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It was 5:30 AM. Finn didn't know the exact time—he just knew it was far too early, because the sun wasn't even up yet.

It was exactly 5:30 AM because Ravess was all about precision, and she liked her times to be exact.

"Huh waa waaz goin on?" Finn slurred, looking angrily at the radio-phone that had acted as his alarm. The annoyed voice of Ravess destroyed the last dregs of peace and tranquility.

"I assumed that you were a slacker, so I decided to give you thirty minutes to get up and meet my at Cyclonia instead of fifteen. Out of bed! Now! If you hurry, you might be able to grab breakfast!"

It took Finn a moment to process that this was the first day of Atmosian Friendship Week. More like Atmosian Nightmare Week. "Are you crazy?" he replied, barely awake enough to shoot venom into his words and tone. "Do you know what time it is?"

"5:31 AM now; you've wasted one precious minute of your getting ready time."

"Wake me up in an hour," Finn replied, rolling over.

"You better be at Cyclonia at 6:00 on the dot," Ravess snarled.

Finn smirked, even though he knew she couldn't see it. The smugness, however, was evident in his voice. "Was that a threat? Because we are friends for a week. You are in no position to threaten me. It's against your Master's treaty."

Ravess's superior tone scared him nearly as much as her next words. "No, I cannot harm you in any way, but I can say this: if your lateness throws off my carefully planned schedule, the extra time is coming from our allotted lunch period."

Finn gulped, then jumped out of bed and threw his leather armor on. There was no way he was missing lunch.


Finn had to admit, Cyclonia did look sort of pretty at six o'clock in the morning. The sky was literally purple, with splashes of orange and red creeping over the horizon. The temperature was perfect, too—it never really was cold, but it wasn't late enough in the day for the heat to start to build.

Of course, the list of things to complain about was a lot larger than the list of things that were marginally acceptable about this situation. His teammates were probably still sleeping; none were awake when he jumped on his skimmer. He hadn't been able to eat breakfast; he just got a cup of coffee to keep him awake long enough to get over to Cyclonia. Then, of course, he was in Cyclonia. He had no idea what Ravess had planned, but he didn't even want to think about it.

To speak of the devil, there she came, exactly on time, looking wide awake, not a hair out of place, somehow managing to balance perfectly on her insanely high heels. In her left hand, she clutched a brown paper bag.

"Morning?" Finn said weakly, yawning in the middle of his half-hearted greeting.

"Yes, you're not a morning person, I can tell," Ravess replied, shaking her head. She shoved the brown bag into his hand. "I'm taking you on a full tour of Cyclonia, including the training rooms, dungeons, Talons lodging, mess hall, etc. I will expect the same courtesy to be extended to me when I visit the Condor. If you don't mind, we may do some surprise inspections along the way, because I love watching fools cower."

"Scare some Talons into gibbering heaps? Sounds like fun," Finn replied, still trying to follow the outline of her morning schedule.

"Did you eat?"


*Grumble, Grumble* Finn's stomach answered for him.

"I thought so. I decided to go easy on you, assuming that this was your first morning actually waking up at an acceptable time." Ravess's face softened. "I grabbed some donuts for you from the Talon Mess—Ah! Hey! Get off me!"

When Finn realized he had been given donuts, he leapt forward, giving Ravess a huge, tight hug. The sharpshooter violinist was less than happy about this.

"You are officially my hero," Finn babbled. "I don't hate you for waking me up anymore! You brought me donuts! I LOVE YOU!!!"

"Stop hugging me!" Ravess hissed, pushing Finn off. "I am never giving you sugar again this early if this is how you react!"

"I haven't even begun to eat them yet!" Finn whined, then basically dove into the bag, shoving the delicious treats into his mouth.

"Lack of personal hygiene, ruled by stomach," Ravess whispered under her breath. "I could have told the Master that without spending a week with the kid."


The morning actually wasn't that bad. Finn found that he really liked the surprise inspections—they made him feel like he was the Domo or Gomo or whatever the name was: in power. Snipe, Dark Ace, and Cyclonis were all gone, so Ravess was the highest ranking Talon in the palace. During the tour of the throne room, Ravess let him sit on the throne for a few minutes, then laughed as he tried to dance on top of the throne, fell down, and stubbed his toe. They teased Chicken Feather about his name, and somehow ended up getting in a pillow fight (they had ran towards the unfortunate commander with pillows to show him exactly how covered in feathers he could be, but this somehow deteriorated in to an every-man-or-woman-for-themselves war).

Finn never would have admitted it, but it was fun.

"Hey, what's for lunch?" Finn asked, grinning.

"Interesting," Ravess noted. "Your stomach is like perfect clockwork. It's 12:00 exactly."

"Whatever. I'm just hungry. Do you have any real food?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. Are you allowed alcoholic beverages with your meal? Because Cyclonia also has some very fine wines." She lead him forward into a beautiful dining room, with huge trays of salad, steak, chicken, cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice, and bread lining the table.

"A little fancy," Finn replied, amazed. "Haven't you ever heard of like, pizza, or a sandwich, or something?" The smells reached him and his mouth began to water. "But fancy is fine, as long as there's plenty of it. And you were kidding about the alcohol stuff, right? Because you know I'm fourteen!"

Ravess laughed. "Tomorrow is your turn to plan the schedule, so we can have this 'pizza,' despite how unhealthy it is. As for the wine, it was a test. No true sharpshooter would ever intoxicate themselves, for fear of destroying their aim." Finn nodded, then shook his head.

"Well, I just think Coke tastes better."


The afternoon, Finn had far more fun training than he had ever had before. It started out with the old sharpshooter challenge: shoot an apple off a dummy's head. Then, Finn had the genius idea of getting a pie crust from the Cyclonian kitchens and setting it up behind so that they would shoot the apple into the pie, making apple pie. Surprisingly enough, Ravess agreed, and together, they destroyed about ten pie crusts with their arrows until they just gave up and got a pie from the kitchen.

Suddenly, Ravess noticed the time. "Oh, no! I should be rehearsing with the orchestra!" she cried.

"Relax," Finn said around a mouthful of pie. "It's friendship week. Half of them have probably been send off around the Atmos. You can practice with me."

Five minutes later, the pair ended up in Ravess's private practice studio. Finn had miraculously produced an electric guitar.

After taking the time to listen to her theme song a bit, Finn jazzed it up and played it back to her, rock-style. It was good enough that Ravess didn't even have to pretend that hard that it wasn't making her ears bleed. She gave him a few pointers of finesse, and he showed her how to play a guitar. However, because he didn't have an extra guitar, she had to play on one of the old cellos that was kept in the practice room. The result was…interesting.


As the first day ended, and the pair parted, both were fairly surprised that they didn't completely and utterly loathe the other. However of that might change because—

"It's my day tomorrow," Finn reminded Ravess. "And don't you dare show up on the Condor a minute before 10:30!"

Poor Finn.

Poor Ravess.

Depends on how evil you are. Me, I feel sorry for both of them.