B's pov

"Edward I'm bored." I said leaning on him. Edward was lying on my bed with me like every night, but strangely I didn't even feel a little bit tired.

"Well what would you like to do?" He asked stroking my hair. "Let's play a game." I suggested. Edward looked at me curious. "Like what?" He asked.

"Let's play truth or dare." I said excited. "All right love, you go first." Edward said sweetly. "Ok Edward, truth or dare?" I asked. "Dare." Edward said.

I grinned evilly, and thought about what he should do. "I dare you to drop your shirt in the toilet, the put it on Charlie." I laughed quietly. Edward

stared at me with his mouth hanging open. "No way am I doing that." Edward said mad. "Sorry Edward you have to, it's a dare. I said smugly.

Edward groaned, and got up. I followed behind him laughing quietly. Edward slipped his shirt off, and gently dropped it into the toilet. I had to bite

down on my lip to hold back the laughs that were threatening to bust out. Then he picked the shirt up between his two fingers, and looked at it

disgusted. Then he quietly walked to Charlie's room, and I watched as he placed it on Charlie's legs. Charlie flinched, but didn't wake up. When we

got back to my room I laughed at Edward's face. "Ok miss smarty pants, truth or dare?" Edward said smugly. I stopped laughing, and looked at him

nervous. "Dare." I said nervously. Edward grinned. "I dare you to wake Charlie up, and asked him if you can go to the bathroom, then ask is he can

help you." Edward said smugly. I looked at him horrified. "Sorry love, but you have to do it." Edward laughed. I sighed, and walked over to Charlie's

room. I went over to him, and pocked him until he got up. "What is it Bella?" Charlie asked tired. "Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked reluctantly.

Charlie's eyes widened and he stared at me in surprise. "Yes, of course you can." Charlie said. "Can you help me?" I asked. Charlie looked at me

appalled. "No, you're a big girl, just go by yourself." Charlie said looking like he was going in shock. "Ok." I said walking out the door, and back into

my room. Edward was laughing so hard he would be crying if he could. "You would not believe what Charlie was thinking when you said that." He

said chuckling. "Oh yeah Edward, truth or dare." I said annoyed. Edward looked slightly nervous. "Dare." Edward said confidently. "I dare you to call

Jacob Black, and tell him that you are in love with him." I said handing him my phone. Edward glared at me, but dialed the number. I giggled as he

dialed. "Yes is this Jacob?" Edward asked smoothly. "I just wanted to tell you that I am in love with you." Edward said, and then hung up quickly. I

laughed as Edward put the phone down disgusted. "Ok Bella, truth or dare? Edward asked. "Dare." I said only feeling slightly nervous. "I dare you

to wake Charlie up, and tell him that a hobo is in your shower, and he keeps throwing soap at you." Edward said smugly. "Why do you want Charlie

to kill me?" I asked whining. "I don't, but it's just that Charlie is so funny when he is confused." Edward laughed. I groaned, and went over to

Charlie's room again. I walked very close to him, and began poking him. When he woke up he groaned. "What now, Bella." Charlie asked. "Dad

there's a hobo in our shower, and he keeps throwing soap at me." I said trying to sound scared. Charlie's eyes widened, and he jumped out of bed,

and to the bathroom. I followed him feeling completely stupid. When Charlie opened it he frowned. "Bella there isn't a hobo in our shower." Charlie

said still frowning at me. "Oh I just I was just imaging it." I said nervously. "Are you ok Bells, your acting a little strange?" Charlie asked walking back

to his room. "I'm fine dad; I'm just tired as all." I said, and walked back to my room. Edward was lying on my bed laughing a little too loudly.

"Edward, truth or dare." I said when he was finished. "Dare, I don't think you can do anything that embarrassing to me then what I did to you." He

laughed. "Fine paint your Volvo pink, and keep it that way for a year, and you have to only use it when you are going to school." I said smugly.

Edward looked surprised, and upset. "I have to paint my Volvo?" He asked defeated. I nodded, and watched from my window as he ran outside, and

began painting his Volvo. I laughed at him when he came back in. "Bella, truth or dare?" Edward asked calmly. "Dare." I said. "Ok go over to Charlie

wake him up, and when he says Bella tell him your name is Polly, and when he asks you a question slap him across the face, and when he looks mad

start to fake cry, and if he says your grounded give him a wet willy, and flick him on the ear, and when he says Polly say I want a penny." Edward

said in one breath. I stared at him in awe. "No way Edward, Charlie would kill me." I whined. "Sorry love, next time pick truth." Edward said smugly. I

groaned, and went to Charlie's room for hopefully the last time. I poked him until he woke up. He sighed, and this time sat up. "What?" He asked. I

held my hand out hesitantly, and slapped him across the face a little bit too hard. "Ouch, damn it Bella what was that for?" Charlie asked. "I slapped

him again lighter this time. "My name is Polly." I said. "Bella…" Charlie said raising his voice. "My name Is Polly." I said again. Charlie glared at me

looking furious. I began to fake cry loudly. Charlie looked up at me shocked. "Bella what is wrong with you?" Charlie asked. I slapped him again with

a little force. "My name is Polly." I said. "Ok fine Polly." Charlie said playing along. "I want a penny." I said. Charlie looked at me confused. "I don't

have a penny Bella." Charlie said. "My name is Polly." I said. Charlie frowned at me. I began to fake cry again. "What is wrong with you tonight?"

Charlie asked. I slapped him so hard there was a mark across his face. Charlie started turning red with fury. "You are grounded." He yelled. I stuck

my finger in my mouth, and sucked on it watching Charlie confused expression. Then I stepped closer to him, and put my finger in his ear. Charlie

pushed me away disgusted. "Gross, what the hell is wrong with you?" I slapped him again, and then quickly flicked his ear. Charlie was so mad I

swear there was steam coming out of his ears. I ran to my room, and laughed. "That was actually really fun." I whispered. Edward laughed. "But just

wait what your dare's going to be." I said evilly. Edward looked at me nervously.


Shall we continue messing with Charlie??