His Name (Sasuke Version)

This is a companion piece to His Name which can be found on my profile.

His name was Uchiha Sasuke.

He grown up as one of many, a Uchiha, to one day be respected for his eyes and skills as a shinobi.

He had grown up in the shadows of those that bore his name. Uchiha Itachi, his prodigal brother who was one of the youngest ever ANBU captain. Uchiha Madara, who had helped to found Konoha (the rest of his legacy conveniently forgotten). Uchiha Shisui, who might have been one of the most skilled Uchiha to ever live.

Then he was alone, the last Uchiha, to one day lead the rebirth of his clan.

Now he was seen as a name, not the boy inside that wanted his family back. He sought strength so that he could kill his brother, so he would be seen as his own person not someone else.

He was Uchiha Sasuke, the young orphan who wanted his family back.

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