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Innocent Questions

"Hey Axel?" The blonde questioned the redhead on his right. "What's a kiss?"

The black clad Organization member nearly fell off the clock tower in shook. He got a lot of questions about the world from his little 'friend'. But none of them had been nearly this shocking.

"Ah… err well. You see Roxas." He stammered through his words, carefully wording the answer. "When two people like each other. They sometimes. Bring their lips together." The key bearer looked at him his ice cream neglected from listening intently to his best friend.

"Why would people want to do that?" Roxas asked, his voice questioning and purely innocent. Axel tried his best not to look at the blonde's own delicious looking lips.

"A lot of people find it… intimate. Like their connected." He saw the blonde nod in the corner of his eye, a smile stretching over those cute lips.

"Can we try?" His heart stopped… well if he had one it would. "We're close right? I want to connect with you." The visions in his head went haywire. The boy just didn't know how his questions affected him.

"Ah. Um. Well. Roxas. We. Errr." The words he wanted didn't form. Looking down at the Organizations 13th member, whose eyes glowed with eagerness (really expressive nobody), Axel gulped.

"Ok. Sure. Just don't tell anyone…" He leaned in tilting his own head to fit together with the younger's own.

The time seemed to slow into milliseconds, as his face got closer…. He brought up a hand to rest on Roxas's cheek tenderly.



*doki doki*


*doki doki*



"Hey!" A voice shouted interrupting the two, Axel pulled back sharply. Eyes wide and a guilty expression forced itself on his face.

"Sorry I'm late guys." Xion came around the corner her face a bit flushed from racing to the tower; an ice cream in her hand.

"Hello Xion!" Roxas's perfectly calm voice greeted her. She smiled brightly as she sat next to him.

"What were you two doing?" She asked, her too completely innocent.

"Axel was going to show me what a ki-mphff" Axel's hand found its way around the younger member's mouth smothering the words. He leaned to Roxas's ear and quickly whispered.

"I meant no one Roxy! Please don't say anything." Roxas nodded not being able to talk with the other's hand muffling his voice. With the nod he was released.

"Come on tell me!" Xion persisted ice cream forgotten in her hand.

"It was nothing. Saix restricted us from telling." Axel lied easily as he examined his melted ice cream that had all fallen off onto the tower and some poor persons head below.

"Ah fine. I'm sure I'll find out eventually." Xion gave up with a smile to the sunset. They all chuckled and relaxed. Enjoying each others company while it lasted.


Roxas's Journal

Entry XXX

Axel tried to show me how to kiss someone today. I found out that it was a way to express how people are connected with each other. Axel, Xion, and I are all connected right? I hope he'll remember to show me another time.