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Timothy McGee sat at his desk, sending endless codes into his computer. The keys click-clacked under the pressure of his fingers, which were flying on and off the keyboard. He had been searching through the CIA database, desperately hoping to find something on Petty Officer Jacob Anderson. "Boss, I got it! I know who killed Anderson! It was Madison Clinche!"

"That woman that freaked out yesterday?" Tony asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, it's her!" McGee replied.

"How can you prove that McGee?" Gibbs' gruff voice came from behind his desk, where he sat sipping his black coffee.

"Well, take a look at this," McGee said as he clicked on a link leading to a blog, while Ziva, Tony, and Gibbs looked up to the big screen.

The link led to a blog, much like the one Sarah McGee had. It was Madison Clinches and all over the page, Madison wrote death threats and insults to Jacob. Each death threat involved her stabbing Jacob to death while he slept, then cutting off his head and taking it home to put in her freezer. The death of Jacob played out exactly like that, stabs and a cut off head.

"I guess we can't know for sure until we go check it out, but this seems credible, Boss." McGee stated, hoping Gibbs would like the idea.

"Gear up, then. Let's go." Gibbs ordered.

Madison's House


The car ride was short, but to McGee it seemed to take forever. This was his discovery and he was happy it was him who discovered it. When they finally arrived at Madison's house, McGee jumped out of the car.

"Well, someone's a happy Probie." Tony grinned.

"Shut up, Tony." McGee stood, waiting for his boss' commands.

"DiNozzo, David, with me, McGee go around the back." Gibbs barked.

McGee marched to the back door, hands clutching his SIG to his side. He went to stand next to the back door. "Ready." He said into his mouth piece.

"Ready." He heard Tony and Ziva say simultaneously.

"Move in." Gibbs commanded.

Tim nodded, and then realized his boss couldn't see him, and kicked down the back door. Moving into the dark halls of Madison's house, McGee felt rush of excitement, like he always did.

"Clear!" He shouted from the laundry room. He quietly crept into the kitchen as Tony yelled clear from the living room and Ziva shouted clear from the office while Gibbs stated a loud "Clear" from the dining room.

McGee yelled "Clear!" again, turning to hurry out of he kitchen, knowing the others would come later, but they had to finish clearing the house. McGee made his way to the basement door and tiptoed down the stairs, shining his flashlight on the old wooden steps to light his way.

He moved towards a large walk-in freezer, taking each step carefully. His fingers wrapped around the handle and he pulled lightly. The door swung open with a creak, and something hard fell onto McGee, who fell backwards with a strangled cry. The others crashed down the stairs to find out what was wrong.

"McGee!" Gibbs yelled.

"Oof… I found the head, boss."

Tim's Apartment


McGee unlocked his apartment door and stepped inside. Dropping his backpack onto the floor and toed his shoes off, he slipped his Armani jacket onto a chair and headed towards his bedroom. He quickly changed into his grey NCIS t-shirt and green MIT sweatpants. McGee walked to the kitchen and heated up the spaghetti leftovers from last night and went over to sit at his typewriter and started to type His fingers flew over the keys as inspiration hit him like a brick.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

McGee forgot about the microwave until then. He shot up and hurried towards it; he grabbed the dish, the hot plate, and a fork and turned back towards the living room. He sat on the couch, after realizing he might wreck his typewriter with food, and turned on the TV.

McGee set his food on the coffee table and began to settle back. He laid his head onto the back of the couch and propped up his feet. He heard a noise, like a click, but thought it was nothing. Just as he was beginning to relax again a rag was clamped over his mouth and nose. "Mmgh arfhg armagh…" He tried to yell but then realized his world was fading. The smell of chloroform stung his airways and soon McGee's muffled screams trailed off as along with his world.

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