So. I'm sure you can guess where this is going, considering the title I put this under, but I'll say it anyways. Now that the release date of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance has been announced, I can make an announcement of my own:

Guardian Twin will have a sequel.

Yep. I'd been debating about something for a while, but didn't want to do something with the original main character, Roxas (since he's a part of Sora again, and all). And then I thought: what about Lea? Or Shadow and Angel? From there I came up with two sequel ideas: one about Lea's journey for redemption until he makes it back into the main story of the Kingdom Hearts series, and one about how Shadow and Angel help out the gang where no one can see (with a hidden story of their own to complete).

The second one I'm still not sure about doing, and even if I do decide to, it won't be until a few more future Kingdom Hearts games come out. The first, however, I'd finally decided on after seeing the 3D trailer (the one with Lea in it), and decided to wait until the release date for the game was announced before I announced the sequel.

Unfortunately, the release date in Japan isn't until March 29...meaning there's still somewhat of a wait before the sequel comes out.

The story, Phoenix Wings, I plan on putting up on on April 14, two weeks after 3D's released in Japan, for two specific reasons:

1. I'll probably still be working on Before the Beginning, and will definitely still be working on Time Thief, at that time. Working on a new story does not mean I'll neglect the old ones. (NOTE: For those who don't know, Before the Beginning is a Keyblade War fanfic I've been working on, and Time Thief is an original story about a time-stealing dragon over on .)

2. I want to have some time to watch the cut scenes from 3D before I begin writing, so I know how to fit the story into canon as best as I can.

Is it ridiculous to be letting you know about this this far ahead of time? Possibly. But I did say I'd announce it right after 3D's release date was announced…

Anywho, there's a method to my madness. I want to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think about Lea being the main character? Are you interested in the second sequel? Is there anything you really, really want to see in Phoenix Wings? (Can't guarantee it'll be in there, but I'll consider any suggestions given.) Or are you just really excited about 3D. (I am, by the way.)

Anywho, if you think of anything you want to say or ask, leave a review or PM me. If not, then…you can take one of those imaginary internet cookies everybody keeps handing out.

Until the next story.