Chapter 1

A Little About Myself

My name is Accalia and I am a freak. Or that's what people call me. I was born in New Salem. The only child in my generation, I had no one to play with. I didn't know my dad—although I am almost positive that he was a vampire—and everyone was frightened of me. As soon as they could, my pack would have thrown me out. I didn't give them a chance. I left the day I had had enough. I say pack because I am, at least, part werewolf. My pack mates are also witches. I inherited all the power of the generation. My brother, Gabriel who was born five years later, got nothing. He never really knew me. I might drink blood—because of my heritage, but he enjoys the kill so much more. I think of myself as the tamer of us. I couldn't take care of myself so I stayed with Madeline. But let's start at the beginning!