Well, here it is, people! It's the sequel to Paper Chopper: The Crystal Stars! The third in the Paper Chopper trilogy! Yup. But, how about we get something done with first... First off, if you don't like OCs, then this is probably not the story for you. ...But I won't stop you from reading this.

By the way... If you didn't read Paper Chopper: The Crystal Stars, then I would HIGHLY recommend going back to that and the first one. This DOES have some major spoilers from Paper Chopper, Paper Chopper: The Crystal Stars and also Super Paper Mario. Really, it's recommended that you read that right now before going here. Why? Well, you'll see... But if you go on without reading them... Well, I can't really stop you, can I?

So… I suppose it's time. I give you… Super Paper Chopper!

Ahem! Today… I'll tell you the story of the lost book of prophesies.

This prophetic book was a mysterious tome full of stories of future events. Of course, many people craved the book, wishing to glimpse their future. But no person, after obtaining this amazing book, ever found happiness.

The reason? The book held frightful secrets not meant for people's eyes. That book came to be called the Dark Prognosticus and was sealed away for all eternity. No one knows of the person who wrote this book. It had been heard that this person wished to ruin the lives of people. But, in the end, the creator's identity was shrouded in mystery.

This…is the tale of that forgotten book's last owner. It is a tale of love…and darkness…

Out in a beautiful green landscape, someone dressed in a dark gray cloak and hood began to make their way up a hill as it rained. The person's face couldn't be seen through the cloak nor could his hands or feet be seen as well. The only thing that could be seen through the robe was two, white glowing eyes.

"Five whole months without teleportation… Why did this have to happen to me?! What did I do to deserve this?! Those ungrateful little fools!"

As he made his way up the hill, he saw the place he was looking for: the Temple of the Dark Star Scepter. He looked up at the large temple silently before making his way up there.

"If only I had my teleportation powers… All I could see before going here was a bright explosion that disabled my teleportation powers and sent me to this dreaded place for five months! I wish to make that person suffer!"

When he made his way to the front entrance of the temple, he placed his hand on the door and shattered it into rubble with purple energy around his white gloved hand.

"If I am correct, then this temple must hold the Dark Star Scepter – the weapon I need to regain my teleporting abilities…and hopefully it'll be what I need to make the universe pay for what it has done to me!"

When he made his way into the dark hallway, he noticed that some of the statues had people with faces that reminded him of his grandfather. One that was destroyed by a ten year old boy five months ago…

He didn't know what happened after that, but it's possible that the universe was saved after that. What about his friends? No. He didn't really have any friends. Even when he was with two other people, he didn't consider them to be "friends". One always called him "shadow-freak" instead of his name, which he got tired of, and the other's speaking consisted only of grunts and growls.

"I have to leave all of that behind right now. I can't keep thinking about it any longer. All that matters is that I get what I need from this dark temple. No one shall get in my way!"

When he made his way up the stairs, he walked into a large room with a pedestal in the center. He saw a weapon in the center that almost resembled the Star Rod – the only thing that could even counter this weapon. This weapon, however, had a dark purple handle with a black spike on the side of it from the bottom and the top. The star that was on the top was a dark, misty black color. In fact, there was a dark mist surrounding the Dark Star Scepter all together!

"So, this is the legendary Dark Star Scepter…" the small, hooded boy began as he made his way to the scepter. "It's not what I expected it to look like, but it will do, I suppose…"

Before he could grab the scepter, the two statues began to move. They were two, armored men with large axes. They were a lot bigger than what the robed boy was the size of, that's for sure.

"Halt! Who dares enter the Temple of the Dark Star Scepter?!" the statue boomed. "Identify yourself right now!"

"Very well, then…" the cloaked boy removed his robe, revealing his true self. He was a black, spherical-shaped being with glowing white eyes, a pair golden rings on his dark gray cuffs, white gloves two feet, and a pair of black, thin antennae curving back. "I am Tipral, and I've come here to take this scepter and punish the universe for its existence!"

"This scepter is not to be claimed by anyone," the other statue retorted. "Its power is too great, even for you! I would suggest you leave this place at once…or else you will be slain here!"

"Well I'm certainly not turning back. I came here for the scepter, and if I have to fight you guardians, then so be it!"

"You are foolish to oppose us!" the statues shouted in unison. "But if you wish to fight, then we shall give you that honor."

Tipral clenched his fists as the statues charged at him with their axes. Before they could even hit him, he jumped in the air and swung his arm, throwing purple spear-like energy at his enemies. The two statues lost one of their arms and were sent flying back to the wall.

"Huh? What kind of power is that?!"

"It's called Star power," Tipral answered as he landed on the ground with his arms crossed. "No one but myself carries such power. I know you would want me to spare your life and all…but that's not going to convince me otherwise!"

"Wait… You…" It was already too late to continue. Tipral floated off the ground and unleashed a Star Blast, sending a huge wave of Star energy in the room. Both statues and everything around him got destroyed in the process.

"Hmph… What a waste of time." As he landed on the ground, he walked over to the Dark Star Scepter. "Finally! Now I'll have what I need to punish this whole universe! Although I'm not one to use weapons, this is the only way I can extend my teleportation abilities to travel through dimensions!"

As he grabbed the scepter, he felt an intense amount of dark power surge into his body. It didn't harm him, but it certainly made him feel like he was much stronger thanks to it.

He held it up high as dark sparks emitted from the scepter. "Ah, yes… Now I've finally got what I've been looking for! Now to get out of this blasted temple…"

Tipral made his way out of the temple, but he seemed to notice that all of the rain was gone. In fact, it was quite sunny, which was something he loathed.

"The sun... Why at a time like this?" Tipral raised his scepter to cover the bright sun. "Maybe I'll block out the sun with this scepter so I don't have to see it ever again!"

Before he could do so, though, he heard two other voices nearby.

"Blumiere, is this really a good idea coming here for a picnic?" a girl's voice asked. "I mean, by a temple where the Dark Star Scepter resides? This doesn't feel like a comfortable place..."

"Relax, my dear Timpani. Things will be all right. Nobody really comes to this place anyway." a man's voice assured. "And the guardians do a good job protecting the scepter. No one even tries to go after it because of how imposing they are!"

Tipral looked down at the scepter. The same one that the two were talking about. "Those guardians do a good job protecting this weapon? Please... They were hardly a challenge! But since there are two people here, I should test this weapon on them!"

He was able to float off the ground and make his way to where the two voices were. It was surprising that he could float off the ground with his new power, but he decided not to question it and simply followed the location of the voices.

Over a hill, he saw a blue man in a top hat and white cape sitting down at a picnic table with a human girl with light brown hair in a white dress. They seemed be talking to each other. The girl was giggling, too.

Tipral took a look at the girl. For some reason, he couldn't help but remember something else a thousand years ago.

"That girl... She almost reminds me of..." he quickly closed his eyes tightly and clenched his fists. "Gah! What was I just thinking?! All of that is behind!"

Tipral gripped his scepter and then he began to float over to the two. He overheard their conversation while he approached them, but they didn't seem to be talking about anything important.

"So, Timpani… Would you like to see what this world holds?" the man asked.

"I would love to, Blumiere…" Timpani smiled. "But I'm not necessarily sure with that temple over by the hill... Even with the guardians, someone might want to acquire that scepter."

"Even with the guardians, the temple is sealed," Blumiere assured. "It's not easy to breach through the temple's door. No one has even succeeded in breaching that place for centuries!"

"Well it looks like that has changed then," Tipral interrupted as he landed on the table and glared at Blumiere.

"Who… Who are you?!"

"My name is Tipral. And I happened to overhear you talking about how impossible it was to breach that temple. Well, if you thought that the Dark Star Scepter couldn't be taken from its place…then take a look here!" Tipral held the scepter up so Blumiere and Timpani could get a better view. "Thanks to this, my powers have been increased drastically! I was considering testing this out, and since there are you two sitting here, perhaps I can test it on you."

"You will do no such thing!" Blumiere cried, taking out his cane that had a blue diamond-shaped sapphire attached. He was about to fire some blue energy at him, but Tipral stopped his attack by knocking his cane onto the grass. He then knocked Blumiere onto the grass with a purple glowing fist. "Guh! For someone small, you do put up a fight..."

"Size does not matter in this situation," the dark being hissed. "I've been through a lot lately, and I'm pretty angry, so taking it out on you is something I will gladly do!"

Blumiere let out a grunt while trying to reach for his cane, but Tipral grabbed his arm and squeezed it as hard as he could. "Gak! Stop… Stop it right now!"

Timpani could only gasp at the situation as Tipral let go of Blumiere's arm. "Hmph... Honestly, hurting you like this isn't worth it. I think I have a better way."

Tipral twirled his scepter before aiming it at Blumiere. "Let's see what this thing is truly capable of!"

"NO!" Timpani cried, rushing over to Blumiere as Tipral fired a dark star in his direction.. She pushed him out of way, taking the hit instead.

"Tim… Timpani!" Blumiere gaped. He rushed over to his weak wife as she started to cough in pain.

"So it looks like she decided to take the hit instead. That doesn't change anything, though." Tipral aimed the scepter at Timpani. "So... Wanna know how it felt for me when I was left in this world for five months?"

"You... What are you planning?" Timpani coughed.

"I'm just going to show you and your husband how it feels to suffer. Starting with this!"

He zapped Timpani once more, but this time instead of hurting her, he sent her out of the dimension, leaving Blumiere in utter shock.

"You… You monster!" Blumiere exclaimed. "How could you do such a thing?!"

"Now that she's out of here, let me get back to you," Tipral approached Blumiere and smacked across the face with his scepter, but he noticed something drop from him. It was a black book with a diamond shape embedded in the center. It was a strange book, to be sure…

"Hmmmmm? Now what's this?" Tipral bent down and picked up the book.

"No! Don't look in there!" Blumiere begged. "It's too dangerous for anyone to open and read! You won't find anything that'll help you in there! There's no telling what will happen!"

Tipral ignored Blumiere and opened the book. "So… They call this book the Dark Prognosticus? What an interesting name for a book. This seems to say some interesting stuff…"

"I'm warning you, dark being... My ancestors couldn't handle that dark book, nor would I expect you to handle it..."

Tipral began to flip through the pages of the book quickly before closing it. It didn't seem like he was going to listen to Blumiere.

"I've decided to let you live for now," Tipral declared. "I see no point in toying with you any longer. I have the ability to leave this dimension now, so I'm going to go pay a visit to a certain someone. I think he'd appreciate my return. As for this book... I will put it to full use by revealing dark secrets that could help me in the future.

"But…" It was too late. Tipral was able to teleport his way out of the world. Blumiere could only feel sadness in his eyes, realizing that the woman he loved was now gone. Things were settled three months ago, but now this had occurred. But there was something else in him that was also returning. A feeling he once had during that time.

He grabbed his cane while clenching a fist, and his eyes changed from sad to an angry orange as he hissed, "You… You will pay…roared Count Bleck!"

There you have the main villain of this story! Remember at the end of Paper Chopper 2 where it was said that Tipral's whereabouts were unknown? Well... You have this. That's all I'm going to say, though.

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