Chapter 3

"Explosives… yeah… he might be very useful, what do you think?" the red haired man was talking to somebody on his cell phone, walking down the street. "Strong. Remember the Q Hotel?... Yeah, that was him… Leave it to me, I can handle it… No, I don't think I would need her help. Let her handle that traitor bastard… Yeah, you know me. He's as good as ours now…" he smirked. "Yes, I have the files, I'll send you them as soon as I get home… You know I couldn't do it form my office… Late, I have a date now… Yes… Yes, I know. I don't wont to keep you waiting either, but you know what they say, more haste, less speed. Better be safe… Yeah" he hanged up and went to the florist's.


Someone mind remind me why I agreed to meet him again? Deidara thought sitting at the table in the restaurant, looking at the street through the window. He was early. There was at least fifteen minutes before the time.

"Are you ready to order, sir?" the waiter spoke.

"No, not yet" he answered smiling. "I'm waiting for somebody."

The waiter went away and the blonde sank into his thoughts again.

He's so much older, rude most of the time, insolent, grumpy. He's acting like he already has me, embarrassing me, making me feel like some immature brat. He's working for that damn Institute, and on top of all that, he has no appreciation for the real art! Hm. Deidara thought. But… on the other hand… he's so damn sexy… Well, it's not like I'm marring him or anything. I might as well give it a try…And that demanding nature… I wonder how it would be…

Deidara totally lost himself in thoughts making scenarios which were getting kinky. He of course didn't realized that but his face betrayed him big time.

"I wish you'd think about me right now" a familiar voice snapped the blonde off his thoughts. He looked at the man in front of him and his face betrayed him yet again getting all red in an instant. Sasori handed him a single red rose. "For you."

"How could you know, hmm? Oh, thanks" Deidara said as Sasori sat at the table.

"Your face was practically melting from the thoughts" the red-head looked at him smirking. "I bet there was some nice images on your mind."

Just how is he doing it? Reading me like this, the blonde thought as he blushed even more. Am I really that easy?

"You so cute when you blush like this, you know?" Sasori continued. "You look so innocent."

See? He's doing this again. Embarrasses me like I was some timid school girl…

"Are you ready to order, gentlemen?" the waiter appeared again.

"Are we?" Sasori asked smiling at the blonde.

"Yes" he answered grateful for the waiter's appearance.


"You're getting better quickly" Konan said when I got my cast taken off, my left arm finally free. "It's good. Hime is dying to take you out" she smiled.

"I know. I'd like that too" I replied. "Spending whole days in this bed is not the best thing in the world" we both smiled, then she left.

I've been up for a few days now. I got to know that my parents and I had an accident, and I'm the only one who survived. Apparently the accident caused my amnesia. They told me that I have no other family in this country, for my parents moved here several years ago leaving their old lives abroad, and I was their only child. It's really crushing my heart to know that I'll never see them again… I can't even remember them or have any pictures of my parents, for my old house was impressed by the government. I'm grateful that I ended up here. Hime and 'auntie' Konan, like we call her, are like my new family now. Thanks to them I didn't get depressed.

There're also other people living in this house. They all are part of he organization called the Akatsuki. Dawn. Since I'm here too I guess I'm a part of it as well. We are all 'special', like Konan call this. We have some abilities 'normal' people don't. Like my mind-reading. I still don't know what abilities the others have though. Except Konan – she can change herself into a paper, and Pein, the Akatsuki's leader. He's got deadly eyes. Literally. There was no single person looking him into eyes and survived. Except Hime's brother, that is. She said he's immortal. His name's Hidan and Hime talks about him a lot. I can see she really loves him. I haven't seen him in the house though. Nor I know about Hime's ability, even though we chat a lot. She doesn't seem to like it. I think that is the dark part in her energy I could feel the first time I sensed it. I could 'go' into her mind and find out of course, I'm getting better with this, but I think it just wouldn't be right. Maybe she'll tell me someday.

Getting back to the Akatsuki, it doesn't officially exist. To be honest, we all don't officially exist. Except Hime and Hidan, who the house belong to, we're all officially dead. Konan says that it's better that way. That the government doesn't like people like us. The only reason that the siblings don't have to hide like us is that the Feds don't know about their abilities. There's an Institute which collecting data about people like us. Those people the government know about have to wear chips somewhere under their skin and are required to have their blood tested every month to prevent further mutation. That's how the government calls us, the mutants. We're no special for them, we are threat, so they need to keep such people on a electronic leash. Konan also told me that some of us were purposely eliminated, because they were considered dangerous to the society.

No one in the Akatsuki have any chips anymore. They've all been removed when we 'died'. But I also know that there are some people outside who are part of the organization as well. They're still 'alive' though. So they have chips and can't come to the house. Well, I guess that would be strange if we all 'died'…


Kakuzu went to the small pub and sat at the table. He ordered some drink and waited.

In a minute or so the other man sat across from the dark-haired man.

"Report" Kakuzu demanded simply not looking at the man.

"The last deal was complete success…"

"Good. I have some new things for you." Kakuzu interrupted.

"I'm afraid that I have some bad news here."

The green-eyed man glared at the other who withstand it and continued.

"I'll say it straight. You're no longer in charge."

Kakuzu narrowed his eyes. If the gaze could kill, the other man would be dead in that very second.

"C'mon, K. You are under the observation. I think you understand yourself that it's dangerous having you around. We don't wann.. aa" the man inhaled sharply feeling something tickling his calf. The warm snake-like thing were getting slowly up his thigh, stomach, chest to finally stop around his neck. A sharp nail-like end of the thread slipped out between man's collar and bare skin, positioned itself right above the pulsing vain, ready to sink in at any moment.

"You. Will. Not. Dismiss. Me" Kakuzu emphasized looking into the man's eyes, now filled with fear. "Never" he stressed letting the thread puncture the other's skin ever so slightly drawing a little blood. "If it wasn't for me, you'd still be an ordinary thief. I started all this. And I'm the boss here. Got it?"

"Oh, K" the other man smiled awkwardly, trying not to move. "I knew you're a tough player. I was just testing you. You know, if you haven't softened since…you know.."

"I asked you a question."

"Yes, I got it, I got it, K. That was stupid. I will never question your authority again, ok? You're the boss, K… Could you please take… this.. off me?"

"Next time you try something so stupid, you're dead" Kakuzu spoke withdrawing the thread. The other man breathed a sigh of relief pressing a tissue to a small wound. "Now listen carefully…" Kakuzu continued explaining what he wanted the man to do.


"Do you have to come back home tonight?" he asked as the dinner was over, looking at me with those hungry eyes from behind the glasses.

"Yes, I do" I lied. I took a lot of my strength, but I decided to tease him some more for how he made me feel. You won't get me so easily, I thought. "Besides, I don't go to bed with anybody after the first date" I smirked.

"So you need some more dates then? How about tomorrow?"

"You're fast, aren't you? Are you really so eager to bed me?"

"I wouldn't be if I didn't see that you want the same."

Geez, he got me again. But no way I was gonna give in now.

"Maybe I do. But I still don't give up the first date rule."

He smiled the way that told 'you're mine already, one more date doesn't make a difference'. I smirked deciding that I make this a little bit harder.

"And I also didn't tell you how many dates I actually need.."

His smile fainted a little, and I felt triumph for a second, but then he fixed his glasses and spoke again.

"Since just sitting here watching you is pure pleasure, I can take my time waiting. As long as you need. I'm not some sex addict, you know?"

I could feel myself blushing. Again!

Well, maybe he really was something else. Though I didn't know myself how many more dates I could wait before I got this sexy red-head laid me…


"Peeeeaarl!" Hime's voice was heard in every single room just now, I bet. She always greet me with such yelling. And hugging.

"Hi there, Hime. Uh.. you squeezing me.."

"Oh, sorry, Pearl" she let go of me and grinned. "How are you today? Oh my, you don't have a cast any more!"

"Yep, I'm free person now" I smiled. That cast really was a nuisance.

Then she was talking for a several minutes. She always talked so much. I knew every detail about her school and everything. I liked watching her face when she was talking. She was so expressive. And pretty, I couldn't help but notice. I even got used to her magenta eyes, which irked me a bit at the beginning. They suited her anyway…

"Yo fuckers, what's up?" a man's voice suddenly interfered Hime's talk. I was a bit shocked at his choice of words.

"Excuse me?" I said looking at the man.

"Oh, Hidaaan!" Hime yelled and threw her arms around his neck. He hugged her back and I realized that it was indeed her brother, she talk about so much. They were very similar. The same eyes and hair, except Hidan's was straight. And then another thing hit me, he wasn't wearing any shirt. Yeah, it was his house, but honestly…

"Don't get upset, Pearl" Hime said. "His got a swearing problem. You get used to it" she smiled and turn to Hidan to introduce me "This is Pearl."

"Nice to fuckin' meet you, Pearl" he smiled at me and hold his hand to shake mine. "So you can't remember a thing, huh?"

"No" I shook my head.

"Sometimes it's fucking better not remember, you know. Now you have a brand new life! And don't have to worry about those friggin' chips" he cheered.

"Yeah, but I want to remember my parents. I feel empty without those memories" I said.

"It's better to have no memories at all that to have bad ones" Hime said, her expression getting sad.

"What do you mean? Was there something wrong with your parents?" those words escaped my mouth before I could have stopped them. I knew from Konan that the siblings' parents were dead, but I've never spoke about this with Hime. And when I said that just now and she became even more sad, I instantly regretted that.

"No" she spoke. "Everything was perfect. Until I destroyed that" a single tear flowed down her cheek.

"I'm sorry, Hime…"

"Hey sis, calm down" Hidan hugged her. "It's all right now."

"No, it's not. Now Pearl's gonna hate me" she cried into his chest.

"She won't silly, that wasn't your fucking fault!"

"Hime.." I placed my hand on her shoulder. "Whatever you did it doesn't change our friendship, ok? That was past and I can see that whatever it was, you didn't do it on purpose. I don't even know what I did in the past. How can I judge you? Let alone hate you."

She looked at me with wet eyes, still clinging to Hidan.

"I killed them" she whispered.


I went home alone. That stubborn brat… He want to play games with me even though we both know what we wont. He acted like a damn woman.. We both know I want you but I'm gonna play hard-to-win one.. Pff.. It's just for the sake of appearances.

Well, maybe it's good after all. If he is to stay with us, he'd better be attached. That'll be two birds with one stone…


"Pein, honey. I made you your favorite dish. Just stop working for a while."

"Mel, we both know that you can't cook. You probably had Konan to do it again, or just bought it" he said not looking away from his computer.

"You're an asshole, you know? I meant well, and you always say such things to me" she placed plate on his desk with hurt on her face.

"I'm sorry" he slowly stood up and hugged her. "I'm just stressed out, ok? I just want to get over with it."

"I know, I know. We're taking over this city" she kissed him lightly. "Maybe I can release some stress?" she went to kiss his neck, nibbling. "What do you say?" she asked as she stared unbuttoning his shirt, kissing the way down to his collarbone.

"Mm.. Just make sure that none of your hidden weapons will get me this time."

"I can't promise you that" she smirked against his chest. "Where's the fun if you need to control yourself all the time?" she spoke before taking one of his nipples into her mouth.

"Ah.. you're wicked.."

"I know" she said taking his shirt off. "But I can't look you into eyes, so we're even."

She then kissed the way down his stomach getting lower and nuzzled his clothed length.

"Ahh.." he panted placing his hands on her head.

"Mm.. you really need me now, don't you?" she said unzipping his pants. She then slid them down alongside his boxers, revealing Pein's growing need. "Oh yes, you do.." she said brushing her lips against the tip. Melanie teasingly ran her tongue around the head listening sweet moans escaping her lover's lips. "Mmm.. your moans never fail to make me horny.."

Suddenly Pein pulled her hair and lifted her up before kissing her roughly.

"You asked for it" he said ripping her cloths off and sitting her on the desk. He then took one of her hard nipples into his mouth, playing with the other one with his fingers.

"Mm.. You know I like it…" she said wrapping her legs around his waist. Then she whispered into his ear "I'm well lubricated by now."

Pein didn't need any more invitation. He sheathed himself completely inside her and began thrusting hard increasing speed.

A symphony of moans filled the small room. They were both approaching their orgasms fast. A few more thrusts and Melanie arched her back letting the last loud moan escape her mouth. Pain followed her soon after feeling her walls squeezing him tight, he spilled himself inside her.

"Now I'm.. to tired.. to work.." Pein panted leaning over Melanie.

"You need more exercises" she smiled. "You've been off form recently."

"Well, you're helping me a lot with getting my body into condition again. But I still have a lot of other work to do."