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The redhead slipped into the passenger seat, dropping her backpack on the floor before leaning over to give Kevin a soft kiss on the cheek. "Hey."

"Hey yourself." He returned the favor by pressing his lips to hers for a brief moment before settling back into his own seat and letting his foot slide off the brake and onto the gas as they sped away from the girl's school.

"Anything on the Plumber radar?" she asked while nestling her backpack between her feet on the car's floor. "Or can I actually go home and do my homework right away for the first time in forever?" A smile danced across her features as she looked in his direction, where the corner of his lips also curled upward.

"Home." His response was firm. "I figure the worst of the alien activity will come out at night. Basically, like our crime does."

"So a good night's sleep is out of the question?" she asked with a slight sigh, voice betraying her exhaustion. Really, school wore her out and fighting aliens wore her down. Just one night, she'd love it if she didn't have to worry about Earth being in danger or if her boyfriend was wounded in battle.

"Pretty much," Kevin answered, hands guiding the car around a corner.

Just as she was about to sink into her seat, a hand grazed her shoulder. Gwen knew it wasn't Kevin only because he never broke contact; strangely enough, he'd turned into a touchy-feely kind of guy. So the girl turned to look in the backseat only to see a purple creature with orange tufts of fur sticking out from the sides of it's head, hideous fangs dripping with something slimy, and empty black holes for eyes.

A girlish shriek and a blast of mana later, Kevin stomped on the break, pulled over to the side of the road, and began laughing. Because Gwen wasn't the one who shrieked.

Ben pulled himself off the backseat and held up his mask, eyes wide as half of it was on fire. "Gwen!" he whined, shaking it as though the action would make the fire go away. "That was like fifteen bucks! Do you know how many smoothies I could've bought with that money?"

She rolled her eyes and settled back into her seat, listening to her boyfriend's chuckling as Ben continued to whine. "Really, I have a frequent customer discount, but that doesn't mean I can just throw money around like that! I still had a lot of people to scare yet! Alan, Julie, my mom..."

"Then why would you use it on me first?" she asked with a tinge of attitude on her breath, annoyance prickling off of her like quills on a porcupine.

"Kevin told me to!"

The driver laughed even harder.

Gwen smirked. "Kevin?"

"Yeah?" he asked, wiping a tear from his eye. Oh man, Ben screamed like a little girl...

"You do realize there's a fire in the car, right?"

Black orbs widening, Kevin turned around and began to grope for the burning mask. No way was his precious ride catching on fire. "Ben! Gimme that!"

"No! It's mine!"

"You're gonna burn us all alive!"

"But it's mine!"


It was Gwen's turn to laugh. Hey, she'd earned it after all of the stuff she went through with these boys.

"The seat's on fire!"

"Oh God!"

"My pants are on fire!"

"Get out of my car, Tennyson!"

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