I don't own the Naruto series

Hey everyone Bunji here, I know you all was really hoping for a new chapter of Without You. But sadly no chapter here, I came to here to tell ya I'm real short on this story as of the moment, fighting my deep depression, now working and barely have time to work on my fics (giving choice of sending day relaxing playing games or watching my favorite show or work on fanfic)

And also the anger of other supported pairings of Kushina, trying to control anger and all.

The only choice I have on my mind is well do a reboot. I know I had something going on the last chapter, many of you didn't like what was happening or what I did with Kushina. Then I saw my mistakes with this whole story, thanks to everyone. So I've decided time to start from anew. And also note I made this fic long before Road to Ninja ever came to those who thought I got this idea from.

Pairing of course is still NaruKushi (my number one pairing) will it still have a harem in it? or not or will I add females that I couldn't...maybe.

As of right now "Without You" is Discontinue

Also for those who are supporting writer "Narutoharem" do you know every fic he made is stolen from someone else, that thief who I spoke of the update of Eyes of Predator and She Belongs to me is the same guy who stolen my fic. That fucker was the last thing nearly drove me off the edge of no return, he was the last push that almost send me ending my own life from my deep depression...I try to get him deleted but shows nothing happens. And oh don't say its his own creation look up any of his sasukushi fic or others, you can easily see the fucker stolen that story! He's a fucking thief nothing more!

Let me stop before I go on a big rant, anyway that all I have to say everyone, sorry for those who enjoy this story for so long. After the shit I'm going through on here and in real life. I think a reboot for this fic might be what I needed.

Sorry everyone...who knows I might make this story even better...I hope so.