Chapter 3: Enough already

I was raking leaves the day everything changed. The elders coming and Rafael wanted everything to be perfect. So, I was raking leaves. The elders thought it would be "prudent" to arrive early. When they arrived, I was still raking, blurring as often as possible, to get the job done.

"Who is this?" One of the elders inquired.

"This is Raven, Vivian's daughter," he said my mother's name with such callousness that I had to say something.

"Don 't call her by her name, you disrespectful bastard," I didn't shout it, but there was a coolness in my voice that spoke of danger and power.

"What should I call her, then?" He sneered, not understanding the threat in my voice, unlike the elders.

"you should call her Queen Bitch, for that is what she is!" This I shouted while keeping my back to the elders. I learned from experience that my commpletely black eyes with silver streaks can be quite frightening.

"Why is she raking leaves, if she is the Queen Bitch's daughter?" another elder questioned.

I flew around, "I'll tell you why I am raking leaves! I am raking leaves, because if I don't, I'll be tied to a pole naked and whipped. Me, a 14-year-old girl. Just because I am strange, because I am different. Because my dad was different. Well, have I news for you! My dad was of a red pack, this red pack. You may not believe it because of my coloring, but I am a full-blooded red wolf. So what if my father was 'of night.' I am too. So, fucking, what?" With that, I turned around, change into raven, and flew away.

As I left, I heard an elder say, "Now…where did a fourteen-year-old who never went to school learn language like that?" she then looked pointedly at Rafael.