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"We have a very special announcement to make!" the cheery newscaster exclaimed, flashing a winning smile. "As you all know, tomorrow starts National Atmosian Friendship Week, in which Sky Knight squadrons spend time with other people and make new friends. However, this year, Cyclonia just signed a treaty stating not only that they are offering peace for a week, but also that they want to participate! For the first time in history, Sky Knights and Cyclonians will together discover new depths of friendship! Already, there are rumors going around who will invite the Cyclonians to their home Terras, and which lucky—or unlucky—Sky Knights will spend a day in the Cyclonian palace! I—"

A very upset looking Merb clicked the 'mute' button then turned to face his teammates. "National Friendship Week is already bad enough," he said, "all the new people stomping dirt and diseases all around my Condor, but Cyclonians?"

"Relax," Finn laughed, running his fingers through his hair. "It won't be that bad."

"Hey Finn," his buddy, Junko, butted in. "It says here in the papers that Ravess is rumored to have requested you! Says she wants to compare training skills and teach you some real music!"

Finn spat out the mouthful of water he had just swallowed. "A whole day? With Ravess? Aerrow, save me!"

Aerrow sighed. "We're participating. We have to set a good example for the other squadrons! Besides, it's only one day."

Stork looked at his freaked-out teammates. Then he thought of Cyclonians on his precious Condor. "This…is why I never watch the news."


Dark Ace stormed through the Cyclonian palace, into the throne room. His Master, as usual, stood facing the great crystal machine. Strange metal arms grabbed various crystals, dumping them into the machine's unseen depths.

Cyclonis felt her servant's anger immediately. However, she didn't turn around. Instead, she coolly acknowledged his presence with a, "Dark Ace."

"Master, it said on the radio that we signed a treaty saying we would participate in National Atmosian Friendship Week!" he burst out. "Is this true?"

She repressed a smile at the shock and anger in his voice. Even if the week was a total disaster, it would be worth it just to hear the shock in his voice and see the look on his face right now. "Yes, Dark Ace, it is true."

The man stood there, mouth open and gaping. Finally, he managed to sputter, "Why?"

"First of all, it would be good to learn some of our enemies secrets and weaknesses."

He stared at her back. "And your second reason?"

She turned, flashing him a real smile. "I'm too lonely. I'm only fourteen. I want to experience some friendship, even if only for a week. It sounded like fun."

His mouth fell open in shock again. His Master, claiming she'd rather be friends with their enemies for a week than conquer the world? Next thing you know, there would be happy singing unicorns flying over a rainbow in Cyclonia. This sort of thing just didn't happen!

Apparently, it did. The Master had decided something, and when there was something she wanted, she got it. (As for the unicorns, that's a different story that must wait to be told for another day).

Dark Ace sighed. This was going to be a long week.


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