Yet Through It All

By The Flame of Slytherin

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Chapter One - Brooding on mistakes

"Professor Granger, miss, may I ask a question please?" A third year student asked, raising their hand.

"Of course, Penny. What is it?" The professor asked.

"I've heard that the Dark Lord was defeated by three people, not just Harry Potter. Is that true?"
Professor Granger stared at the girl for a moment before turning her head.

"I believe that if you had really wanted to know, you would have found out. There are many clues leading to that answer - you just have to find it." The bell rang. "You may go now, class dismissed." The weary professor closed the door as her last student filed out. Gone were the days of her own classes and professors, only to be replaced by students and colleagues. The girl, Penny Hutchinson, was curious about the defeat of Voldemort. Not that Professor Granger could blame her, it had been a very mysterious death and defeat of the Dark Lord. Only four people, however, really knew the truth. And two of them were out of the professor's life forever.

Hermione Granger, Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, hadn't spoken to her best friends in over seven years. She had not even seen them nor sent them any letters. As she had said in the very last letter to both of them, "I must move on with my life and career, and I'm not sure I would be able to let what happened come between that. You have been my friends for seven years, yet perhaps seven years was the only time we were meant to spend together." So they had obeyed her wishes, and had not contacted her for almost - could it be? - eight years. Hermione's twenty-fifth birthday was going to be in less than four months. Not one birthday present from the two in eight years.

She scolded herself. It was her fault, she had asked them - no, demanded them - not to reach her in any way. Yet, through it all, Hermione Granger was still a little girl who missed her two best friends.