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Dear Canada

Chapter 1


Matthew slowly opened his eyes; the morning sun light filled his bedroom. Matthew loved these kinds of mornings in February. With a happy sigh, he rolled over onto his side and curled up with his blanket. It so toasty, he thought as a giddy smile spread across his face, it wouldn't hurt to stay in bed a little longer. Matthew listened intently as the air filled with the chirps of passing by sparrows but the peaceful atmosphere was shattered. With a swing of the door and a leap onto the bed, Matthew's ideal morning came to an abrupt end.

"Good morning Alfred," Matthew groaned. He propped himself up to be met with the beaming face of the blond intruder.

"MORNIN' MATTIE!" Alfred exclaimed as a daft smile spread across his face, "How did you sleep? I slept pretty good; the bed wasn't as nice as the one I have back home…"

"Then why don't you go sleep at your own house?"

"Awwww. Matt don't be like that. It's been ages since I stayed over," Alfred pouted. Matthew stared back blankly. "Hey are you hungry? I am. What did you want for breakfast? How about bacon and eggs, a hardy start for the day. How 'bout it huh?"

Matthew was a simple man that liked routine. Every morning he had either pancakes or waffles that he handmade but Alfred was over. Once he got an idea stuck into his head there was no sense in arguing. Matthew surrendered, smiled and nodded. Alfred was always so energetic in the mornings, maybe too energetic. He sympathised with Arthur who had to deal with the two of them when they were colonies. Even then, Alfred was a ball of energy.

"Hey would you want me to add some maple syrup to your bacon?" Alfred asked as he dismounted the bed. Matthew nodded his head rapidly, "Alrighty maple bacon for you. I'll call you when it's ready."

As Alfred left the Canadian's room, Matthew felt his spirits pick up. Even though Alfred was usually about Alfred, he defiantly knew how to make Matthew happy, at least when he wasn't being a bother which he usually was. And truthfully, Matthew was happy to see him; it had been so long since they had been able to be near each other. Matthew dragged himself out from the covers and began to dress. He was usually an early riser but for some reason he really wanted to sleep in. That was completely impossible with Alfred buzzing around in his house. Slipping on his slippers, he made it way downstairs. Hopefully Alfred wouldn't destroy his kitchen like he had on many other occasions.

As he turned into the kitchen, Matthew was met with the sizzling of bacon and a hint of sweet syrup lingering in the air. Alfred was tending to the eggs when he noticed Matthew, "'bout five more minutes Mattie," he smiled before returning to his work. Matthew liked to watch Alfred cook. Even though he was a walking disaster when he was in the kitchen, Matthew found that the way Alfred would sway as he scrapped the pan to be hypnotic. He took his place behind and leaned against the island; watching as Alfred cooked.

"Alfie, you want me to do anything?" Matthew asked as he placed his chin into his palm.

"No that's ok Matt; I've got this under control. Think of it as a thank you for putting me up," Alfred tilted his head and flashed a smile," plus, I'm the hero."

"Yah Alfred," Matthew rolled his eyes, "You're the hero."

Alfred, catching the sarcasm for once, stuck out his tongue in retaliation.

Matthew laughed, shaking his head. It was nice having someone around. It had been so long since Alfred (anyone for that matter) had visited him. It so depressing how things have turned out Matthew grimaced all because of water. Matthew could help but let his spirits drop as he recounted the recent affairs Canada had with the rest of the world. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice Alfred staring at him.

Seeing his brother like that broke Alfred's heart. Matthew was usually optimistic and positive but now he seemed… empty. His pale skin had a tint of grey and his bright violet-blue eyes were dull. Alfred wanted to do something, anything, to make Matthew smile again. Alfred began to reach out for Matthew but fear held him back. I can't. He looks like he's ready to break. What if he… ? Alfred thought. He was usually confidant and sure of himself but with age, his naive notions began to fade. And whenever Matthew was involved Alfred wasn't sure of himself anymore. He didn't want to lose him again and the boy was in such a delicate state of mind. Only the smell of burning bacon brought the American back to reality, "AHH SHIT!"

Matthew snapped out of his thoughts to see Alfred scrambling to save the bacon. The frantic blonde flooded the air with swears as he scraped the crisped bacon onto a plate. Matthew couldn't help but laugh. Alfred turned to him, his face redden with frustration, "sorry Matt." He slid the plate sheepishly towards Matthew. It's not that bad Matthew thought as he picked up a piece and began to munch on it. Still tastes like bacon to me. Matthew gave a thumbs up to Alfred.

"It's burnt."

Matthew chuckled, "You forget dear brother; I too grew up with Arthur's cooking. This is a delicacy compared to that." Both men couldn't help but burst out laughing at the memories of Arthur blissfully presenting them with what could barely be considered editable let alone food. As his giggles softened, Matthew turned to the drawer behind him, pulling out some forks. The two leaned over the island and happily ate the eggs out of the pan and the bacon off the plate. Matthew felt his heart flutter a bit. It was really nice having Alfred around again.

"So are you planning on coming to Sweden's get together this spring?" Alfred asked as he finished off the last piece of bacon.

"I don't know…" Matthew whispered. He knew it was coming up sooner rather than later. The whole idea of gathering with the other nation made him sick; he didn't know if he was welcomed anymore.

"Come on, it'll be fun. Listen Mattie, everyone misses you."

"Before the water issues, nobody knew I existed. And then the whole isolation thing…" Matthew felt his stomach turn at the thought of all the angry nations waiting to get their hands on him.

"Nobody's mad at you Mattie, just you're old boss. Look at Germany, he had a psycho boss back in the day and same with Russia but nobody hates them for it. You can't hold yourself responsible for everything Mattie. You can't help everyone."

"I know but…" Alfred walked over to Matthew side of the island and placed his hand on his brother's shoulder. Matthew felt everything building in his chest. His eyes began to gloss over as the panic rose, "I wanted to help them but my boss didn't. He said Canada was being used for our water. He didn't want to help anyone. I couldn't help, I couldn't…" Matthew choked as tears slid down his cheeks. He reached out and pulled Alfred closer, burying his face into his older brother's chest. "I couldn't do anything.

Alfred could feel Matthew tremble in his arms. He knew how much guilt the young Canadian felt for what happened. Matthew was the type of person who needed to help others so when his government refused to export fresh water, a growing concern of the world, Matthew had a hard time agreeing. International relations with Canada grew increasingly strain, something that Matthew took very personally. Even Alfred's government was starting to think of drastic measures if Canada was going to continue its actions. Thank god Matthew got a new boss Alfred thought just in time too.

It was sometime before Matthew had calmed down. Once he had gathered himself together, Alfred and he washed up the dishes before heading out to take care of the few chores Matthew had to get done. First, promptly after feeding Kumajiro, the brother's made their way to the post office to send a few things out. While Alfred grumbled about the cold winter weather and the stupidity of still sending mail the old way (emails were so much faster) Matthew just smirked as he drove right past the McDonalds much to Alfred grievance. After a day of running around town and checking up on his cabin, Matthew felt elated when he kicked off his shoes and trotted to his living room. The couch never looked so inviting…

A few hours later, after dinner, he slumped against Alfred onto the couch once again, Kumajirou in his lap. It's nice to be with family again, he thought as he fell into the cushiony material. As Matthew snuggled Kumajirou closer, Alfred wrapped his arms around the Canadian, "Man, why do you always leave everything to do until I visit?" he complained.

"I need something to keep you busy. You're too restless to do what a normal person when they'd visit," Matthew chuckled when he saw his brother's face drop in mock hurt.

Finally the bright smile returned to Alfred's face as he snuggled up to his brother, "I'm glad you're okay. Everyone missed you. I especially missed you." The American said softly as he buried his face into Matthew's hair, tighten his hold.

"I missed you too."

After a few fleeting moments the American broke the embrace and suggested watching a movie. Matthew nodded enthusiastically, as Alfred hopped over to his DVD collection.

Alfred's nose wrinkled as he looked over the titles, "Agh Mattie, why do you have so many foreign movies? Aren't mine good enough?"

Rolling his eyes, Matthew answered, "I like the majority of your stuff Alfred but I'm multicultural. Most of my people's families are from another country so I like to dabble in other nations' cultures."

"Dabble," Alfred giggled, Oh the innuendos.

"Shut up you moron," Matthew scolded know full well what the other had began to think.

"Whatever, but seriously what the hell? Look at all these… Russian movies? Matt!" Alfred yelped as he gave his sibling a scandalous glare, "What the fuck you traitor! Why all the Russian movies? That loser commie has no tastes when it comes to the art of film making!"

"Ivan gave me most of those as presents so be careful! And they aren't that bad, some are actually really good! You'd like them if you gave them a chance," Matthew huffed.

"Ack, I need sanitizer if he touched these. I don't want to catch his commie germs," Rubbing his hands furiously against his shirt, Alfred returned to searching for a movie. Most left a bad taste in his mouth. Grabbing one off the shelf the American stuck out his tongue, "Good Bye Lenin? Another commie movie I see," the elder blonde made no attempt to hide his distain.

Blushing slightly, Matthew corrected him, "Actually Al that one's German."

With his face visibly relaxing, Alfred turned the case over for further inspection, "Oh this isn't too bad. Germany gave you this?"

Thanking his luck that his brother didn't notice his blush deepen, Matthew continued, "Um no… it was East Germany," cursing his fidgeting hands, the Canadian clutched to his pet tightly.

"East? That's weird. Are you two friends or something?"

"No not really. Sometimes he'll send me something in the mall every few years, sometimes I'll make him pancakes when he comes and visits but he hardly does. Maybe three times in the last, um, I think seven years or so," Matthew sighed.

"Cool, whatever," Alfred said as he placed the case back nonchalantly. But soon the elder boy was squealing with delight as he ripped another case off the self. Popping the DVD open, Alfred flung the case aside, much to his sibling's dismay, as he placed the disc into the player. Happily he bounced back onto the couch, flicking the light switch off on his way sending the entire room into darkness, save the light from the TV screen.

Matthew hunkered down expecting a pleasant evening until he saw what movie Alfred has chosen, "A scary movie Alfred? Why do you watch them?"

Alfred laughed, "So I can hold your hand and you can't get mad at me," he said as he snuggled up to the other. Matthew shook his head letting Kumajirou slide down from his lap. As Matthew tried to push the other off of his body, Alfred grabbed the younger blonde's hand. Matthew struggled to break free but Alfred's grip was too strong. "Just accept it," Alfred laughed. Matthew groaned. What a day, he thought. He was too drained to protest.

As the movie went on Alfred loosened his grip but held fast to Matthew's hand.

"You don't seem very scared," Matthew scoffed, "for once."

Alfred smiled, "you can be such an ass sometimes. Especially in my time of need."

"Pfft," Matthew rolled his eyes, "you can let go. My hand is sweaty."

Alfred smiled devilishly and grabbed Matthew, squeezing him tightly against his chest. The young man squeaked in surprise. "I'll never let go," the older blonde cried dramatically, laughing at Matthew's attempts to slip away.

"Fine," Matthew gave up. He lied his head down on Alfred's chest, trying to get comfortable. Alfred tensed up, his heart beating faster as Matthew got cozy. Alfred wondered if he noticed; it would be hard to explain the reaction without having to explain everything. Matthew did noticed but luckily he shrugged it off. He sighed as Alfred's grip had become much more soft and gentle. His eyes slid shut and breathed heavily. Alfred did smell kind of good today, like apple pie.

Soon the movie was forgotten. Alfred gazed down at the boy curled against his chest as he brushed his fingers through the other nation's blonde tresses. The Canadian finally looked at ease. Alfred could feel his face begin to blush as he gazed down at his brother's sleeping form. Thankfully it's dark, Alfred chuckled to himself. Soft snores soon began to drift out of the boy. Alfred pulled him closer wanting Matthew to be close to his heart.

I'll never let go Mattie, cause I love you. Alfred smiled.

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