Rui Yamase was lounging on her desk. She felt sleepy, incredibly sleepy. Looking down on her cell phone, she noticed a small charm clipped to it.

"I don't remember buying this," she mused, sitting up and flicking the charm. "It's so ugly, did Mika get it for me? No, that's not it..." Rui struggled to remember, and suddenly, her memories came flooding back.

Saijo. Atsuki Saijo. He was leaving forever. No.

Rui burst from Company F, her fortune-telling office, and nearly knocked over Yayoi Kamishiro on her way out.

"Rui?" Yayoi said in surprise. "I thought we could hang out at the office."

"You remember him, right, Yayoi?" Rui pleaded desperately, a soft wind rustling her blonde curls.

Yayoi replied, "Remember who?" her brows met in confusion.

"Saijo, the transfer student! Why can't anyone remember? He saved us!" Rui's voice rose to a shout and Yayoi flinched.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Rui. Who's Saijo?"

Rui felt tears beginning to come to her eyes, but she placed a hand on Yayoi's shoulder. Immediately, Yayoi stiffened, her memories of Atsuki Saijo flooding back as Rui's power pooled into her.

But Rui ran right by her.

"Honestly, Shinji," Mika Nozaki was saying, her arms laden with shopping bags. "I'm never shopping with you again."

"I told you," Shinji Naruse rolled his eyes. "Be careful what you buy. You just spend money randomly, you'll regret it later."

"Randomly?" Mika looked surprised for a second, then grinned. "I guess you're right."

"Hey," Shinji squinted at the stores ahead of them. "Isn't that Rui?"

"Yeah, I think so," Mika tilted her head in puzzlement. "Why is she running so fast?"

When Rui finally reached them, she shoved violently past, her power returning all the memories of Saijo that the Fort had erased. But Rui didn't stop.

She met Ryo Unami, arms full with a pile of books, resurfacing his memories, and, out of breath, she stopped at Sweet Ring, Kenichi Mido's cake shop.

"Hey, Rui!" Akira Mido, Kenichi's son, protested as Rui swung herself onto his motorcycle.

"Akira, please," Rui begged. "You remember Atsuki, right?"

"Atsuki who?" Akira shook his head.

Rui Yamase felt angry suddenly, and she hit Akira out of the way, giving him his memories of Saijo and a large purple bruise on his arm.

"Please don't go, Saijo." Rui prayed as she roared down the street. "I never even got to say thanks." The bike seemed to go so incredibly slow. "Faster, faster," Rui pleaded. "Please, God. Please let Saijo be there. Please."

But when Rui reached the bridge to the next town, it was empty. The wind was the only thing to stir across the sky, and finally, Rui's tears leapt forward.

"Dammit, Atsuki..." she whispered, one hand holding up the bike and the other hand hanging limply at her side. A cool wind blew her blond hair from her face, and Rui stood there for a long time, thinking about what she could never say.

Atsuki Saijo was gone.

* * *