-Thunder and Doom-

The sky appeared to be slightly darker than before, considering that they were getting deeper through The Void. There also appeared to be some bright, purple cracks in the floor. Thankfully, they weren't anything that could destroy the ground.

But with three of the heroes gone, four were now remaining.

"Big bro... I can't believe we're moving on without him..." Luigi trailed as he shuddered under the ominous air of The Void. "And even without that ice stuff around, it's still a bit cold here..."

"Yes, I suppose it gets colder when you get closer to The Void's core," Tipral deduced. "And if it's getting colder, than that means we may not be too far."

"Then it looks like it's up to the four of us to do it," Sonic said. "And we better hope we don't have to deal with more baddies as well."

"Though we still have Fawful to worry about..." Chopper trailed. "He managed to get away, and there's no way I wanna leave that...whatever he turned into around here. Whatever he plans on doing, I'd rather not leave him."

"Imagine what kind of plans he might have in store now..." Luigi shuddered, thinking of an image of Fawful ruling the universe. "OK, now I think I wanna move on. I'd like to get through here as fast a possible..."

"That is for the better," Tipral agreed as he walked on ahead to find a conveyer belt floor. "Hmmmm... This could be a problem for you, plumber."

Luigi noticed the conveyer belt floor and noticed how fast it was moving. However, there was a small switch on it ahead that had an arrow pointing the opposite way. Sonic jumped on the conveyer belt and noticed a couple of dark purple Bob-ombs with black eyes on the conveyer belt too.

"Heads up, guys... We've got Void Bob-ombs!" Sonic alerted.

"Well fire should be able to take it out!" Chopper smirked as he threw a fireball at the Void Bob-omb's fuse. Unfortunately, this only caused him to be blown back by its strong explosion. "Whoa... That was big. Though, I'd say Bruce and Bombette have stronger explosions..."

Tipral, with the help of his dark shoes, managed to get over to the switch and hit it, causing the conveyer belt to move forward. When Luigi got on it, he was moving forward on his own.

"This is moving pretty fast!" Luigi noticed while seeing another Void Bob-omb rushing their way. Tipral tossed a shadow ball at it to knock it away while Chopper blew it up with a fireball.

When Sonic looked up, he saw an upreel handle leading up to another conveyor belt above, so he grabbed a hold of it and went up to it. He found a Void Slicer waiting for him there.

"Great... Just what I needed." Sonic sighed.

When it threw its blades his way, he jumped over them and managed to defeat it with a simple Spin Jump. He also found a Void Shellcracker over by a ledge, so he hit it and found a glowing light nearby.

"Hmmmmm? What's that?" Sonic noticed it was a red glow, and when he looked down, he noticed it was something he knew about. "Wait a second... Is this...a Chaos Emerald?!"

He picked it up and examined it. "No way... How did this thing manage to survive The Void? Is the emerald's power strong enough to withhold The Void's immense power? I'm not so sure..."

He jumped off the conveyer belt and landed by Chopper and Tipral below. They ended up getting off the conveyer belt floor and back on the purple and black floor. They were trying to fight off a couple of Void Bob-ombs and black Lakitus called Void Lakitus that were throwing black-shelled Spinies called Void Spinies.

Tipral jumped in the air and managed to kick the Void Lakitu, while Chopper began tossing light balls at the Void Spinies. When Luigi got off the conveyer belt, he finished off the Void Lakitu with a Super Jump.

"You guys are too fast for me..." Luigi sighed. "Can you slow down for once?"

"Hmmmmmmm... Well, I might have an idea." Chopper replied while kicking a Void Spiny away with light energy. "Remember what we did before when I grabbed your arm to help you get through a fast area?"

"Yeah... You think that might work?"

"I'm sure it will."

Sonic noticed a couple of Void Bob-ombs up ahead, so he curled up in a ball and threw himself at them to knock them away like bowling pins. However, since they didn't explode, their fuses were lit up, and they were looking angrier than before.

"Uh oh..." Sonic ran back to the group as the Void Bob-ombs exploded. Once they were gone, they were able to go up to the door ahead. "Ummmmmm... Guys? I think I have something important to show you."

"What is it?" Luigi wondered while Sonic took out the red Chaos Emerald and showed it to them. "...What is it?"

"What? You don't know about the Chaos Emeralds?! ...Then again, you all are from different worlds, so that would make sense."

"I remember you had an item like that when you traveled with me to get the Crystal Stars," Chopper recalled. "Though, I don't know too much on those Chaos Emerald things..."

"It's OK, Chop. Like I said, we're from different worlds."

They ended up finding a door up ahead, along with two yellow ? blocks. When Luigi hit both, a Dark Shroom and Death Shroom popped out and began to scurry around the area. Luigi yelped and ended up jumping on the Death Shroom, while Chopper destroyed the Dark Shroom with a light ball.

Tipral snapped his finger and defeated the Death Shroom. Before he could go into the door, though, he looked at the Chaos Emerald Sonic held.

"What are the point of those things?" Tipral questioned. "If they were able to survive The Void, then they must be powerful..."

"Yeah, they are pretty tough," Sonic replied while tossing the Chaos Emerald up and catching it when it came down. "If I found one here, then chances are there's plenty of more around here."

"We'll see..."

They headed through the door to find a platform above them and a cracked ceiling above that. Luigi thought it would be a good idea to smash through it with a Super Jump. Unfortunately, when he used it, he ended up hurting his own fist.

"Ack! I don't think I can smash that..." Luigi whimpered.

"Let's see what I can do," Sonic said as he performed a Bounce Attack and threw himself up. Thankfully, he was able to smash through the ceiling and leave an opening. Apparently they were in a big area with a path leading up to a spring that appeared to be aiming at an upper left angle.

"This is one big area..." Chopper gaped as dark lightning flashed in the background, making Luigi cover his eyes.

"No, Luigi... Don't be such a coward right now..." Luigi thought. "You can do this! It's just lightning!"

Tipral jumped on the path ahead and moved on. He found a Void Koopatrol ahead, so all he had to do was kick its stomach and send it flying to the spring. It got launched up to the high platform on the left.

"Huh... Well I wonder what'll happen to that guy..." Chopper wondered.

Tipral ignored Chopper and launched himself up to the Void Koopatrol with the spring. He ended up knocking it off the platform and right by Luigi, who jumped back as it landed on the ground.

But before the Void Koopatrol could attack, Luigi finished it off with his Cyclone before going to the spring. When he got on the platform, Sonic used his Homing Attack to hit the spring, and then Chopper launched himself up afterward. They were met with two brick blocks, which contained only coins, but when Chopper went into 3-D, he found a hidden block that created a ladder.

"Oh, cool!" Chopper smiled as he went back into 2-D. He climbed up the ladder to find a platform with two Darklings and a chest. After defeating them with light power, he opened the chest to get a hold of a Max Shroom Shake.

"So, what was up there?" Sonic wondered as Chopper climbed back down. "...Oh, a Max Shroom Shake?"

"Yeah, we're keeping it."

They looked to their left and saw a Void Lakitu flying around. Luigi, knowing what he had to do, used his Super Jump and managed to knock it down. They found a spring pointing up near them and used it to launch them up to another platform. A Void Cherbil was near a yellow ? Block. Sonic dodged its gas and hit the block, causing a Death Shroom to pop out.

"More of these guys?" Tipral gawked before he destroyed it with his Star powers. The Void Cherbil was defeated by Luigi's jumps. Chopper, however, refused to attack the enemy.

"No, I'm not jumping on a butt," Chopper declared. "It's not safe..."

"You can't get over anything..."

They found a bounceable platform up ahead leading over to another platform where the door was. Once they crossed over, they entered the door and found a high ledge in the next area.

"This looks like something I can do," Luigi said as he crouched down and used his Super Jump to get up to the ledge. Tipral teleported the other two up and followed Luigi ahead to a dark purple Robbie called a Void Robbie, which was sitting on the ground near a yellow ? block ahead.

"Oh, no... Not those..." Chopper frowned.

"Robbies are here too?!" Sonic gaped. "This isn't good..."

Tipral decided to walk over to the Void Robbie himself, but when its dark purple eyes opened, it let out a loud screech, causing everyone to freeze. While Tipral wasn't feared by it, its screech still froze him.

"I don't understand... Does its screech have the power to freeze anyone in place?" Tipral thought.

As the Void Robbie approached, they were no longer frozen in place, which made Tipral jump back and throw Star Spears at it. Chopper also helped by throwing some light balls to defeat it. Sonic would've used his Sonic Wind, but he didn't get any chance to make an attack.

"Dang... Well, maybe I can get the next one." Sonic shrugged.

Chopper his the yellow ? block and found a Star Shroom inside. They split it into four and recovered 150 HP from it. Up ahead there was another Void Robbie near a Firebar, which wasn't harming it.

"Wait, is this thing immune to fire?" Chopper wondered as he tossed a fireball at it. Sadly, it appeared to be immune to fire. "Well, there's no point in using fire against that thing."

"Well I think I've got an idea. Sonic Wind!" Sonic clenched his fist and hit the Void Robbie with his Sonic Wind. Chopper tossed a charged light ball at it afterward, and then Tipral destroyed it with his Star Spear.

"Too bad I can't do anything against it..." Luigi sighed.

"Don't worry about it, Luigi," Chopper assured. "I'm sure there'll be a lot for you to fight here. I hope..."

They noticed a platform above them that happened to have a pipe there. There was also a door up ahead that appeared to be locked. With Luigi's Super Jump, he was able to reach the platform while Tipral teleported Chopper and Sonic up to the platform.

They hurried through the door and went into the next area to find dark lightning strike in front of them. Luigi ended up jumping back to avoid it, but what they noticed up ahead were three brick blocks. They were also high up as well.

He used his Super Jump to hit each of them. One of them happened to drop a Plasma ability, which Chopper took to gain the Plasma ability. Thankfully, when he walked on ahead, he wasn't harmed by the dark lightning that much. He still got hurt by it anyway, though.

"While I could say that was stupid of you to do, it wasn't a bad idea to test that out," Tipral noted as he approached Chopper with crossed arms.

"Tipral, let's not get into this..." Chopper warned. "And if you even try to hit me, it's not going to help you, considering that I have Plasma on!"

"Well, maybe I can help you move on!" Tipral swung his arm and managed to throw Chopper forward and over by an electric floor ahead. There appeared to be a dark purple Warbot standing in front of him.

"Tipral! What was that for?!" Sonic exclaimed, noticing some static coming from Tipral's arm.

"Helping Chopper out. I can help you out too, you know."

Sonic gave him a glare before running past the dark lightning and approaching the Void Warbot. It happened to have both arms for guns, which it used to fire at the hedgehog. He was fast, and he was able to deliver a Homing Attack to it. Luigi followed up by landing a flutter jump on it. Chopper quickly got up and finished it off with his spark attack.

And when it was destroyed, he turned to Tipral with a glare.

"Thanks for that," Chopper thanked in a sarcastic tone. "That shows teamwork there."

"Don't thank me," Tipral retorted as he jumped on the platform above the electric floor. He found a Void Intruderbot approaching him, so he decided to throw a Star Spear at it and make it fall on the electric floor. It didn't seem to get defeated, but a couple of stomps did the trick.

They found a pole past the electric floor leading up to a ledge where a chest was. Chopper climbed up and opened it to find a Void Key. He jumped down and showed the other three the key afterward.

"Well, looks like we can get out of this annoying little area," Luigi said. "Let's make it quick, though."

"Yeah, it's not a bad idea," Sonic agreed.

Previous area-

When they walked out of the door, they landed by the locked door. Unfortunately, a Void Robbie was standing in front of them and let out a loud screech. Since Luigi was the closest to it, it grabbed a hold of him.

"WAAAAH! Get this thing off me!" Luigi cried.

When Sonic was no longer frozen, he attacked the Void Robbie with his Sonic Wind, forcing it to release Luigi, who began to jump on its head and then finish it off with his Cyclone.

"Phew... That was a close one..."

"Don't get too comfortable yet, plumber," Tipral warned. "We still have to keep moving."

Chopper unlocked the door ands hurried on to the next area. This time, they found themselves between two glowing platforms. Chopper jumped on the one to the right and created a couple of more dark glowing platforms to lead them up to a ledge.

"OK... Which way do we go?" Chopper wondered.

"I'll go left, I suppose," Luigi decided as he took the left platform up to a ledge. He happened to notice the ledge was rather high, so his Super Jump was able to reach it. That left only Sonic and Tipral.

"I'd suggest following Chopper, Tipral," Sonic advised.

"I'm not going to go the same way as him," Tipral replied. "You can, but it's for the better that I don't follow him."

"OK... Don't follow him then. I'll go follow him myself."

Tipral went to Luigi and teleported up to the ledge, while Sonic went up to the ledge where Chopper was. There was a spring that brought them up to a platform in the center of the area, while the way Luigi and Tipral went involved jumping on some platforms to reach them.

"Geez, there are many small platforms around here," Chopper realized. "And I see some lightning around as well..."

They looked up and noticed some lightning firing down on some platforms. Apparently some of the lightning was coming from a platform underneath. Nevertheless, they climbed their way up to the highest platform to run into a Void Lakitu. Luigi's Super Jump took care of it and allowed him to hit a blue ! block that happened to be above him.

A door happened to appear on the platform, allowing them to progress on to the next area, which was flat but with a couple of platforms around. Some of them had spikes on the bottom of them too.

"Yeesh... I don't like this..." Luigi trailed.

They noticed a couple of dark purple Shlurps called Void Shlurps roaming around, as well as some Void Bob-ombs. Since the Void Shlurps could only be defeated by explosions, Chopper removed his Plasma ability and inhaled the Void Bob-omb to gain the Bomb ability.

"Well, sometimes things need to be given up..." Chopper trailed. He placed a bomb in front of the Void Shlurp, causing it to inhale it and make it explode. It also dropped an Ultra Shroom Shake.

"I think it would've been better if it dropped something better," Tipral said before he noticed a couple of Void Bob-ombs plummeting down on parachutes. "Beware of those too."

Luigi gaped when he saw Void Bob-ombs coming down their way. He jumped on one of the platforms and ended up discovering a secret block. It turned out to be a ladder leading up to a platform. He climbed up the ladder to discover a Max Shroom Shake and a cannon firing Void Bob-ombs.

"Hmmmm? I wonder what I can do to this..." Luigi wondered as he tried hitting it. Sadly, it didn't seem like it worked, to his dismay. He had no other choice but to go back down to the other three, who were busy with another Void Shlurp.

"Too bad only bombs can hurt that thing," Sonic said. "It would be really nice to fight one of these things ourselves."

"I agree," Chopper nodded as he fed a bomb to the Void Shlurp. It ended up dying and allowing them to encounter three Void Bob-ombs coming their way. Luigi, however, ended up landing on one, causing its fuse to light up.

Luigi quickly jumped away, allowing Chopper to throw a bomb toward the Void Bob-ombs, causing them all to explode. They found a small hill going up and down ahead, which brought them over to a door and a platform floating next to it.

"What's with the floating platform?" Luigi asked.

"Let's see," Chopper jumped and ended up discovering a Death Shroom. He took out a bomb and let it blow up before heading through the door. They were led into a tunnel-like area with a couple of Void Chain Chomps with Void Warbots near them. There was also another platform near the four, which had a Lightning Shield that Sonic took.

"A Lightning Shield? Well I guess this might help..." Sonic trailed as he performed a double jump and landed on one of the Void Chain Chomps with a Spin Jump. He also paralyzed it thanks to the shield.

Chopper ran over to the Void Warbot and dropped a couple of bombs on it to blow it up. There were two Void Bob-ombs over by the door up ahead, but it appeared to be locked. Nevertheless, Tipral blew them up with his Star Magic.

"Great... The door's locked." Sonic sighed as he approached the door. "Now what?"

"Hey, I see a ledge over there," Luigi said, pointing to the ledge that was at the left of the door. "Though, it seems like my Super Jump can only reach it..."

Luigi crouched and launched himself up to the ledge, while Tipral grabbed Chopper and Sonic's arm and teleported them up there. They found a door and another Void Shlurp that inhaled the bomb and blew up.

After going through the door, they found a small hall going to the left and a spring at the end of the path. Surprisingly, there didn't appear to be any enemies roaming around, making things feel suspicious.

"Hmmmm... I sense something in here..." Tipral trailed, his antennas twitching a bit.

"Yeah, I'm not getting a good feeling in this room," Chopper agreed as he ran over to the end of the pathway. The wall happened to be in his way, so there was no continuing on. However, Sonic ran over to the wall and curled up in a ball, letting him smash through part of the wall and discover a yellow ? block.

When he hit the block, a Star Shroom popped out for them to recover 150 HP. Afterward, Chopper flipped into 3-D and found a glowing dark platform leading up to a ledge they couldn't see in 3-D.

"Weird..." Chopper muttered as he made his way up to the ledge with the other three to find a small little area with a wall up ahead when they got back in 2-D.

"A dead end? Great..." Luigi sighed.

"Well, we can always go back," Sonic assured. "Maybe we'll find something back there."

"Yeah, I don't think that's happening so soon..."

"What? We're going to..." Chopper paused for a minute when his eyes shifted around the area. "Hold on... No one has a voice like that here!"

"I know who does, though," Tipral noted.

Nastasia teleported in front of the four, making three of them jump in surprise.

"Hey, you're that one person who works for Tipral, right?" Chopper questioned. "I never really met you..."

"I remember she ended up doing something to my mind..." Luigi trailed.

"I think she's supposed to be a secretary..." Sonic trailed. "Well it doesn't matter. We'll be heading off now."

"Hate to break it to you, but you won't be going anywhere," Nastasia declared. "Not on my watch."

She adjusted her glasses and created a red barrier to prevent them from escaping. "'K... Now I just have to do the next step."

"Nastasia, we can't stay here forever," Tipral informed. "If we don't get to the True Chaos Heart now, we're all going to die."

"Um, yeah... I could help you out of here, but helping out the heroes would be a bit frowned upon. You three, however, might make some good villains, so I might as well start the brainwashing, 'K?"

"If you're asking for a fight, then we'll give you one," Chopper declared, pulling out a bomb. "As much as I don't like hurting ladies like you, I think we have not much of a choice..."

Nastasia was about to brainwash them with her glasses, but she stopped her hand. "Yeah... I don't know if this is going to work. If that Princess Peach was a fighter, then you lot might be tougher. This might require some force..."

"Nastasia, we don't have time for this," Tipral noted. "I think it would be better if you simply let us leave."

"Tipral, I told you you could go, 'K? You can leave the others be here. Now give me a moment..." the secretary took out a remote and pressed it, which summoned a silver robot that floated down behind her.

"What's that?" Sonic wondered.

"It's a special robot designed by Mr. L. Um, yeah... I'm not sure how this specifically works. Mr. L should've actually TOLD me how to use this thing first!"

"You're using a robot you've never tried out?" Chopper gawked. "Strange..."

"Hold on a second... There's something about you that I seem to remember a bit, Nastasia..." Tipral realized as he squinted at her. Nastasia looked up at Tipral and noticed him squinting at her.

"Is there something wrong, Tipral?"

"Nastasia, have we ever met before? I mean before you joined me?"

"Hmmmm... I don't think so." Nastasia answered, pressing a button on the remote. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to make the robot respond. "'K... I don't think this is working out too great for me."

"I feel like I recognize you from the past... During a terrible moment..."

"The only thing I remember is being rescued by the count and being turned into a..." the secretary paused for a moment and remembered a vision of before being rescued by the count. She looked up at Tipral and almost saw an image of the past.

"No... It... It can't be! It... It was-" she was cut off when the robot activated and ended up knocking her toward the wall, causing her to get knocked out. Chopper, Sonic and Luigi jumped in surprise and got in a fighting stance as the robot landed in front of them.

"What IS that thing?!" Chopper gaped.

"I think this is one of Mr. L's robots he came up with," Tipral informed. "It's called the Brobot L-Nator."

"Brobot L-Nator?" Luigi blinked. "What kind of name is that?"

"That sounds like a stupid name," Chopper commented. "What does it do?"

"It can take some aspects of some people and combine their attacks," Tipral answered. "So it can copy an aspect you all have."

Brobot L-Nator gained a cap that resembled Luigi, quills like Sonic and antennas like Chopper, as well as green eyes, overalls, quills on the back, and feet and arms like Chopper's – with a laser sword and machine gun for hands.

"Uh oh... This isn't good." Sonic gulped. "Well, if it wants a fight, then we'll give it one!"

Everyone got prepared as Brobot L-Nator jumped in the air and curled up in a spiky ball. They noticed it had 530 HP, an Attack of 21 and a Defense of 10. When it flew down their way, Sonic jumped out of the way, while Luigi jumped on its head when it was left open for an attack.

When it charged its gun, Sonic hit it with a Spin Dash to damage it, and then Chopper began to hurl a couple of rainbow balls at it. Brobot L-Nator managed to block one of them, but it wasn't able to dodge Tipral's Star Kick.

"Why are you attacking it?" Sonic asked. "Your own minion made that."

"Yes, but this thing is in our way," Tipral replied. "And I would like to get a move on rather than deal with this thing..."

Brobot L-Nator flew toward Tipral and tried to shoot at him, but he teleported out of its reach and managed to teleport high above the robot while firing Star Spears. Brobot L-Nator turned around and fired at Tipral with a couple of shots. Thankfully, Tipral was faster and teleported back to the ground.

"Obviously this thing wasn't built to catch me."

Sonic managed to land another hit on the robot with a simple Spin Jump, and Luigi even managed to hit it with a Cyclone. Brobot L-Nator took action and bounced off the ground in a ball and landed on the left side of the ground while facing away from the group.

"What in Clara is it doing?" Chopper gawked.

He noticed it fly backwards and knock him away. With the quills there too, he ended up getting hurt as well from them. Sonic and Luigi were able to jump just in time, with Luigi jumping on Brobot L-Nator's head.

"It's got a predictable attack pattern, that's for sure," Sonic mentioned.

"Then this fight should be easy," Tipral said as he tossed a shadow ball at the Brobot L-Nator. It turned around and fired a small laser from its green eyes, which Tipral didn't expect and ended up getting hit.

Brobot L-Nator flew up and fired another laser down, which Chopper ran from, while Sonic used his Spin Dash to avoid it. Luigi was unfortunate to get hit by the laser and cringed in pain.

"That laser is painful!" Luigi yelped.

"We've dealt with many painful things, Luigi," Chopper mentioned as he hurled a fireball at Brobot L-Nator. To his dismay, the fireball didn't seem to deal too much. "Great… It has extra defense against fire…"

Brobot L-Nator knelt down as it was starting to blink orange before flying up to the ceiling and causing rubble to fall from above. Sonic performed a Bounce Attack and managed to smash through some rubble falling from above, while Tipral teleported to avoid it.

When Brobot L-Nator came back down, he slammed the ground and caused a green shockwave to come their way. Luigi managed to jump over it and land on Brobot L-Nator's head with his own feet.

"If my bro were here, we could land some cool moves on this thing together," Luigi said as he kicked Brobot L-Nator's face and knocked it back over by the unconscious Nastasia.

Brobot L-Nator turned its head and looked down at Nastasia. Afterward, it looked back up at the four and took a look at Luigi first. With a simple flash of its green eyes, Luigi was shocked and quickly turned to the other three.

"What did it just do?!" Chopper gawked as he noticed Luigi's eyes were red. The green plumber rushed their way and attempted to tackle Sonic, who jumped over him and hit Brobot L-Nator with a Homing Attack.

Luigi decided to go after Tipral, but it was a poor choice when Tipral sent him flying at Brobot L-Nator, causing both of them to crash.

"Tipral! Don't hit Luigi!" Chopper cried. "He may be brainwashed, but attacking him won't work!"

"I do things differently, Chopper. Deal with it." Tipral replied as he fired a Star Spear. Sonic quickly pulled Luigi out of the way and let Brobot L-Nator get hit by Tipral's Star Spear instead.

Tipral glared at Sonic a bit before turning back to Luigi, who was moaning and rubbing his head. From what they realized, he was now back to normal. "I guess the brainwashing doesn't last forever..."

"What happened to me?" Luigi wondered.

"You were..." Before Chopper could finish, Brobot L-Nator's laser sword arm stretched forward and tried to hit Luigi, but he decided to freeze it for a second and pull him out of the way before its arm could free itself from its icy prison.

Luigi whirled around and clenched his fists at Brobot L-Nator. He gave it a punch, but because it was made of metal, he ended up holding his fist in pain, trying hard not to cry or scream.

"Luigi, if Mario could smash blocks with his fists, you can handle punching something made out of metal," Sonic noted.

Luigi realized this and performed a flip before jumping on Brobot L-Nator. It decided to go up in the air, but he wasn't going to let it go so easily. He crouched and performed his Super Jump to damage it and make it fall to the ground.

Sonic ran up to it, but Brobot L-Nator quickly got back up and charged up a Spin Dash, forcing Sonic to back away. Even if his Spin Dash was strong, he didn't want to end up getting hit by the spikes it had.

"I'm suddenly remembering Silver Sonic now..." Sonic trailed as he clenched his fist and hit Brobot L-Nator with his Sonic Wind. Sadly, it didn't stop the robot from sending the blue hedgehog flying to the wall.

When Brobot L-Nator stood back up, it turned to Tipral and flashed its eyes. Sadly, it didn't work when Tipral teleported above it and stomped on its head before hitting it with a shadow kick afterward.

"Thankfully Mr. L actually told me about this robot beforehand, so I shouldn't have too much of a problem tearing it apart!" Tipral declared.

Brobot L-Nator rubbed its head a bit before firing a green missile at Tipral. He managed to destroy it with ease with a Star Spear, while Chopper landed a light slamming kick on the robot afterward.

It prepared to use another Spin Dash, so Chopper chucked a couple of rainbow and light balls at it to stop it. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to keep it from charging his way. He jumped, but Brobot L-Nator jumped too and hit him, knocking him to the ground, knocking away his Bomb ability.

"Great... It's being smart now." Chopper groaned.

Brobot L-Nator also fired a laser down near Luigi, which he jumped away to dodge and used his Super Jump to hit it once it stopped. However, it didn't make it fall to the ground, so Chopper was forced to throw Sonic up while he was in a ball with an uppercut kick.

Brobot L-Nator's eyes widened as it got knocked back by Sonic and crashed into the wall nearby. The blue hedgehog landed on the ground and curled up in a ball to charge up his Light Speed Attack.

"Time I busted out something I haven't used in a while!" Sonic declared as he continued to charge his attack. Luigi noticed Brobot L-Nator fall, so he managed to hit it with a Super Jump and even stomp on its head when he landed on it.

However, Brobot L-Nator grabbed a hold of the plumber and threw him to the ground, leaving a bruise on his nose. It curled up in a ball and prepared to finish off Luigi, but Sonic was able to attack it just in time with his Light Speed Attack. Even with the spikes it had, he was still able to hurt it and even leave it off guard too.

"That wasn't an easy thing for me to do..." Sonic cringed, who was hurt a bit by Brobot L-Nator's spikes. It landed on the ground again and fired a fireball their way. Chopper inhaled it and spat it back at Brobot L-Nator, whose eyes widened in pain as it got hit.

"Great... It has my elemental hand attacks!" Chopper grumbled.

It ended up charging a Speed Dash as well before it charged while firing at them. Chopper quickly jumped to avoid the shots, and Sonic used a Bounce Attack to jump over them. Tipral snapped his finger and managed to get in an extra hit on Brobot L-Nator, causing sparks to fly everywhere from it.

"So, it looks like it's coming close to being destroyed..." Tipral trailed. "And here I thought Mr. L's robot was stronger than this..."


Brobot L-Nator's laser sword arm transformed into a claw-like arm, which was able to stretch out and hit Tipral, causing him to hold his arm in pain when he was knocked back. Luigi ended up jumping on it, which ended up hurting Brobot L-Nator.

"Wait... That can hurt it?" Luigi gawked.

"That's pretty interesting..." Sonic trailed.

While its arm came back, it continued to fire, which Sonic and Luigi were unfortunate to get hit by. Chopper, on the other hand, managed to jump on Brobot L-Nator's head and perform a stylish move before tossing a couple of rainbow balls at the robot. While it shook its head from the attack, its arms turned into drills and began to drill through the ground.

"Uh oh... This isn't good..." Luigi gulped.

"You know, this robot kind of reminds me of Metal Chopper..." Chopper trailed. "Its arms can change into different weapons, and he's capable of copying abilities like this robot here."

"Metal Chopper copies abilities?" Sonic gawked.

"Yeah. He hasn't been using it as much after his 'upgrade'..."

Brobot L-Nator popped out near Luigi and tried to hit him with its drills. It ended up failing when Luigi used his Super Jump to dodge it and land on the robot's head instead, stunning it for a couple of seconds.

Tipral skated behind Brobot L-Nator and delivered a Star Kick to make it crash into the wall. While he landed on the ground, Brobot L-Nator quickly got itself up and turned back to the four.

It looked at Luigi's mustache and ended up getting a robotic mustache of its own. The only difference was that it was able to take it off and throw it like a boomerang at them. It barely hit Luigi's cap and Sonic's quills, while Chopper and Tipral were a bit too short from its reach.

"Well that's a relief," Chopper sighed as Brobot L-Nator grabbed its mustache and put it back on. It also happened to have a nose that resembled Luigi, which left him with an annoyed look.

"Why does this thing think it can copy me?!" Luigi fumed. "When we find that Mr. L guy, we're gonna have a little talk with him!"

"Yeah, I can agree with that," Sonic nodded as Brobot L-Nator curled up in a ball and got near Sonic. It began to use a Whirlwind, which caused him to get sent flying up. He even got hit by Brobot L-Nator's Homing Attack.

"Wait, it can use a Whirlwind too?!"

When Brobot L-Nator landed, Tipral made his move and teleported over the robot. It didn't even have time to retaliate when Tipral began to kick down at it from a lower right angle. After five kicks, more sparks were flying everywhere.

"INITIATING DEFENSES!" Brobot L-Nator shouted as it raised its arms and surrounded itself in electricity. "DEFENSES SUCCESSFUL! GIVE UP NOW!"

"Give up? No way!" Chopper retorted while he ran up and tossed a couple of ice balls at Brobot L-Nator. While it was harmed, it didn't appear to freeze it, to Chopper's dismay. He ended up jumping on it, causing him to get electrocuted.

"Great… Now we can't even get close to it!" Luigi frowned. "Looks like I've got nothing left…"

Brobot L-Nator punched the ground, causing a wave of spark energy to come their way. They were able to jump over it easily, but it also left some spark projectiles that were coming at them from behind. Tipral and Sonic got electrocuted, while Chopper and Luigi were able to dodge them after what happened to the two.

"Wait a second…" Chopper pondered for a moment until he inhaled one of the projectiles to gain the Plasma ability. "Yeah! I've finally got this back!"

Brobot L-Nator jumped in the air and used a Bounce Attack to make the ground shake and stun them. It slammed the ground after getting out of its ball form to make an electric shockwave hit them. Chopper took the least amount of damage thanks to his copied ability.

Chopper began to run in place for a couple of seconds until he was surrounded in an electric barrier. Tipral snapped his fingers after quickly shaking himself and hit Brobot L-Nator with Star Magic.

"It looks like my powers are still capable of hitting this robot," Tipral noticed.

Brobot L-Nator's eyes flashed before it grabbed its cap and threw it their way. Luigi jumped over it and tried to jump on the robot, but because it was surrounded by electricity, he got hurt instead.

Luigi noticed Brobot L-Nator laughing at him, which made him annoyed, but he noticed its cape coming back his way, so he grabbed a hold of it and threw it at Brobot L-Nator. This caused it to almost fall on its back, and it was also no longer surrounded in electricity.

"I guess I managed to find out how to get rid of that!" Luigi grinned as he hit Brobot L-Nator with his Cyclone to make it fall over. Sonic jumped in and attacked it with his Homing Attack to leave some smoke coming out of the robot.

"Well, looks like this robot's gonna blow soon!" Sonic smirked. "That's just what we needed!"

Chopper smiled and unleashed his Plasma Wave upon Brobot L-Nator. It's eyes widened in pain while sparks continued to appear around it. Chopper followed up with a rainbow spinning kick afterward.

"It's nice to know that this thing is almost defeated," Chopper said as he landed on the ground and fired a Plasma Needle at Brobot L-Nator. "That way, we can get out of here before anything bad happens..."

"You know, I'm starting to wonder how Mr. L got something like this to work," Sonic mentioned. "It would take A LOT to make a robot like this. How did he even have the time to make it anyway?"

Before anyone could answer, Brobot L-Nator's fist stretched and hit both Chopper and Sonic, with Chopper's ability getting knocked away. The robot was also surrounded in more electricity afterward.

"I'll take care of this," Tipral declared as he snapped his finger and hit Brobot L-Nator with Star Magic. He then jumped in the air and fired two Star Spears afterward. Unfortunately, that didn't stop Brobot L-Nator from hitting him with a missile and knocking him to the ground.

"Ungh... I should've seen that coming!"

Luigi turned back to Brobot L-Nator, who threw its mustache his way. He was about to kick it, but Brobot L-Nator remembered what happened last time and stretched its arm again to grab it.

"What the heck?!" Luigi gaped.

"Well, it certainly has learned from its mistakes..." Chopper trailed.

It was about to put its mustache back on, but Tipral threw a Star Spear at it to force it back on and also damage Brobot L-Nator, causing the electricity surrounding it to go away and leave it vulnerable once again.

Chopper smirked and raised his arms to prepare his hammer, but he quickly realized that he didn't have it, so he jumped on Brobot L-Nator instead, with Sonic following up with a Homing Attack. Brobot L-Nator quickly gained conscience again and flashed its eyes at Chopper to make him get shocked by the same kind of energy Luigi got hit by.

"Ummmmm... Chopper?" Luigi blinked. "Are you OK?"

Chopper's eyes turned red as he chucked a few fireballs his way. Luigi shrieked and jumped over them while Tipral got rid of the fireballs with some shadow balls.

"Tipral... You really shouldn't..." Sonic was cut off as soon as Tipral kicked Chopper back at Brobot L-Nator, making them both crash into the wall. Chopper was thankfully no longer brainwashed, and Brobot L-Nator suffered from more damage as well.

"Ugh... What just happened?" Chopper moaned as he jumped up and rubbed his head.

"You were being brainwashed, so I had to take care of it," Tipral answered. "You don't have to thank me."

"And Brobot L-Nator's almost finished," Sonic added.

"Oh, really?" Chopper turned around to Brobot L-Nator and smirked. "Well, looks like we'll be seeing this thing l-ator when it's finished!"

"You fool... We don't have time for stupid jokes." Tipral growled. Because of that, Chopper ended up getting blasted by Brobot L-Nator's laser. Tipral didn't even help him up and fired a Star Spear at Brobot L-Nator.

While Chopper got up, Luigi noticed Brobot L-Nator fly up and fire a couple of missiles down. He decided to counter this with his Super Jump, which knocked it to the ground and allowed him to stomp on the robot while it was dazed. Sonic tossed himself at Brobot L-Nator with his Spin Dash.

Brobot L-Nator knocked Sonic away with its fist and even stretched it to try to hit him again. Chopper jumped on top of its fist and began to hurl some rainbow and light balls while Tipral teleported above it and performed a Star Stomp on it.

"This thing can take quite a beating..." Tipral trailed.

"Yeah, even in its condition right now," Chopper agreed.

Brobot L-Nator quickly shook its head as it managed to knock Tipral away with its stretched fist. Luigi was able to hitch a ride on it and deliver a kick to its face, making its head spin around like crazy. This also let him hit it with his flutter jump.

"You know, I wonder why it never copied any of Tipral's moves," Sonic wondered as Brobot L-Nator got in a ball and began to come his way. Tipral ended up snapping his finger and interrupted its attack to make it crash over by Luigi.

"Considering that it's a bit weak, dealing damage to this thing is simple," Tipral declared as he teleported over to the robot and delivered a Star Punch. Brobot L-Nator quickly got up and flew up to fire some lasers down while throwing its mustache as well. Luigi would've gotten the robot if he wasn't hit by its mustache.

"I think it's time I used another Light Speed Attack," Sonic suggested.

"Are you sure about that?" Chopper wondered.

"That might take some time to charge up..." Luigi added.

"I know, but it might be what we need to win!" Sonic got in his ball form and began to charge up his Light Speed Attack. Meanwhile, Luigi was able to get Brobot L-Nator back down with his Super Jump once it caught its mustache. However, to make things worse, its mouth ended up opening.

And it was starting to inhale.

"You've gotta be kidding me!" Chopper guffawed. "It can INHALE?!"

"Well, I think Mr. L's Brobots could do that..." Luigi mentioned.

"Maybe it might like this," Tipral said, throwing a Star Spear into its mouth. Some explosions could be seen from the inside of Brobot L-Nator as smoke started to come out of its mouth. "I guess that did a lot..."

They noticed they were a bit low on HP, so Chopper got a Master Shroom Shake out and drank some of it to recover 200 HP. After Luigi and Tipral finished drinking some, they noticed Sonic was ready to make his move.

"OK! I'm ready!" Sonic declared, facing Brobot L-Nator, who readied its weapons and prepared to fire at them.


"Heck no! Especially when I've got THIS for you!" Sonic answered by barraging Brobot L-Nator with a couple of attacks thanks to his Light Speed Attack. Once he finished, Chopper charged up a light ball and hurled it at Brobot L-Nator, which was then followed by Luigi's Cyclone.

While it was nearing its end, Brobot L-Nator wasn't going to give up so soon. It flew up and clenched its fists as it was surrounded in a blue glow, which caught Sonic off by surprise as he got knocked away by it.

"What in the world?! How'd it do that?!" Sonic gaped.

"Obviously it has one last move to pull off," Chopper answered. "Well, if it wants us to play dirty, then I guess we might as well."

Brobot L-Nator's lasers became bigger and blue and surrounded Chopper by both sides. Basically, he was trapped and had to make sure he didn't get hit by its lasers. But since there were others fighting, Tipral was able to interrupt its attack with his Star Magic, with Luigi using his Super Jump to leave it off guard and knock it to the ground with his flutter jump.

After Brobot L-Nator landed on the ground, it elbowed Luigi in the stomach, causing him to wheeze in pain while the robot merely laughed at him.


"I've had it with people insulting me," Luigi growled as he got up and punched Brobot L-Nator in the face, causing its head to spin around. Even some smoke was coming out as well.

Before Brobot L-Nator could get into a ball, Luigi used his Cyclone and caught the robot in one, causing it to get knocked back and allowed him to use his attack again at a closer distance to make it get sent flying up. With a Super Jump, sparks began to fly everywhere.


Luigi clenched his fists and performed a flip in the air as he jumped on the robot. Once he jumped back over to the other three, a shining light came from Brobot L-Nator's body, which made it explode.

"Whoa... You just blew up the robot." Chopper gaped.

"Really? Well... I don't know about that..." Luigi said while rubbing the back of his neck.

"That was impressive, I gotta hand it to ya!" Sonic grinned, giving him a thumbs up. However, he paused when he noticed a bright blue light. "Wait a second... I know that light from somewhere!"

He noticed the remains of Brobot L-Nator happened to have a blue Chaos Emerald on the ground. Sonic quickly picked it up and put it away.

"Was that another one of those Chaos Emeralds?" Chopper asked.

"Yeah. I guess Brobot L-Nator happened to be holding it. I guess Mr. L went to my world and actually got a hold of this... But now it's ours!"

"Well, now that that's out of the way, I guess we can go," Luigi said, noticing the exit wasn't blocked anymore. "Though, a key wasn't dropped..."

"OK, we should get going," Chopper agreed before looking back at the unconscious Nastasia. "Tipral, didn't she say something about remembering you from somewhere?"

Tipral didn't appear to let out an answer.

"Tipral! Aren't you going to answer my question?"

"Looks like I'm not going to," Tipral replied as the area shook violently. "Looks like we should be going."

"But what about Nastasia?" Chopper asked. "We can't just leave her here unconscious! That would be horrible!"

"Even if she's a bit evil, it doesn't feel right leaving someone here to die," Luigi agreed.

"Nastasia will only slow us down! You better not make the poor decision and stay here to die! Because if you end up here dead, there's no way we'll be able to get to the True Chaos Heart."

"But..." Chopper was about to speak up, but he was teleported over to the door to get out, along with Sonic and Luigi.

"Tipral! What were you doing?!" Sonic exclaimed.

"Getting you guys out of this mess," Tipral answered as he kicked the door open and threw everyone out the door. He didn't bother looking back as he went through the door.

When they returned to the previous area, they heard a loud booming sound coming from the area they got out of. Chopper decided to try to open it, but it didn't appear to open, to their dismay.

"Looks like we can't go back in there," Chopper noted.

"I guess you all understand what I meant, right?" Tipral wondered.

"But we shouldn't have done that," Sonic stated. "We left someone back there and now she's possibly dead! And she was one of your minions! Do you not care about them?!"

Tipral was about to answer, but they heard a couple of voices near the locked door. The four crouched and looked down the ledge to see the door was no longer locked, but it now had a hole.

"Wait... Where did that hole come from?" Luigi gawked.

"You know, I have a feeling those Maginans came through here and busted that door open..." Chopper pondered.

"Maybe..." Sonic trailed. "We might as well go."

They jumped down over to the door and opened it to find a downreel handle and a pit down below. They took it down to a long tunnel with a small bridge up ahead and two Void Warbots patrolling.

"Hmmmm... Well, this seems a bit interesting." Chopper commented. "Let's move on, shall we?"

They made their way over to the Void Warbot, with Luigi jumping on its head with a flutter jump, followed by Chopper's light spinning kick. Sonic was able to finish it off with his Homing Attack.

"Guys, look what I'm seeing here," Sonic noticed some large, green bombs that were on the ceiling and near the ground. "Oh, boy... Looks like things might be getting a little more hectic."

"No, it doesn't have to," Tipral fired a Star Spear and blew up both bombs. "See? A projectile can blow them up."

"Oh... Well that's a good thing." Luigi said as they made their way across the bridge. Although, there happened to be a pipe below them sticking out of a wall. Chopper brought everyone into 3-D to go down and into the pipe.

They came across a large area with a yellow ? block near Chopper. He hit it to find a Wheel ability inside, so he took it to gain the ability. Up ahead were fire geysers shooting upward and some electricity on the ground.

He quickly turned into a wheel and began to make his way through the path. The fire geysers turned him into a flaming wheel, while the electric floor transformed him into an electric wheel.

"You know, I don't think I've seen this before," Luigi realized.

"We haven't seen this ability that much anyway," Sonic mentioned.

Chopper managed to run into a wall and ended up smashing through it to reveal a little secret. A chest was hidden behind the wall and had a Pizza Slice hidden inside.

"P-P-Pizza?!" Chopper gasped as he literally drooled over it. "What's pizza doing here?!"

He took it and put it away before returning to everyone else. He tried to keep it all a secret, but they could obviously smell the pizza. However, Chopper refused to speak as they left the area and got back on the bridge in the previous one.

Across the bridge, they were met with a dark purple Void Wheelie coming their way. Chopper, of course, was able to charge at it and defeat it by transforming into a wheel himself. Up ahead was a platform that appeared to be too high to jump, but with Luigi's Super Jump, he was able to get up, while Tipral teleported the other two up.

"Oh, I see an upreel handle!" Chopper said as he grabbed a hold of it and was taken up to the pathway above. When Luigi got a hold of it next, a large, dark purple Void Intruderbot with black eyes was summoned thanks to a black Void Securibot.

"Great... Now this robot called in some help." Luigi sighed.

Tipral took no time to talk and snapped his finger to damage the Void Intruderbot with his Star Magic. Chopper got into a wheel and knocked it back, but it was able to get up and fire a couple of missiles their way.

"Hang tight, I got this!" Sonic announced, jumping in the air and performing a Homing Attack on each missile and destroying the Void Intruderbot with his Spin Jump. "There we go! But what about the Void Securibot?"

They noticed it fly away as soon as it saw the Void Intruderbot get destroyed. Looks like they can't defend themselves.

"Cowards…" Tipral muttered.

They noticed a door up ahead on a high ledge that Luigi couldn't even reach. Thankfully, there were two moving platforms with fans that could help them get up. But with them moving, it looked a little difficult to get up.

Sonic made the first move and used the fans to get up. It took him a while, but he was able to get himself up to the door. Tipral followed up, followed by Luigi and then Chopper.

They found a yellow ? block by the door, and to their dismay a Dark Shroom came out and began to scurry away. It ended up falling off the ledge and down the pit they previously jumped out of.

"There's no point in following it," Luigi said. "I guess we should just move on."

"Yeah," Chopper agreed as they headed through the door. They found another glowing dark platform in a large area with nothing around, to their surprise. They simply jumped on the platform and let the platform move up.

They thought everything would be all right, but then two black C Units called C-X Voiders that had purple square-shaped eyes and two dark arm guns appeared on the platform and began firing.

Tipral kicked one off with a Star Kick to make it plummet. He was about to say how easy it was, but it was able to get back on the platforms with its jetpack and fire at him. Luigi tried to kick the other C-X Voider, but he ended up getting hit by a dark blast it fired.

"This is a strange C Unit..." Chopper trailed. "I don't think I've seen this kind before."

"That's because The Void's power may have changed their previous appearance in a way," Tipral explained.

Chopper gave him a nod before he ended up getting blasted by one of the C-X Voiders. He quickly got up and turned into a wheel to knock it off the moving platform. Thankfully, it ended up stopping by a dark vine they could climb up.

"Are we…going up into the heavens?" Luigi gawked.

"That's impossible. We're in The Void, not The Overthere." Sonic answered.

Chopper started off by climbing up the vine while throwing light balls at the C-X Voiders firing at him. Since it seemed to be the most effective thing to use against them, he continued to chuck light balls at them.

They ended up landing on a dark cloud platform with two brick blocks with a yellow ? block in between. Sonic hit it to discover an Ultimate Shroom. They took no time and split it into four to recover 100 HP.

"Ahhhh… Much better!" Luigi sighed. "I needed that!"

The two C-X Voiders flew up to them and rapidly fired at them. Tipral teleported above the one to the right and smashed it with his fists to destroy it. Chopper got in a wheel and destroyed the other with ease.

"OK, I don't get this area... Is this supposed to be a sky area or something?" Chopper wondered, getting back into his normal form.

Tipral happened to notice some floating pillars above them. "This seems like ruins of a tower, now that I think about it..."

"You don't suppose this is a tower in Dimensional X?" Sonic wondered. "That kind of disturbs me..."

They noticed a dark cloud above them, so Luigi used his Super Jump to reach up there and unintentionally hit a Void Lakitu. There was also a black Ruff Puff with purple eyes called a Void Puff. When Tipral teleported the other three up, the four saw it shoot a dark ball of electricity their way. Luigi jumped on it and performed a stylish move before stomping on it again.

Sonic used his Homing Attack to finish it off, allowing them to continue on. They climbed up another dark vine and landed on one of the floating pillars. The others happened to have two dark crystals sitting there.

"Hey, looks like I can use my light powers here," Chopper smiled as he tossed a light ball at the first one, causing a vine above them to appear. They climbed it to find a dark cloud going over to a door.

"Huh... This is cool." Luigi said as they walked over to the door to find a Wing ability pedestal, a metallic ground and a Void Warbot firing missiles their way. Chopper quickly grabbed the Wing ability and used his Shuttle Loop to hit the Void Warbot. Sonic got in a ball and destroyed it with a Spin Dash.

A Void Robbie was all that was left, and thankfully, none of them were near it. However, an idea struck Chopper as he tossed a light ball at the Void Robbie. This caused it to become stunned and approachable without having to deal with its scream.

"You know, that could help," Tipral realized. "Now let's get rid of this thing and see what we get from this."

Tipral snapped his finger and hit the Void Robbie with his Star Magic. Luigi approached the robot zombie and defeated it with his Cyclone after Chopper threw another light ball. This caused the area to tremor a bit as darkness created a chest in the center of the metallic floor.

Chopper approached the chest and found a Void Key inside. However, because of this, three Darklings appeared and hit Chopper with their spells. He retaliated by charging at them with his light fist in front of him. This defeated the Darklings and allowed them to leave.

They got back to the pillars, and Chopper chucked a light ball at the further dark crystal, making the other vine they used disappear and made a new vine appear above the closer dark crystal.

Tipral teleported over to the vine and began to climb up, with Chopper using his wings to fly up instead. They reached a dark cloud that had a tall pillar sticking up. Because they couldn't jump over it, Luigi used his Super Jump to get over it. Tipral teleported both Chopper and Sonic past it.

What surprised them was the small cloud moving up and down near them. Electricity seemed to be built up, which fired down to the ground. Luigi yelped when he saw it come down near his feet.

"OK… This isn't a safe area…" Luigi gulped.

"We should wait for the cloud to come back down, then we can use it to go up," Tipral informed. "That means you gotta stop cowering, plumber!"

"M-My name's Luigi, you know…"

"I don't care about your name. Just quit cowering before I'm forced to do it myself."

Once the cloud came down, they all jumped on it and let it take them up to a metallic cloud. Two Void Warbots were there and shooting at them. Chopper flew over the shots and ended up charging into one of them with a Shuttle Loop. Luigi managed to attack both of them with his Cyclone, allowing Sonic to destroy them with his Spin Dash.

"So, where do you think the door is?" Sonic asked.

"It's...above us?" Chopper gaped as he looked up and saw a floating locked door. "Hold on a moment... Something's not right!"

"Yes, the door's floating. We can all see it." Tipral noted.

Chopper gave him a confused look before he went into 3-D and found some Dimensional Blocks. He hit them to make them go into 2-D before flipping. With the key, they unlocked the door and moved on.

Upon entering the next area, they were standing on a metallic cloud with a metallic platform swinging to the left and right over a pit below. A C-X Voider was over by the edge of the ground, and when it noticed them, it fired.

"Heads up!" Sonic called out, using his Sonic Wind to attack the robot. Chopper fired a couple of feathers at it – even if it didn't do that much. It was then destroyed when Tipral hurled a shadow ball its way.

He turned to the three and gestured them to follow when the platform swung over to them. They all took it to the other side and found a loop up ahead. Luigi gulped as Chopper grabbed his arm and took off with the help of his Speed Dash.

"Slow down, Chopper!" Luigi cried.

"If I slow down, my face MIGHT skid across the floor!" Chopper replied. "I'm not as good as controlling my speed like Sonic is!"

Since Chopper was ahead, he ended up bumping into a wall up ahead, leaving him dazed while Luigi fell over on his back because of Chopper releasing him. However, neither of them had any fatal injuries.

"Heads up!" Sonic warned, making the two jump out of the way as Sonic rolled into a ball and smashed through the wall. Tipral stopped near Chopper and Luigi and looked at them with a glare.

"So are you going to just stay there and gawk? Or are you actually going to follow?" Tipral asked.

"Tipral..." Chopper began, approaching him. "You... Oh, forget it. Let's just go before we start another argument."

They headed through the hole and found another wall ahead with a yellow spring on the wall. Sonic got out of his ball form and hit the spring to go down a hill the opposite direction.

"Where's Sonic going?" Luigi asked.

"Well, if we hit the spring, we'll go down the lower path," Chopper answered. "Let's hope things aren't too fast..."

They used the spring to go down the hill to the left to also bump into a yellow spring pointing to the right on the wall below. There was a small ledge up ahead with a C-X Voider firing at Sonic.

Sonic used hid Whirlwind in order to send the robot flying, but it was able to stick to the ground to prevent itself from flying. When Sonic's Whirlwind stopped, Chopper jumped toward the C-X Voider and delivered a light kick to it.

"We've been seeing a lot of robots lately," Chopper remarked.

"Yeah, is this some sort of robot area?" Sonic wondered.

"It seems like it..." Luigi trailed.

They jumped on the small ledge and found a high platform over by a high ledge to the left. Apparently it was another climb for them, and it annoyed Tipral when he had to teleport Chopper and Sonic up.

"Wait... Why am I teleporting you up?" Tipral wondered as he turned to Chopper after landing on the ledge.

"I never said anything. You did it yourself." Chopper shrugged. "I could've used my Wing ability anyway..."

They found a light orb on the ledge, as well as a C-X Voider that fired at them. Luigi dodged its shots and managed to jump on its head, while Chopper charged into it headfirst and knocked it back. Tipral was able to fire a Star Spear and let it explode.

Tipral hurled a shadow ball at the light orb and made a platform appear above them. With Luigi's Super Jump, he managed to jump on the platform and land on the ledge above him to find another door. Tipral decided not to teleport Chopper and let him fly up on his own.

Heading into the next area, they found themselves on flat ground, but there was a glowing dark platform slightly above them. Once Chopper landed on it, it began to slowly move up.

"Uh oh... Get on here quick!" Chopper cried.

Luigi was the first to get on, followed by Sonic and then Tipral. They waited as it took them over to another dark glowing platform that appeared to be moving. On the other hand, there were Void Bats flying their way and spitting dark energy down at them.

"Ohhhhhh... Why did we have to run into these guys?" Luigi groaned.

"Calm down, plumber," Tipral snapped. "We've dealt with them before, and I'm sure we can handle them again."

He snapped his finger, causing the Void Bat to crash near them. Chopper pointed to the ground at the Void Bat and shot light energy from his finger to destroy it.

"Yeah! I really love this magic I have!" Chopper smiled. "Though, this is probably not the time to be so cheerful..."

"Mmmmm-hmmmmm," Sonic agreed, jumping on the platform ahead. They noticed a staircase made of dark glowing platforms that began to fall when they landed on them.

"Wah! Move quickly!" Luigi cried, making his way up to the ledge and finding a Save Block and a yellow ? block. The rest followed up and sighed in relief as they noticed the door up ahead. Luigi couldn't help but shudder at the sight of the black door. It felt somewhat ominous to him.

"Are you done shuddering?" Tipral interrupted. "We don't have time for this crap."

Chopper was starting to get tired of Tipral's remarks and walked over to him. "Tipral, I don't want you starting up another..."

Another small tremor occurred and made him fall over. His Wing ability also came off, to his dismay.

"Hey! Why did I lose my Wing ability to a tremor?!"

"It's not worth whining over," Tipral scoffed. "Let's just go through this door already."

Sonic hit the yellow ? block first to get a hold of a Master Shroom. He split it into four, and they all recovered 200 HP. After the Save Block was hit, they immediately headed through the door, hoping to get away from the tremor.

Through the door-

"Ugh... I haven't gotten ANYWHERE in this place!" the mysterious man in green and black muttered as he walked through the small battle area. "Tipral said he'd be here, right? Well where is that guy?!"

Mr. L heard a noise from above and looked up. The Dark Star Core ended up landing in front of him, making him gawk.

"What the... Is that you, Fawful?" Mr. L asked.


"Yeah, yeah, very funny... I don't know how you even turned into something like that, but I think it makes a better look for ya – just not as better as I!"

The Dark Star Core turned away from Mr. L and scurried away over to the door ahead. "Hey! Come back here!"

It was too late. The Dark Star Core escaped through the door, leaving Mr. L in the small area by himself.

"Bah! Who needs him? I can go on on my own anyway!" Mr. L boasted. "Him and those other junior minions wouldn't have been as great without my technology."

He heard another noise, but this time it was coming from behind. Mr. L whirled around and saw four people come in through the door. He was left both surprised and angry.

"Ho ho! What do we have here?"

Chopper noticed Mr. L looking at them with his arms crossed. "Oh, great... Mr. L's here!"

"You people are not who I wanted to see at this moment," Mr. L growled. "I just had to deal with Fawful, but he just scurried away like a coward! How fitting, considering that he can't put up a fight. That nerd..."

"Bad news for you, Mr. L," Sonic started. "We trashed your robot like I trash all of Eggman's bots!"

"What? Brobot L-Nator failed to beat you?! Preposterous! Bah... It doesn't matter at this point! I guess I have no choice but to handle this myself! I also got myself a little trinket too! I used one on my robot, but I decided to hold one myself!"

Mr. L took out a yellow Chaos Emerald, making Sonic jump in shock.

"He's got another Chaos Emerald?!" Sonic gaped.

"What? That's what it's called? ...And if you know about it, then there must be a special purpose to it! Heh! Well, I guess I might as well use it on you guys!" Mr. L smirked, but he stopped and looked at the party. "Say... You guys are lacking a couple of friends. I thought there were six of you?"

"We had some problems along the way," Tipral explained. "And it's none of your concern, Mr. L."

"Wh-Whoa! Tipral! ...Wait, what are you doing with them?!"

"I'd rather not explain all the details. But all we know is that Blade, Kirby, Mario, O'Chunks, Mimi and Nastasia are presumed dead."

"No, I don't think they're dead..." Luigi denied. "My bro ALWAYS finds a way to get out somehow! There may be hope..."

"Aw, what's the matter?" Mr. L grinned, finding an opportunity to taunt the plumber. "Couldn't save your brother? I guess it's 'cause your just a coward! But I guess that makes sense in a way, considering that you're always in the red guy's shadow!"

Luigi worried look changed to an angry one as he clenched his fists and grit his teeth. "Say that again!"

"You're a wimp. Nobody thinks you're cool. And you can never seem to prove how great you are compared to other people. Heck, you're nothing but trouble! How was the Chaos Heart able to destroy many worlds? 'Cause of you!"

"You... How do you know that?"

"I heard that clown saying some stuff about it before. It made me think whether he was faking his memory loss or not. But who cares about him? He's already dead! Just like the red guy!"

"I swear, if you continue to taunt me like that, I'm going to..."

"HA! You can't do a thing to me anyway! You always rely on your brother to help! You're weak. Plus, I don't like that 'stache of yours. That shag on your lip might as well be a backscratcher!"

At this point, Luigi was steaming. "That's IT! You can insult me all you want, but nobody insults the mustache!"

"Whoa..." Chopper gaped. "Luigi, simmer down..."

"Yeah. Listen to the kid." Mr. L suggested. "I can't believe he has more guts than you!"

"This 'kid' can't get a kiss from a girl without crying about it," Tipral remarked.

Luigi calmed down and got in his fighting stance. "Look, many things might be true, but I've managed to do things all on my own. And if you want me to prove that I can, I'll take you on myself!"

"Luigi, hold on..." Sonic gaped. "Are you really..."

"Don't worry about me, guys," Luigi said, turning to the three. "Leave this guy to me! You stay back and watch me do the action! I'd rather not let you guys waste time fighting him anyway. You need to conserve your strength! Let me take care of this, OK?"

"Luigi, come on... It's nice to see that you're standing up for yourself and not backing down, but he's holding a Chaos Emerald!" Chopper exclaimed. "And from what we saw, that thing can be dangerous..."

"Well, sometimes if you wanna accomplish something, you need to do it yourself. And besides... He made fun of my 'stache! I'm pretty sensitive about that!"

"...If you say so."

Chopper went back through the door, and Sonic followed up afterward. Tipral turned back and approached Luigi however.


"Tipral, stay out of this," Luigi said. "This is none of your business."

"I just wanted to say that I'm a bit surprised by your actions. I always thought of you as a coward and an annoyance. I suppose there is more to you..."


Tipral slowly nodded to him as he left through the door, leaving only Luigi and Mr. L to duke it out.

"You done with your talking?" Mr. L yawned. "Good. I seriously want to get this fight started and humiliate you in front of all your friends! Too bad your brother won't be able to see this."

"I'm not letting your words get to me," Luigi declared, gaining a confident look. "You can keep that attitude all you want, but it's not breaking Luigi! And besides, I was the one that smashed your robot!"

Mr. L gasped and grit his teeth. "Oh, so you did! Then I'm probably going to enjoy ending your game even more! Now, let's see what this trinket can do..."

He held the yellow Chaos Emerald Up, which began to brighten up. Mr. L felt some power being absorbed from the emerald, which made a bright light appear around him. Luigi had difficulty seeing.

When the bright light was gone, Mr. L's cap changed to a black color, his eyes became green, his gloves were green with static coming out of them, and he also donned a green cape.

"Ho ho! This is quite a transformation!" Mr. L gaped. "And my thunder powers feel as good as before! The Green Thunder needs some kind of name for this transformation... Something like...Thunder L!"

"Thunder L?" Luigi blinked, unsure of what to think about the name.

"Yeah! It fits me very well now that you think about it! And thanks to that yellow gem thingy, I'm going to put an end to you once and for all!"

"No offense, but that's kind of what most bad guys say to us before a fight," Luigi mentioned.

"What?! Ridiculous! Only I... Grrrrrrr! If you want to get started, then so be it!" Thunder L fired a green electric ball Luigi's way, making him yelp and jump out of the way.

"That was too close!" Luigi thought. "I don't know what I'm going to do to even hit this guy. It's not like I... Hold on a moment."

Luigi checked his inventory and found the small sack he, Blade and Mario got from Merlon. They used theirs against one of Tipral's minions, so was it a good idea for him to use it to fight Thunder L?

"No. This is a good time for me to use it." Luigi opened the sack and let the glitters come out and land on him. After a flash, Luigi was now donning a black helmet and black shell that resembled a Buzzy Beetle shell. His cap and shirt were also white, and his overalls were now green.

"Well, what do we have here?" Thunder L noticed. "So you changed your clothing and got a helmet and shell. No big deal. It's not like it's going to help you against my attacks! So be prepared to lose, loser!"

Thunder L jumped back and charged up another electric ball. Luigi noticed his Max HP was 560, his Attack was 22 and he had a Defense of 12. He was definitely not too excited to be facing someone who had higher stats than Shade.

But he noticed something he held in both hands. Two small hammers that almost resembled Mario's Ultra Hammer were there. "Wait a second... I DO have the Hammer Suit on! But what about my overalls turning green?"

He ended up chucking a green fireball Thunder L's way, causing him to jump out of the way and look surprised.

"What in the world?!" Thunder L gaped. However, his gaping mouth changed to a smirk. "...Well, I guess this makes the fight a little challenging for me. This actually might be an enjoyable fight! Have at you!"

Thunder L made the first move and zapped the ground, creating a wave of green electricity that came Luigi's way. He was able to hurl a fireball to the ground and create a wave of green fire that came Thunder L's way.

Luigi was almost surprised. He never had this kind of power when he got a hold of a Fire Flower before! Maybe Merlon's magic was actually doing something helpful for him. Why else would he give it to Luigi in the first place?

Since he also had two hammers, he decided to throw them after both the flames and electricity cleared. Thunder L was not expecting it and got hit by both hammers, leaving him a little dazed.

"Gah! Stupid hammers!" Thunder L grunted while he quickly shook his head and grit his teeth at Luigi. "You got lucky there, plumber!"

"'Plumber'... It's strange that only Tipral called me that." Luigi noticed before seeing Thunder L fly toward him while leaving a trail of electricity behind. The green plumber began to skid across the floor when Thunder L delivered an electric punch to his stomach.

"Your going to pay for destroying my robot, you know..."

When Thunder L jumped back, he hurled a couple of electric balls his way, which Luigi began to counter by hurling fireballs. He also threw some hammers as well (because he apparently has unlimited hammers with his power-up) to distract Thunder L.

"Oh, I don't think so..." Thunder L caught one of the hammers and gave him a grin, making Luigi's eyes widen. "What's the matter? Surprised?"

"How on earth did you do that?!" Luigi gaped.

"That trinket's power is probably helping me! And I approve!"

Thunder L threw the hammer back at Luigi, but it was going at a much faster pace, causing Luigi to get hit by it and also get sent flying back to the wall. Thunder L also charged up an electric ball and hurled it Luigi's way.

Luigi jumped over it just in time and landed on Thunder L's head and showed off his stylish moves before landing. He even managed to hit him with his Cyclone and then uppercut him with his Super Jump.

When Thunder L got up, he gave him a grumpy look. "Not bad... I guess you've improved since our previous battle in Tipral's Palace."

"Of course I did," Luigi replied.

"Well, you're still no match for... You know what? Forget that. That usually comes off being clichéd and l-ame! I'm definitely not that!"

Luigi sighed and threw a hammer to get back to the fight. Thunder L saw it coming and ducked, and then when he stood he spun around and created an electric cyclone, which he preferred to call a Thunder Cyclone. Green lightning began to strike the ground, with one lightning bolt hitting Luigi.

"And now the Green Thunder strikes like a lightning bolt!" Thunder L declared. "About time, too!"

After his last lightning bolt, Luigi managed to hit him with a thrown hammer. He even got closer and swung two hammers he took out at Thunder L to slightly knock him back. But when Thunder L grabbed his arm, he delivered a nasty shock.

"Ho ho! How shocking!" Thunder L chortled.

Luigi quickly shook his head and noticed Thunder L charging up another electric ball. Since he was occupied with that, he threw one of his hammers and hit him. However, Thunder L was able to fire his electric ball back at Luigi, but he was able to duck under it without trouble.

Another idea Luigi had was using his fire powers and combined it with his hammers. When he began throwing hammers, they were now flaming hammers that left Thunder L with a burn upon contact.

"Gah! I guess I'm not the only one with that kind of plan..." Thunder L growled. "Well watch this!"

Thunder L did a backflip and put his feet on the wall across from Luigi. He jumped off the wall and was surrounded in electricity as he came charging toward Luigi. The green plumber tried throwing hammers and fireballs, but it didn't seem to work.

"Keep going! It's not going to help ya!"

Luigi's efforts to stop him failed, which ended up making him get knocked to the wall by Thunder L's charging attack.

"I think getting knocked to the wall is getting old..." Luigi moaned. "Almost all the enemies we fight do that."

"Well it's pretty fun," Thunder L smirked. "Which reminds me... I think I'll do that again!"

Since Thunder L's Cyclone was deadly, Luigi decided to try out his Cyclone. When he got up to him, he delivered a green Fire Cyclone that scorched Thunder L and sent him flying in the air.

"What in the world?! How'd you do that?!"

"If you could use a cyclone with electricity, then I can use one with fire," Luigi answered while he hit Thunder L with a Super Jump. While they were still up in the air, Luigi kicked Thunder L a couple of times to deal a little more damage.

Thunder L, however, wasn't going to let himself open like that. He grabbed Luigi's legs and made sure his head was facing the floor. Not even Luigi's hammers were stopping him from throwing him to the ground. Thankfully, Luigi's helmet prevented his head from getting a serious injury.

"Thank goodness for the helmet," Luigi thought.

"Great... That attack probably did nothing." Thunder L frowned as he landed on the ground. "All right, then... Might as well paralyze him while I can."

Thunder L fired a bolt of lightning at Luigi, but his attack had no effect on the plumber when he ducked and used the black shell on his back as a shield. He was left completely harmless.

"Hold on, shouldn't that attack have hurt you?"

"Well, I guess you just don't know a thing about the Hammer Suit!" Luigi smirked while tossing himself like a Koopa in his shell at Thunder L and making him cringe as Luigi passed him. He fired a wave of electricity as Luigi got up, causing him to get a nasty electrocution.

Thunder L was disappointed that Luigi was not paralyzed, so he tried to summon lightning bolts to hit him. Luigi dodged a couple while using his shell to defend himself, which was beginning to irritate Thunder L.

"You're starting to get more annoying than those junior minions," Thunder L mumbled.

"Well, maybe it comes to show that the darker side of someone is usually weaker in the end," Luigi stated.

"Oh, you still think I'm created from your dark side? I actually thought so too! But I ended up discovering that I never was."

Luigi seemed a bit surprised. "Wait... You aren't?"

"Nope. I'm you when you were brainwashed. Tipral just took that part of your mind away to create me."

Luigi was unsure of what to say, which left him open for Thunder L to hit him with a lightning bolt. Some of the lightning in the background flashed, and Luigi almost saw Thunder L made up of nothing but darkness with two white eyes glaring at him.

"Oh, and I still have memories of what happened before last time I was brainwashed. You know, when that clown trapped me in that weird box thing and also when I fought the red guy, the pink princess and the ugly turtle guy? Such a shame that idiots like those managed to beat me..."

"My bro and the princess are not as idiotic as you think," Luigi shot back. "And Bowser... Well, maybe he is..."

"Well that's just what you think, even though my thoughts on things are much better," Thunder L scoffed. "Anyway, we're wasting time. This is a fight I wanna finish! And maybe Tipral might be pleased!"

Luigi would have said that Tipral probably wouldn't have been pleased, he couldn't open his mouth because Thunder L sent a wave of electricity his way. Since the wave wasn't too tall, Luigi managed to jump over it with a Super Jump.

Thunder L grinned, expecting Luigi to be paralyzed, but he didn't expect two feet to land on his head and feet landing on the ground. He whirled around and saw Luigi stand up and ready two hammers.

"How did you dodge that?!" Thunder L growled.

"Your attack is easy to jump over, actually," Luigi explained. "After all, I can jump higher than my friends!"

"Yes... That's true..." Thunder L slowly nodded before noticing a hammer being flung his way. He caught it and threw it back at Luigi, who used two of his hammers to swat it away with a single swing. Luigi also threw two flaming hammers to leave Thunder L with another burn.

He would have admitted to Luigi about his skill, but he believed he had more skill, especially when he let his feet slide across the ground. This created a trail of electricity that shocked Luigi when Thunder L went past him.

When Thunder L turned around, he daw Luigi was left paralyzed, which left him grinning in delight.

"Excellent! This is just what I wanted!" Thunder L stated.

He readied an electric ball and threw it toward Luigi. Because he was paralyzed, he wasn't able to escape the attack and got electrocuted. Afterward, Thunder L began to summon lightning bolts.

"Unnnngh! I wish I could move..." Luigi moaned.

Thunder L smirked and let Luigi get electrocuted. Not even his helmet helped him because he wasn't using it for defense. Thankfully, this got him out of his paralysis and allowed him to throw a fireball at Thunder L.

"Gah! That paralysis didn't last that long..." Thunder L grumbled.

Luigi ran toward Thunder L and swung his hammers at him to leave him off guard. He followed up by kicking him in the stomach, forcing him to do a backflip and fire a wave of electricity Luigi's way.

But Luigi was prepared and used his Super Jump to get over it, making Thunder L clench his fist in anger.

"Stupid attack..." Thunder L grumbled. "If only it can reach him while he's doing that..."

Luigi prepared to punch the ground and send a wave of green fire Thunder L's way, but he delivered the punch and struck Luigi with his Thunder Punch, leaving him with a nasty shock and also knocking him slightly back.

"It's interesting that we're both using some kind of element against each other," Thunder L said. "And neither one has an advantage over the other. It makes the fight a bit even in a way."

"Well without that Chaos Emerald thing, you probably won't be able to stand up to me," Luigi stated. "So whether I defeat you or not, I can probably get you to stop using that emerald!"

"We'll see about that!"

Thunder L spun himself around with his arms spread out to create his Thunder Cyclone. Luigi saw what he did and created a Fire Cyclone. When they approached, they clashed, causing them to get sent flying back toward opposite walls. Luigi was left paralyzed, and Thunder L was left with another burn.

Since Luigi couldn't move, Thunder L began to approach him with sparks around his fists. He also gave him a little grin as well.

"Even though both of us ended up getting hit in the end, paralysis is much worse than getting a little burn."

He brought his fist close to Luigi's chest. "Now then... Let's finish this up, shall we?"

Before he could attack Luigi, the burn managed to interrupt his attack, making him clench his teeth in pain while Luigi was able to shake off the paralysis, allowing him to move freely.

"How l-ame!" Thunder L squawked. "I end up getting a perfect chance to attack, but that fire attack of yours interrupted me!"

"Seriously, those 'L' jokes are not exactly great..." Luigi commented. "But I guess this is my chance to attack!"

Before Thunder L could put up his defenses, Luigi spun his two hammers and swung at him. He even spun his hammers at Thunder L to do some extra damage and them delivered a fire punch to knock him on his back. He took out a Star Shroom Shake to recover 150 HP afterward.

Thunder L got up and was left infuriated. So infuriated that Luigi noticed his dark form appearing in front of him. The dark form quickly faded away when Thunder L calmed down.

"You know, using an item like that just shows that you can't put up a fight without healing yourself," Thunder L scoffed. "And because you're going to play unfairly, I might as well do the same thing!"

Thunder L whipped out a Star Shroom Shake and prepared to drink it, but Luigi threw one of his hammers at him to interrupt him. If only he had Thoreau, maybe he would've been able to snatch the drink as well...

"Good thing that hand Pixl thing isn't with you, or else it would've been able to steal that from me," Thunder L sneered.

"Really? I never knew that..." Luigi realized until he noticed an electric ball coming his way. He didn't have time to dodge it because of how fast it was moving. Thunder L grinned and tossed a larger electric ball his way while he was left electrocuted. The electrocution didn't last forever and allowed Luigi to dodge it while throwing green fireballs down at Thunder L. He jumped back to dodge them and tried firing a lightning bolt.

A smirk was left on his face once the lightning bolt hit Luigi, knocking him to the ground.

When Luigi got up, he noticed Thunder L hurling a large electric ball his way. He yelped and used his shell to defend against the attack. He then hurled himself and hit Thunder L in the stomach, causing him to hold it in pain while Luigi bounced off the wall and hit him again.

"Urgh... Now you're really starting to annoy me!" Thunder L exclaimed, rushing toward Luigi and kicking him to the wall to get him out of his shell form and leave him dazed. This gave Thunder L an opportunity to perform one of his stronger attacks. He began to charge up an electric ball while Luigi struggled to get himself back together.

"All right, ya coward, let's see how you handle THIS!"

Thunder L thrusted his hands forward and fired the large electric ball toward Luigi. Once he got himself together, he saw the electric ball coming his way.

"That doesn't look new..." Luigi blinked.

"You didn't see the whole thing left," Thunder L smirked. "Just watch!"

The electric ball stopped near Luigi, and then it began to fly above the plumber. It began to fire lightning bolts down on him, forcing him to defend himself in his shell. But because of that, he began to bounce around from the lightning bolts hitting him.

"Heh heh heh! Looks like you're screwed!"

Luigi suddenly had an idea that popped in his head. He stood up before the lightning bolt could hit him and ran over to Thunder L. Because the electric ball was following him, it went over to Thunder L, since that was where Luigi stood.

"What the..." Thunder L looked up and ended up getting zapped once Luigi jumped away. It didn't have much of an effect on him, but it forced him to get rid of the electric ball and cast a glare upon Luigi. "Very clever... That's not something I even planned ahead either."

"Honestly, I thought you would've planned that," Luigi said, blocking Thunder L's Thunder Punch with two of his hammers. He managed to kick him in the shin next and jump back to throw his hammers at Thunder L, which he lit on fire.

After Thunder L was hit by both hammers, he created two hammers out of his electric powers and swung at Luigi, while he swung at him with two of his hammers, causing both of them to clash.

The two gave each other a glare as they struggled in the clash. Thunder L, however, cast a grin and stepped on Luigi's foot, causing his eyes to widen and yelp out in pain. Because he had to step back, Thunder L was able to strike him a couple of times with his electric hammers and paralyze him.

"Gah! Paralyzed again!" Luigi cried.

"Yeah, keep crying," Thunder L scoffed. "I should've seriously brought a camera with me, 'cause this might be golden!"

"I'm not going to cry..."

"Of course you are! You're nothing but a coward and a wimp!"

Luigi did have to admit that he was both at times, but he was something Thunder L was.

"Yes, sometimes that's a bit true... However, that's much better than being something only made from darkness. At least I'm real!"

Thunder L's eyes widened, because he knew that was true. But he didn't care about that. He had him paralyzed!

"Look, if you're going to taunt me, it ain't gonna work," Thunder L declared, crossing his arms. "I've got you right where I want you, and now I get to hear you beg for mercy or cry out to your brother before I end your game! This might be the last time I see that dumb mustache of yours too!"

Luigi grit his teeth as he began to shake himself in order to shake off the paralysis. Thunder L raised an eyebrow, but he decided to attack, so he swung his hammers at Luigi, but he was able to move his helmet so his helmet took the blow from the hammers instead, leaving Luigi unharmed.

"What?! How did that not work?" Thunder L gaped. "I really should stop talking when I have my enemy where I want him. That's what makes most of the villains I've heard a lot about stupid anyway!"

Luigi was able to shake off the paralysis and throw a barrage of hammers Thunder L's way. The doppelganger threw a couple of electric hammers at Luigi, with both hammers crashing into each other and exploding. When some hammers got close to Luigi, he ducked and let the black shell take the hits, while Thunder L ended up getting pelted by a couple.

"OK, that's it," Thunder L raised his arms and put up an electric barrier, which prevented him from getting hit by any of the hammers flung his way. He pointed to the ground and made electric geysers rise out of the ground and hit Luigi. While he was being electrocuted, he ran up to him and punched him, sending him flying to the wall, causing his power-up to wear off.

"Heh heh heh... Excellent! No power-up means you don't stand a chance against me."

Thunder L approached the moaning Luigi, who slowly raised his head to look up at Thunder L. Right now, his cap and overalls were battered up, and he even had a couple of bruises left on his face, especially his nose.

"So, ready to give?"


Thunder L raised an eyebrow. "No? You're not going to run away from me? I mean, I'm still all powerful while you have no power-up to help you!"

"I don't want to let my bro down," Luigi declared, slowly standing up. "I'm not backing down, whether my opponent is stronger than me!"

"All right! Then this should be a treat for me!"

With the strength he had, Luigi jumped over Thunder L's lightning attack and got an Ultimate Shroom Shake out to recover 100 HP. That should be enough strength to fight back...

"You can try to hit me, but I've got this electric barrier around me!" Thunder L smirked. "You're screwed!"

He began to fire a couple of electric balls Luigi's way, with him only dodging, since that was the only thing he could do at the moment. Sure, when it came to fighting, he wasn't the best, but when it came to dodging, he could do it with ease.

Thunder L was starting to get frustrated, especially since none of his attacks were able to hit Luigi at this point. He even noticed his barrier was started to get frizzled.

"Hmmmmm? What's with my barrier?" Thunder L gawked, noticing it fade away. "Hold on a minute... Something doesn't seem right..."

The next electric ball he was charging ended up fading away, and his transformation was starting to fade away too, turning him back to his normal appearance. Luigi was even confused as to what was going on.

"Huh? What's going on with his powers?" Luigi wondered.

"Wait... How come I'm back to normal?!" Mr. L guffawed, taking out the Chaos Emerald. "Is this thing's power temporary?!"

Luigi saw this as an opportunity to attack, so he rushed up to Mr. L and delivered a kick to his face, making him drop the Chaos Emerald. Luigi quickly snatched it before it fell to the ground.

"I don't understand... How can such a powerful trinket give me powers that are only temporary?!" Mr. L exclaimed. "Well... No matter. I can still use my electric powers anyway!"

He fired an electric ball Luigi's way, but before he could do anything, he felt some strange power that he never witnessed before. Was it the Chaos Emerald he was holding?

There was no different appearance to him, except for the flashing white light surrounding him. That power alone was able to send the electric ball flying back to Mr. L, who gulped before getting paralyzed.

"It's time I finished this," Luigi declared, running up to Mr. L and leaping in the air to perform a flip. Mr. L tried to shake off the paralysis, but Luigi was so close that he wouldn't be able to escape in time.

The stomp Luigi delivered to Mr. L was powerful enough to finish him and make him collapse on the ground. The power from the Chaos Emerald seemed to fade away from Luigi, which confused him because its power lasted much shorter than Mr. L's.

Meanwhile, there was another click sound that neither Luigi nor Mr. L heard in the background.

"All of this is just too easy! It's hardly even a challenge!"

"Unnghhhh... Not... Not bad..." Mr. L moaned. "But I can't believe I let a coward beat me like that..."

"Look, you do put up a fight – when it comes to words," Luigi commented. "But you seem to underestimate some people. It's like bullies: they threaten people with words, but sometimes in the end, they're not as tough when it comes to a fight."

Chopper, Sonic and Tipral walked out of the door to the left and approached Luigi.

"I gotta say, you did a pretty good job!" Sonic commended, giving him a thumbs up. "We saw you lose that power-up, but you didn't back down yet and managed to pummel Mr. L down in the end!"

"Yeah, and it was thanks to this," Luigi mentioned, taking out the yellow Chaos Emerald. After looking at it for a minute, he gave it to Sonic. "I'm sure this is something you were looking for, right?"

"Yeah. Thanks."

"I actually had a feeling Luigi wouldn't back down," Chopper smiled. "I know you've sometimes acted a bit cowardly, but we all knew you would at least try and help, which you've been doing this whole time."

"Uh huh..." Luigi nodded, looking up at the dark sky with a sad look. "I wish my bro and our other friends were here to see this..."

He and everyone else felt the ground shake violently from The Void's power.

"We don't have time to stay here," Tipral stated. "We'll be in some big trouble if we don't get out of here immediately!"

Everyone agreed and made a run over to the door. But when Luigi tried to approach the door, he felt something grab a hold of his foot.

It was Mr. L.

"H-Hey! Let go of my foot!" Luigi cried. "I can't stay here forever!"

"I'm not going to let myself get defeated by a coward like yourself!" Mr. L exclaimed, his appearance changing to his dark one. "If I'm going to go down, then I'm taking you down with me!"

"What?! No!"

Mr. L felt a bright light from withing his chest that was starting to tear him apart. Along with The Void's power that was making dark lightning strike the ground, Luigi felt like he was in a dangerous situation.

He saw his sight fade away from Mr. L's explosion and the whole area being torn apart by The Void.

Through the door-

Upon getting through the door, the three heard a large booming sound from the previous area they were in.

"What a relief..." Chopper sighed. "We barely got out of there!"

"Wait a minute..." Sonic paused for a minute and noticed that Luigi wasn't around. "Where did Luigi go?!"

"Oh no..."

Sonic approached the door and tried to open it. But alas, it would not open.

"The door's not opening!" Sonic gaped. "But that means... No..."

"Luigi can't be gone now..." Chopper murmured. "After what he did all on his own?"

"I also felt something else through that door..." Tipral trailed. "I felt like there was an explosion, as if someone tried to destroy himself."

"Hold on... Are you saying that Mr. L destroyed himself?" Sonic blinked. "And that's one of the things that..."

"Yes, that and along with The Void tearing that area apart. It seems like Luigi has also fallen along with the other three. I suggest we get moving."

"And not at least try something to get through there?!" Chopper guffawed. "I'm PRETTY sure we could do SOMETHING to help Luigi! There's always a possibility!"

"This again, Chopper? I've been hearing you and the others say the same thing over again after we lose someone. And not everything is possible. This isn't YOUR world, and we can't do everything YOUR way!"

"I kind of hate to say it, but I guess Tipral's right..." Sonic trailed. "Like the others, I'm sure Luigi would want us to press on. Plus, you said before that staying here forever isn't the brightest idea."

"I guess you guys have a point..." Chopper trailed. "Man, I feel like such a hypocrite right now..."

"Don't let it get to ya, Chop. The most important thing for us is to press on. Maybe all three of us will be able to get to the True Chaos Heart and destroy it!"

"And with your slow friends gone, they won't be able to slow us down," Tipral mentioned.

"You're not making this better, Tipral," Chopper pointed out before approaching the door. "But, I guess we must go..."

The three walked over to the door and entered the next area. The first thing they were greeted by was a hill and more dark lightning in the background. There were even two loops to go through as well.

"So there's some speed here now?" Sonic blinked. "Well... I guess that's something interesting."

Chopper charged up his Speed Dash and took off by running down the hill. Sonic decided to follow by running down, while Tipral skated through the two loops. Past the loops was a hill moving down and a small ledge to jump onto ahead, but there was a spring below the ledge pointing in the opposite direction they were moving.

They ended up stopping by the spring and jumped onto the small ledge. Up ahead they noticed a Dark Creature that was completely black in dark purple armor. Its purple eyes even looked frightening.

"Dark Creatures? Here?" Sonic gaped. "So does that mean that..."

"You know, those Dark Creatures don't seem to be any ordinary kind..." Tipral noticed. "I'm betting that some of The Void's power got to them and turned them into that. They're much different now."

"It's kind of like the enemies in some of our worlds," Chopper realized. "Because of how close The Void was, they were getting a little corrupt by it."

"I see... The only way to get past them is fight." Sonic prepared to curl up in a ball, but the Void Creature spotted them and began to open fire. Tipral interrupted its attack by snapping his finger, while Sonic followed up with his Spin Dash and left its eyes widened in pain.

Chopper was able to finish off the Void Creature by delivering a light spinning kick. Because of the light power, it was much more painful for the Void Creature, causing it to disintegrate like most defeated enemies.

"I think I saw a platform that was above this ledge," Tipral recalled, turning back to his left and looking up. There was a platform leading up to a path above. "I don't know where it goes, though."

"I can't reach it, so there's no point," Sonic said, running on ahead. Chopper and Tipral ran on ahead and followed him to find the path curving upward to a high ledge. Thankfully, because of how fast they were moving, they were able to run up and grab a hold of the ledge.

Sonic didn't have a problem getting up, but Chopper was having a hard time pulling himself up. But thankfully, he was able to get himself up after a bit and was greeted by a Void Bat that tried spitting dark energy at him. All it took was a light ball to destroy it.

When they ran on ahead, they noticed another hill going down, but there was also a path above the hill with a platform leading over to it. Sonic tried to use his Spin Dash to jump to it, but it wasn't enough for him to reach and ended up rolling down the hill instead. Tipral, however, managed to teleport up to the platform.

"I'll see what's up here," Tipral decided while skating on ahead through the pathway. He noticed a dark purple metallic enemies covered in spikes with the side spikes being larger. From what he knew about these, they were Bristles. But these were more dangerous and known as Void Bristles.

Tipral was about to approach the enemy, but its spear-like spike poked out and nearly touched him. He snapped his finger and hit the Void Bristle and then finished it off with a Star Spear. It was a bit surprising for him to see such an enemy that was able to take a couple of hits like that well.

He skated up to the spring ahead pointing to the upper right and launched himself off. Tipral happened to notice Chopper and Sonic running down the hill and reaching a spring that got them up to the ledge he was about to land on.

"What the heck? You got here so quickly!" Chopper gaped as soon as he saw Tipral land on the ledge.

"What was the point of going that way to begin with?" Sonic asked.

"There probably wasn't," Tipral answered. "But, I did run into some kind of enemy covered in a couple of spikes."

"Enemy covered in spikes?" Chopper pondered. "That...sounds just like a Bristle!"

Before they could say anything else, they heard something fire, and when they turned around, there was a dark laser that barely got Sonic's foot. They found two Void Creatures firing at them.

Sonic smirked as he began to charge up his Light Speed Attack. While he did that, Chopper began to toss some light balls at the Void Creatures, while Tipral hurled some shadow balls.

"Why are you using those when we're against enemies that are pretty much dark?" Chopper asked.

"This attack still works against them. It's just not as strong as that light power..." Tipral mumbled.

Once Sonic finished charging up his attack, he prepared to get himself ready while Chopper and Tipral got out of the way. He went all out on the Void Creatures and managed to defeat them in about five seconds.

When the attack was finished, they ran on ahead and found a door waiting for them. They entered an area with a loop going down, so the first thing they did was go through the loop and go down another hill, with Sonic being in front.

"This is really fun, I'll admit!" Chopper cheered.

"We've done this a couple of times, though," Sonic recalled. "I'm sure you'd be used to it by now."

"Oh... Well that makes sense."

When they reached the bottom of the hill, there was a spring pointing the opposite direction that made them move down a lower hill to the left. Another spring was there, but there was also a platform above it that appeared to have a green glow.

"Hold on a sec..." Sonic stopped right by the spring, causing both Chopper and Tipral to stop.

"What is it, Sonic?" Chopper asked.

"I saw something on that platform," Sonic answered as he jumped on the platform. He found a green Chaos Emerald lying there, so he scooped it up and put it away. "There we go! I got a Chaos Emerald!"

"So that's...four emeralds so far..."

"It doesn't matter too much to me. Let's move on." Tipral suggested, using the spring to make himself go down the next hill. Chopper and Sonic followed him and stopped by a wall with a blue wheel sticking out on the corner.

Sonic curled up in a ball and charged up his Spin Dash to make a platform stick out of the wall. However, there was not much time for it to stick out, so they hurried up and got to the top of the ledge. Up ahead was another wall, but there was also a spring pointing at an upper left angle to a glowing dark platform.

Chopper went first and launched himself up to the platform, followed by Tipral and then Sonic. The platform created a couple of more platforms that were in an upper and lower pattern that led to a path ahead.

However, when they began to jump from platform to platform, there were some Void Bats flying over them and spitting dark energy at them.

"Yeesh! They always have to be in the most annoying locations!" Chopper exclaimed, ignoring the enemies and reaching the path ahead. Though, there was a Void Shellcracker that tried to stop him, he jumped over its large claw and jumped on its head.

While the Void Shellcracker's eyes widened in pain, Sonic finished it off with his Spin Jump before running over to the door ahead. A yellow ? block was waiting for them, and when they hit it, a Dark Shroom came out.

Tipral's foot came down on the Dark Shroom and left it destroyed before he skated over to the door. Chopper and Sonic followed him to a flat area with some rubble nearby that Sonic seemed to remember seeing before.

"Is that...Tails's Workshop?" Sonic gawked before running over to the ruined workshop. "I didn't expect it to be somewhere around here."

Chopper noticed some Void Creatures up ahead, making him grab a hold of Sonic's tail and pull him back. "Not a good idea, Sonic! We don't have time to be looking when we've got monsters here!"

The three Void Creatures spotted them and prepared to fire. Sonic noticed one's gun shooting gray energy out. When he hit that Void Creature with a Homing Attack, he noticed a Chaos Emerald was in it.

"Whoa... Where'd you get that from?" Sonic gawked.

"Found it here," the Void Creature answered. "And now I'm going to blast you with it!"

Before it could fire, Chopper hit the Void Creature with a light ball and disintegrated it. Sonic decided to use his Whirlwind to send the other two Void Creatures flying, allowing Tipral to teleport up to them and slam his fists down on them. As soon as the two Void Creatures flew down, Chopper kicked Sonic upward while he was in a ball and defeated both enemies.

"Whew, I'm glad we took care of that," Sonic sighed after landing on the ground and picking up the gray Chaos Emerald one of the Void Creatures dropped. "That means there are only two emeralds left to find!"

"Yes, because those things are so important," Tipral said sarcastically, making Sonic give him a confused look.

"Is there a problem?"

"Maybe we should be focusing on getting to the True Chaos Heart rather than getting those emeralds you care so much about?

"...I'm going to ignore that," Sonic answered as he ran on ahead and stopped when he saw a slippery hill below him leading into water. His eyes widened, but when Chopper reached him, he accidentally bumped into him and caused him to slip down.

Chopper gaped as Sonic fell in the water, while Tipral stopped behind Chopper. He heard a splash, indicating that there was water.

"So I guess the blue hedgehog decided to go for a swim?" Tipral asked, with Chopper giving him a nod. "Well, we might as well get him. I remember that he can't stay underwater forever."

"What's water even doing here anyway?" Chopper wondered while he began to slide down. "Wouldn't it be dangerous in a dark place like this? In fact, it doesn't look like it's deadly..."

Tipral followed Chopper down into the water and landed on the underwater ground, which looked nothing different than what it was anyway. But what they did notice was Sonic trying to take in some air bubbles.

Noticing Sonic's inability to breathe underwater, Chopper inhaled some water to gain the Water ability and created a Bubble Shield which surrounded the blue hedgehog and gave him some air.

"Whew... That's much better!" Sonic sighed.

"And what's the point of the water ability anyway?" Tipral asked. "It doesn't look like it's anything helpful."

"It's helpful underwater," Chopper explained. "I can swim faster with this, and I'm also capable of dealing with fire enemies more easily. So, I don't think this ability is completely useless."

"Personally, I really don't care. I say we should keep going." Tipral tried to skate underwater, but because of the water, his speed was hindered. However, he could simply swim, so he did that just like Chopper.

Sonic, however, was forced to go down the hill by curling into a ball and hitting a Void Creature that happened to be in the water as well. They were all wondering how this thing could be swimming underwater, but it didn't bother them too much. Chopper fired a charged ice ball to leave the Void Creature. Thankfully, since it was underwater, freezing it was much easier.

Not only that, but the Void Creature began to slowly float up, allowing Tipral to deliver a shadow punch and destroy it. They decided to move on ahead and find a ledge that Sonic could reach by using a spring. There was a tunnel they could go up ahead, but there was also a platform moving up and down above them near the tunnel.

"Where does that platform take us?" Sonic wondered. "Well, maybe I might find out!"

Sonic used his Bubble Shield's ability to bounce up to the platform. However it ended up falling to the ground instead before Sonic could jump, making him fall near the tunnel and look disappointed.

"Then we have no choice but to take the tunnel way," Tipral said, swimming through the tunnel, which appeared to not be so narrow as he thought. In fact, when they reached the end, they noticed the ground was a bit thin where they were standing.

Tipral looked down at the floor and tried to smash it with his foot. Unfortunately, it didn't appear to be enough. Sonic's Bounce Attack, however, was able to smash through the floor and land right on top of some spikes on the ground, causing him to lose his Bubble Shield.

Chopper's eyes widened as he swam down and got Sonic away from the spikes. Tipral swam down and noticed another thin wall up ahead. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to smash through it when he punched at it.

"Great... This isn't working." Tipral groaned.

Sonic took in an air bubble before using his Spin Dash to smash through the thing wall and the others that were in their way. When he reached the end of the path, he found a light ! block on the ground.

"Hey, it's one of those blocks!" Chopper noticed as he swam over to it. "I guess my light power won't do much against it."

"Doesn't look like it. I know mine will work, however." Tipral said while Sonic was starting to choke. He even noticed the timer, causing him to flail his arms around, despite Chopper and Tipral noticing.

Tipral struck the light ! block with a shadow ball, causing the water to drain, which left everyone confused. But Sonic didn't care, because he could finally breathe again, which was what he wanted all along.

"Whew! No more water!" Sonic sighed. "I feel MUCH better!"

"But where do we go from here?" Chopper wondered.

"Try flipping into 3-D," Tipral suggested. "We're bound to find something."

Chopper shrugged and flipped into 3-D. He did end up finding a secret path up ahead, so he got the other two into 3-D and made their way through the tunnel and to a larger area with a pedestal that had a light blue Chaos Emerald on it. There were also a couple of platforms above them as well, but they weren't sure why they were there.

"Hmmmmm... Well, it's not like it really matters, right?" Chopper wondered.

"Well, it might be a way out," Sonic replied, grabbing a hold of the Chaos Emerald. Unfortunately, the ground began to shake, and water began to flood the area, causing Sonic to yelp. "OK! I'm going up!"

He began to jump up the platforms, which Chopper and Tipral did as well. Void Bats jumped out of the walls and charged at them, but thankfully they were fast enough to avoid them and reach the top, where the water ended up stopping.

"Whoa... That was a close one!" Sonic sighed.

"It's not like anything bad would happen anyway," Tipral said as he walked over to the door ahead. "Let's just move on."

They hurried on through the next area, where they noticed some small, glowing mushrooms on the ground. They were glowing a dark color, which didn't surprise them. There were, however, two Void Motobugs coming their way and a Void Creature carrying a sword called a Void Swordsman throwing its sword their way.

"Heads up, guys!" Sonic warned, ducking under the sword. Chopper ducked like a pancake as the sword went under him, while Tipral knocked it away, making it hit the Void Motobugs and destroy them in the process.

The Void Swordsman managed to catch the purple sword, but it was already defeated when Sonic attacked it with a Spin Dash, followed by Chopper attacking it with a Tidal Wave, which was able to make it drop an Ultra Shroom Shake. They took it anyway, because it was better than nothing (even if it wasn't worth as much now).

Chopper decided to remove his Water ability and run up to a bounceable mushroom they found ahead. They jumped on it and let it bounce them up to the ledge above them, which led to a hill moving down. They took no time and quickly ran down and through a loop, which led them to another hill going down until it became flat and led up a wall they ended up running up.

However, they were not able to reach the top of the wall, which happened to have a spring pointing down, indicating that they were not going to be going up anyway, so they ended up going down and backwards until they noticed that they were going down another hill that was beside the one they previously went down.

"Yeesh... And I didn't even have to flip to do this!" Chopper gaped as he bumped into another spring by the wall ahead and went down the last hill. At the bottom of the hill was water, which they were able to go across because of how fast they were moving.

"Thank goodness I'm not going in there!" Sonic sighed.

"The water will definitely slow us down, so I wouldn't go down there either," Tipral agreed.

After crossing the water, they were forced to stop when they fell into a small pit that had two springs facing each other, making them go back and forth between each spring. They quickly jumped off and dodged a Void Creature's laser blast. Tipral noticed a Void Swordsman throwing its sword, so he jumped over the Void Creature and jumped on top of the sword.

"What in the..." the Void Swordsman was cut off when Tipral fired a Star Spear, with Chopper jumping above him and firing two light balls to defeat it. Sonic used his Light Speed Attack and went all out on the Void Creature to defeat it. After that, they hurried to the door ahead and found a Save Block and a yellow ? block.

"Looks like we've got something coming up," Sonic said, hitting the yellow ? block to find a Star Shroom. They split it into three to recover 150 HP, and after that, Chopper hit the Save Block.

"I'm sure there's something coming up ahead," Chopper pondered. "Why else would those blocks be here? It's pretty coincidental if you ask me."

"Just open the door already, puffball," Tipral suggested. Chopper sweat dropped and opened the door, which led them into an area with a long road ahead. There were no glowing mushrooms around, but there were some strange, alien-like tentacles out of the ground that were thankfully not in their way.

"Say, doesn't that look like those things we saw in the Comet of Darkness?" Sonic recalled. "Do you think The Void swallowed that place up?"

"Doubtful," Tipral answered. "The Void wasn't even that big where that comet was. However, maybe some things there were sucked in and thrown in here."

"Maybe..." Chopper pondered while something began to slowly fly above them. None of them saw it, but it was purple with one big, purple eye with a black body that had six, small tentacles.

"Well I don't wanna waste time here," Sonic shrugged, walking on ahead. "There doesn't appear to be much around here! I'd rather get a move on if I were you guys!"

"Oh, going so soon, Sonic? Why not make things interesting?" the black alien said as it flew down in front of Sonic, making him jump back.

"What in the world? Who are you?"

"And why is it so ugly?" Chopper gawked.

"What? You don't recognize my voice? Dark Doom?" the alien wondered.

"Dark?! How can he transform into...whatever that thing is?!"

The alien wanted to face palm, but he knew it wasn't too much of a stupid question. "That's because I'm able to communicate with this thing. This is something my father once used, but after what happened to him, I decided to use it, but instead I changed it up a bit! I suppose I should say that this thing is called Doom's Eye!"

"Doom's Eye? ...Oh, yeah! Now I remember!" Sonic exclaimed while snapping a finger. "Black Doom used that thing! I didn't expect you to use it..."

"I would have showed it to you earlier, but it wasn't quite ready yet with the design."

"Look, I don't have time to chat with you. We've gotta get going!"

"And why do you think I came here? To let you pass? Of course not!"

Chopper whirled up a light ball and fired it at Doom's Eye, which was able to fly out of the way before it could get hit. "Well fighting your new toy isn't going to help you, Dark!"

"I never said I was going to be fighting you," Doom's Eye mentioned. "I've got a 'special' surprise just for you! It may be one of the only things I have left in my army, but it should be enough to destroy you! Come out here, Dark Bull! Your time has come!"

"Dark, this is no time to be playing games!" Tipral roared. "We need to go! NOW!"

Doom's Eye looked down at Tipral and slowly shook its head. "Well... You're a bit too late with that, Tipral... I've already blocked the door ahead, and I wasn't expecting you to be with the heroes. And there's no going back to let you through either..."

"So I have no choice but to fight your own monster?"

"It appears so... But seeing you fight it can give me some new ideas in the future to make it stronger!"

"Well we're not afraid to take on this Dark Bull!" Chopper declared. "Where is he?"

"Heh heh heh..." Doom's Eye chuckled. "Right behind you!"

They heard a roar from behind, which made the three turn around and see the Dark Bull in front of them. It was just like the one they saw before, but this time it had black and purple armor for better protection from harm.

"I've seen this alien thing before in my castle. It ended up getting crushed."

"That was the old one. This one is much stronger than before." Doom's Eye explained before glaring at Sonic. "And you're not going to be able to crush this thing like before, hedgehog! I've noticed what you did before, and I took notes on that!"

"Yeah yeah..." Sonic started to stretch as he looked like he didn't care. "Tell me something I care about."

"Oh, you'll care when my Dark Bull takes care of you! Have fun..." Doom's Eye slowly flew out of their sight until they were gone. All that was left was them and the Dark Bull that let out another roar.

"Hmph... Well Dark can't do anything to open the door, so fighting this ugly alien shouldn't be much of a problem!" Tipral declared, turning to the roaring, hideous monster.

"But wouldn't this thing understand that Dark is loyal to you?" Chopper wondered.

"These things don't really care. They were made by Dark and led by him. They don't know too much about me anyway, so I can crush them with no problem!"

The Dark Bull opened its hideous mouth and let out purple flames, causing them to jump away. Since the path was long, they decided that it was best for them to run. After all, they could find something to fight this thing anyway.

"At least we can outrun this thing," Sonic smirked. "That way, we don't have to worry about dealing with this thing!"

The Dark Bull ended up flying up and over the three before landing in front of them. Chopper and Sonic were left surprised, while Tipral didn't seem to care and began hurling Star Spears. Sadly, they didn't seem to do too much to its body.

"Great... Attacking its body is useless!" Tipral grumbled.

They noticed that it had 570 HP, an Attack of 21 and a Defense of 10 for its body. Its eye, however, had no defense, which gave Sonic the idea of jumping and hurling himself at the Dark Bull's eye with a Homing Attack. They all heard it scream in pain as it moved its head away from them.

"Well, looks like we know a good place to attack this thing!" Sonic smirked. "That's just what we needed!"

"Ah, so that's how you hit it... I was wondering if that was it." Tipral said as he waited for the Dark Bull to reveal its eye again. When he skated close enough, he jumped in the air and delivered a Star Kick to its eye, which made it scream again and quickly close its eye. Because of that, it was difficult for it to make an attack.

But once it was ready, it began to fire purple waves of energy to the ground, catching the three off guard when they were forced to jump and then gain enough speed to catch up to the monster.

"I never thought we'd be fighting something while running," Chopper realized. "Though, I do remember fighting Tipral at his palace while running a bit..."

The Dark Bull shot a purple blast of energy at Chopper, which knocked him back and even slowed him down, forcing him to use his Speed Dash in order to catch up to the others. Sonic even tried to hit the Dark Bull with another Homing Attack, but it spat another blast of energy and hit him. Chopper almost got hit by Sonic when he was knocked back, so he ducked and was safe.

"Sorry about that, Chop," Sonic apologized.

"It's not your fault," Chopper assured.

The Dark Bull let out another roar while trying to burn them with its purple flames. Tipral teleported above it and kicked its head, unfortunate to hit its eye. Chopper managed to reach the Dark Bull and jump to its eye to stomp on it with a light jump, causing it to let out another scream.

When he landed on the ground, he began to charge up a rainbow ball and hurl it at the Dark Bull, but Tipral beat him to it and fired a Star Spear at its eye to make it howl in pain again and make it close it. Chopper simply let out a sigh, but he noticed the Dark Bull shoot fireballs their way.

"Uh oh... Heads up, people!" Chopper cried.

Sonic jumped over the fireball and used his Spin Jump on the Dark Bull's fat body to slightly damage it. When its eye was vulnerable, he was able to hit it with a Homing Attack while performing a stylish move in the air. Since the Dark Bull's eye was vulnerable again, he attacked it a second time.

"Couldn't we have done this to the Dark Bull when we were in Castle Tipral?" Sonic asked. "'Cause we're seriously kicking this ugly thing's butt!"

Sonic was about to attack again, but the Dark Bull flew back and created some Dark Bats that came out from behind and flew to its aid. At this point, they were wondering if the Dark Bull was actually something that creates Dark Creatures...or is even a female.

"So is this thing...a she?" Chopper gawked, dodging the Dark Bats coming his way.

"Dark told me that all Dark Creatures are genderless," Tipral answered. "Him, however... He's a he, but he's a bit...different. I don't think he explained that to me."

The Dark Bull summoned more Dark Bats that flew toward them, with one getting in Tipral's face. He quickly threw it away, but he ended up getting hit by a wave of purple fire that the Dark Bull ended up shooting to the ground, which was enough to knock him way behind. It also shot two more waves that both Chopper and Sonic jumped over.

"You hanging there, Chop?" Sonic asked, catching up to the Star Warrior.

"Yeah, I'm doing fine," Chopper nodded. "Though I can't say the same for Tipral..."

Chopper did a flip in the air before landing on one of the Dark Bats and decided to hitch a ride on it. Though it was still moving the opposite direction the Dark Bull was, he was able to toss a rainbow ball at its eye. Surprisingly, it didn't seem to scream in pain like it usually would.

"Huh... I guess it only screams when it's something more painful..."

He decided to fire some fireballs at it until Tipral teleported back to the Dark Bull and knocked the fireballs away, making them hit the Dark Bats around, including the one Chopper was riding on. This caused him to plummet and hit the ground, but he quickly got on his feet and used his Speed Dash to follow.

Once he finally caught up, he cast Tipral a glare.

"Why did you do that?! Things were working out just fine!"

"So you don't have a Dark Bat with you. Deal with it." Tipral suggested.

The Dark Bull roared at them as it prepared to charge up a powerful attack. From what they could see, it looked like it was a giant beam that it needed to charge for a moment before firing it. Sonic attacked it with a Homing Attack, but it didn't seem to stop it from charging, even if he hit the eye. Tipral even snapped his finger, and it still didn't do much to stop it.

"This is nice," Sonic sighed. "This thing just won't learn to give up!"

"Well, then maybe we just need to avoid it," Tipral said.

"And how do we do that?"

Tipral teleported out of the way and appeared above the Dark Bull, but instead of attacking, he was quickly teleporting dashing toward it while the Dark Bull opened its mouth wide and fired a beam. Thankfully, Chopper was able to get into 3-D and get Sonic out of the way to avoid it. To them, this monster looked a bit uglier than it was in 3-D.

"Yeesh... And I thought it was ugly before. Now look at it!" Chopper guffawed.

"I couldn't disagree with you more there..." Sonic trailed.

When the Dark Bull stopped, Chopper flipped Sonic and himself back into 2-D while Tipral slammed his fists on the Dark Bull's eye with Star energy, causing it to scream in pain while he jumped back and fired a Star Spear to deal some extra damage. He decided to throw a shadow ball at it, but it ended up eating it instead and swallowing it.

"What the... How did it...?" Tipral was left confused until he noticed the Dark Bull wincing in pain from the inside, which gave him the idea of what happened. "Oh... Now I see what happened!"

The Dark Bull decided to summon more Dark Bats, which made it fly back and let them attack. Not only that, but it began to shoot some purple fireballs at them to make it even harder for them to dodge. But Sonic had a plan and got in a ball while Chopper kicked him at some Dark Bats. Tipral ended up catching him when the Dark Bats were gone and threw him at the Dark Bull's eye.

Chopper gave Tipral a thumbs up, while he cast a small glare and turned back to the Dark Bull, which was starting to get a little exhausted. They noticed that it was about to charge another dark beam, so Tipral teleported above the ugly creature and prepared to attack it once it finished unleashing its attack. Chopper got Sonic into 3-D and avoided the attack as soon as it started firing.

The Dark Bull stopped to take a breath, allowing the three to make their moves. Chopper tossed a light ball at its eye, followed by Tipral's Star Spear, and then Sonic used his Spin Dash to approach the large monster and hit its eye with a Homing Attack. From what they could see, it was starting to have enough.

"Hey, I can see the end of the path ahead!" Chopper noticed.

"Yeah, I see it too!" Sonic agreed.

But before they could reach the end, the Dark Bull stopped over by two platforms that were floating above the ground. The three were forced to make a sharp stop that barely made them hit the wall because of how fast they were going. When they got over to the Dark Bull, they heard it roar again as it flew over them.

"Looks like it's phase two," Tipral declared while clenching his fists. "We only brought it down a little... Now let's finish this up!"

The Dark Bull ended up growing a sharp tail from behind that looked like a sword, which worried Chopper a bit. Once it flew to the ground, it spun itself around in order to swing its tail at them, but Sonic jumped over its attacks and tossed himself at its eye when he saw his chance.


When Sonic landed on the ground, the Dark Bull shot fireballs up into the air and let them rain down, which almost reminded them of when Shade summoned fireballs from the sky. However, these were not as difficult to avoid, and it even allowed Tipral to throw a Star Spear because of its eye being vulnerable. But despite this, he didn't pay attention to the fireball coming down on him, which left him with a burn.

"You really should pay attention when there are fireballs coming down..." Chopper trailed, jumping back from the fireball that was about to hit him.

"OK, then let's see what you can do to fight this thing!" Tipral exclaimed as he threw Chopper straight at the Dark Bull. He ended up missing the eye, but he ended up crashing into its stomach, which was better than nothing to say the least. But because he was close to the monster, it opened its mouth and started to suck him in.

"Whoa!" Chopper began to flail his arms around while running from the Dark Bull in order to avoid being inhaled. Unfortunately, he ended up getting inhaled and spat out toward Sonic, causing both of them to crash and fall over.

The two got up and saw the Dark Bull sending out more Dark Bats to fly after them. Chopper decided to do what the Dark Bull did before and began to inhale some of the Dark Bats flying toward him. He then jumped on the right platform and spat out a yellow star at the Dark Bull's eye.

"That's what happens when you try to use a move similar to me!" Chopper declared.

"That should keep the Dark Bull a bit dizzy," Tipral muttered as he snapped his finger and hit the Dark Bull. Sadly, he only hit its body, which didn't seem to make it flinch. "Oh, yes... Now I remember... Their bodies are capable of dealing with things such as fire or ice without it making it feel harmed. I guess they don't feel much from my attacks to its body... But its eye is the only thing that doesn't have those kinds of resistances..."

When the Dark Bull flew down, it flip backwards and fired a purple blade that resembled a moon crescent their way. Chopper decided to inhale it and gain a hold of the Cutter ability, while Sonic used his Sonic Wind and hit the Dark Bull while keeping it vulnerable to his Homing Attack.

Chopper readied his cutter blade as soon as the Dark Bull prepared to charge a dark beam. He quickly threw it and let the blade hit the monster's eye, causing it to flinch and stop charging its attack. He then ran toward it and grabbed the blade while Tipral delivered a shadow punch to the eye.

"I'm surprised how easy this thing is," Sonic realized. "It takes a lot of damage when we attack its eye!"

"Yes, this thing really isn't that hard," Tipral agreed. "But I do think this thing can do a bit more than I thought..."

"Like what exactly?" Chopper asked.

Sonic turned to the Dark Bull, which appeared to look like it was ready to shoot something out of its mouth. More Dark Bats were summoned that flew their way, but then the Dark Bull opened its mouth and began to vomit disgusting green stuff that ended up killing off a couple that were in its way. Also, a small portion of the ground melted off from the vomit too.

"Oh, geez..." Sonic shuddered. "It just vomited, and a small portion of the ground melted off too!"

"What?! Eeeugh..." Chopper gagged. "That's not good..."

"And I didn't even know that," Tipral realized. "If you two want to live, then I would suggest you avoid its vomit."

Despite already knowing this, Chopper and Sonic decided not to talk back and got in their fighting stances. The Dark Bull swung its tail forward and tried to hit Tipral, but it teleported out of the way, leaving Chopper to use his cutter blade to try to counter its attack. Both blades hit and slightly knocked the two away, giving Chopper the chance to throw his blade as fast as he could. It only hit the side of its body, which made a small amount of green blood drip to the ground. A small hole was made through the ground as well.

At this point, they knew that a Dark Bull's blood was like its vomit.

"Oh, man... This might be a problem." Chopper gulped.

"Or you can stop worrying and just fight this thing!" Tipral exclaimed.

Chopper frowned while Sonic charged up his Light Speed Attack. Meanwhile, the Dark Bull swung its tail at Chopper and knocked him away while Tipral jumped off the left platform and fired a Star Spear at its eye, causing it to cringe and recoil. He also threw a shadow ball, but it only hit above its eye, to his dismay.

"OK! I'm ready!" Sonic declared, who was surrounded in some glittering light energy at this point. Chopper decided to attack the Dark Bull by jumping on its eye and then bashing it with his helmet above its eye. Sonic took this as an opportunity to attack, so he went all out on the Dark Bull, but Chopper was also caught in it, which caused him to lose his Cutter ability in the end.

"You should've gotten out of there quicker," Tipral scoffed. "Or maybe that was just you being too foolish..."

"OK, why is it that you always have to be more harsh to me?!" Chopper exclaimed.

"Because of either you and the blue hedgehog, I hate you more. But I can't abandon you either because if I went out alone in The Void, I would not have much of an easy time... Keep that in mind."

"Fine... But don't think I like you either. You DID destroy our worlds, after all."

They were interrupted by the Dark Bull's roar and a purple fireball that hit them both, leaving them with a nasty burn. Chopper decided to fight back by hurling a charged ice ball at the Dark Bull to freeze it. Tipral smashed through the ice and hit the Dark Bull's eye afterward with his Star Punch.

But it wasn't done yet. When Sonic landed near the monster, it swung its tail and sent the blue blur flying back. It also opened its mouth and fired a large dark beam that all three were caught in and took massive damage from it.

"Yeesh! That was one heck of an attack!" Sonic wheezed. "You two think we need to heal ourselves?"

"Well I guess it's for the better," Chopper nodded, taking out a Master Shroom Shake. They each took a sip until the empty can was crushed and thrown at the Dark Bull's head, which surprisingly left it dazed for a moment before it breathed out purple fire. They used the platforms to dodge the fire and attacked its eye at once, making the Dark Bull howl in greater pain than before.

"I think we got it!"

"No, not yet..." Tipral trailed when he noticed the Dark Bull quickly shake its head. "It still has room for a couple of new tricks..."

The Dark Bull started off by flying over to the platform over to the right. The three watched as it vomited on the platform and let it melt away. It then flew above them and prepared to do the same thing to the other platform. Seeing what they saw before, they jumped off just in time when the Dark Bull committed on the platform and melted it away, leaving nothing for them to use.

"Looks like it's just this monster and us now!" Sonic declared as he stood up. "This thing may have a couple of new tricks up its sleeves, but we still have enough strength to take this ugly thing down!"

The Dark Bull roared angrily, which made Chopper cover his antennas because of how loud it was. "OK... I think it wasn't happy with the comments we made on this thing earlier..."

"Who cares? Now stop standing there and fight!" Tipral shouted as he grabbed Chopper's arm and threw him straight at the Dark Bull. Sonic gave Tipral a glare until they saw the Dark Bull get hit in the eye by Chopper's light punch.

The Dark Bull began to inhale again, but to stop it, Tipral threw a shadow ball into its mouth, hoping that it would damage it from the inside. Unfortunately, that did not work when it spat the shadow ball back at him and knocked him back from the group. The Dark Bull flew down and prepared to charge another beam, which suddenly gave Sonic an idea.

"Chopper, maybe while I'm in a ball, you can kick me straight at the Dark Bull's eye!" Sonic suggested. "That might hurt it big time and stop its attack!"

"Ummmm... Are you even sure that that'll work? Especially since we have a limited amount of time."

"The more time we talk, the less time we'll have to attack!"

Chopper quickly nodded and jumped behind Sonic. Once he got in a ball, he started to charge up his Spin Dash. The Dark Bull was getting ready to fire its attack, but when Chopper kicked Sonic at its eye, it ended up screaming in pain and stopped charging its attack.

Tipral teleported back to the two and noticed the damage they've done to the Dark Bull. "Hmph... Not bad. Maybe at this rate we'll have a bigger chance of defeating this monstrosity."

Because the Dark Bull didn't have anything new up its sleeves, it decided to fly over them and squish them with its own weight. Sadly, it was slow, and they were fast, which didn't work out too well for it. Tipral, on the other hand, had a new idea up his sleeve. He teleported Chopper above the Dark Bull and let him stomp on its eye with light energy, while he and Sonic teleported above as well.

"See how you like this!" Sonic grinned as he curled up in a ball and got slammed into the Dark Bull's eye with Tipral's fists. He then finished off his attack by firing two Star Spears at its eye and then stomped on it as well. After getting away from the Dark Bull, it whirled around to them with its eye giving them a look of anger. It turned red, which was what gave them the idea.

"Errr... This might not be good." Chopper gulped.

"So it's only red. Big deal. That's not changing this battle in any way." Tipral stated before firing a Star Spear, which the Dark Bull easily avoided. "Hmmmm... So it looks like it's much faster now."

"That's what I meant by this not being good!"

The Dark Bull roared as it breathed out fire, which was much bigger than before and even scorched Chopper and Tipral. Sonic managed to get away just in time and used his Sonic Wind after the Dark Bull finished. Chopper and Tipral ended up getting caught in it as well, which angered Tipral in the process.

"You should be careful where you use your attacks, hedgehog..." Tipral hissed.

"Sorry 'bout that," Sonic shrugged before ducking under the Dark Bull's tail. It was angered more when they dodged its attack, so it decided to charge at them in order to get them. Tipral teleported out of the way just fine, but Chopper and Sonic ended up getting knocked away and burned in the process due to it breathing fire as well.

After it finished, Sonic had some strength to hit its eye, so he tossed himself at the Dark Bull's eye with a Homing Attack and left it off guard again. Chopper also threw in a fireball and a light ball to burn it and deal additional damage.

"Say, where's Tipral?" Chopper asked. "He ended up teleporting out of the way, but I don't think we've seen him come back..."

"Well he should be coming back," Sonic replied. "Either that, or I have no idea..."

The Dark Bull flew back and spun its body around to hit the two, but before it could hit them, everything suddenly froze in time. The tail was barely touching Chopper and Sonic, and in between them and the Dark Bull, Tipral appeared.

"Well, looks like I came here just in time..." Tipral trailed. "No matter. There's no way I'm going to let this monstrosity live anyway."

He clenched his fists and surrounded himself in Star energy, not caring that this attack would hit his allies. With time frozen in place, he could take his time temporarily charging up the attack.


Tipral unleashed his Star Blast upon both the Dark Bull and Chopper and Sonic once time reverted back to normal, sending both flying away from him. The attack also left both sides exhausted as well, with the Dark Bull being covered in a couple of burns and bruises to its eye.

"Tipral... What did you do?" Chopper wheezed.

"I used something to severely damage the Dark Bull," Tipral answered.

"But we were there!" Sonic shouted. "Don't you have any regard toward us?!"

"If I knew that would kill you, then I wouldn't have used that attack. The Dark Bull, however, looks like it's almost finished."

Chopper got an Ultra Shroom Shake out and took a sip from it to recover 50 HP, and then he gave it to Sonic. They offered some to Tipral, who finished off the drink and disintegrated the can afterward. With that out of the way, they turned back to the Dark Bull, which was coming back their way while summoning a swarm of Dark Bats to help it. At this point, they knew that they were in serious danger.

"No way am I letting this thing get to us again!" Sonic declared. "Come on, Chopper! Let's show this thing what we've got!"

"Yeah!" Chopper shouted while raising a fist. "...What are we going to do?"

"Something we've done before. Get ready to kick me soon!"

While the Dark Bull charged at them, Sonic curled up in a ball and charged up his Spin Dash. Chopper quickly kicked him and sent him flying at the Dark Bull's eye which was enough to stop it from charging and leave it open for another attack. Chopper bolted toward it and did a flip in the air before landing a light slamming kick to its eye, followed by a light ball.

"That's it, this thing's toast," Chopper declared, charging up a rainbow ball and another light ball. "And I've got a few ideas on how to take care of this thing!"

"You've had your chance," Tipral declared, landing near Chopper and kicked him out of the way. "It's time I did a little something!"

While he fired Star Spears at the Dark Bull, Sonic charged up his Light Speed Attack. Tipral gave the Dark Bull no chance as he went all out with his Star powers and left it covered in many more burns thanks to his powerful abilities. He also noticed Sonic readying his Light Speed Attack, so he teleported out of the way to let him make the finishing blow.

"Go ahead, blue hedgehog. Finish it."

"I'm on it! Let's go!" Sonic jumped toward the Dark Bull and unleashed his Light Speed Attack upon it. He kept going for the eye for the most part and didn't give it a chance like Tipral did. Once he was finished, he jumped away from the Dark Bull and watched it let out a scream of pain.

"Well that settles that! That was WAY too easy!"

"Yeah, we destroyed that thing," Chopper agreed. "I don't think Dark's going to be pleased with us!"

Tipral noticed something strange about that Dark Bull, however. "Guys... I think we might have another problem."

"What is it?"

"You should see for yourself, Chopper."

Chopper looked back at the Dark Bull and noticed its body getting bigger. "What the... It's growing bigger!"

"Wait a sec... That thing looks like it's going to explode..." Sonic gaped. "Doesn't this thing have...well..."

"This might not end well..." Tipral raised his arms and put an invisible box around them as the Dark Bull got bigger. While Tipral knew what was going to happen, Chopper and Sonic watched the Dark Bull grow bigger and bigger until...


Chopper and Sonic's eyes widened when they saw the Dark Bull explode and leave all of its nasty green and dangerous blood behind, which began to rain down to the ground. Thankfully, because they were in the invisible box, they were left unharmed by its contagious blood.

"That was gross!" Chopper gagged. "I don't know what's grosser, being kissed by someone like Luvbi, or having to witness this!"

"Honestly, I've never seen anything this bad," Sonic cringed. "Why would it die like THAT?!"

"This is why I put up this barrier. If that blood got over us, chances are we'd be melting by now." Tipral explained after he got rid of the barrier. "You should be lucky that I have Dimentio's barrier power."

"Speaking of Dimentio, I'm surprised we haven't heard him around," Chopper realized. "You'd probably expect him to be around here by now..."

"Well he's dead, so there isn't much that he can do now," Sonic shrugged. "It's all over for him!"

Tipral walked over to the door ahead and gestured them to follow. "If we keep going on from here, we might be able to reach the deeper areas of The Void. And from what I know, it's more dangerous than what we've gone through."

"If only our friends were here to help..." Chopper sighed. "Blade, Kirby, Mario and Luigi... I really miss them."

"I miss them too," Sonic agreed. "Let's make them proud, OK?"


Tipral was about to open the door, but he noticed a purple glow over by the green blood from the Dark Bull. "I see something glowing over there... It's probably nothing important, though."

"A glow? What color is it?" Sonic asked, getting a bit curious.

"It's purple."

Sonic's ears perked up as he quickly ran over to the glowing object, picked it up and then ran back to the two. He showed them the seventh and final Chaos Emerald.

"This is the last Chaos Emerald!" Sonic smiled. "It's great to know that they're all safe! I'm guessing that the Dark Bull ate it."

"Wait a minute, can't you transform into something with those?" Chopper wondered. "Because I saw you do that before."

"Yeah, I can. However, I think it's best that I don't do it now. I'd say it should be for something very important."

"OK, you got your last emerald. Now let's get going." Tipral suggested. "I don't want to be standing here all day..."

Chopper and Sonic finally agreed and followed Tipral through the door. The first thing they were greeted by were two Void Creatures firing at them. Tipral jumped to avoid the shots and fired two Star Spears that hit both enemies and left them off guard. Chopper bounced off their heads and then threw a large light ball down at them to defeat them.

"So... If Dark's in this place too, then where do you think he would be around here?" Sonic wondered.

"Well, we'll have to find out ourselves," Chopper shrugged.

There wasn't too much around the area except for a flat ground and more Void Creatures that were firing away at them. Some were even on some glowing blue platforms above that were apparently moving forward. Tipral wanted to go after them, but they were a bit too far to reach, unfortunately.

"The only thing we can do is avoi-" Tipral stopped when an explosion knocked them away, which apparently came from a Void Creature that was on one of the platforms. Enraged, Tipral fired a Star Spear, but it missed.

"Tipral, you're not going to be able to attack anything above," Chopper noted. "Just forget about it."

"Stay out of this, Chopper," Tipral coldly replied before skating ahead. Chopper let out a sigh and followed ahead, along with Sonic. They happened to notice a Void Slicer throwing its blades their way. Apparently Tipral ignored it and jumped over it.

Sonic dodged the Void Slicer's blades and hit it with a Spin Jump. Chopper jumped on its head and then threw a rainbow ball to destroy it. When they ran past a small mushroom that was glowing blue, they saw a hill going up, with a speed booster there to help them.

Since running up a hill would be difficult when building up speed, they used the speed booster and were running at full speed up the hill. Any Void Creatures that got in their way were blown away instantly.

They found a spring at the top of the hill that launched then to the upper left, where another path was with a hill going up. Sonic decided to get in a ball and use the speed booster to go even faster and plow through the Darklings and Void Creatures that were about to attack.

"I never knew going so fast would make us plow through these guys," Chopper realized.

"Well don't think that this'll happen often," Tipral informed. "Because this might be the last we see of this."

They were launched off another spring that led them to a flat path to the upper right. A Void Swordsman and Void Creature were guarding a locked door that was up ahead. The Void Swordsman started off by throwing its sword, but Chopper inhaled it to gain the Sword ability.

"Only two Void Creatures," Tipral said while cracking his knuckles. "This shouldn't be a problem."

The Void Swordsman got out another sword and charged at the three. Chopper rushed toward the enemy and used his sword to block its attack and then jab at it a couple of times before slashing at the Void Swordsman. Tipral teleported above the Void Creature and dove at it with a Star Kick, followed by a Star Punch that was able to finish it off. Chopper finished off the Void Swordsman by spinning his sword, which he added light energy to it.

"Well, I guess that takes care of 'em," Sonic said before running over to the door. "Too bad this door's locked..."

Chopper decided to check in 3-D, but unfortunately, he didn't find anything around. However, when he moved back over by the edge of the path, he noticed a brick block that wasn't in 2-D. After hitting it, a ladder was drawn, which they could see when they went into 2-D.

"That solves one thing," Chopper declared. "Now let's climb this thing."

The three climbed the ladder to a platform where a door was revealed to be in 3-D. Upon entering it, they were in a small area with a black Megabyte enemy called a Petabyte that was flying around and trying to ram into them.

"Oh... Not these kinds of things... Luigi would've been very helpful against these monsters..."

"There's only one, so it should be too bad," Sonic assured, waiting for the Petabyte to come down and come their way. He got in a ball and struck it with a Homing Attack, followed by Tipral snapping his fingers afterward to hit it with Star Magic. Sonic finished it off with his Bounce Attack, in which it dropped a Void Key. Sonic caught it before it even hit the ground.

"Don't worry! I've got the key!"

"Now we can get moving," Tipral said while he opening the door to leave. Chopper and Sonic followed him out and returned to the locked door. Sonic unlocked the door and opened it to the next area.

The next area appeared to be tunnel-like, with the ceiling at a low level. Up ahead were some black and purple striped barrels that were moving up and down through the ceiling. One thing for sure was that they do not want to get crushed by that thing if they stood below it.

"Barrels... Yup. Now I'm remembering Carnival Night Zone..." Sonic sighed. "That was such an excellent time."

"What do you mean by that?" Chopper asked.

"That was sarcasm, you know."

"Oh..." Chopper blinked before running over to the first barrel. He waited for it to go up into the ceiling before going through. Sonic got through it by using his Spin Dash, while Tipral simply teleported past it.

Past that barrel were two barrels in a slightly larger part of the tunnel moving in opposite directions. The bottom barrel was moving on the small pit and leading over to a ledge ahead. The top barrel was in their way, so once it was away, they jumped into the small pit and jumped over the bottom barrel.

Once they got to the ledge, they moved on ahead to avoid getting crushed by the barrels. They reached an even larger area in the tunnel and saw a barrel on the wall. It wasn't going through the floor, since that small section the barrel was in appeared to be moveable.

Chopper landed on the barrel and noticed it move up and down. There happened to be a ledge above them, but it was too high for any of them to reach. Tipral couldn't even teleport that, high, considering that his teleportation was a bit limited without the Dark Star Scepter.

He continued to jump on the barrel, but it didn't appear to be reaching the ledge. In fact, it wasn't even close.

"What's going on? Is there something that needs to be done?" Chopper wondered. "I keep jumping on it, but it won't go up!"

"I'll handle this," Tipral threw Chopper off the barrel and used his Star powers to land a Star Jump in order to make it move down more. Unfortunately, not even that worked. Chopper ended up going into 3-D while Sonic pondered over the barrel. He saw something like this before when he was in Carnival Night Zone, but it was something he wanted to forget.

Now he wished he never forgot.

"Great... I forgot how this thing works." Sonic face palmed. "I know it had to do something"

"Great. The hedgehog doesn't have a clue." Tipral sighed. He noticed Chopper come back into 3-D. "So... I suppose you have some ideas."

"Well, I found some sign..." Chopper trailed. "It said something about that barrel, though. Something about moving up and down. Something about using the D-Pad to move the barrel up and down?"

He jumped back on the barrel and pondered for a moment. "D-Pad... Hold on, maybe the 'Great Being Who Watches Us' can help us with this? ...Or someone from a far dimension?"

To their surprise, the barrel began to move up and down. Each time it moved, it went higher and lower. There happened to be a secret area below with a chest and a pipe. The chest had a Max Shroom Shake, and the pipe brought him back to the barrel. With that, they used the barrel to reach the ledge and run into some rubble that was on a hill going down.

Sonic decided to roll into a ball and go down the hill while ripping away some of the rubble. Chopper and Tipral followed him down and went through a loop that led them to a door that was guarded by a Darkling and Void Creature.

Chopper decided to fight the Darkling, so he jumped above the enemy and thrusted his sword downward. Unfortunately, his attacked was dodged, and he ended up getting hit by an electric spell that the Darkling fired. It even began to laugh at him until Tipral hit it with a shadow stomp.

The Void Creature was having a tough time trying to hit Sonic, since he was attacking it at a fast pace. He even slowed it down even more when he used his Whirlwind. This sent the Void Creature flying up in the air and allowed Sonic to finish it off with his Homing Attack.

"Well that was easy," Sonic said while Chopper and Tipral finished the Darkling. Sonic immediately opened the door, and the three reached the next area and found a couple of pillars in their way. Sonic tried to smash them with his Spin Dash, but they appeared to be too strong for him.

"Hmmmm... Well, let's look in 3-D." Chopper flipped into 3-D, but there were even pillars in 3-D blocking his way. However, he noticed something that was up ahead. Something they saw before in this dark world. "Say... Isn't that the Doom's Eye thing that we saw before?"

"Really?" Tipral approached the pillar and cracked his knuckles. "I might as well knock these down. I think I have the strength to do that!"

He slammed his fist on the pillar in front of him using his Star power, causing it to fall over, along with the other pillars. There were a couple of Void Creatures that were crushed by the pillars, but Doom's Eye was the only thing that didn't appear to be crushed.

"Hmmmm? Now what do we have here?" Doom's Eye turned and saw the three coming its way. "So they defeated the Dark Bull... Such a disappointment, but what else was there to expect?"

"All right, Dark! It's over!" Sonic declared. "There's nowhere else to go!"

"Sonic, that's not really Dark... That's that...thing he's using." Chopper whispered.

"...Oh. Whoops! But seriously, Dark. Why not just show yourself rather than use that Doom's Eye?"

"Oh, don't worry, I'm not too far from where you are," Doom's Eye replied. "In fact, I believe I'm reaching the deepest and darkest point of The Void!"

"And that means the True Chaos Heart is closer," Tipral added. "Look, Dark. We don't need you to waste our time. Just get out of the way."

"If we meet, I'll let you through, but for Chopper and Sonic... Their fates will be unknown!"

"Unknown fates? Well I'm not letting that stop me!" Chopper declared, walking past Doom's Eye and swinging his sword to knock it to the ground. This left Doom's Eye angry and forced it to shoot a red laser from its eye at Chopper, destroying his Sword ability in the process.

"Hey! Not cool!" Sonic retorted, using a Homing Attack to hit Doom's Eye and send it flying away. Doom's Eye was about to fly back and attack, but it decided that it should simply move on.

When the three saw this, they hurried on ahead, running through a loop in their way and a glowing platform that created a dark glowing staircase for them to go up. Some Void Bats were getting in their way, but Chopper destroyed them by throwing a couple of light balls to destroy them.

When they reached the ledge at the top of the staircase, they noticed something different about the door. It appeared to be much darker, and it even had a large, black heart embedded in it too. To them, it resembled the Chaos Heart.

That meant they were getting closer...

But when they went through the door, they saw a door up ahead, as well as a yellow ? block and a Save Block. The yellow ? block contained a Master Shroom that recovered 200 HP, and afterward, Chopper hit the Save Block to save their game. The door ahead appeared to be slightly bigger in size too, which was interesting to them too.

"Hmmmmmm... Yes, I'm sensing the way up ahead is much more dangerous." Tipral informed. "And with only three of us, it's not going to be easy."

"Then let's not waste time and get a move on," Chopper suggested. "We don't have much time to lose!"

After exchanging nods, they headed through the door.

Next area-

The three noticed that the area they entered was not very large, but it was much bigger than the previous area they were in. The dark sky continued to loom over them, with the dark lightning getting more intense.

And the door up ahead was darker just like the previous two doors.

"Hmmmm? So, you showed up quicker than I thought." Dark remarked, noticing them coming out through the door. "Such a shame... I was expecting to go further in, but stopping you was another thing I had planned anyway."

"I believe you won't be doing any stopping," Chopper stated as he and the other two approached him. "We need to go on ahead."

"And let my enemies through easily? I'm afraid not." Dark drew his blaster and aimed it at Chopper's head. "I swear, I should've ended your game sooner than before. You're lucky to make it all the way here..."

"Well, what you sent after us wasn't a match for us," Sonic shrugged. "You're just not doing your job well."

"Not doing a good job? Well, maybe you might want to ask my brother about that. He's the one that stole my damn army in the first place! That Dark Bull was one of the only things I had left!"

"Your brother? Ah, yes..." Tipral pondered. "We actually found out some very interesting information about him."

"Really? I would like to know this, Tipral."

"It seems Shade is not exactly who you think he is. He's actually a parasite that drains the body of someone and uses it for itself. He said to your father that he was your brother, but mixed with the wrong DNA. And his real name is actually Drakonari."

"So, let me get this straight... This whole time, Shade was never actually..."

"You're correct. He's not your brother."

Dark clenched his fist and grit his teeth in rage. "I swear... I'm going to find that bastard and make him pay for taking my army AND my life! I'm going to rip him apart!"

"Shade is already dead. He ended up killing himself."

"Damn... I was hoping to do it myself. Well, I guess I can let this anger out by ending your games, Chopper and Sonic! Especially you, Sonic... If I there's a person I hate more than Shade, it would be you..."

"What for?" Sonic gawked.

"You were partly responsible for stopping the Black Arms invasion, and you helped Shadow defeat my father. Plus, you even did some serious damage to some of my Dark Creature bases as well, which nearly sabotaged my plans! And even then, I can't stand your personality. I think it's too annoying."

"Are you asking for a challenge?"

"If that's what you think, then yes," Dark grinned as Doom's Eye flew to him. "I can deal with Chopper later. You, on the other hand, are a major nuisance and deserve to have your game end by my hands! Plus, fighting only you might be more enjoyable for me!"

"All right, then! If that's what you want, then that's what you'll get!" Sonic declared.

"Sonic... You don't have to do this..." Chopper trailed. "I should help you."

"No way! If our friends got to take on some on their own, then I can do the same thing. They managed to beat them, so I'm pretty sure I can do the same thing as well. And even if I lose, Dark might be weakened, and it might be easy for you to beat him."

"Oh, I don't think that'll actually do much," Dark smirked. "I decided to bring a little something that would help me just in case I ran into you guys. And I'm sure that it will be enough to guarantee me victory!"

"So you brought something to make a fight interesting, huh? Well then this is just the fight for me!" Sonic smirked. "I just happen to have a little something that I can use to fight as well!"

Sonic took out the seven Chaos Emeralds and let them circle him. He jumped in the air and took in the Chaos Emerald's power, turning his blue fur into a golden yellow, while his quills were flowing upward instead. Dark seemed a bit surprised, but he seemed to grin afterward.

"The Chaos Emeralds? You know, even in your super form, my Dark Emerald's power could possibly surpass your form!"

"Oh, really? Then show me!" Super Sonic challenged.

"Sonic, are you sure you want to do this alone?" Chopper asked.

"Don't worry too much about me, Chop. I've faced Dark before, and I still know his strategies that he's used before. You might want to leave this area, though... This fight might get rough."


Tipral grabbed Chopper and dragged him over to the left door without saying a word. With them out of the way, all that was left was Super Sonic and Dark.

"You know, you can't protect your friends forever," Dark stated. "Just because Chopper isn't here doesn't mean he'll be safe, especially when you're finished!"

"There's no way I'm going to let you harm him or anyone else," Super Sonic growled while clenching a fist. "After all the damage you've caused to the people of Mobius, it's time we put an end to this!"

"Yes... I agree with you. However, let me get myself ready too." Dark snapped a finger, which made Doom's Eye get absorbed into the Dark Emerald. He grabbed the emerald and let himself absorb its power. His third eye opened, creating a flash that surrounded Dark in complete darkness.

"What the heck?!"

When the darkness faded away, Super Sonic saw Dark was completely black, with curved spikes on his large shoulders, three purple eyes, a larger moon crescent on his head, and deadly claws and feet. To him, it looked like a demon as if it was its shadow.

"I see you're surprised," Dark grinned, showing his sharp teeth. "Dimentio may have had some immense power when he threw me in with the Chaos Heart, but did you have any ideas on what I could do with this power on my own?"

"You don't even look like the abomination Dimentio turned you into."

"That's because I'm using the Dark Emerald's power at its fullest. It can open my third eye fully and transform me into the perfect demonic Dark Creature – which is the strongest of all Dark Creatures! You're now looking at Perfect Dark Doom!"

"It's just your name with 'perfect' added into it... Well, whatever. Freaky look aside, let's do this!"

Perfect Dark smirked and drew a purple blade that he also got from the Dark Emerald's power. He dashed toward Super Sonic and tried to lunge at him with the blade, but the golden hedgehog flew out of the way and got in a ball to try to hit him. Perfect Dark saw this coming and grabbed a hold of him before throwing him back. He then charged up some dark energy in his hand and hurled it Super Sonic's way.

Super Sonic hit the door, and once he saw the dark energy coming his way, he flew over it and charged at Perfect Dark again. Since Perfect Dark wasn't fast like him, he knew the fight wouldn't be too bad. But, when he noticed his stats, Super Sonic realized that the fight might be a lot harder than what he was expecting.

"A Max HP of 580, an Attack of 23 and a Defense of 12? Oh, boy... This might not be good..." Sonic thought.

"Let's see what this blade can do," Perfect Dark smirked as he swung it and fired a dark wave of sword energy Super Sonic's way. He brought his arms up to defend the attack, but it wasn't enough and pushed him back. As Super Sonic, he didn't have many new moves except for flying and extra speed, but Perfect Dark was completely different... He was nothing like Dimentio Doom, that's for sure.

Perfect Dark dashed Super Sonic's way and lunged at him with his blade. All Super Sonic did was boost upward and then downward to hit Perfect Dark in the head with his own head. It made him fall over, but it didn't stop him from trying to attack Super Sonic with dark energy.

"You may have super sonic speed to help you, but this power is unlike anything you've seen before!" Perfect Dark hissed as he got up. "It's nothing like my father's transformation either..."

"Well, you know what they say: speed triumphs power!" Super Sonic smirked.

"Yes, keep thinking that, Sonic... I'm sure it'll do you no good in the end."

Perfect Dark stepped back and threw his blade at Super Sonic, followed by firing a purple Swift Strike that not only hit Super Sonic, but made his blade go faster and hit the golden hedgehog as well. He cast a grin before doing a flip in the air and catching his blade. He kicked his Swift Strike further while Super Sonic ended up near the door.

Super Sonic noticed the Swift Strike coming faster his way, but instead of dodging it, he had an idea. His boost attack would knock projectiles back. It was something he would usually do when he was fighting against Eggman. Though, this was more of a purple blade, which isn't something he knocked away before.

He decided to give it a try and used his boost to hit the Swift Strike. Sadly, it didn't work, and it only caught him in the attack and got him knocked back to the door again. Perfect Dark seemed satisfied and started to approach his opponent.

"Not too super now, are you?" Perfect Dark scoffed. "And this is the same person who defeated Perfect Chaos in his super form!"

Super Sonic pushed himself off the door and flew up before Perfect Dark could make another move. It didn't bother Perfect Dark too much, but he did not expect to be attacked from behind from Super Sonic's boost. This made him fall over on his face while Super Sonic landed in front of him and prepared to charge up a Spin Dash.

Perfect Dark would've attacked Super Sonic, but he was hit by his Spin Dash. This instantly brought him up, but Super Sonic turned back and hit Perfect Dark again and left him dazed.

Super Sonic got out of his ball form and clenched his fist, shouting "Super Sonic Wind!" to make a yellow gust of wind hit Perfect Dark and even lift him off the ground. He took this time to dive down at the yellow hedgehog with a powerful, dark kick that Super Sonic dodged easily.

"Heh heh... Now THIS is what I want to see from you!" Perfect Dark smirked. "At first, I thought you weren't doing too much. This fight should get more interesting!"

"Well, I have faced monstrous things before in my super form, and you're nothing different," Super Sonic mentioned. "But enough of that. I don't want our talking to interrupt our battle!"

"For once, I agree with you."

Perfect Dark aimed his blade to the ground and struck it, causing a wave of dark energy to come Super Sonic's way. He simply flew over it and knocked Perfect Dark away with his boost attack. Nothing too special.

He decided to make another move, but Perfect Dark made his move first and used a revolving kick to keep Super Sonic off guard to allow him to grab a hold of him and throw him to the ground headfirst. Perfect Dark knocked him back while he was on the ground with a powerful kick.

"Did I mention my martial arts are much better than before?" Perfect Dark mentioned. "It comes with an all-new hedgehog ass kicking!"

Super Sonic got up, and once he faced Perfect Dark, he noticed him take two blasters out and fired at him at a fast pace. The lasers he fired were more of a reddish purple, but that was nothing important. He simply flew around to dodge the shots while Perfect Dark cast an evil grin, as if he was enjoying this.

"I could do this all day if I wanted to," Perfect Dark said. "Especially to you!"

"And I could fly around all day avoiding your shots," Super Sonic shot back. "...Or I can do this!"

Super Sonic flew behind Perfect Dark and spun around him to create a yellow tornado. His Whirlwind ended up lifting him off the air and allowing Super Sonic to hit him a couple of times in his ball form. After one more hit, Perfect Dark was able to kick Super Sonic and knock him away. His Whirlwind also wore off as well.

Perfect Dark conjured up more dark energy and fired it Super Sonic's way before he landed on the ground. Since the yellow hedgehog was already hit and open for another attack, he was hit by Perfect Dark's dark energy. Thankfully, he had no problem flying back up and charging a Spin Dash while he was still in the air.

"A Spin Dash in the air?" Perfect Dark gawked. "That is very unexpected..."

However, that didn't stop him from making a plan of his own. He threw his fist to the ground and created a dark shield that protected him. Once Super Sonic charged at him, he was left unharmed and let the shield do its job. Super Sonic, on the other hand, was left a bit shocked.

"What the... How did you..." Super Sonic paused when he noticed the shield around Perfect Dark. "...Oh, wait, it's a shield."

"Well, you noticed that very quickly. I thought you'd be questioning why you couldn't hurt me." Perfect Dark said. "Well, I suppose I should show you a little something new now that I'm invulnerable!"

With a snap of his finger, Perfect Dark was surrounded by a couple of dark blades that began to circle him. He began to approach Super Sonic as well and fired the dark blades toward him when he noticed him fly back. They missed, but it didn't bother him too much. After all, his shield kept him invincible!

But Super Sonic probably had what it took to break through a shield like that. He curled up in a ball and threw himself at Perfect Dark, but he ended up bouncing away after hitting it. It seemed to flash a bit, but Perfect Dark didn't notice and simply grinned at the hedgehog.

"Just give up now, Sonic," Perfect Dark suggested. "I'm already powerful in this form! You? You don't have many new attacks in your super form!"

"Well, just because I don't have many other attacks doesn't make me weaker," Super Sonic smirked before charging at Perfect Dark. Since his shield flashed before, he was wondering what would happen if he hit it again by boosting.

This time, the shield shattered, making Perfect Dark's eyes widen. "What the hell? My shield is broken?"

"Looks like your shield isn't as great as you said it was. Oh well..."

"But that's not going to make me give up so easily," Perfect Dark hissed as he surrounded himself with a couple of blades, causing Super Sonic to back away. But he wasn't done there just yet. Using his cape, he teleported out of Super Sonic's sight and appeared above him.

He brought his blade down and managed to deal greater damage to Super Sonic when it sent him flying back. Also, the blades Perfect Dark had around him hurt him as well, which did even more damage. He then fired them at Super Sonic, but he got up and knocked a couple of blades back at Perfect Dark with his boost, causing him to get hurt instead.


Super Sonic managed to hit him with his boost afterward, and while Perfect Dark was still off guard, he charged up his Light Speed Attack and managed to unleash it upon him. This left Perfect Dark in a bit of a bad condition but Super Sonic was also in a bit of a bad condition too.

"Well, looks like someone's throwing all they've got at me," Perfect Dark said. "Although, I'm not sure if you'll keep doing that..."

"What do you mean?" Super Sonic asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Don't you know what your super form uses? Rings! And I assure you that you probably don't have enough rings to last this whole fight."

Super Sonic's eyes widened upon the thought. Perfect Dark saw his expression and gave a grin. "Which is a shame, because I don't think I've shown you everything on this form! Well, I might as well finish this..."

Perfect Dark began to charge up some dark energy, but instead of fighting, Super Sonic flew off. This caused Perfect Dark to stop and watch the yellow blur get smaller every second.

"Hmph... So he thinks he can go find more rings, huh? Heh heh heh... I should follow him!"

Perfect Dark's cape transformed into black and purple demonic wings, in which he used to take off and go after Super Sonic. He was a bit surprised to see him already find some rings in the sky. So apparently some rings left from Mobius were able to survive in The Void just fine.

"Dang, you can fly too?!" Super Sonic gaped. "...Well, it doesn't matter too much. I've just gotten enough rings to fight back, so don't expect this fight to get any easier!"

Perfect Dark gave his response by firing at Super Sonic with his two blasters. Of course, he was able to dodge every shot, but he was not able to dodge a kick to the face delivered by the hedgehog at a very fast pace. Super Sonic even hit him with a Homing Attack, which was also very painful to him.

At this point, Perfect Dark was not having an easy time with fighting against Super Sonic. With the rings he collected, he certainly got much stronger. But then again, his rings could be knocked away...

Perfect Dark decided to try this out and waited for Super Sonic to charge at him. He put up another shield, but it ended up being pointless when it got shattered anyway. But this gave him his chance to attack. When Super Sonic was about to fly back, he delivered a kick to the yellow hedgehog, and then he hurled dark energy at him afterward. He noticed a couple of rings get knocked out of him.

"Well, Sonic! It looks like your super form can lose more rings if I deal enough damage!" Perfect Dark grinned. "So much for being stronger!"

"Crud... I forgot about that." Super Sonic mumbled. "Thankfully, there are plenty of rings here for me to get, so I won't worry too much about that."

Not caring about what Super Sonic said, he flew backwards and began to fire dark energy at Super Sonic. It wasn't much, because the super-powered hedgehog was able to dodge them and boost into Perfect Dark. He tried to bring up his arms for defense, but it didn't seem to be enough.

"Stupid hedgehog... Why do you have to be so damn fast?" Perfect Dark cursed.

"Hey, there's one thing I always wondered about you," Super Sonic said. "Something about you and being half Dark Creature and half hedgehog."

"That whole idea?" Perfect Dark hissed as he approached Super Sonic and punched his stomach with his dark power. "That is one thing I refuse to tell ANYONE!"

"Guh... Well, how are you half hedgehog and half alien? Was your mother a hedgehog?"

"...Yes. She was. Those events were all before my father invaded Earth."

"I see... Well where were you born anyway?"

"On Mobius. However, many Mobians in my town accused my mother of being a danger after I was born, so they took her and killed her. As for me... They decided to let nature kill me by throwing me into the river. While they thought I was dangerous, they could not simply kill a baby."

"Huh... I never knew this..."

"That's because I never tell anyone about my past. Anyway, my father, Black Doom, ended up discovering me when he sensed one of his kind on Mobius, so he took me back and raised me to become this! After he and the Black Arms fell, it was only me left, so I decided to create my new army by using some of my DNA. I called them Dark Creatures. As for the Dark Emerald... It was a gift from him for me to use to crush anyone in my way, such as you, Sonic..."

Perfect Dark opened his hand and fired dark energy at Super Sonic, which knocked him away. "First I'll destroy you, and then once all worlds are gone, I can finally repair my army and make a world suitable just for me!"

"You know... I don't think that can happen now..." Super Sonic said as he charged into Perfect Dark with a boost. "With Tipral no longer having the Chaos Heart in his hands, the only option to stop the rampaging heart is to destroy it. If not, we'll all lose our games in the end..."

"If that's true, then I'll focus on what I want to do right now: end your game!"

Perfect Dark flew above Super Sonic and began to hurl dark lightning down at him. He ended up getting hit by at least one of his attacks, but the others he was able to quickly avoid. This left Perfect Dark frustrated – especially after Super Sonic hit him with a Homing Attack. His frustration also led him to miss a punch.

Super Sonic felt a little more confident in himself, so he decided to fly above Perfect Dark and boost into him from above. Perfect Dark saw this coming and threw his fist upward to hit Super Sonic. He was left slack-jawed, unable to question how he was able to hit him when he was boosting toward him so fast.

"Take this!" Perfect Dark howled, firing a couple of small meteors at the super-powered hedgehog. The meteors appeared to be moving much faster than before, and it was rather difficult for Super Sonic to dodge. All but three were able to hit him and make him fly back.

And while that happened, Perfect Dark aimed his blasters and fired a couple of shots at him to leave him a bit satisfied. He even charged a shot and fired at the hedgehog, but at that point, he completely forgot Super Sonic's ability to knock things back at someone with his boost, and that is exactly what he did. This left Perfect Dark off guard and in pain from his own attack, and it let Super Sonic send him flying back with his boost.

Noticing his HP, Super Sonic took out a Master Shroom Shake and drank it to recover 200 HP. Seeing this baffled Perfect Dark, so he took action by charging into him and also grabbing a hold of him.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" Super Sonic gaped.

"You obviously have more of an advantage in the air," Perfect Dark stated. "It's time to change that!"

He began to fly down, with Super Sonic's head pointing down to the ground below. Before Perfect Dark could crash into the ground, he threw Super Sonic and made him hit the ground instead. Once he landed, his wings turned back into his cape and performed a revolving kick that hit the yellow hedgehog in the process. Not even his quills were protecting him!

Even with the HP recovery, Super Sonic was still likely to lose most of his HP. Perfect Dark wasn't looking too well either, especially since he was covered in a couple of bruises from Super Sonic's attacks. And he was probably going to get even more if the fight continues.

Perfect Dark surrounded himself in another dark shield while readying his dark blade as he coldly hissed, "You're going down!"

He let out a scream as he used his cape to teleport above Super Sonic and bring his blade down. While he missed, he teleported again above Super Sonic and tried to hit him. This process repeated a couple of times until Perfect Dark was able to hit Super Sonic and then deliver a kick to his stomach with as much force as he had.

At this point, Super Sonic knew that Perfect Dark was getting exhausted, and the only way for him to win was to throw everything he had.

"Someone's getting a little angry now..." Super Sonic gaped.

"And that anger won't go until I destroy you!" Perfect Dark yelled. "Do you even realize what I've been through ever since I joined Tipral's side? It started off nice, but my so-called 'brother' just HAD to ruin it for me! That's probably NOTHING compared to what you've been through!"

When Perfect Dark tried to punch Super Sonic, he was able to grab a hold of his arm to stop him from hitting him. However, he was struggling, because his arm was shaking. "Believe me, Dark... You may have gone through a lot, but I've been through a lot myself throughout this quest."

"Oh really? And what would that be?"

"My world... Or rather, our world was destroyed by The Void. Not only that, but all of my friends from Mobius are now gone."

"That's it? That's hardly any- Wait, our world?" Perfect Dark's eyes widened in shock. He knew he wanted to let his enemy suffer, but even then, causing harm to him actually caused harm to himself as well. Mobius was where he lived, after all.

"Yes, and that was all Tipral's doing. We can end this right here and stop the True Chaos Heart together."

Perfect Dark thought for a second, but his thoughts of destroying his enemy came to him first, leading him to fire dark energy at Super Sonic to knock him away. "There's no way I'm going to help you. Even if Mobius got restored, there would be the part where I had to deal with you. Kill you first, and then I can rule Mobius with ease!"

"Unghhh... You just don't understand..." Super Sonic moaned before quickly getting up. "Fine. I guess I have no choice but to defeat you."

Perfect Dark grinned and threw his blade while firing some meteors directly at Super Sonic. He flew over the obstacles and knocked some meteors that came in contact with him away at Perfect Dark. His shield shattered after one meteor, and the rest Super Sonic knocked away hit him. He noticed him taking deep breaths as he slouched forward a little.

"I can't let myself fall in defeat yet... That annoying hedgehog is not going to win!"

When Perfect Dark caught his blade, he jumped in the air and then came down to create a dark shockwave. Since Super Sonic was off the ground it didn't do a thing to him. It even gave him a chance to knock him back with a Spin Dash. He followed up by kicking Perfect Dark in the face, which ended up leaving a small amount of green blood to drip from his mouth,

Super Sonic readied himself as Perfect Dark got up, wiped the blood below his mouth, and lunged forward with his fist. However, instead of actually punching Super Sonic, he grabbed a hold of his legs and started to swing him around in a way O'Chunks would. But instead of letting go, Perfect Dark threw him to the ground and began to fire at him with his blasters.


Perfect Dark seemed satisfied, but not satisfied enough. He jumped and performed an angled downward kick on Super Sonic as soon as he got up. He got his blasters ready and began to fire, but sadly, his attack missed when Super Sonic was able to get up and kick him in the face. He grinned as Perfect Dark was sent flying to the door to the left.

"You know, Sonic..." Perfect Dark began. "You still have to worry about your ring count. We're down here, and you probably don't have the time to grab more rings!"

"Yeah, yeah, keep thinking that," Super Sonic said while rubbing below his nose. "I DO believe I've got a new move I haven't shown!"

"Too bad I won't get to see it," Perfect Dark aimed his two blasters at Super Sonic and began to fire. The yellow hedgehog grinned and clenched his fist.

"Time Stop!"

Everything suddenly went frozen, with the laser blasts Perfect Dark fired near Super Sonic's face. He shrugged it off as he flew back up into the sky and came back after ten seconds to hit Perfect Dark with a Homing Attack before his ability wore off. The Dark Creature overlord almost gaped when he found himself in more pain.

"What the hell?! What did you just do?! And did my attack just miss?!"

"It was my Time Stop ability," Super Sonic explained. "And now I've got plenty of more rings! I think it should be enough to defeat you..."

Perfect Dark clenched his fists in anger while he grit his teeth. He fired dark energy at his enemy, but his Sonic Wind was able to get to him first. But despite that, Super Sonic ended up getting hit by his attack in the end. Perfect Dark used this opportunity to teleport above his enemy and perform an overhead slash as he came down on top of Super Sonic. He managed to hit him every time and after he finished, Super Sonic was left pretty bruised.

"Well, look at you, Sonic!" Perfect Dark chuckled. "You're not looking good, are you?"

"You're not looking any better," Super Sonic shot back. "But seriously, you'd rather destroy me than actually bring back our world?!"

"Of course. Better to get rid of you first, because you're already here. It would be a waste of time to just destroy the True Chaos Heart if I still have to deal with you. You're not going to convince me in any way, hedgehog!"

Super Sonic let out a sigh and clenched his fists. "Fine. If that's how you want to do it, then it looks like I have no other choice..."

He curled up in a ball and began to charge up an attack that made him get surrounded in a yellow glow. When Perfect Dark saw this, he swung his arms back and began to charge up a powerful attack in his hands. There was no way he was going to let this hedgehog finish him like this.

"I hope you're ready for this, Sonic!" Perfect Dark exclaimed. "Because this will end our battle once and for all!"

The glow around Super Sonic got bigger, and it was also burning more rings faster than before. But he needed this much rings if he was going to use this powerful attack. And if Perfect Dark had a powerful attack coming, he was going to need a lot of power to even counter it!

With all the power charged, he threw himself toward Perfect Dark, but he also had his attack charged and fired a dark beam his way. Super Sonic was caught in the beam, and it was definitely causing harm to him, as well as making his ring count get lower every second.

"I can't let this attack stop me!" Super Sonic thought. "I NEED to win this fight."

Super Sonic tried to get closer to Perfect Dark, while he was trying to drain the ring energy out of him. He noticed Super Sonic's eyes being shut tight and his gritting teeth, which gave a sign to him that he was in pain. This motivated him more to annihilate Super Sonic.

"I can keep this up all day," Perfect Dark cackled. "You? You're just going to run out of rings!"

Super Sonic pushed himself forward, but maybe, just MAYBE he could throw in something to distract Perfect Dark. His Sonic Wind could probably do something about it, but he was unsure. But he decided to try it out anyway, and it succeeded. Perfect Dark was caught off guard, and his attack was getting weaker.

"What did you just do?!"

Super Sonic grinned and pushed himself forward and crashed straight into Perfect Dark with full force. Instead of knocking him back, the Dark Emerald came out of him and fell to the ground, letting it shatter in the process. Dark also fell face flat on the ground in defeat before Super Sonic landed in front of him.

With the ring energy burnt away, the Chaos Emeralds left Sonic and turned him back to normal. The seven emeralds were scattered on the ground, and Sonic couldn't help but let out a sigh.

"Excellent! Simply excellent!" the unknown voice cackled after another click. "This means I just need two more, and everything will be ready for me! However... I don't think getting these last two will be as easy..."

"My Dark Emerald... Shattered..." Dark gaped. "And I let myself lose like this!"

"Well, I didn't want to have to resort to that," Sonic wheezed. "But you have to face it: you lost."

Dark slowly got up and wheezed as well. "Very well... I admit defeat. I acknowledge your ability to take me on, even in my perfect form.

"I'm glad you've learned something. ...Well, there's one thing I don't think you understand yet."

"About Mobius getting destroyed? Perhaps I will say something to Tipral about that. And Sonic?"


"All that stuff regarding my past... Don't share it with anyone. That's just between you and me!"

Sonic gave him a nod before they heard the door behind Sonic open. Chopper and Tipral walked through the door and approached the two.

"Sonic..." Chopper trailed.

"It's all right. I managed to win...and maybe Dark may have learned a little something from this fight."

"Oh, really?" Tipral questioned, crossing his arms.

"Tipral," Dark started. "When it came to destroying all worlds, didn't you realize that one of your enemy's worlds belonged to one of your minions?"

Tipral seemed rather surprised. "You never told me that you lived on Mobius. You said absolutely nothing about it. And even then, I would've given you your own world – until the plan backfired, which ended in this."

Dark realized that he was right. He didn't tell him that he lived on Mobius. He raised his arm to say something else, but they felt the area tremor. This was not a safe place to be in anymore...

"Uh oh... We better get out of here!" Chopper gulped.

"Yes, I would have to agree," Tipral nodded, making his way past Chopper, Sonic and Dark. "I don't want to waste time here."

Chopper walked past Sonic and Dark and made his way over to Tipral, while Sonic and Dark were following. But because of their weak state, they couldn't move as fast, which Sonic was surprised with. Dark was going the slowest because he was in an even weaker state than Sonic.

But Sonic couldn't progress any further when he heard a scream and something that sounded like something was getting ripped open. He turned his head and saw Dark grabbing a hold of the ground, trying to prevent himself from getting sucked into the dark portal that tore through the background.

"Unnggh... How did this portal appear?!" Dark exclaimed, struggling to hold on.

Sonic himself was getting sucked in slightly, and noticing Dark in this situation did not make him feel good. Once Dark lost his grip, Sonic sprang into action and grabbed a hold of his arm while trying to move away from the portal.

"S-Sonic... What're you doing?!"

"Trying to save you," Sonic answered, cringing as he tried to keep going. But with the portal getting bigger, he was not progressing any further.

Chopper even heard the screams before he could open the door and gaped at what he was seeing. "Sonic!"

"Unnnghhhh... C-Chopper!" Sonic wheezed. "Just go! You don't have time to spring into action and try to help me!"

"No way! I'm NOT leaving you behind! You're one of my last friends left, and I don't want to lose you!"

"Look, I understand it's hard to just leave me behind like this, but there's something more important for you to do! The others were willing to risk their lives to help us, and I can do the same for you."

"I know, but it just makes me feel guilty to leave my friends behind..." Chopper trailed while hanging his head low. "It feels like I could do something to help you."

"Believe me, Chopper... None of us would want you to help us when we're in this situation when all worlds are getting destroyed. Put yourself in mine and everyone else's situation right now. Would you want your friends to continue on without them?"

"Ummmmmmm... I guess you have a point, Sonic... But I just don't want to lose you just like the others!"

"Believe me... I don't want to lose you or any of my friends either. But, it's a risk I'm willing to take."

Chopper was silent for a moment until he felt someone grab a hold of his arm. "We don't have time to be standing here making choices all day! If you can't make a decision, then I'll make it for you!"

"Tipral!" Chopper gaped. "Stop! Now!"

Tipral refused to listen and dragged Chopper through the door. The pale green Star Warrior looked back at his hedgehog friend in sadness as the door shut behind him. Only Sonic and Dark were left, along with the dark portal trying to suck them in. Sonic even felt some sadness in him too.

"So what now, hedgehog?" Dark asked. "At this rate, we're both going to die! And we could've used their help!"

"If we asked for their help, we'd be putting them in more danger," Sonic explained. "And if they were caught in here, who else would stop the True Chaos Heart?"

"Hmmmm... I suppose you have a point. You know, for someone annoying, you aren't as stupid as I thought."

"Well, my friend Tails is much smarter than me. I think he has some more interesting things to say if you're thinking about learning something."

Dark growled at him before Sonic was slowly getting sucked in. Dark noticed his feet getting caught in the portal. Unfortunately, there was no escape in the end, and both Sonic and Dark were sucked into the portal before it closed.

Through the door-

When Chopper and Tipral were out of the previous area, they heard the loud tremor stop, and they heard a loud thud there as well. Chopper slowly turned around and decided to attempt to open the door.

No luck.

"Ohhh..." Chopper moaned. "Blade... Kirby... Mario... Luigi...and now Sonic are gone..."

"There was nothing we could do about it," Tipral stated, crossing his arms. "And helping any of them wouldn't have been worth it in the end. We should just get going now before we waste our time."

Chopper's eyes shot wide open as he turned to Tipral. "Are you saying that you have no regard toward the loss of your minions and my friends?!"

"I see no point. Honestly, I don't have much regard toward anything anyway with all the hatred in my heart. And why should I have regard toward them? That will only slow us down!"

Chopper was absolutely shocked at what Tipral was saying. Sure, he didn't expect him to weep over the loss of his minions, but hearing him say that he doesn't care was what shocked him. And this was something he had to deal with for a while.

However, instead of staying shocked, he clenched his fists and glared at him.

"That's it, Tipral. I've been getting tired of your attitude lately." Chopper said in a serious tone. "Ever since you've joined my friends and I in the Comet of Darkness, you've always acted harsh toward us and even used me as a punching bag multiple times! And my friends and your minions selflessly risked their lives to help US! Yet, you don't seem to care?"

"Have you forgotten what's going on here?!" Tipral asked, clenching his fists in anger. "If we have to show our sympathy toward them, then it's only going to slow us down! You've been doing enough if it, and it's done nothing but waste time! It just shows how idiotic you can be!"

"Oh, believe me, Tipral... I'm not as 'idiotic' as you think. And I actually have a heart too! Well, more of a heart than you ever will."

"Face it, Chopper. You know what I said it true." Tipral crossed his arms and turned away from him while closing his eyes.

"So, if you think it's better not to care about losing someone you care about and selfishly ditch them, then I guess you would leave Timpani behind in a situation like this because she would be just as useless, wouldn't you?"

Tipral's eyes widened, but they turned to anger as he turned to Chopper with a light purple glow surrounding him. "That 'Timpani' you speak of has NOTHING to do with this situation, Chopper! Are you ASKING me to incinerate you right here?!"

Chopper did not let himself get scared and stood his ground. "Look, Tipral, I don't want to cause a fight. Not in this situation. You getting this angry kind of contradicts what you were saying before."

"Chopper, you don't want me to go to this level," Tipral warned. "I suggest you keep your mouth shut..."

"Tipral, I don't think you have ANY right to be angry with what I just said. I was simply making a point. In fact, I have more of a right to be angry with you, especially since you destroyed my world. But do I rage at you like you are doing to me? No. Because in the end, rage isn't worth it."

Tipral, realizing his reasons, decided to back down. "Fine... I see the point you were making. In all honesty, my minions were actually the only ones that were actually kind to me. I suppose I didn't show much regard because I didn't want to have to spend time grieving over them."

"Thank you for being honest," Chopper smiled. "Now, I suggest we get going... Staying here makes me feel a bit sorry for what happened to Sonic and the rest of my friends..."

"Very well. We will go." Tipral nodded. "And for the record, I still don't like you. But, I think I can tolerate you slightly more."

Chopper noticed the Star Block up ahead and decided to run underneath it and give it a good punch. While he was saddened by the loss of Luigi and Sonic, he felt like he got a little more out of this.

Perhaps there is more to Tipral than he thought.


With the loss of both Luigi and Sonic, all that remained were Chopper and Tipral. They have been big enemies for a long time, and they knew they had to put their differences aside at this moment because of a greater threat: The Void. They noticed that the sky was starting to change as well. No longer was the sky purple darkness, but more of a mixture of both black and purple. "Yes, the sky indicates that we are getting deeper into The Void," confirmed Tipral as he skated through. "However, I don't believe we are too close to the True Chaos Heart...yet." Chopper, listening to Tipral, understood and progressed with him. The very air in The Void grew heavier and even more ominous with every step. The only thing they could do was plod forward in silence…

This chapter should not have taken me longer than this...

I spent almost TWO months with this chapter! OK, part of it had to do with the hurricane, but before that, I was just a bit lazy. So, I deeply apologize for those who waited a long time for this to be updated. I also kinda apologize if some of this story feels a bit on the repetitive side (I don't think I'm that good when it comes to the level designs for this place, sadly :P).

However, I thought some of the fights were much better, with the Perfect Dark vs Super Sonic one probably being the best in Chapter 20. However, maybe that might change a bit...

Personally, I find the next two parts of Chapter 20 more interesting because of what happens. What, exactly? Well, you'll find out. ;)