"So… It appears that Chopper and his friends managed to get the eighteenth Pure Heart…" Tipral trailed as he used his scepter to see a vision of them leaving the previous world, but with unsatisfied looks from looking at the city itself. "And it appears that the people in that city hate them for destroying their leader. Typical stuff from a dictator…"

Little did he notice a shadowy mist appearing in the sanctum. It looked like the mist was going to go after him.

"My next…victim…" the mist grinned as it made its way over to Tipral. Unfortunately, Tipral jumped off the platform and walked over to the door. It seemed he was too fast for it. "Hmph… No matter! Like a lion stalking its prey, I'll be able to get to him soon…"

Tipral walked down the staircase and to the door at the bottom to go into the hallway where everyone's rooms were. But for some reason, he could hear a voice coming from Nastasia's room. It didn't sound like her, though.

"What's going on in there?" Tipral asked, knocking on Nastasia's room.

"Who is it that has the knocking?"

"Oh… It's only you, Fawful. What are you doing in Nastasia's room?"

"…H-Having the working of pa-paper," Fawful wheezed. "I had the failing of the hero beating, and Nastasia gave me the working of pa-papers. Has F-Fawful truly lost fury?"

"Try to speak in a way that makes more sense," suggested Tipral. "I can barely understand what you're saying. You're just doing paperwork? Very well… You can carry on with that."

As Tipral shut the door, Fawful began to breath heavily as he carried the paperwork over to the shelf. Midbus was in the room with him, with a black eye and even some bandages on him. He watched as Fawful carried them, not doing a thing.

"Huh-Heavy… Muh-Midbus! Help!"

Midbus paused his game on his Nintendo DS and looked over to Fawful, who was making his way to him with the paperwork.

"Midbus! Come!" However, instead of helping Fawful, he walked out of the room, leaving Fawful to carry the paperwork on his own. As he closed the door, he could hear Fawful shouting, "MIDBUS!"

As Tipral began to walk away from Nastasia's room, he heard Midbus walking over to him, so he turned to face the boar.

"I need a break. Lord Fawful must work." Midbus explained. "I'm exhausted."

"If you're exhausted, then go ahead and take a break," Tipral suggested. "Besides… I won't need you for now. You can go rest if you want."

Midbus was about to leave, but then something struck him for a minute. "When all worlds are destroyed. What can Midbus get?"

"Whatever you want. As long as those heroes are kept busy for now, our plans should be able to succeed. For now, I believe I have to make some plans to stop the heroes from getting the next heart."

Tipral walked over to his room, while Midbus decided to leave the hallway. As for Fawful… He struggled to carry the books over to the shelf. The shadowy mist saw this as an opportunity to get him.

"If I…can't get…Tipral… Then I suppose he…will be just…fine!" the mist went into Fawful's head and caused him to suddenly lose control over him. Because of his size, it didn't take too long for the shadowy mist to get everything he needed from him.

After ten seconds, it left Fawful's head and left him confused as all the paperwork fell over him.

"I have helplessness!" Fawful cried as he was buried in papers.

"Let's go…pay a little visit…to our little shape-shifting…friend!" the shadowy mist slowly faded away, as if it was teleporting somewhere else. When it reappeared, it noticed Mimi was writing something in her diary.

"Man, it's sooo annoying that those heroes managed to get another Pure Heart!" Mimi huffed. "And why am I one of the only girls that Tippy has for his minions? Sure, Nassy's a girl and all, but she doesn't really go out to fight the heroes!"

She continued to write in her diary, but then she felt like she suddenly lost control of herself when the mist entered her head. With her being possessed, she wrote something down in her diary before the mist left.

"With her ability to…use Rubees, I might be at an…advantage when I…come back to…end everyone's game! Now… I must seek…three more… Forget Tipral…for now…"

As the mist disappeared, Mimi rubbed her eyes and noticed something written in her diary. "Hold on a second… When did I ever write about thinking Dimentio was better than me? I hate him!"

Meeting room-

"Please, wee Nastasia! Yeh gotta fergive me!" O'Chunks begged, kneeling on his platform while looking up at Nastasia at another platform. "I tried me very best, but they managed teh give me the chunking o' a lifetime!"

"Yeah… I can tell." Nastasia said as he looked at the battered up O'Chunks. "But, you're still getting punished. You were sent to take down the heroes, but you failed."

"Urgh… Well, can yeh fergive me fer me terrible efforts?"


Nastasia was about to speak until she felt something go into her head. O'Chunks tried to say something to her, but she didn't respond.

"Nastasia? Are yeh OK? Yeh don't look so good…"

Nastasia slowly fainted as the shadowy mist left her body. O'Chunks gasped and jumped onto the ground to catch her, preventing her from hitting the ground.

"Phew… That was close!"

"Ungh… What just happened…?" Nastasia moaned as she slowly opened her eyes and noticed O'Chunks holding her. "Do me a favor and put me down, 'K?"

"Sure…" O'Chunks sighed as he put her down. "So… What are we gonna do now?"

"And here I am!" Mr. L shouted as he barged through the door with a smirk. "So, Tipral… Do you have another assignment for me today and only for me unlike these junior minions?"

"'EY! Yeh better shut up about me bein' a junior!"

"Face it, beardo. You can't beat the heroes. Ever. You always rely on brute force than using your brain, like me, the great Mr. L!"

"An' yer sayin' this when yeh got beaten by the green capped 'ero? Yer actin' like a complete hypocrite!"

"Oh! Being a tough guy, aren't you? Well! That's pretty shocking! Too bad you still lack the brain power to win against those heroes."

"Both of you stop right now! 'K?" Nastasia snapped, getting both of their attention. They stopped and looked over to her. "Thank you… Now, Tipral requested a little meeting soon, so you two better be ready, 'K?"

"A meeting?" Mr. L grinned. "Finally! Now I can get my act together and use my brand new Brobot to defeat those blasted heroes! This time, I'm not going to fail Tipral!"

"Are you sure?" Mr. L turned and saw Tipral standing in front of him. He yelped, but Tipral didn't take it as a big deal. "If your new Brobot is all ready, then maybe I might be able to send you out."

"Of course!"

As they all got on their platforms, Mimi, Fawful, and Dark Doom came in the meeting room and got on their platforms.

"Now, I've finally…"

"'Ey, Tipral…" O'Chunks interrupted.

"What is it?" Tipral grumbled, face palming.

"What're yeh goin' teh do with Knightmare's room? Since 'e's not comin' back 'ere, what should we do with it?"

"No worries, I've got my own ideas on that. Anyway… I've discovered where the next Pure Heart is. And I remember… I was once there at the beginning. However, I believe the next world can lead them to it."

"Really? Where is the heart of pure?" Fawful asked, giving him a curious look. "Fawful must have the knowing!"

"Yeah! Tell us!" Mr. L pleaded.

"Hmph… Well, I'm going to have to tell you anyway… The next Pure Heart is at…"

One explanation later-

"Golly! Are you sure about that?" Mimi gasped. "The nineteenth Pure Heart is located there?!"

"Errr… I've never been there before…" O'Chunks sweat dropped. "How do yeh expect us teh get there?"

"So we have to go back to that world, I presume?" Dark grinned. "Excellent. I'll be thankful when that world gets destroyed."

"That world is close to getting swallowed," Tipral informed. "I made sure that they would be one of the few worlds that would go first. It's always better to hit them at the hardest area, and I believe that is, in fact, the hardest."

"Heh heh heh! So, it looks like we're going to hold them off so they can die along with The Void, right?" Mr. L grinned. "Perfect. Just perfect."

While Mr. L began to chuckle, the shadowy mist reappeared. "Hmmmm… I know…a great way…to humiliate…him!"

The mist entered Mr. L's head, causing him to lose conscious of himself. He began to slap himself in the face a couple of times, leaving a couple of red marks. Everyone else looked confused.

"And what is Mr. L doing?" Dark asked.

"Well, I think he deserves it," Mimi declared, sticking her tongue out at Mr. L. "He's always been mocking us and calling us juniors!"

"Yeah! 'E's gettin' 'is just desserts!" O'Chunks hollered.

After the mist left Mr. L's body, it began to cackle and target Dark.

"I suppose I should get going," Dark stated. "I think I know where I'm going to go. Since this next world seems interesting, I'll pick an area where I never went."

He used his cape to teleport out of the room, making the shadowy mist infuriated.

"Great… I missed…my chance…" it sighed. "Well… Maybe I can…follow him…"

The shadowy mist faded away as Tipral's minions began to teleport out of the room, with Mr. L shouting "L-ater!" before leaving. This left only Tipral and Nastasia.

"Ummmmm… So, Tipral," Nastasia began. "You said you wanted to bring The Void back for revenge? Don't you think there's a better way than just destroying every dimension?"

"After what I had to go through? I don't think so." Tipral said coldly. "My parents are dead because of Chopper and his friends, and I even lost a lot thanks to many others. If that's what they have to do to me, then I'll make them pay by destroying them!"


"You don't need to give me any more questions, Nastasia. For now, I'll be off." Tipral teleported out of the palace, leaving Nastasia to sigh.

"Now that I think about it… I feel as if I know him from somewhere long ago…" Nastasia pondered. "Almost like something he just said that just made me realize it…"

"Hey, Timpani! Remember when I brought you back to your home? I remember recalling that it seemed very nice."

"Oh, hi Tipral! I don't think I've introduced you to a man that I fell in love with. I'm sorry if I didn't tell you this before…"

"Wait… So you found a new friend?"

"Well, he's more like someone I love. His name is Blumiere, and he's a very nice man. I actually found him injured one day, so I nursed him to health."

"Wait… So the reason why you didn't want to play is because you were spending time with someone else?"

"Yes, that's why. Maybe you should go find another friend to play with right now. After all, ever since I was a child, we've been playing for a while. Sometimes you just need to find new friends."


"I'm sorry, Tipral. Maybe some other time."

"But… No one else wants to be my friend…"


"Woo hoo! We finally got the eighteenth Pure Heart!" Chopper cheered, holding up the brown Pure Heart as his friends began to follow him.

"That was pretty hectic back there," Luigi said as they followed Chopper over to the elevator.

"Yeah, here's to hoping that we have an easier time when we reach the next Pure Heart," Chopper hoped. "All right, guys! Time to go back to Rainbowside to get to the next door!"

However, he was at a halt when he saw the sky turn a dark color. Lightning struck in the background as all the Flipsidians had jester hats resembling Dimentio. Chopper's eyes widened in fear as one looked at him.

"Uhhhhh… What's going on here…?" At this moment, lightning struck again and masks resembling Dimentio appeared on their faces, as if they were…jesterfied.

"Guys? Do you know what's going on?" When he turned around, he saw all his friends were wearing jester hats, masks, and ponchos resembling Dimentio. Their smiled seemed to creep him out.

"Ah ha ha ha! Come and join us!" Sonic cackled.

"Yes! It'll be your dream come true!" Blade grinned.

"What happened to you guys?" Chopper stammered.

"Hail King Dimentio!" Luigi hollered.

"But Dimentio's dead! I… I think I have to find Merlon…" he fled from his friends and headed to Merlon's house. He closed the door shut, trying to prevent the jesterfied people from coming in.

"Chopper? Is that you?"

"Merlon? Oh, thank goodness… I noticed that everyone here looked just like…" Chopper stopped when he saw when Merlon turned around, he too had the same appearance as everyone else.

"Chopper! The Dark Prognosticus clearly states that the time of Dimentio's ruling will come to be!" Merlon spoke, holding the Dark Prognosticus in his hands. "Please… You must obey the king!"

"NO!" Chopper busted out of Merlon's house and ran for the elevator to Flipside Tower. "I have to get to Flipside Tower! That's the safest place I can think of…"

When he reached the tower, he saw nobody else was around. However, when he looked up at The Void in the sky, he saw two happy eyes and a mouth appear. Something else appeared from The Void as well. It seemed as if Dimentio was coming out of The Void. The only difference? He was bigger than Chopper. Much bigger. His poncho was even ripped up, as if he got a beating.

"Ah ha ha ha. You have finally lost!" Dimentio cackled. "All worlds belong to me! Not even a mere child such as yourself can stop me now! Without the Light Prognosticus, you're doomed!"

Dimentio sized down to his normal height as he fluttered over to Chopper, who gaped and got in a fighting stance.

"But… But… You're dead!"

"It's impossible to stop me, Chopper! No matter how many times you try to destroy me, I will always come back! And now, you will join by my side as my most powerful minion! I will not take no for an answer!"

"Well I say NO!"

"Ah ha ha ha. Then we'll have to change that…"

Dimentio snapped his finger, and Chopper was zapped by red energy. It sort of resembled Nastasia's brainwashing a bit.

"Now, say that you will serve me forever."

"I… I… I…" Chopper cringed as he tried his best to resist. "…I will serve you forever."

"AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Excellent choice, Chopper! You are wiser than you look. Now, let me give you a taste of my scrumptious power, just as I promised."

With a snap of his finger, Chopper donned the appearance of Dimentio, having a mask and jester hat just like him. His arms and feet were a black color with a white outline surrounding them.

"That dark power in you now is your free will being plunged from the toilet of your mind! Now, you are my slave, and you will do my bidding. You will be…fearless! Go and gather up everyone! We shall create a new world! A world ruled by me, Dimentio!"

"What have I done?" Chopper thought as he shed a small tear.

"Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Again, for dramatic effect! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Dimentio cackled. "Now, you must wake up! …Wake up! I said wake up, Chopper!"


Flopside Tower-

"WAKE UP, CHOPPER!" Chopper opened his eyes as he felt someone slap him in the face. He quickly got up and rubbed his cheek in pain.

"Ow! Blade, why did you have to do that? That seriously hurt!"

"Well, I had to get you up somehow," Blade replied. "Why'd you suddenly fall asleep? We were making our way back here, and suddenly you got so tired that you fell asleep on the way."

"Sorry about that… Maybe it was because of the battle against Master Mind? That mind control ray he used on me made me feel a little…strange after you broke me free of his power."

"Weird… How come I didn't fall asleep then?" Sonic asked.

Mario: Maybe because he's a child?

"Well, it doesn't matter… I'm glad that that was all just a dream… If that were real… It would possibly be the end." Chopper shuddered.

"Poyo? (What did you dream about?)" Kirby asked.

"Something about Dimentio…jesterfying everyone here. It was really bad, but I'm glad it was all a dream. But… That makes me wonder if Dimentio is truly gone."

"Did you see what happened to him?" Blade asked. "He pretty destroyed himself! There's no way he would remain alive!"

Before anyone could say anything else, the ground began to tremor. When they looked at the sky, they saw The Void grow bigger.

"Poyo… (Uh oh… This isn't good…)" Kirby gulped. "Poyo! (The Void grew bigger!)"

"Well that's nice…" Sonic sighed. "Look, for now, Dimentio's old news. The Void is the bigger problem now."

"Well… I guess you're right." Chopper sighed. "Let's go back to Rainbowside and take the Pure Heart back to its Heart Pillar."

"Yeah, we should do that," Luigi agreed. "It's a shame those people had to be on Master Mind's side."

"We couldn't do anything about it," Blade sighed. "I was sickened by them, but it doesn't look like they'll be changing their thoughts. Let's just go."

With the Return Pipe, everyone was able to leave Flopside Tower and head back to Flipside Tower.

Flipside, second floor-

As the heroes left the elevator to the tower, they saw Merlon was standing over by his house, awaiting the heroes.

"Oh ho! You've all returned, I see…"

"Yeah, we're back," Sonic nodded.

"Have you seen The Void lately?" Merlon asked. "It has continued to grow every hour, thanks to the power that Tipral used to help it become stronger. I have a feeling that there are some worlds that are close to meeting their ends or already have met theirs by now. I'm a little worried that Flipside might soon meet its end too. Sadly, I don't think we have much time left."

"Yeah, we can't just stop to have a chat," Blade agreed. "Every world is about to die off soon, and we can't just sit around and watch them go!"

"Ummmmm… Merlon? Can I ask you a question?" Chopper asked.

"Of course, my child. What is it you'd like you ask?" Merlon asked.

"Have you ever wondered…if Dimentio is still alive? As if he left something behind…?"

"He's dead, Chopper. Those remains look like he's gone for good." Blade noted. "Haven't we told you this before?"

"Yeah, but I'm still a little unsure…"

"Sadly, I am unsure about this…" Merlon sighed. "While there could be a chance his spirit could be lurking around, I would say he is gone for now. The Light Prognosticus never states anything about someone coming back. The only thing that worries me the most is Tipral attacking this place."

"Well, Tipral is a threat, that's for sure," Luigi agreed. "Should we go look for the Pure Heart now?"

"I think that's an excellent idea. I was recently told by someone that a Heart Pillar was discovered in the town above Flipside and Flopside. I would recommend going there, since you managed to reveal the seventeenth door."

"Yeah, we better go," Chopper nodded. "To… Well, the place!"

Rainbowside, second floor-

"Ah! You're finally here, heroes!" Olnerm cheered as the heroes walked over to his house. "I was just waiting for your arrival. I recently discovered a Heart Pillar in the outskirts of Rainbowside."

"Ah! Well that's nice!" Blade grinned.

Mario: Is it on the first floor?

"Why, I believe you're correct, Mario. Just remember… The first Heart Pillar here was located similarly to Flipside's first Heart Pillar. Just think of where Flopside's second Heart Pillar would be."

"…I think I know where it is," Chopper said as he flipped into 3-D with his group. Olnerm wished them luck as they went to the outskirts of Rainbowside. When he flipped back into 2-D, he noticed a couple of gaps around them. Apparently there were a couple of bottomless pits here.

"Uhhhhh… What's with the bottomless pits?" Luigi gulped.

Mario: It's no big deal. We can jump them!

"I see two red ! Switches to the left," Blade alarmed, jumping over a couple of stone blocks in their way. Blade swung his katana at the first and second, but nothing happened.

"…What? Nothing?"

"Maybe they have to be hit at the same time?" Sonic pondered. "Or at a fast pace?"

"Maybe Bonjourang can do something about these!" Luigi declared, throwing Bonjourang as hard as he could at the switches. This caused the ground to tremble and make a rainbow pipe appear.

"Rainbow pipe? Uhhhh… OK. Kind of unfitting for a pink floor." Chopper sweat dropped.

They shrugged as they went into the pipe.

Rainbowside, first floor outskirts-

As they got out of the pipe, they noticed a couple of Squigs in different colors. One was red, and another was orange. They seemed to change colors every two seconds, indicating that they were Rainbow Squigs.

"Really? Rainbow Squigs? This is stupid…" Blade grumbled as he swung his katana at both of them. Chopper finished one off by inhaling it and spitting it at the other, defeating both.

"All right… So, you think there's an area that might show us to go into 3-D?" Chopper asked.

"Poyo? (What about those two tall blocks over there?)" Kirby pointed to two tall stone blocks ahead. "Poyo? (Could we go there?)"

"Let's check," Chopper flipped into 3-D with everyone else and discovered a path leading to the outer outskirts. A large, yellow block was apparently blocking the way. Chopper bashed it with his hammer and went back into 2-D with his friends.

They looked over to the left and discovered a blue ! Switch above them being surrounded by a couple of small glowing star blocks.

"Hmmmmm… We need Starbow for this." Chopper realized. "And also… How come I never used her back in that other world? She would've been helpful against Master Mind, that's for sure! I'm really sorry…"

"It's all right, hero. Sometimes people tend to forget some things…" Starbow assured as Chopper held her up. She began to spin around as shooting stars rained down on the blocks, destroying them. When they hit the blue ! Switch, a Heart Pillar appeared before them, having a shade of brown at the bottom.

"Well, that's the one, I suppose," Luigi confirmed.

Chopper walked up to the Heart Pillar and took out the brown Pure Heart. It began to ascend in the air and go into the Heart Pillar, making a brown clock appear before them.

"That clock's weird, to be honest…" Blade commented.

Back at Flopside Tower, a pale green door appeared right beside the brown door.

As the clock faded away, they all nodded and made their way back to Flopside Tower without saying a word.

Flopside Tower-

When they reached Flopside Tower, they saw Nolrem awaited them by the eighth door.

"So, heroes… You've finally made it this far." Nolrem began. "Only two Pure Hearts remain. There's still a chance to save every dimension!"

"Yeah, we still have a chance," Chopper nodded. His antennae sprang up when he looked at the door. "Wait… That door matches my color for some reason!"

"Really? A pale green door? That's not something you see often…" Luigi trailed.

"Well, I can't do much to help you heroes along except for wishing you all good luck through this door." Nolrem said. "If all else fails… I don't know what to think."

"We won't fail," Sonic assured. "We made it this far. We're not going to let ourselves lose so easily."

"Mmmmmmm… Yes, I suppose. Make sure you come back in one piece. Now, let me step out of your way so you young ones can go."

Nolrem stepped out of the way, allowing the heroes to continue on. After exchanging nods, they hurried in through the pale green door.

Little did they know this door would lead them to somewhere unexpected…

With only two Pure Hearts remaining, Chopper and Co. hurried through the eighth door of Flopside Tower. Sadly, the looming darkness of The Void was slowly drifting many other worlds to their demise. Not much time was left for those worlds, which began to worry the heroes. However, their worries slowly began to drift away when they discovered the flower petals looming in the sky.

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