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Chapter One-New but old world

"Alright Naruto today remember the Jutsu you learned while we were finding Tsunade?" Jiraiya told his godson as the young Naruto Uzumaki was so hyper of hearing this.

"Yeah of course the Rasengan I love that jutsu!"Naruto laughed out loud but stop when Jiraiya knot Naruto across his head "Ouch what the hell was that for?"

"Listen up Naruto, the Jutsu I will show you I copy from the fourth Hokage although the fourth Hokage was my favorite student." Jiraiya showed Naruto the Rasengan but a more powerful version of it.

"Wow that so cool pervy-sage." Naruto was amazed at the power of Jiraiya's Rasengan of the frog sage own Rasengan.

"Yeah I know I was amazed my self when the fourth Hokage master this ability so quickly. It took awhile for even me to master it so let's see how you're able to master this jutsu and make it own trademark. Make a Rasengan of your own original." Jiraiya told his godson.

After many, many tries Naruto got tried and became nearly drain from using up his normal human charkra. Of trying to make a Rasengan of his own an original Rasengan of his making like Jiraiya and the fourth Hokage.

"Oh man what day." Naruto fall on the ground face down.

"Well at least you got the first step done." Jiraiya smiled looking down at the grinning Naruto.

"Done worry I'll master that new Rasengan jutsu in no time pervy-sage you can count on that." Naruto grinned. While Jiraiya smirked "If keep trying harder and harder I know you can master it kid, but let's stop for today alright. Look I'll be gone for awhile take a break ok Naruto? And don't be looking at my scrolls without my permission you might find a jutsu you won't like."

"Yeah, yeah I hear you." Naruto rolled his eyes.

Jiraiya left the outer field of the forest leaving Naruto alone while Jiraiya took care of other business. Naruto peeked in Jiraiya's bag and took out a large scroll from Jiraiya's backpack. There Naruto open it and saw numberless jutsu inside Jiraiya's scroll.

"Wow talk about jutsu heaven." Naruto laughed.

Naruto read a couple of jutsu here and then but there was one special jutsu that he read "Cross world?" Naruto said the name of his jutsu was strange and yet sound fun to use.

"Horse, Rabbit, Ox, Snake, Tiger, Horse, Snake, Ox, Dragon." Naruto perform hand signs while saying these words. Then charkra start to leak from Jiraiya scrolls as light blue charkra arms grabbed Naruto's shoulders and pulled him inside.

When Jiraiya returned to find Naruto's shoes there with blue smoke coming from his scroll as Jiraiya sweat drop "Damn Naruto didn't I tell you not to go in my bag." Jiraiya slap him on the face.

Elsewhere with Naruto: In the hidden forest of Konoha:

"Ouch my head damn what hit me?" Naruto open his eyes to find himself in the hidden forest of Konoha. "Huh? Where am I? Back at the hidden forest wait wasn't I, oh man that Jutsu did work oh man oh man I screw up it did teleport me back to my home?" Naruto wondered as he got back up his knees felt funny as his legs shake.

"Damn what's going on my body feel funny, damn it." Naruto felt like he was going to vomit soon. Which he did twice after coughing "Damn it my body."

Before Naruto submit to his unknown illness he saw a person a woman, walking toward him.

"Hey you alright?" the voice of a kind woman asked Naruto.

Moments later:

Naruto woken later in a warm soft large bed of someone it was raining outside. Naruto shook his head he got out of bed "Where am I?" Naruto asked.

Leaving the bedroom Naruto discover he was in somebody's home. Naruto enter the kitchen of the house and saw someone already made dinner. Then Naruto suddenly heard the sound of someone humming a song, Naruto went upstairs to a room. Naruto open the door a bit little bit to see a full grown woman with dark red/purple like hair. Her every being was perfect a true wet dream for a young male from Naruto's dream or anyone young male fantasies.

The woman just put on a towel to cover her nude body which Naruto was thankful for, as the young knot on the door. The woman gasp "W-who's there?"

"Sorry lady didn't mean to peek on you. But I-" Naruto was cut by the beautiful woman standing before him.

"Oh I'm sorry I see you're finally up. I found outside the village good thing I found you before it rain. What's your name?" The woman asked Naruto.

"It's Naruto." Naruto told the woman.

For a moment the woman's eyes widen in shock for a quick second before "That's a beautiful name." she smiled as Naruto blushed while rubbing the back of his head "Thanks lady."

"I'm Kushina." She said

"That's a really pretty name lady." Naruto chuckle while Kushina giggle.

"Naruto honey would you mind waiting downstairs until I'm done getting dress?" Kushina asked Naruto.

"Um sure thing lady," Naruto left Kushina's bedroom going down the stairs. Naruto saw on a table beside the couch in a family picture. Naruto picked it up and look at it there in the picture was Jiraiya, Kushina and FOURTH HOKAGE! Naruto's mind screamed 'No way this can't be?' Naruto thought to him self on back of the picture were three names.

Jiraiya with Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki pregnant six month with Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto body froze from the shock that quickly was over coming him.

'I think pervy-sage Jutsu did something either good or bad, AND I JUST SAW MY MOTHER NAKED OH MY GOD!'

Next Time-The world without the Fox or the Frog


NarutoXKushina-It be incest or not, naruto in a world a what if he died at birth with the Kyuubi seal inside him thus. The Akatsuki need another way for their plans. There will be only two characters that will enter this what if world, Naruto and Jiraiya. As you can guest it this is right after the Sasuke chase Arc so that means Sound Four are dead, Sound Genin and everyone Naruto knew but there is hope in this what if world.

The main pairing is NarutoXKushina, but might add other females for Naruto get down with beside his mother from this what if world. She is the mother of the Naruto from her world not the Naruto who enter her world so in strange way Naruto is yet isn't her blood son.

//////-First top four are the girls who truly close to Naruto's heart and of winning it.
Kamizuru Suzumebachi

//////-Second top rare four are the girls that were up being Naruto's type of woman to love.
//////-Other four that are good pairing with Naruto.

But like I said this is a what if world so anything can be or happen like, what if Tayuya was Kushina daughter or Amaru was. Or that guy is now a girl character something like that but you got any what if ideas please share them and don't feel ashame of it either.

Later everyone.