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Kevin's head whipped over to Gwen. "This car is probably the best ride you'll ever get to ride in your whole life! Don't jump down my throat just 'cause it's not clean!"

"I'm not down your throat, Kevin!" she snapped back. "Just let me clean it for you or something!"

That was his last nerve. "Get outta my car," he said, keeping his voice calm for the moment.


"Kevin, you can't just kick her out! She's my cousin!" Ben hollered from the back seat. He stuck his head closer to the front.


"Can you at least slow down?" Gwen asked softly, a little hurt.


"Just get out already!" He slammed his fist down on the dashboard.

"What's going on? Just because we want to help you, this whole conversation is a problem?" Ben asked. He looked over to Gwen his eyes sparked with confusion.

Kevin put his head on the steering wheel. "Please. Just get out."

Ben's eyes shot open wider than before. "He said please?"

The raven headed teen looked back at him. "Don't make me force you out!"

"Okay!" Gwen said, finally cutting back in. "We'll leave. Can you at least pull over?"

"Sure," Kevin murmured, giving in. He slowed his green car down to a stop on the side of the road.

Ben got out immediately, not wanting to listen to the older teen.

Gwen looked over at Kevin. "Just call me when you want to talk, okay?"

He nodded slowly as he watched her disappear through the car door. I screwed up. She's mad at me. What am I going to do?

It was all planned in his head. Stupid jokes. Piss her off a bit. Then out of nowhere, ask her out. Plain and simple. Too easy to be true. Until Ben got involved. Why did the little punk always have to ruin everything?

Kevin pulled away, watching Gwen in the rearview mirror. His plan could still work. Just differently. He smiled as his mind worked slowly around his new idea. "That could work," he murmured to himself.

"Oh god. I'm talking to myself now."

Ben stared after the vanishing car. "He is such a jerk!" he yelled, throwing his hands up to show for it.

"Mhm," Gwen muttered in reply, her arms folded across her chest.

"He's crazy! He wanted us to jump out while he was going like a hundred miles an hour!"


"Kevin is the worst person-


"And you are totally in love with him.


Ben looked at her, raising an eyebrow. "Did you even hear what you just said, Gwen?"


"You aren't going to deny it?"

"Why should I try to ignore the truth?" Gwen countered quickly. Her eyes flicked to her brunette cousin. "He's funny and sweet. Kevin can be sensitive. He knows what he wants and doesn't have troubles speaking his mind. What is there not to like, Ben?" Then her mind jumped to the parts of the raven headed teen that bugged her. "And I mean other than the lame jokes, the car obsession, and the whole criminal background."

He just sighed. "You're right. I don't know. Enlighten me."

Gwen rolled her eyes, gave her cousin a little shove, and headed off in the direction of her house.

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