whose eyes were golden pools, sparkling with love, life, and most of all happiness. "My Bella, I have lived what feels like a thousand years roaming the earth lost and alone. My heart dead and cold, ignoring the possibility of finding my one. I spent years witnessing and hearing others take on their one and I envied them. That all changed in an instant. I was standing there one minute and suddenly it was like the wind blew a whisper to me saying "my one" and the electricity that flowed through my body made my dead heart come alive. The minute I looked up I knew I would do anything for you. My body was drawn to you instantly and painfully to the point I felt I couldn't breathe when you were not in my vision. All thoughts faded as my entire being came alive. The first time we shared our soul was like heaven was moving mountains. I then understood it meant to have such a desire, pull and unadulterated love for someone. My love for you grew tenfold when I learned more about you and your journey to me. I fell in love with your boys and finally felt like I was home. You have given me new life, hope, and a family I never thought I wanted or would have. You are my life, love, friend, my one! I love you today more than ever and consider myself lucky you choose me." I was so overwhelmed and could not stop the tears that rolled down my face at his words that pierced my heart.

"Oh Edward, I love you so much it hurts. You have no idea how much you have changed my life and my future. Before I met you my life was essentially over. I raised my boys and spent each day praying for the next. I never had love, compassion, romance, or safety until you came into my life. I can remember the day I met you also! I had this chill that ran down my spine and my senses were on high alert." I chuckled as Emmett muttered some sarcastic comment about how that was nature's way of telling me to get the hell out of there. Only Emmett would say something during this sappy moment. I chuckled and looked back at my love. "Yes I should have run but I never believed someone as beautiful as you would want someone as broken and scarred as me, not to mention all the baggage that came with me. My entire body hummed and still does when you are near. I can feel you before I ever see you enter the room. Our body and souls are connected on a level like none other. You have never failed to be there for me and make me feel like I was the most important person or thing in your world. You have given my life meaning beyond being a mom. You accepted us, took us in, protected us, and loved us as your own. You are my world, my life, my lover, my friend, and most of my husband, whom I will love, honor, cherish for the rest of our lives." I whispered the last bit through my tears with a smile so large on my face it seemed to outshine the sun. The look on Edward face was one of true devotion and if he could cry he would. He gently ran his thumbs along my cheeks as he kissed my forehead with reverence.

I don't know what the preacher said until he pronounced us man and wife and I was then overwhelmed with Edwards lips. The kiss was full of love, passion, devotion and a touch of lust. We pulled back and his eyes were black as coal. The look in his eyes made my body light on fire, the clinch in my stomach was not from the baby but from the cardinal desire I had for my husband. We turned to the claps, cheers, and smiles of our family who come to greet us. We had decided to have some traditional pieces of a reception thanks for Emmett insisting on the cake smashing which would not happen except in his face if he kept it up.

We moved to the terrace for a light meal for those of us who still needed food. The boys were beaming with pride and happiness. They had finally found a family, a man to look up to and really call a father. Edward left my side only to talk and hug them. Otherwise he was practically attached to my hip. Our little blip was happy also! I placed my hand on my stomach and felt the movement and kick as if to celebrate as well. I looked up and locked eyes with my love. We were like two magnets attracted to one another and did not bother to resist it.

Alice insisted on dancing to keep with tradition. This was the first time I was able to dance with my love and really enjoy my new sense of balance. The soft music poured over the speakers and he pulled my body close to his. Edward's hand was firmly around my waist while his other was clasping my hand as we drifted around the dance floor. His nose skimmed over the skin at my neck and shoulder causing my eyes to close naturally and a moan to escape my lips. "Ummmm you are so beautiful my bride." He whispers as he placed gentle kisses along my collar bone. "You make me feel beautiful." I whispered as I moved my hands to his neck and ran them gently through is hair. He purred which made me smile. " I can't wait to make love to you as my wife. God Bella, I never knew love could feel this encompassing and good." He whispered as he leaned back to look at me. I smiled and stood on my toes to place a kiss on his lips. I pulled back and smiled at the pout on his face. "Be patient, we have all night for that. Let's enjoy this moment." I said as I suddenly felt a swift kick as did Edward.

He smiled and placed a hand on my fast growing belly. "You are bigger today and apparently our little one is happy. I still can't believe you are having my baby. I never dreamed this could happen and was content with loving the boys as my own. Now I get a chance to experience this with you." He said as we continued to dance and pay no attention to anyone else. "I never thought I would feel this again and with someone I love more than life itself. I am honored to be able to give you a child, one made from our love." I said as he leaned down to kiss me gently. The fear of how and when this would take place in the back of my mind and I am sure at the front of his. As if he was reading my mind, "I am just so scared I will lose you and her through this. There are some many unknowns and so much that can happen." He said only for me to place my finger on his lips to stop this. "No, we will not think that way! We did not get to this point for nothing. I will be fine and we will be fine! Now let's focus on later when I can undress you and.." I was cut off by none other than Alice insisting that the father/daughter and mother/son dance take place. Edward was definitely in no position based on the feel of his hard erection on my hip. We were whisked away and I was transitioned over to Carlisle as he waltzed us around the room. "You are a sight to behold my dear." Carlisle said as we moved to the music.

"Thank you, I appreciate your family accepting my and the boys. It means so much to have a family." I said as I looked into his golden eyes and the slight crinkles around his eyes. He smiled and shook his head. "No my dear, it is I that appreciate you accepting us. You have brought so much joy into our lives and the opportunity to experience things we had once given up on." He said in a fatherly voice which made me feel a pang of grief for my own father. As if he could read my thoughts, "Your father would be very proud of you. You fought to keep your family safe and supported, sacrificed much to get to this point. I am honored to stand in for him today. You are truly my daughter in every possible way!" he said as he placed a fatherly kiss on my head. I smiled at the comfort he brought and the feeling of gratitude for this man and his family.

It was not long before my dear husband was back at my side and pulling me into his embrace. "Please excuse me as I wish to take my wife back Carlisle." Edward said only for his father to smile and nod. "The boys are getting tired and bored with the reception. Let's tell them goodnight and get you to bed." Edward said with a wicked grin on his face. Bed my ass, or my ass will be on the bed but not sleeping. I shivered with the thought how his fingers, mouth, and body could light me ablaze. "My too my love… me too." He whispered in my ear as we walked over to my boys. I was so proud of them and happy for the new life we were starting. They all walked off to bed and we turned to greet the family who all had knowing looks on their face. "Your villa is ready, we will take care of the boys so you go enjoy some time as man and wife." Esme said as she hugged us both. We said good night to each person, not without Emmett's sexual comments about not worrying with getting it right since we had one in the oven to prove we got it right. That had both Esme and Rose smacking him in the head. We walked down the beach admiring the beauty and relaxing in the sound of the waves as they crashed along the shore.

Not far from the main house we came across a tiny bungalow aglow with candles. I could only smile as the romantic scene. This was only what you found in dreams or movies. It was hard to believe this was me and real. Edward, my husband lifted me easily into his arms making me smile and humor him. "What type of husband would I be if I did not carry by bride over the threshold?" he said with a smile. I placed a kiss on his neck and just enjoyed the moment. The space was simple and elegant with a beautiful bed with mosquito netting draped down each side. The candles allowed for a soft glow and illuminate the room. "I have been dreaming of unwrapping you all night." He said in my ear as he placed kisses along my neck, shoulder, and arm. I just stood there relishing in his touch and the feel.

He gently unzipped my dress and it pooled to the ground with a swoosh. I smiled as I heard his growl as he took in my maternity lingerie and garter. I motioned for him to come to me and I desperately wanted to remove his clothes. He smiled his crooked grin and walked towards me looking much like a predator coming after his prey. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt letting it slip off to the floor as he unbuckled his belt. He was simply beautiful in the candle glow and was all mine. He gently laid me on the bed and worked in untie my corset. With a smirk and smile, he pushed it away and removed the last of his clothing.

He looked down at me with a look I could not explain but only feel. He whispered " I love you" as he gently entered me and consummated our union. We relished and worshiped each other until dawn as husband and wife.