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Chapter 1

Where am I?... or more importantly.. WHO am I? Feel a bit dizzy… Though 'feel' is not really appropriate word here. My body seems to be gone… I can't feel it at all.. Strange..

Does it mean.. I'm dead?

Darkness's surrounding me. Though it seems to lighten a bit in every second. I think I'm laying somewhere. Slowly my body seems to come back to me. But it's still not really mine. I know it's there, but I can't move it, I still can't really feel it.

I know my eyes are still closed, but I start seeing something. Darkness is gone. It's bright now.

What is it? Fire?

Shapeless mass of pink shade now glistening a bit on the right. I'm trying to focus more on this. It looks more and more like a man, a woman to be exact. She's focused on something.

'Oh! That was unexpected!'

What was that? Did I just hear that?...


It 'sounded' like somebody was talking in big empty hall. But I didn't 'hear' that. Not with my ears. Just like… that voice was in me, but it wasn't mine.

It was her! But she didn't talk to me. She didn't talk at all! She…

Thought that. I could hear her thoughts in my head!

Dizziness's overcoming me but I'm trying to focus more. I can 'see' her again. That pink shade that is. I don't know how but I know she's beautiful. And warm. And maybe a little sad, but she's hiding it. She's calm and focus. She's… reading something. I can 'hear' parts of the story. Some novel I guess. I'm 'watching' her intently.

Hey! Are you really here? Am I here? Look at me! I demand… and she obeys!

She's looking at me now, focusing again, this time more as though she's trying to figure out if she was the one asked. Or if anybody even 'talk' to her. She's frowning lightly and shaking her head. She looks on something next to me and then she's back to her book. She's a bit distracted now. She's trying to read again but her thoughts slips between parts of the story. I'm guessing it's 'couse of my sudden question. I wonder what is going on here. I'm trying to pick out her actual thoughts focusing more on the pink shade. I feel like I could burn holes in her body if my eyes were open. She's a bit uncomfortable now.

Something distracting me. I can sense another person approaching. Male this time. He soon appears in front of me as a similar glistening shade. But his color is blue. And it's as cold as it looks. He's looking at me though his gaze is a bit absent. He's solemn and full of concern. Looks like he's got a lot of things to take care of. But his mind is strangely blank and focused at the same time. As though he doesn't want anybody, he doesn't wan me, to hear his thoughts.

Suddenly I feel exhausted. I'm trying to stay focused but my conscious leaving me. I'm sure there are voices, real voices not thoughts, surrounding me but I can't here or see anything anymore. I can feel myself drifting off.


"Still asleep?" the ginger haired man with a lot of piercings asks as he's looking at the girl lying on the bed in front of him.

Her eyes are closed, expression calm. Her slightly toned face is surrounded by a short wavy blond hair which look like sunbeams on the white pillow. She's on a drip. Her left arm's in a cast. Medical machines are surrounding her bed, one of them showing a line of her steady heartbeat.

"Yes" the woman sitting beside the bed states simply, her golden eyes still trailing lines in the book she's reading. "But I noticed her heart skipped a bit a while ago. She'll be awake soon" she continues as she places a few navy blue locks beside her ear.

"Inform me" the man demand.

"I will."

The man then leaved the room and walked down the hall and lost in his thoughts.

"So we'll be meeting a new member of our 'family' soon?" the voice snapped him off his thoughts.

"Mel.." he sighted not looking at the women behind him. "Yeah, we will."

"She doesn't look like much to me. Are you sure we need her?" the women said crossing her well build arms over her almost flat chest. Her long black hair was tied tightly in a ponytail at the back of her head. Her eyes were looking boldly at the man's figure hidden under long black coat, the black irises glistening.

"Are you jealous?" the man looked at her from the corner of his eye smirking ever so slightly.

"Whatever" she looked away.

"She's stronger than you think, Mel. You know that we wouldn't be going though all that trouble if she wasn't" the man turned back and began to walk again. "When she wakes up we can proceed with our plans."


A bus stopped near a huge metal-glass building in the center of the city. A young man wearing high school uniform and white gloves jumped out off the vehicle. His long blond hair tied up in a ponytail at the back of his head were instantly blow about by the light wind, his long fringe covered half of his face. He quickly headed to the electronic sliding doors of the building. "The State Research Institute" the tablet above the door stated.

"Mornin'!" the man grinned to the receptionist.

"Morning handsome!" she responded smiling. "Some timing you have. The professor has just left."

"What do you mean?" the blond's blue eyes widened, as he looked at the clock on the wall. "It's the middle of the day, hmm."

"That's right silly. It's lunch time."

"Oh" the blond leaned against the counter "Yeah, silly me" he smiled.

"So…" the receptionist reached and move the blond locks behind the man's ear "we can follow professor's example and make good use of the time of waiting. I know really nice restaurant near here."

"I'm afraid I must interrupt" a soft voice behind them spoke.

"Oh, dr. Akasuna" the girl smiled falsely. The blond turned around to see the man. Doctor was shorter than him. He was wearing white lab coat. His short hair was messy and red. Not ginger but really red like a flame. His chocolate eyes were looking from behind rectangular glasses with quite thick black rims.

"The professor has just called me" the red-head continued. "There was an emergency, they called him from his lunch so he won't be here today." Doctor then turned to the blond "And you seem to have an appointment today, Mr.…"

"Just Deidara" the blue-eyed man smiled.

"Deidara" the red-head repeated. "Nice to meet you. I will substitute the professor on your appointment today if you don't mind."

"Sure, hmm. It's not like I'm tied to him or something" the blond smiled as he followed the shorter man. "So.." he turned to the receptionist and waved his hand "maybe another time"

"Yeah" she waved back at him. "Damn Akasuna" she mumbled under her breath and sat back behind the counter. "Why does he always have to get most handsome guys?"

"So.." the doctor started as he sat on his armchair and looked at the monitor "Let's see what we have here"

Deidara took off his gloves and placed his hands on the desk. The red-head look down on them, his eyes focused. There was mouths on the blond's palms. They suddenly opened and stuck out their tongues.

"Sorry dr. Akasuna" Deidara blushed slightly. "I still have hard time controlling these things. They're seem to act on their own."

"It's ok" the doctor said not moving his gaze from the palm mouths. "And call me Sasori."


So we won't be bothering by the professor today. Let's see… Whose on the list? Deidara… Palm mouths? That should be interesting.

A signal from computer snapped me of my thoughts. Somebody entered the building. I decided to check them out.

I just made it on time to see that receptionist flirting with my potential patient. She was unbelievable. There wasn't any single man passed the door whom she didn't try to seduce. And now she was talking to some blond who was sticking his bottom to the air. Quite a nice bottom by the way.

I stopped their conversation. He turned around and looked at me with those big blue eyes of his and smiled. It appeared that it was indeed my patient. I took him to my office to the receptionist's disappointment.

When he showed me those mouths I was stunned. I took his one hand in mine and looked at it intently. That was so real. It even had teeth. The tongue started licking lower lip defiantly. I couldn't help myself from wondering.

"These could be useful in some situations…"

"Excuse me?" his voice snapped me back to reality.

Did I just say it out loud?

"Ehmm.." I tried to clear my throat. "I was just wondering… If they have any uses. And if you have any problems having them?"

"Oh. No, no problems. And they actually are useful sometimes."

I lifted my head to looked him into eyes. His blush become more intensive. I smirked.

"I-I mean.. I use them for sculpting" he explained looking away.


"Yeah. I use clay, hm. I'm giving it to my palm mouths, they are chewing it and then I'm molding it into my sculptures. Usually birds or another animals, hm. And then I make them explode!" he was talking fast and looking me into eyes again. His grin becoming bigger with every word.

"Explode? Why?" My eyes slightly widened.

"'Couse this is my art, hm. And art is an explosion, a fleeting beauty."

Explosion? Fleeting? What's a stupid idea.

"No, it's not. Art is eternal" I disagreed.

"No, it's fleeting, hm! What do you know about art anyway? You're a scientist, hm."

Ok, that kid was starting getting on my nerves.

"So what I'm scientist? Does that mean I can't understand art?"

"Well, it looks like it."

Now that was it.

"Damn you brat! You know nothing about me!"

"And I don't want to, hm. Can you let go of my hand?"

I realized I was still holding him maybe even to tight and immediately released him. Stupid kid. Stupid me.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled still angry looking at the monitor again. What it was about him making me so irritated all of a sudden? He was just a kid anyway. What's the point arguing with him?

He was massaging his hand for a while and then put the gloves back on.

"So.." he started shyly "you are artist?"

"What's with the sudden mood change? You said you didn't want to know me" I said not looking at him.

"I don't know. You become so angry all of a sudden, hm. But if you're an artist I'd like to know your art, hm."

"I make puppets"


I looked at him from above my glasses.


"Yeah. I mean, it's kind of sculpting."

He smiled at me. What a kid.

"Wanna see my creations?" I asked suddenly, surprising myself.


That smile again. He was smiling with all his body. His body…


Geez, I drifted away again.


"You were absent. Are you ok?" he leaned against my desk a bit closer to me.

"Y-yes. I'm fine"

Man, snap out of it!

"Doctor Akasuna?"

Sakura. Perfect timing.


"I'm ready. May I take your patient?"


After a set of usual laboratory tests I was free to go. Next time in a month. Unless something is wrong with my results.

I got downstairs with a card in my hand. "Dr. Sasori Akasuna" it said. And his official number, 'Don't call at this one' he said. And his personal number on the other side. And the address. Address of his 'small atelier' like he called it. On the outskirts of the city. I'd really liked to see those puppets of his. I'd liked to show him my creations too. That ignoramus had no idea of a true art! Somebody has to teach him a lesson, hmm..

But on the other hand… I wasn't so sure if I should go to that hut of his in the middle of nowhere. I mean, I wouldn't mind being alone with him, or would I? But those eyes of his. I could feel myself stripped to the very soul by them. I shuddered at the thought. And that comment about uses of my palm mouths. Oh well..

"I didn't know that going downstairs from the third floor is so exhausting" the receptionist called with a smirk.

"It's not, hm."

"So why is your face all red?"

Oh Geez… I believe I became even more red at the moment.

"It's hot in here" I mumbled and quickly left the building.


My senses was slowly returning to me as I was walking up from my dreamless slumber. I decided to check out if my body obeyed me again. I could feel it this time and it was uncomfortably stiff. I tried to move my big toe. It weighed a ton. At least. But I wasn't gonna give up. I focused all my strength, little as it was, and tried again. That time it worked. I'd grinned if my face muscles were cooperating. Yes, that was time for a little face movement. I decided to start from eyelids. They were heavy as hell. At least I could move my eyeballs. I was determined. I had absolutely no idea how long I was lying there but I was sure that was too long. I focused and tried to open my eyes. That was a long fight but I finally won.

The room was dark. The only light was that from the moon from behind the window. I looked around when my vision become a bit sharper. The room looked like it was in a hospital. I noticed a medical apparatus, drip and a cast on my arm. There was only me in the room and door was closed.

Wait a sec. Wasn't a woman in here before?

Oh well. It was night. Why should anybody be there instead of sleep in their bed. Or maybe it was just a dream about that beautiful warm woman reading a book next to my bed? And that I was able to read her mind? That was possible. But the fact was that I still didn't know who I was. And I needed answers. I was going to ask anybody who happens to came here at the morning. If I was able to move my lips that is.