-Sammer's Kingdom Awaits-

After the world was drawn, it got colored in. The world was filled with many pink flower petals that were looming around in the sky. The sky itself was a bright purple color, with a bit of pink in it. Many different portals were in the background as well. The floor was a nice, light purple color, which blended in very well with the background. It looked very pretty.

As the heroes walked out of the pale green door, they all gazed at the amazing sight of this new world. The flower petals seemed to pass them without them even feeling it. It was strange, yet it was pretty.

"Oh, my… Look at this world." Chopper gasped. "This has to be one of the prettiest worlds I've ever seen. It's better than the fifteenth world…"

Mario: How come we never seen a world as nice as this?

When they took a couple of steps on the ground, they noticed that their footprints were glowing a pinkish color, but slowly faded away after five seconds. All of the portals in the background were slowly moving around, but they couldn't get a good glimpse of what those worlds led to.

However, when Luigi looked up at the sky, all of the happiness drained out of him.

"Guys… Look at the sky…" Luigi trailed, pointing at The Void that loomed in the sky.

Everyone looked up at the sky and gasped at the sight of The Void.

"Oh, no… The Void's just as big as what it's like in Flipside!" Chopper cried, giving a sad look. "Why does The Void have to swallow up a world as nice as this? This just isn't right at all!"

"We can't let The Void stop us from getting the Pure Heart," Blade said boldly as he clenched his fist. "I think Tipral decided to target this place first because it was the nicest of them all."

"Poyo, (Well, we can't waste any time now,)" Kirby said, taking a couple of steps forward. "Poyo! (We need to go out and find that Pure Heart lurking around here! And let's not be too slow!)"

Despite not understanding Kirby, everyone nodded and decided to move on. The area they were walking around didn't have any enemies, and it was rather flat. There wasn't even anything in 3-D, according to Chopper.

"Geez… There's not a thing around here…" Luigi sighed. "I don't even see a door here either. How are we going to move on from here?"

"Hold on, I think I see a sign just up ahead," Chopper noticed, running to the end of the path. "Hmmmmmm… Well, I guess it does show something on here. Come over here and take a look at this!"

"Poyo? (Does it say anything about food?)" Kirby asked, giving a hopeful look.

"Errrr… Well, not necessarily… Just come over here anyway."

Kirby sighed as he walked over to Chopper. The rest of the group walked over to him and took notice of what the sign had to say.

This place is called Dimensional X. It is the center of all dimensions. The creator of Dimensional X, Ortorain, is the one who created not only Dimensional X, but all of the other dimensions in the universe. In fact, he is still around to this day!

"Hey! So this place is called Dimensional X, huh?" Blade pondered, looking carefully at the sign. "Well, that sounds like an…interesting name, I suppose. And wait, did it say that this is the CENTER of all dimensions?!"

"We've never seen the center of all dimensions!" Luigi gaped.

Mario: This is rather shocking…

"Hold on, guys!" Sonic shouted, interrupting the group. "There's still more to this sign! There's a lot more writing. Let's just continue on with the reading!"

He has been waiting for the hero of prophecy to show up in order to give them the Pure Heart. If you are indeed the heroes, you should be able to travel through dimensions. You must find the white lightning bolt in order to travel through dimensions.

"White lightning bolt… Is this sign telling us there's a Dimensional Rift around here?" Chopper scanned the area, looking for a Dimensional Rift. He also tried to listen to the glittering sound it makes.

"We gotta stay quiet and listen," Luigi suggested.

"Poyo, (Although, I don't know if that's easy,)" Kirby frowned as they all remained silent. They heard a glittering sound nearby, and they began to look for the Dimensional Rift. Thankfully, it was nearby.

Kirby smiled and used Flippay to reveal a blue ! Switch, which Mario was able to strike with a punch to reveal a door in front of them.

When they opened the door, they walked into the next area. Sadly, they weren't taken into another dimension, but they noticed a speed bumper up ahead leading over to a slope leading up.

"Wow… I still can't get over the pretty sight of this place…" Chopper trailed as he let a flower petal land on his hand. Some even landed on his antennae and slowly floated to the ground, disappearing.

When one petal landed on Mario's nose, it began to tickle him a bit and force him to sneeze. At the same time, there was a tremor that caused The Void to grow slightly bigger in the sky.

"Oh… I can barely see the sky now…" Luigi frowned. "I hate that Tipral had to make this world go first…"

Mario: I sneezed at the same time The Void grew…

"Huh… Well that was a strange coincidence…" Sonic trailed. "Anyway, we oughta get moving. Hopefully we can find a new world through this place. …Maybe we can meet this Ortorain person?"

"Poyo, (I'm actually interested,)" Kirby smiled.

They decided to move on ahead, using the speed bumper to go up the hill easily. Surprisingly, there weren't any enemies around, which was strange, but it wasn't too big of a deal when they reached the top of the slope and found a ladder leading up to a platform above them where a door was.

They climbed up the ladder and entered the door, leading them into an area with three colored panels – something they've seen in the cyberspace world.

"Colored panels? I never expected to see them before… But not there's a purple color here…" Luigi trailed.

"And now there's a color in the background that tells us what color the panels need to be to continue on," Blade noted. "Yeah… That's pretty jerkish."

Nevertheless, they were able to make the panels a purple color and get rid of the barrier blocking their way. However, they were stopped by a purple Security Drone enemy. But, instead, these were called Dimensional Drones.

"Dimensional Drones? They look like Security Drones…" Chopper trailed. "It's like they're recolored."

"We've seen plenty of enemies that are recolored," Sonic assured. "Besides, these things aren't too hard to beat anyway."

All it took was Sonic to attack the Dimensional Drone with a couple of Homing Attacks. After it split into blue drones, he finished them off with two more Homing Attacks, allowing them to reach a bottomless pit with a blue platform that seemed to stretch out to become longer. However, it eventually became shorter.

Mario: This doesn't look too nice…

Nevertheless, they were able to cross the two platforms and reach a door up ahead. When they entered it, they reached an area with two pink glowing platforms leading up to a ledge ahead.

"Hey, I think I see something up ahead!" Chopper announced, noticing a portal up on the ledge. "Maybe we can reach a new world!"

"Poyo! (Oh boy!)" Kirby cheered as he jumped on the platforms first and reached the ledge. Chopper followed and noticed that when he landed on the ledge, he could see an image of where the portal would lead them too.

"Huh? What kind of place is this? It looks like a kingdom…but with some kind of dojo-like place that reminds me of The Master's Dojo…"

Mario: The Master? You know him?

"Yeah! I was able to fight him three times! You should've seen him when he went super! Too bad I didn't get to go super then…"

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go explore this brand new world!" Blade suggested as he dove straight into the portal, only to crash and fall over on the ground. "Unnnghh… What in the world…?"

"Hmmmmm… Maybe it needs some power?" Chopper pondered, tossing a rainbow ball. To their surprise, it actually worked. "Oh! I guess my rainbow energy has a bit of a use than I thought!"

"Hey, Bro, doesn't this world look familiar?" Luigi asked, taking a glimpse of the world through the portal. Mario took a good look as well, and his eyes widened in surprise.

Mario: Oh, yeah! This world DOES look familiar!

"All right, now let's go for REAL this time," Blade declared, diving into the portal. Instead of diving in, the rest of the heroes simply jumped through the portal, hoping to see what would await them.


After everything began to get drawn, lime green grass was revealed to be on the ground with a black, rocky ground. In the background, a kingdom could be seen with a couple of dark blue buildings with some shades of yellow in the background. This whole world seemed to have a Chinese feel to it.

The portal revealed itself and all six heroes landed on the ground, with Blade falling over from diving into the portal. Blade moaned as he got up, while everyone else gazed at the new world.

"I can't believe we just went into two worlds…" Chopper gaped, looking at the atmosphere, including the pale green sky. "Hmmmmmm… Maybe the Pure Heart's in this world?"

Mario: I can't believe we're back here!

"Wait… Do you even know what this world is?" Sonic asked.

Mario: We're in Sammer's Kingdom.

"I remember Mario and I came back here one time to duel with a couple of knights," Luigi recalled. "We were able to beat them and… Well, I can't recall everything. Sorry."

"Wait a minute... Haven't we been here before?" Sonic gawked.

"Poyo! (Yeah! We were here after getting kidnapped by Tipral!)" Kirby realized.

"What do you mean?" Chopper gawked.

"When Tipral kidnapped us, we were thrown into this world," Blade explained. "I guess you were the only one who doesn't know about this place."

"Well, then I guess we'll get to see a little more of this world," Sonic smiled. "Plus, you can see this place as well, Chopper! Everything should fine!"

But when Kirby looked up at the sky, he noticed that The Void was there, nearly filling up the entire sky. In fact, they couldn't see too much of the sky!

"Poyo… (Oh, no… This world is probably close to its demise than Dimensional X…)" Kirby frowned. "Poyo… (We're going to have to be quick if we don't want to lose the Pure Heart here…)"

"Wait, The Void?" Chopper looked up at the sky and gaped. "Whoa, you weren't kidding, Kirby! The Void's about to destroy this world. This isn't good…"

"Then let's no waste any time," Sonic suggested. "We gotta be quick!"

"Hmmmmmm? Who are you people?"

"Blade, you know who we are," Chopper pointed out.

"That wasn't me, Chopper," Blade noted.

They saw a ninja with a square-shaped head, a navy blue mask, a dark red cloak with red and violet polka dots and navy blue round feet jumped out of a bush. It was called a Ninjoe – a fast opponent that are usually in groups.

"What the heck? A ninja?" Chopper got his fighting stance. "What do you want?"

"Hold your attacks," the Ninjoe demanded, raising his arm. "While we are rather hostile, I'm not going to hurt you. If you want to know where we are, we are in Sammer's Kingdom, home to the Sammer Guys. We used to be friends with them, but then a situation occurred and made us dislike each other."

"Sammer Guys? Who are they?" Sonic asked.

"They're King Sammer's knights. They challenge anyone who comes up to them. There are about a hundred overall." the Ninjoe looked over at Blade. "And, I also noticed someone walk through here that looks kind of like you…"

"Someone who looks like me…?" Blade gawked before realizing who it was. "Knife…"

"Knife? You mean that red cat that we fought before?" Luigi asked before receiving a nod from Blade. "Why would he be here?"

"To look for us… Of course he wants to stop me."

"Well, I'm not going to get in your way. You people look like you're in a hurry." the Ninjoe did a flip and went back in the bush. "However, if you see any more Ninjoes out there, be ready to fight, because they'll go after you."

They nodded to the Ninjoe and carried on, worried about The Void growing bigger. There didn't appear to be too much around here except for two logs by a pond. Blade jumped on the first one, keeping his balance on it.

"OK, this seems to be all right," he confirmed. "Try not to fall in the water, because you won't be able to grab a hold of the ledge ahead."

Everyone made their way across the logs and grabbed a hold of the ledge. When they pulled themselves up, they found two Ninjoes charging at them, throwing ninja stars at them.

"Heads up!" Chopper opened his mouth and inhaled the ninja star, gaining the Ninja ability. "Ye-ah! I've finally got the Ninja ability! Took me long enough to get this ability again…"

The Ninjoe remaining turned into a bomb that detonated, driving the heroes back to the edge of the ledge. Chopper held Starbow up and made shooting stars rain down. The Ninjoe was spotted and got pelted by a couple of shooting stars while Sonic finished it with a Sonic Wind.

"That takes care of that! Now let's hurry on ahead." Sonic suggested, running over to the door ahead. Everyone agreed and hurried on through the door ahead to an area with another pond, but with a couple of bamboo plants sticking out of the water.

"Poyo? (Are there any Ninjoes under the water?)" Kirby asked with a suspicious look.

Chopper looked at the bamboo, but he didn't find anything down there. "Nope. I don't see anything. Maybe they're hiding somewhere else…"

"Well who cares about that right now? We gotta be on the lookout for my brother, Knife." Blade warned, jumping on one of the bamboo plants with a ninja jump. Unfortunately, it looked like only a ninja would be able to jump these.

Mario: Lucky…

"You know, I've never see the outside of Sammer's Kingdom," Luigi recalled. "So this should be a little interesting."

Kirby simply floated over the bamboo plants and reached the rocky ledge up ahead. He used his inhaling to bring everyone else over to him, making it easier for them to continue on to a slope going down up ahead.

"Yeah, there's that oriental feeling to this place…" Sonic trailed. "I can feel it."

"Yeah, it definitely does," Chopper nodded. "It's interesting, considering that we've never seen a world like this before."

They made their way down the slope and found a spring at an upper right angle that helped them get across the pond. Three small bamboo plants seemed to be sticking out of the water.

"Hold on a second… Those bamboo plants look kinda weird…" Luigi trailed, looking over at the bamboo plants to their left as they landed on the ground. When he got a little close, Mario pulled him back.

Mario: Those might be Ninjoes…

The bamboo plants disappeared and three Ninjoes jumped out of the water, throwing ninja stars. Chopper threw three kunais to counter their attacks, followed by throwing some knives at them as well.

"They're pretty nimble," Sonic commented.

"But not enough to beat us!" Chopper smirked as he pulled his katana out and finished off one of the Ninjoes. They had some low HP, but that made it up for their speed and agility, which made it difficult to catch them.

"We need something that'll help us catch them easily," Blade groaned, trying to attack the Ninjoes, but was unfortunately getting hurt. He even threw a couple of shurikens, but they didn't work.

"Stop running and fight us!"

The three Ninjoes appeared and tossed a couple of ninja stars at the group. Chopper knocked them away with his own ninja star. Sonic was able to strike them with a Sonic Wind to leave them off guard, allowing Mario to finish them off by spinning his hammer around.

Mario: Great work!

With that, they walked over to a couple of bamboo plants blocking their way to the door. Blade cut them down with his katana and entered the door into an area with a large waterfall with logs coming down it.

"Didn't we see something like this before?" Luigi recalled.

"Poyo… (Maybe…)" Kirby trailed as smoke appeared by the water and two Ninjoes and a ninja in green blue landed in front of the heroes, throwing ninja stars at them. They discovered that the new ninja enemy was a Ninjohn.

"Ninjohns? Oh, come on! First we have a Ninjoe and now a Ninjohn?" Chopper face palmed, striking both Ninjoes with his katana, leaving only the Ninjohn left. This one was apparently faster than a Ninjoe.

"They appear to be faster," Blade grumbled, turning into a log and appearing behind the Ninjohn with a puff of smoke, defeating it. Afterward, he jumped on one of the logs heading down the waterfall.

Mario: Those logs are going down rather fast.

"I guess that means we have to be cautious while on those…" Luigi trailed. "Although, the pond doesn't seem too deep."

"If it's not, then I'm relieved," Sonic spoke. "And also… Why is the water green? That doesn't look nice, but I guess it fits for this place."

"All right, off we go!" Chopper declared, jumping on the logs and following Blade up them so they could reach the door at the edge of a cliff at the end of the area.

After everyone else reached the cliff, they walked into the next area, where they found a bottomless pit over by the edge of the cliff to their left. There was also another one to their right. Unfortunately, there was no door.

But they did see a red cat balancing on a tall bamboo plant.

"I've been waiting for you, Blade, Knife hissed as he opened his eyes and glared at Blade, who unsheathed his katana. "Pulling out your weapon so soon? Sounds to me that you're not showing honor…"

"You never show honor when fighting," Blade sneered. "So, what makes you think I should be honorable against a scumbag like you? You ended our sensei's game, after all."

"Oh, that was a couple of years ago. People can change in a couple of years, you know…"

"But you're still acting the same as you usually do! That's NOT an excuse!"

"Oh, fine," Knife grumbled. "I suppose you want to stop talking now and fight me, is that correct?"

"Actually, we don't want to fight you," Chopper explained. "Did you even SEE the sky? That giant swirling vortex of darkness could grow bigger any minute and destroy this entire world!"

"I don't care whether some darkness is going to destroy this place or not. As long as I get my revenge, I'll be happy on my own! There's no way I'm going to let that darkness in the sky destroy you first! That is why I intend to do!"

Knife unsheathed his katana and threw a couple of shurikens toward the group. Blade pulled his own shurikens out and tossed them at his, knocking them to the ground. However, Knife was able to use a hurricane slash to make the shurikens come off the ground and into the air.

"Did I ever tell you that I've got some new attacks too?"

"Glad to know that," Blade said sarcastically and he swung his katana back and made a ninja pose. "I learned some moves myself."

"A pose? THAT'S your new move? Pathetic!"

"Uhhh… No, you idiot. I didn't use my attack yet."

Knife face palmed as he twirled his katana and fired a dark beam of katana energy directly at him. It was like a Sword Beam, but not as big. Thankfully, Blade was able to get out of its way and hit Knife with a couple of shurikens, making him screech.

"That's nothing compared to my new attack," Blade scoffed, readying himself for another attack. "'Cause I know for sure that this will annihilate you! It's so strong, that it makes a dragon attack!"

"And do I really care?" Knife yawned.

"Blade… We're trying to fight here, not argue over whose attack is better." Sonic informed as he curled up in a ball and attacked Knife with a Spin Dash. It didn't take Knife too long to attack him with his katana, though.

Sonic moaned as he quickly got up and clenched his fist. When a Sonic Wind hit Knife, his mouth was agape, as if he didn't expect to see that coming. Blade groaned, wishing he could attack him and decided to try to strike him with a fire slash.

Of course, his brother was able to bring his katana up just in time to block the attack. Blade tried to push him back, but Knife was surprisingly stronger and managed to push him back, slashing him with his own katana.

"What the… How'd you do that?!" Blade gaped.

"Simple. I decided to find out where I went wrong and improve myself a bit." Knife explained, hitting Blade in the arm with one shuriken. "I'm sure you would've been delighted to have a challenge anyway."

"Yeah, one where I get to win."

"Ha ha ha ha… Yeah, I don't think so."

Knife jumped in the air and raised his katana. When he brought it down, a dark glow surrounded his katana and struck the ground, creating a dark shockwave that stunned Blade and Sonic.

Knife grinned as he stood up until he felt something hit his back. He turned around and saw that Chopper hurled another rainbow ball, which he used his katana to block. Mario jumped in and smashed Knife's face with his hammer.

"Great… I forgot about you people!" Knife screeched as Kirby attacked him with his Final Cutter. "And how did you get new attacks?"

"Poyo… (We've found a little something…)" Kirby smirked, kicking Knife in the shin and allowing Luigi to jump on his head, making him cringe in pain. He tried to grab Luigi, but he jumped out of his reach, frustrating him.

"So, Brother… Wanna give up now?" Blade asked, crossing his arms. "It's six against one. Even if you have some new attacks, we have some of our own!"

Blade aimed his katana at Knife and fired his Dragon Beam at him. A large, orange dragon fired out and struck Knife, leaving his eyes widened in pain as he was impaled by the attack.

However, that didn't necessarily mean that his game was over. The only reason why it destroyed Master Mind was because he was weak at the moment. Knife, however, was not weak, with a max HP of 410, an Attack of 17 and a Defense of 6.

"Dang… That didn't beat him." Blade frowned.

"Hmph… So that was your new attack you were telling me about…" Knife trailed. "I will commend you on that, but even still, that wasn't enough to take me down. Try again next time, Brother!"

"Try again? OK!" Blade fired another Dragon Beam, but Knife was prepared this time. He disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving something behind after Blade finished off his Dragon Beam.

Mario: There's a note on the log!

"I'm not going over there," Luigi shuddered, stepping back. Blade sighed and took a step over to the log, checking his surroundings to make sure he doesn't get attacked by Knife, who could be anywhere.

When he looked at the note on the log, he noticed something on it. It was Knife sticking his tongue at him.

"Oh, you gotta be kidd-" Blade was knocked to the ground as Knife appeared from behind and kicked him in the back. Blade hissed as he turned around and tried to punch Knife, who grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground.

"Sometimes ninjas need to use some martial arts," Knife grinned.

"Martial arts? Weird…" Chopper trailed, attempting to kick Knife, who grabbed his foot and threw him to the ground. He noticed the red ninja jump in the air and readying his katana, but this left him open for Luigi's Super Jump.

After striking him, Knife got sent to the ground, allowing Chopper to jump on him twice while performing a stylish move.

"Yeah! I like doing these!"

Knife jumped in the air and did a flip as he tossed a couple of shurikens. One of them exploded by Chopper's feet, sending him flying back, while Mario held onto his hat as he jumped out of another shuriken's way.

Knife landed on the ground and spun his katana around and continued to spin as if he was in a tornado. Everyone knew this was dangerous, so they jumped out of harm's way while Kirby tossed Crystaline at Knife, freezing him.

"Phew… Well that was close." Blade sighed. "I didn't want him spinning that katana around like crazy. Good job, Kirby."

However, Knife was able to break out of his icy prison and managed to swing his katana at an incredible speed at Kirby, sending him flying back afterward. Chopper managed to attack him with his katana, but he got the same thing from him. Not even he could swing a katana that fast.

"Geez! That was a fast attack!" Chopper gaped.

"What's wrong? Are you surprised by my attack?" Knife scoffed. "I'd like to see you try something like that."

Blade hissed and began to spin his katana around as he charged at his brother. Knife managed to counter his attacks and headbutt him right in the head. While Blade was dazed, Knife grabbed him and threw him back.

"Whoa! He really does mean business!" Luigi gaped.

"Of course. And now you're next!" Knife disappeared in a puff of smoke and grabbed Luigi from behind. He threw him up in the air and kicked him down to Mario, knocking both of them over.

Mario: Mama mia…

Blade quickly got himself up and helped Kirby up. When Knife threw a couple of shurikens their way, Blade ordered Kirby to inhale them, which he did and spat them back at Knife.

"What the heck? You should've gotten a hold of the Ninja ability!" Blade gawked. "Why did you spit it out?"

"Poyo, (I'm kind of tired of using ninja,)" Kirby replied, sighing as he kicked Knife in the stomach and used his Final Cutter to leave the red ninja cringing in pain. This gave Blade an opportunity to slash rapidly at his brother.

"And take some of this too, Knife!" Blade shouted as he kicked him in the stomach and knocked him to the ground.

"Well, that didn't work out too bad," Sonic smiled. "Nice going!"

Knife hissed as he swung his katana and fired a dark beam of sword energy straight at Sonic. He gasped and dodged the attack, striking Knife with his Whirlwind, which sent the ninja flying in the air.

Afterward, Luigi clenched his fist and attacked him with a Super Jump, followed by kicking him straight to the ground. Knife groaned as he quickly got up, but when he saw the group charging at him, he jumped, making everyone crash into each other.

Mario: Almost had him!

"Where'd he go?" Luigi asked.

"Over here," taunted Knife, who made a big jump onto the bamboo plant. "I dare you to come up here. See if you've got what it takes."

"That sounds like you're trying to challenge us," Chopper smirked, using his katana to cut up the bamboo plant, making it shorter until he got close to the top of the plant. Knife's smirk didn't come off him.

"Poyo… (I smell something suspicious…)" Kirby trailed.

"You don't have a nose, Kirby."

Knife jumped in the air and fired a dark beam of sword energy down at Chopper. Unfortunately, he didn't see it coming and got sent flying back because of it. Blade tried to throw some shurikens at him, but he blocked them all with his katana.

"I KNEW he had some kind of plan!" Blade grumbled as Knife came flying down, slashing at Blade rapidly. Luckily, he was able to at least block a couple of his attacks before headbutting his head.

"So, you're using attacks I use," Knife noticed. "How original."

"You're not the one who invented the headbutt."

"Yeah, so who's being original now?" Chopper taunted before getting slashed rapidly by Knife's katana. Despite that, Chopper didn't lose his Ninja ability. He quickly got up and swung his katana forward at Knife, disappearing for a second and appearing behind Knife as he cringed in pain.

"I forgot now… You're a fast one." Knife moaned.

"Well, I'm technically the fast one," Sonic boasted, attacking Knife with a Light Speed Attack, followed by his Bounce Attack. Knife growled and kicked Sonic in the stomach, knocking him to the ground.

"I was always annoyed with your personality, Sonic. Let's hope I'll have the opportunity to destroy you!"

"Ha! I'd like to see you try!"

"Sonic… Don't encourage him…" Chopper warned.

"Yeah, you better listen to your pale green friend, 'cause being cocky isn't going to get anywhere," Knife scoffed as he tried to swipe at Sonic's feet with his katana. However, the blue hedgehog was able to jump over his katana in a stylish way and strike him with a Homing Attack.

"And you were saying?" Sonic smirked, making Chopper give him an irritated look.

Knife grumbled to himself as he made a couple of symbols with his hands. "Fuujin no Justsu!"

"Oh, great… This." Blade sighed as Knife summoned a strong current of wind to blow them back. Unfortunately, since Chopper and Kirby were light, they were easily blown back by the cliff.

"Poyo! (We can't fall! Not like this!)" Kirby cried.

Sonic kicked Knife before running over to Chopper and Kirby and grabbing them before they could fly any further.

"Whew! Thanks, Sonic…" Chopper sighed.

"No problem! Now let's go finish this!" Sonic suggested, whirling over to Knife and hitting him with a Spin Dash. The red ninja fell over as Chopper jumped and attacked him with a rainbow diving kick.

"What kind of attack is that?" Knife gawked.

"Something that I got. I can even use fire!" Chopper tossed a charged fireball at Knife, leaving a nasty burn on him. Knife growled as he kicked Chopper before getting hit by Luigi's Cyclone and Hommissile, who Blade threw at to send him flying in the air.

"When you're getting attack multiple times, this makes it easy," Blade declared. "OK, Luigi! Hit him with a Super Jump!"

"Ummmmm… Are you trying to order me around or something?"

"No, I think this is a good opportunity to attack."

Luigi shrugged and attacked Knife with a Super Jump to send him flying to the ground, allowing Mario to jump in front of the red ninja and bash him with his hammer. However, Knife grabbed Mario's foot and attempted to use his katana to cut it off, but when Chopper used Starbow, he released Mario's foot.

Mario: That's a relief…

Knife quickly got up and slashed at Mario before a shuriken hit him in the back, making him screech in pain as Blade managed to slice at his arm, leaving a small rip on his ninja sleeve.

"So, you want to play it the hard way, don't you?" Knife hissed as he attempted to stab Blade, who used his katana to block the attack and kick his brother in the stomach. He was stunned, allowing Blade to slash his chest, leaving an injury

"Hmmmmmm… Yeah, that's a bit of a bad scar there." Blade confirmed.

Knife placed his hand over injury in cringed in pain. In anger, he threw a couple of shurikens that hit Blade's shoulders. He cringed, but he tried his best to not give up yet.

"You know, Brother, you still have much to learn compared to me."

"Oh, really? Well, I have certainly learned some things that you haven't."

"And that is…"

"I've learned to actually help people than harm them. What have you done your whole life? Most likely you decided to be a evil and act like a jerk to everyone you see before ending their games. Yeah, that suits you very well."

"So, we're getting to the insults now," Knife frowned as he fired a beam of dark energy straight at Blade. He cringed as he pulled the shurikens out of his arms and also got hit by the attack.

"Well, maybe we already know who the stronger one is!"

Before Knife could attack again, Sonic bashed him with a Homing Attack to leave him off guard. Now that he was weak, Blade readied his katana and fired a Dragon Beam straight at him.

The attack impaled him and sent him flying by the bottomless pit.


Knife's head wasn't even touching the ground when he landed on his back. The group walked up to him, with Blade pointing his katana right at Knife's neck. The red ninja tried to grab his katana, but he was too weak to do so.

"So, are you going to finish me or what?" Knife hissed, glaring at Blade with the hate in his eyes. "Are you going to avenge our sensei?"

Blade glared at Knife, but then looked down at the scar on his chest. After thinking for a bit, he sheathed his katana and turned to his friends.

"Come on, guys. Let's just let him be." he suggested as he walked over to the door that revealed itself up ahead.

Everyone followed him, with the exception of Kirby, who looked over at the weak Knife. He decided to walk closer to him to get a better look of him.

"Are you going to follow them, pink puffball, or are you just going to stay here and watch me lie here?" Knife sneered.

Kirby said nothing as he followed the group to the door.

Next area-

When they walked out of the door, they noticed there were a couple of bamboo plants right by the cliff they were standing on. Two Ninjohns were standing on them, making it difficult to ninja jump across.

"Allow me," Chopper smiled as he tossed two kunais, knocking the Ninjohns off the bamboo plants. However, they appeared on the cliff and tossed a couple of ninja stars their way.

Kirby inhaled them and spat them back at the Ninjohns, defeating them. With that, they climbed down the bamboo plant and found a shallow pond that only went up to their feet, to their relief.

"Phew! That's a relief!" Sonic sighed. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to go underwater!"

"Yeah, let's hope we don't have to," Luigi sighed. "I'm a little tired of the water for a bit…"

When they jumped onto a small ledge onto dry land, they noticed a new ninja enemy that was in orange called a Ninjerry. There were about three of them, and they were charging at the group with ninja stars.

Mario: I got this!

Before the Ninjerries could disappear, Mario used Flippay to keep them stunned and stomp on them, defeating them. With that, they walked over to the door ahead by a small bush.

"Is that even a real bush?" Chopper gawked.

"I'll check," Blade said as he walked up to the bush with his katana. The bush changed into a Ninjerry, which tried to attack him, but failed horrible when Blade managed to slash at it.

"I guess that's it for them, right?" Luigi asked.

When Blade opened the door ahead, they were in an area where they saw a hill going up to a ledge where another door was. They expected to see some Spiny Tromps coming their way, but instead they saw three Ninjoes running down the hill and charging at them.

"So, they wanna challenge us, huh? Well, let's make this a little interesting!" Sonic smirked as he curled in a ball and went up the hill and defeated the Ninjoes. There were Ninjohns coming his way, but he bowled over them and the Ninjerries by the ledge.

"Huh… Well, that was nice." Chopper blinked.

"Poyo, (We better hurry before The Void grows again,)" Kirby suggested as they ran up the hill and reached the ledge. Sonic opened the door and everyone headed through, with him going in last.

They all sighed in relief when they didn't see any enemies around. The only thing they could see were the oriental buildings in the background, but much closer. They saw a bridge up ahead crossing over a small river and sign by the bridge.

"So, no more ninjas?" Luigi asked.

"Doesn't look like it… We're around the inner part of the kingdom, I guess…" Chopper trailed as he walked over to the sign and read it.

To King Sammer's Palace

"King Sammer? So THIS is Sammer's Kingdom…"

They crossed the bridge and found a ? Block, a Save Block, and a building before them. They found an Ultimate Shroom in the ? Block, and they saved their game afterward. With a simple shrug, they headed through the door.

Gate 1-


"Huh?" Everyone noticed they weren't inside a building after walking through the door, but they saw a dark blue bearded man in a red cloak walking over to the black door they walked out of. He seemed to be a little bruised up.

"Huh? What's wrong with him?" Sonic asked.

"I AM SHAMED!" he shouted as he left through the door.

"Who was that anyway?" Chopper asked.

"Ahhhh…so you run, coward." a gray knight in with a green helmet shaped like a half circle, a brown mustache and a sword scoffed. "You disgrace your family's honor and yourself. You come back here again and lose to me, you unworthy opponent… When will this new 'hero' of legend appear?"

"Who's that guy?" Blade whispered.

"Time is running out, and still he refuses to show his face!"

Chopper decided to walk up the small staircase and walk onto the black battle stage. The knight, known as a Sammer Guy, noticed him and got in a fighting stance.

"You stop now! You have the looks of a crazy! You must be, if you mean to challenge me!"

"Wait, what? I never said anything about challenging you!" Chopper gawked. "There must be some kind of mistake here… And my name is Chopper, if you wanna know."

However, he was merely ignored by the Sammer Guy.

"Aha. So it begins, challenger. I am known as Jade Blooper, guardian of the 1st gate… Prepare for a game over!"

"Game over! Not in a life time!"


Round 1


"What the… Round 1?" Before Chopper could attack, his Ninja ability was knocked away by a single slash from Jade Blooper's sword. "Oh, come on! Not my ability! That's not fair!"

"What's the matter? Are you chicken?" Jade Blooper scoffed.

"I'll show you a chicken," Chopper muttered as he inhaled his sword and gained the Sword ability. "Ha! How's that?"

"I always bring a spare just in case," the Sammer Guy pulled out another sword and charged at Chopper.

"Can't we come and help?" Blade asked.

"Only one person may battle," Jade Blooper stated. "We prefer to have even fights."

Jade Blooper swung his sword at Chopper again, but his attack got countered when Chopper managed to slash at Jade Blooper rapidly with his sword. He didn't even have a chance to make another move when Chopper finished him with a Sword Beam.

"That attack… What kind of attack is that?!" Jade Blooper gaped as he fell over on the ground in defeat. "No more, I beg you! Your power is great, challenger."

"Well, looks like victory is mine," Chopper smiled as he put his sword away for now.

When Jade Blooper got back up, everyone else got on the stage and watched the Sammer Guy bow to them.

"Your skills are impressive…for a little boy."

"Little boy? I can tell you that I'm not little…"

Mario: You are kind of small…

"Poyo, (Like me,)" Kirby added.

"So, it appears the heroes of legend have finally arrived after a while…" Jade Blooper trailed. "You may go to the next gate."

"Next gate? What on earth are you talking about?" Blade asked. "There's MORE?!"


Across the stage, a king with a yellow crown-shaped head, a black mustache and goatee, a blue shirt and a red cape cheered happily.

"Oh ho! What a performance that was! And what exotic looks you have, challengers!" the king cheered as he walked onto the stage and over to the heroes. "What a rousing spectacle of martial artistry!"

"Martial artistry? What's that?" Chopper asked.

"You don't know about martial arts, Chopper?" Sonic gawked.

"Oh, that I know…"

"Who are you supposed to be?" Blade asked rudely.

"Blade… That crown and robe doesn't give it away?"

"INSOLENCE!" Jade Blooper snapped. "Show some respect, dog!"

"Poyo! (We're not dogs!)" Kirby retorted.

"You stand before King Sammer, ruler of the Sammer Guys!"

"Your unusual fighting style brings me no end! Since you're the heroes of the prophecy, I should reward you with a glimpse of my treasure… Behold!"

King Sammer held up a card that resembled Sammer's Kingdom. "This is a legendary treasure that has been passed down from my ancestors for generations. This is called the Sammer's Kingdom Card."

"Sammer's Kingdom Card? What's that supposed to be anyway?" Luigi asked.

"Not even I know what it does… It's a mystery indeed… It may hold a purpose… But, I was told by my ancestors to give this to the one who defeats all of my vassals."

Mario: But we defeated your knights!

"Heh heh…" King Sammer sweat dropped. "Maybe I just forgot… So sorry for that!"

"So, why do we even need that in the first place?" Chopper asked. "We need to find a Pure Heart, not some stupid card!"

"…Actually, I do recall something. This card might actually hold a purpose for another dimension. I don't know what dimension, but it is indeed an important item."

"Poyo… (So much for being a mystery then…)" Kirby trailed.

"Then we should probably get that thing," Blade suggested. "So… Could you give it to us?"

"Oh ho! Such a typical thing from a hero!" King Sammer chuckled. "If you desire it, prove your worth by defeating my vassals in a tournament!"

"Are you serious?" Chopper gawked. "That's it?"

"In our kingdom, there is a legend that had been passed down through generations," Jade Blooper informed. "'When a great hole appears in the sky, the world will soon be devoured.' The tempest in the sky grows larger by the day. It must be stopped!"

"But the legend goes on… And so I shall continue a very dramatic reading…ahem." King Sammer cleared his throat. "'Only one thing can stop The Void: the great hero must be given the Pure Heart.' …Which, I sadly do not have anymore…"

"Then what's the point of fighting?" Chopper asked.

"For the card, maybe?" Blade shrugged. "Look, there must be a reason why we were led here. That card could be what we need to get to the Pure Heart in another world."

"So, would you all like to meet my vassals?" King Sammer asked.

"Uhhhh… No thanks." Luigi replied. "We're kind of in a…"

"Vassals, to me!"

The whole gate was flooded by 99 other Sammer Guys. Some were small, smaller than Chopper, some were about Jade Blooper's size, and there were even ones that were much bigger than them.



"100 STRONG!"

"These are my vassals. Should you beat them all, you will prove you are the true heroes. Yes, I shall reward you with the Sammer's Kingdom Card if you best my other 99 Sammer Guys!"

"Oh… Well this is nice." Chopper frowned.

"Begone, Sammer Guys, and move to your tournament positions!" Jade Blooper ordered as all of the Sammer Guys scurried out of Gate 1.

"I'm sure I'll be on the edge of my throne throughout this thrilling tournament!" King Sammer cheered. "I will await your arrival at the last gate. The tournament has begun… Let skill decide!"

King Sammer scurried away as the last Sammer Guy looked back at the heroes before leaving Gate 1.

"Great… We're in a big mess now." Sonic sighed. "We probably don't even have the time to reach the 100th Sammer Guy!"

"Then we better go quickly," Chopper suggested as he raced over to the gate ahead. Everyone shrugged and followed him to the gate.

Gate 2-

As they reached the next gate, they noticed it looked exactly the same as Gate 1. The only difference? There was a Sammer Guy that looked just like Jade Blooper, except he didn't have facial hair.

"Since only one of us can fight a Sammer Guy at a time, why don't we take turns and go from a certain order," Blade suggested.

Mario: I think that works!

"Poyo? (Could I fight this one?)" Kirby asked.

"I guess so," Chopper nodded. "This is how we'll do the order: Me, Kirby, Sonic, Blade, Mario, and then Luigi. Is that all right?"

"Well, at least I'm last," Luigi sighed.

Kirby walked up to the stage to face the Sammer Guy before them.

"I SEE YOU! Look upon Hill with Eyes, keeper of the 2nd gate!" Hill with Eyes exclaimed. "You run along the earth, attacking immobile blocks…AND I SEE YOU! You leap above deep pits, dodging wandering beasts…AND I WATCH YOU! Soon you will fall in battle by my merciless hand…AND I LAUGH AT YOU!"

"Poyo? (Hill with Eyes? That's a strange name…)"

Round 2


Hill with Eyes started by charging at Kirby with his sword, which Kirby managed to slash away with his Final Cutter before attacking him with a Cartwheel. This seemed easy to Kirby after he inhaled him and spat him out.

After Hill with Eyes got back up, he charged at Kirby again, but got hit with a simple kick to the stomach, making the Sammer Guy fall over in defeat.

"Ow…Right in the eye!"

"Poyo… (Not much of a challenge…)" Kirby trailed.

Hill with Eyes got back up and bowed to Kirby. "You did not wither beneath my cold, unflinching stare…And so I am defeated…but defeat and victory are meaningless to one such as I. I will remain in the distance, waiting without remorse and… ALWAYS WATCHING!"

"That wasn't too bad," Blade gawked. "They're not that strong, honestly…"

Mario: This is the second guy. Of course he's not that hard!

"Yeah, you've got a point…"

Gate 3-

When they walked out of the door, Sonic walked up to the stage. He grinned when he saw this Sammer Guy was wearing blue like him. He also had a black mustache and a goatee. Although, his mustache looked different than King Sammer's.

"An opponent blows in…my name floats like an ill wind, for I am Puffing Fist, guardian of the third gate! I can send the mightiest opponent to his doom with a single strike! Pwwaaang!"

Round 3


Puffing Fist jumped in the air and swung his sword while Sonic jumped in the air in a ball. The sword struck him, but it didn't stop him from using his Whirlwind to send Puffing Fist flying in the air.

"You said you could beat me with a single strike," Sonic recalled as he struck him with only one Homing Attack to defeat the Sammer Guy.

"Noo…it was you who has dealt the pwaanging…" Puffing Fist moaned as he fell to the ground.

"I guess that was a piece of cake…"

Puffing Fist got himself up and bowed to Sonic. "I have failed the ancient Pwaaanging traditions! Mt strike lacks puff. I must go and train at the cloud temple. I will use my remaining vacation days."

"Yeah, you could use a vacation if you want," Sonic shrugged. "Anyway… Let's move on."

Gate 4-

When Blade stepped up to the stage, he met with a Sammer Guy in green holding a spiky club instead of a sword.

"No sword? I was hoping we'd be able to have a sword fight…" Blade sighed. "Although, I carry a katana and not a sword."

"Soon, challenger, you will scream in terror at the name of the FLIGHTLESS BIRD! For I am Squatting Birdo, ever-hunkering guardian of the 4th gate! Now you will know the fury of the most deadly fighting style. Birdo…SQUAT!"

Round 4


Squatting Birdo brought his club down before Blade, who used his ninja skills to turn into a log and kick the Sammer Guy from behind with a simple kick.

"Come to me, Ninjoe!" Squatting Birdo called as a Ninjoe joined in and threw a ninja star at Blade, who blocked it with his katana. He easily took care of the Ninjoe with his katana before nearly destroying Squatting Birdo with his Dragon Beam.

"Uhhhhh… You don't need to use that against someone who's not an enemy…" Chopper trailed.

"SQUAWWWK! The egg of my defeat burns hot on my face…" Squatting Birdo moaned as he fell to the ground in defeat.

"OK, I'll admit that attack was over the top…" Blade trailed.

Squatting Birdo quickly got up and bowed to Blade. "I bow to your skill. Birdo be with you, challenger!"

"'Birdo be with you'? I don't get that…"

Gate 5-

When they reached the next gate, Mario walked onto the battle stage and saw a Sammer Guy in green, but with a mustache, a goatee, a sword, and a spike on his head. Mario sweat dropped, knowing that he wouldn't be able to jump on him.

"Tell me, challenger, have you ever tried to catch a jumping fish with your bare hands? You will know the frustration soon, for I am Leeping Cheep, keeper of the 5th gate! The Cheep Cheep soars in the air and strikes its prey like a fishy tsunami!"

Mario: Uhhh… I don't know what to say…

Round 5


Leeping Cheep managed to strike Mario at least once with his sword before Mario brought his hammer out to defend against the sword strikes. One simple kick was able to drive the Sammer Guy back.

Mario: All right, now I just need to use my hammer to win the battle!

He ran for Leeping Cheep, who managed to get himself back up and charge at Mario, but he was no match for a single bash from the hammer.

"But…that's so cheeeeeeep!" whined Leeping Cheep as he slowly got back up and bowed. "Your skill is strong. If only my flying, fishy friends had leapt to my aid when I called out for them…"

Mario: OK…

Gate 6-

"Oh… That's just a normal Sammer Guy." Luigi sighed in relief as he stepped up onto the stage to find a Sammer Guy in green holding a sword.

"Before we fight, consider this haiku… 'A challenger comes…Under the darkening sky…Wiggity wiggle…' Master Wiggler wiggles in defense of the 6th gate…WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" gawked the green plumber.

Round 6


Master Wiggler charged at Luigi with his sword, but he ended up missing when Luigi jumped out of the way and stomped on his head, leaving him stunned for a couple of seconds. He even threw Bonjourang at him to deal a little more damage.

"I don't know if I should get closer…" Luigi gulped.

Mario: We know you can do it!

Master Wiggler tried to attack him one more time, but Luigi was able to give him a stomp, knocking him to the ground in defeat.

"Wiggoooort!" the Sammer Guy cried in defeat before getting back up and bowing to Luigi. "Before you leave…contemplate this haiku… 'The Challenger came…now my face wiggles in pain…Wiggle wiggle wig…' Wiggle on, Warrior, wiggle on…"

"Oh… Well that wasn't too hard!"

Gate 7-

"Well, since we all went, I guess I'm going back up," Chopper smiled as he readied his sword and stepped up onto the stage to find a Sammer Guy in green with a spiked club and a white mustache.

"STOMPOW! I am Shoe of Kuribo! I protect the 7th gate! STOMPOW! Some try to tiptoe past me like little fancy slippers! I stomp them! STOMPOW! Shoe stomps all! STOMPOW! Shoe of Kuribo will tread on you! STOMPOW!"

Round 7


Shoe of Kuribo swung his club at Chopper, who managed to easily block it with his sword. He slashed him once and attacked him with an uppercut slice afterward. With that, he began to slash rapidly at the Sammer Guy afterward.

"Well, that didn't defeat him," Chopper frowned as he got hit in the face by Shoe of Kuribo's club, leaving a red mark on his cheek.

However, Chopper was able to use rainbow energy to help attack Shoe of Kuribo with a rainbow slash and a jump, which finished him off.


"What is with these guys anyway? They have strange lines…"

Shoe of Kuribo got himself up and bowed to Chopper. "Stompow… I am stomped… You crushow my stompow... You boot shoe! STOMPOW!"

"Poyo… (We should probably go…)" Kirby trailed.

Gate 8-

Since it was Kirby's turn to step up, he went onto the stage and met a Sammer Guy in blue rather than green and a sword.

"YOU FRY NOW! I am Guy Who Fry, master of Dripping Magma Punch, guard of the 8th gate. I see your eyes burn with purpose. Will I torch you today? Or will your burning desire to win extinguish me? I say… YOU FRY NOW!"

Round 8


Kirby readied his Final Cutter as he easily used it to throw Guy Who Fry in the air and bring him to the ground, leaving him stunned. Guy Who Fry was able to swing his sword at Kirby, but it wasn't much when he used his Defend on it.

Another Ninjoe made its appearance, but it only took Kirby to use Crystaline to defeat it, leaving only the Sammer Guy left.

"Poyo! (You're not even that hard!)" Kirby scoffed as he inhaled Guy Who Fry and spat him to the ground. The Sammer Guy went for another attack, but Kirby defeated him by using Barry as a spiked shield to win the fight.

"It is I who fry today…" Guy Who Fry moaned as he fell over on the ground in defeat.

"Poyo, (Well, that wraps that up,)" Kirby announced.

Guy Who Fry got himself back up and gave Kirby a bow. "I am like a sad pail of discarded grease… Go now and fry some Sammer Guys in memory of Guy Who Fry!"

"Poyo! (Sure will!)" Kirby cheered.

"We're not going to fry them…" Chopper trailed. "It's more of a duel where no one dies."

Gate 9-

"Well, looks like it's me again!" Sonic smirked as he stepped up onto the stage and found a green Sammer Guy with a spiked club.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZK! The shrill shriek of the SCREEEAAAAMING MANTISSSS paralyzes you at gate 9! You are motionless with fear! Now I prey on your face! YEZZZZZZZZZK!"

"Your shrieks nearly made me deaf…"

Round 9


Screaming Mantis charged at Sonic with full force, but since he was much faster than the Sammer Guy, he jumped over him and managed to kick him from behind. Screaming Mantis shrieked as he turned around and swung his club.

"Missed me!" Sonic taunted as he hit him with a Homing Attack. After a Bounce Attack, Screaming Mantis was done for.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHHHHHZZZZZZ!" Screaming Mantis shrieked before getting up and bowing to Sonic. "Screaming Mantis' throat grows hoarse… Screaming Mantis requires a lozenge…"

"Well, I don't think I have the time to help you… Sorry…"

Gate 10-

"'Sup?" Blade asked as he walked up to the next Sammer Guy. "…WHOA!"

"What is it, Blade?" Luigi asked.

"I have to fight THAT?!" Blade pointed at a large, blue sumo-like Sammer Guy tapping his large sword in his large hand. "Are you serious?"

"O'Chunks was probably tougher than what he is," Chopper informed.

"OK, fine," the blue ninja turned to the large Sammer Guy and walked up to him. He seemed ready for a fight.

"And so you come at last…like a young bloom poking through an early spring snow. I am called Koopa in Winter. I wait, immobile, by the 10th gate. The plant that blooms early freezes and perishes…and so, too, shall you!"

Round 10


Blade jumped out of the way as Koopa in Winter brought his large sword down, making a yellow star appear in front of him. If Kirby was fighting once of these guys, he could easily use that to his advantage.

"Wait, what am I worried about? I fought bigger guys than this!" Blade smirked as he jumped in the air and spun his katana around, striking Koopa in Winter a couple of times. He threw a couple of shurikens at him, but they simply bounced off his armor.

"That won't be enough to hurt me," Koopa in Winter mocked as he jumped in the air and landed on Blade.

"All right, that's it," Blade kicked Koopa in Winter back and used a Dragon Beam to finish him off easily. "And that time, I needed to use it."

"N-N-N-Nooooo!" Koopa in Winter cried as he fell to the ground.

"Yeah! I did it!" Blade fist pumped.

Koopa in Winter pulled himself back up and bowed to Blade. "The cold sun of winter has set upon my soul… It made you bloom this day, but beware… The ice and snow know no allegiance. They will consume you too!"

"Let's just go already,"

Gate 11-

Knowing that they had a little bit of confidence in them now, Mario stepped onto the stage and met up with a Sammer Guy in blue with a sword, a dark brown mustache, and a spike on his head – just like the other Sammer Guy he faced before.

"The 11th gate… A place of power. And here you find Footsteps of Coins! Tell me, warrior, do you walk with you eyes open? Do you see many coins? Coins in blocks, coins in clouds… Everywhere there are coins glittering."

Mario: I have a couple of coins!

"It is I who leaves them. It is I who wanders the wide world, coins falling from my heels. Does this mean others should pick up my coins? OF COURSE NOT! The coins are mine alone! And now, I will make change of YOU! CHA-CHING!"

Round 11


Footsteps of Coins called in a Ninjoe to help him. It threw a couple of shurikens toward Mario, which he managed to dodge and stomp on the Ninjoe's head. However, it transformed into a bomb and exploded. Thankfully, Mario wasn't even close to the Ninjoe when it blew up. When it reappeared, Mario finished it off with a stomp.

Mario: Now for you.

Mario used Kickbrin to leave Footsteps of Coins stunned and finished him off with a single hammer attack.

"I'm broke!" Footsteps of coins cried as he fell over.

Mario: Well that's a relief!

He slowly got back up and bowed to Mario. "My wealth was in my battle skills, and you have robbed me of them. My poverty of spirit is now matched by my empty pockets. And now I am faced with… NO! A loan from Mother! She will frown upon me! I would rather sell my weapons!"

Mario felt a little sorry for Footsteps of Coins, being the heroes that he is. Unfortunately, the only thing he could do was move on to the next gate with his friends.

Gate 12-

When Luigi stepped onto the stage, he saw the Sammer Guy he was facing had a dark brown mustache, green armor and a sword.

"Hey! His mustache looks a little like mine!" Luigi noticed.

"So you challenge your skill in the Duel of 100? I am the guardian on the 12th gate… Urchin Lung. Hah hah. So… You must be wondering, 'How many more of these guys must we fight?' FOOL! There are 88 more of us! Does your resolve falter? Do you have what it takes? It is a relentless marathon of martial artistry! Now, come at me!"


Round 12


Urchin Lung charged at Luigi and managed to hit him with his sword. The green plunger managed to recoil afterward and use Bonjourang to hit the Sammer Guy, leaving him stunned. Afterward, he used his Cyclone and sent Urchin Lung flying.

"Whoa! What's going on?!" Urchin Lung gaped.

"This should do it!" Luigi smiled as he attacked Urchin Lung in the air with a Super Jump.

"Augh! Uh…a cramp! I yield!" cried Urchin Lung as he fell to the ground.

"Not too hard, honestly…"

Urchin Lung moaned as he got up and bowed to Luigi. "Ha ha. So you are not a slacker after all, fresh challenger… You may have the stamina to defeat us all. If perhaps you will get a side ache!"

"Well, we better get going then!"

Gate 13-

"OK! Looks like I'm back up again!" Chopper cheered as he jumped onto the stage without using the two steps. He faced a red Sammer Guy with a silver helmet, a curved, pointy brown mustache, and a blue sword.

"Ooh! A new Sammer Guy for me to fight!"

"KAKAAAAWWWW! KAKAAWWW! I will feast on the delicious flavor of your defeat! I am Crow Who Eats, guardian of the 13th Gate! I will make many meals from your shame! KAAAKAAAAWW!"

"Uhhhhhh… Kakaw?" Chopper gawked.

Round 13


"Oh, boy… Well, he certainly looks a lot stronger than the previous Sammer Guys…"

Crow Who Eats swung his sword and a sonic wave came Chopper's way. He tried to defend himself with his sword, but that wasn't enough to stop him from hitting him with his sword.

"Geez… This guy actually can put up a fight!" Chopper gaped as he managed to slash at Crow Who Eats rapidly with his sword. This ultimately led him to get hurt by one of his sonic waves, but he was able to finish him off with his hammer.

"Kawwwwww…kawwww…kaww…" Crow Who Eats moaned as he fell over on the ground in defeat.

"Poyo, (That didn't look too hard,)" Kirby noted as Crow Who Eats got back up and bowed to Chopper.

"Cruel irony…now it is I who must eat crow…"

"You don't need to eat crow," Chopper informed. "Anyway, moving on."

Gate 14-

When Kirby stepped onto the stage, he met up with a Sammer Guy in green with a spike on his head, a spiked club, and a white mustache and goatee.

"Hewwo, pwaything! I am Swollen Tongue, master of the 14th gate… Flear me! You shall not gas! Wait, I mean gwass! I mean…PASS! Oh, who cares! Lettuce fight! Gahh!"

"Poyo! (You sound funny!)" Kirby giggled.

Round 14


Swollen Tongue walked over to Kirby and tried to hit him with his club, but Kirby managed to jump out of the way and use Carrie to jump on his head, leaving him dazed for a couple of seconds.

"Poyo, (I could just do another attack like that and it'll be all over,)" Kirby said as he got off Carrie and tried to inhale him. Swollen Tongue stuck his club to the ground to prevent himself from getting sucked in.

Kirby decided to stop and used his Cartwheel to knock Swollen Tongue back, then he finished him off with his Final Cutter.

"Glaagb… I have been fit! I mean…HIT! I wish I was more fit…" Swollen Tongue cried as he fell to the ground.

"Poyo! (I win again!)" Kirby cheered.

Swollen Tongue got back up and bowed to Kirby. "So… Had enough, have you? Buy now! I mean, BYE!"

Gate 15-

"Time for me to shine! …Again." Sonic declared as he jumped onto the stage to encounter a Sammer Guy in blue with a sword and a white, curvy mustache.

"The foe you face next is Slipping Grip, fearless guardian of the 15th gate. I am a new student of the Sweaty Palm Martial Arts Academy… But I recently passed my Slapotology exam with the highest marks! Now it is you who reap the benefits of my industrious note taking!"

Round 15


"You know, I can just make this an easy victory for me," Sonic stated as he charged up a Light Speed Attack. When fully charged, he went all out on Slipping Grip, attacking him multiple times and leaving him with only 1 HP left.

With a single Homing Attack, Slipping Grip fell to the ground in defeat.

"Grip…slipping…" Slipping Grip moaned before getting back up and bowing to Sonic. "I bring shame upon the Sweaty Palm Martial Arts Academy! But you will be no match for my brothers! Their palms wield the fury of the winds!"

"Brothers, huh? Well, this might be a little interesting…"

Gate 16-

When Blade walked up onto the battle stage, he noticed that the Sammer Guy he was going up against looked just like the one Sonic fought against. His mustache, armor, and sword looked the same.

"A guy that looks so much similar to another Sammer Guy? Really?" Blade face palmed. "Then again, some of these battles are basically the same thing over again…"

"So you have defeated my brother… I am the second most famous student of the Sweaty Palm Martial Arts Academy… You have no doubt seen me in the academy newsletter. I am Clammy Hand. Guarding the 16th gate is my senior project. I WILL NOT FAIL!"

Round 16


"All right, maybe I should try a different tactic," Blade tossed Hommissile directly at Clammy Hand, sending him flying back to the edge of the stage. He quickly got himself back up and charged at Blade, hitting him with his sword at least once.

"I will not fail!" Clammy Hand shouted as he tried to attack Blade again, who blocked his attack with his katana.

"Sorry, but I don't think that will work," Blade stated as he finished him off with a single slash.

"The world…grows clammy… So…clammy…" Clammy Hand moaned.

"Easy pickings!"

Clammy Hand got back up and bowed to Blade. "Do not think this is done. You must face my other brother next! He got expelled for studying the Wicked Palm of a Thousand Sweats!"

"Expelled? Weird… Well, I won't be fighting him anyway!"

Gate 17-

Mario: He looks the same as the other…

"Well, he's another brother, isn't he?" Luigi pondered as Mario stepped up to face against the next Sammer Guy.

"I am Forbidden Slap, former top student of the Sweaty Palms Martial Arts Academy…but I was expelled for learning forbidden slapping techniques from dark tomes. Now I wield history's most feared and reviled sword slaps!"

Round 17


Forbidden Slap started off the battle by jumping in the air and swinging his sword down at Mario, who stepped out of the way and bashed him in the head with his hammer. Afterward, he used Thoreau to throw him to the ground and left him stunned.

Mario: I think one last attack should do it!

With one stomp, Mario finished off Forbidden Slap, knocking him to the ground.

"The Forbidden Slap yields…" he moaned as he slowly got up and bowed to Mario. "You have defeated the three star pupils of the Sweaty Palm Martial Arts Academy…"

"Brother!" Slipping Grip cried as he jumped over to his brother from out of nowhere.

"Brother, are you hurt?!" Clammy Hand asked as he jumped in the scene as well, out of nowhere like Slipping Grip.

"Slipping Grip! Clammy Hand!" Forbidden Slap cried, turning to his brothers. "Why are you here? Why have you left your gates?"

"We were worried about you…"

"Brother… Return to the Academy… They will take you back…"

"Yes, let us return to the academy and earn an advanced Sweaty Palm belt… Perhaps they will forgive my selfish quest for dark slapping power…" Forbidden Slap took one quick glance at Mario. "As for you… You may pass!"

"You have beaten us!" Slipping Grip declared. "Now go on and shame the rest like you have shammed us…"

"May the martial arts spirits grant you luck! Onward to glory!" Clammy Hand added before he and his older brother went back to their own gate.

Gate 18-

"Huh? What the heck?" Luigi gawked as he noticed the Sammer Guy he was going up against was much smaller than him. He was even smaller than Chopper and Kirby! From what he could see, he was in red and carried a small sword.

"Come closer! I am just a harmless leaf on the trimmed lawn of the 18th gate… HAAAACHHH! NO! I am Hairy Arantula in the Grass! I leap on you head and bite on you ear lobe! HAAACHHH!"

Round 18


Hairy Arantula in the Grass moved swiftly, swinging his sword at Luigi rapidly as he cringed in pain from each attack. He even tried to put up a defense, but because the Sammer Guy was too small, it was too hard to defend.

"Man… Why do I have to be stuck with the annoying ones?" Luigi groaned, jumping in the air. Little did he noticed he ended up stomping on Hairy Arantula in the Grass and defeated him.

"Tchchchch-Tchch-Tch…" Hairy Arantula in the Grass moaned as he fell to the ground.

"Oh… I won already?" Luigi gaped as the Sammer Guy got back up and bowed to him.

"Your earlobe, it is like IRON! I skitter away…"

Gate 19-

"Man! How long is this going to go?" Chopper groaned as he walked up to a Sammer Guy in blue with a black mustache and goatee and a spiked club. "This is starting to become VERY repetitive! And for what? A card?!"

"Stoic and impenetrable, Another Castle stands vigil over the 19th gate… Many challengers attempt to lay siege to me. All leave in tears. Tire yourself all you like pummeling my stony abdomen…I WILL NOT FALL!"

"Another Castle? Now that's a name I don't get at all…"

Round 19


Chopper readied his hammer as he managed to block Another Castle's club and bashed him in the head with it. Afterward, he used his sword to attack him with a Rainbow Slash, leaving him dazed for a couple of seconds.

However, Another Castle was able to recover and swing his club at Chopper, leaving another red mark on his face. However, he soon fell when Chopper rapidly swung his sword at him.

"Walls…falling…" Another Castle moaned.

"Easy!" Chopper smiled as he gave a thumbs up, while Another Castle got up and bowed to him.

Well done…but your prize is in another castle… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

"Hey, Mario! I think he was talking to you…"

Mario: Yeah, very funny…

Gate 20-

"OK… The 20th gate…" Sonic sighed as he looked on ahead at the next opponent. "Oh, boy… Another large Sammer Guy. Well, good luck, Kirby!"

"Poyo! (Yeah! That's not fair!)" Kirby frowned. "Poyo? (Why do I have to fight the big guy this time?)"

As he stepped onto the stage, he noticed that the Sammer Guy's voice sounded very…loud.


Round 20


Kirby frowned once again as he saw a Ninjoe make an appearance and throw a couple of ninja stars at him. He decided that he had enough and inhaled it to gain the Ninja ability, which would probably help him against Rolling Thwomp.

When the large Sammer Guy brought his sword down, Kirby used this opportunity to dash toward Rolling Thwomp and slash him with his small katana without getting hurt by his weight.

"Poyo, (This could be annoying, considering that he probably has a lot of HP,)" Kirby groaned as he jumped and kicked Rolling Thwomp's head at an angle before getting smacked by his large sword.

"NOW TO SQUISH!" Rolling Thwomp curled up like a ball and began to roll Kirby's way.

"No fair! Only I can do that!" Sonic sulked.

However, after grabbing a yellow star that appeared from Rolling Thwomp, Kirby jumped in the air and brought it down on Rolling Thwomp, leaving him to fall on the ground in defeat.


"Hey, you did it, Kirby!" Chopper cheered.


"Poyo! (Hey! No need to put yourself down for that!)" Kirby assured. "Poyo! (There's still something to squish now and then!)"

However, he was interrupted by the sound of a large tremor that nearly knocked him over. Everyone looked up at the sky and noticed how big The Void was. It began to nearly fill up the sky now.

"We can barely see the sky now!" Luigi gaped.

"Poyo! (We can't just stand here! We need to go!)" Kirby cried.

"Oh, I believe you'll be a little too late for that, pink puffball…"

"Uhhhh… Who said that?" Blade asked.

Mario: Not me!

When everyone walked onto the stage, Tipral teleported above them, making everyone get in a fighting stance.

"Tipral!" Chopper shouted. "What are you doing here?!"

"To see how you pathetic waste of a heroes were doing," Tipral explained. "Try all you want, but you'll never make it to the end of this kingdom. The Void is surely going to destroy you and this world… Very soon."

"But… Why? All of this for revenge?" Blade spat. "Honestly, destroying the universe is never the answer to revenge."

"If you knew a little bit more about me, then you would truly know WHY I'm doing this. But explaining to you now would simply take up my time to escaping this garbage world."

Rolling Thwomp was highly offended by this and tried to attack him with his sword. Unfortunately, his attack was blocked when Tipral raised the Dark Star Scepter and surrounded his fist in darkness.

"Well I had enough of you, heroes; especially you, Chopper. I'll gladly watch the end of you and your friends soon."

"And we're not going to let that happen," Chopper declared before Tipral teleported out of the world. "Great… He got away."

"Wait… Is he doing all of this for more than just revenge?" Sonic gawked before getting interrupted by Rolling Thwomp.


"Uhhhhhh… So what do we do now?" Blade asked.

"Find a way out of here, maybe?!" Luigi shrieked as he put his cap over his face.

However, Rolling Thwomp gave a look of determination. "I WILL TAKE YOU TO KING SAMMER!" he cried as he grabbed the heroes and threw them far into Sammer's Kingdom.

Gate 100-

Once they landed on the ground, they noticed that they were at the 100th gate… Wait, the hundredth gate!

"Guys… We're almost there! We can make it to King Sammer right now!" Chopper cried. "Hurry!"

"Not so fast, heroes…"

They stopped when they saw a Sammer Guy with a black helmet covering his face, red shoulder pads, red glowing eyes, three gray spikes sticking out of his helmet and a red sword facing the entire group.

Mario: You're not the last Sammer Guy!

"Oh, yes I am…" the Sammer Guy growled. "You see, the old champion ended up retiring, so King Sammer requested another Sammer Guy to come in. I was that one, but I decided to prove to him that I was stronger by defeating the rest of the Sammer Guys. All 99 of them!"

"So… Who are you, then?"

"I am Final Quano, the new champion of Sammer's Kingdom."

"Final Quano? You look like an enemy of mine called Maquano…" Chopper trailed. "Anyway, we need to go see King Sammer immediately! The world is about to end soon!"

As he spoke, another tremor occurred in the sky.

"You are my opponents, whether the world is about to end or not. I made a promise that I would soon defeat you when you reached me." Final Quano declared. "Now we must fight! Only the true winner will reach King Sammer! Come! Let me face ALL of you!"

Round 100


Final Quano swung his sword and fired a dark Sword Beam straight at Chopper and Kirby, knocking their abilities away. They also noticed how much damage that did to them. About 25. Yikes.

"Geez! How much HP does this guy have?!" Chopper winced.

"…About 500," Sonic stated.

"Are you serious?!"

Chopper tried to deliver a rainbow punch to Final Quano, but he was able to slash rapidly at him with his sword. Overall, they weren't doing too well with this guy.

"What's the matter? You don't have the energy to take me on?!" Final Quano scoffed as he ran toward the heroes and attacked them with a dark Sword Beam. "I was trained by the very best! Of course you won't beat me!"

Before he could deliver a finishing blow, the ground began to tremor once again. This time, however, it was more violent than the other.

"What's going on now?" the Sammer Guy looked up and gaped at the size of The Void. There was no longer a sky now. The Void was covering it ALL!

"No… The prophecy can't be right! Is this…the end…?"

"But… At a time like this?!" Blade cried. "We're so close, yet we're going to be so far now…"

"I don't wanna die!" Luigi cried.

"We can at least try to go!" Chopper declared, trying to run past Final Quano.

"All right! You guys can go see King Sammer!" Final Quano decided. "Please, send him my regards too…"

However, it was too late. The world began to flash white a couple of times and everything began to feel wavy around them. As everyone screamed, everything began to fade away from this world as it was slowly devoured by the horrors of The Void.

Sammer's Kingdom was gone.

Dimensional X-

"Unnnnnnghhhh… Am I…dead?" Chopper moaned as he slowly got up. He noticed he was no longer in Sammer's Kingdom, but in Dimensional X. He could tell by the flower petals floating down from the sky. That, and The Void in the background was also rather big as well.

He turned around and noticed everyone else slowly getting up.

"So… Are we in The Underwhere again?" Blade moaned.

"I don't think so… We're back in Dimensional X. But…how?"

"That was me, heroes!"

Everyone looked above them and saw a small person with purple skin, a brown cloak and hood, and blue goggles. He was also holding a golden scepter in his hands. Surprisingly, he was much smaller than Chopper.

"Who on earth are you?" Luigi asked.

"Greetings, heroes! My name is Ortorain. I expected your arrival… But, for some reason, I noticed you were dwelling in another world. Sammer's Kingdom, perhaps?"

Mario: How do you know this?

"Because I watch all worlds!" Ortorain chuckled. "You see, it is I who is the creator of all dimensions! I've also been watching you this entire time, ever since you were before! I can even recall some events, such as Staris getting all seven Star Spirits and turning into Perfect Staris, or when Maquano was sealed in the Light Orb and came back by using the Crystal Star's power!"

"Yikes… Those were things that DID happen!" Chopper gaped, his antennae springing up. "But what do we do now? We tried to get some stupid card, only to have the world get destroyed…"

"Poor Sammer's Kingdom…" Blade trailed. "And also poor Knife… He ended up getting swallowed along with that place as well."

"So does that mean your brother's gone?" Luigi gawked.

"I guess so."

"Yes, I do feel sorry for the loss of a world…" Ortorain trailed. "But, the only good news I can give to you is that I have this."

The dimension creator pulled out a card similar to King Sammer's. "This was one of the few things I managed to save besides you guys."

"So it WAS you who saved us…" Chopper trailed. "But how come you couldn't save Sammer's Kingdom either?"

"I may be a creator, but I don't have the power to save an entire world. All I can do is save a couple of people… But, with this card, this will help you get closer to the Pure Heart."

"You know the purpose of these cards?" Blade asked as he took the card from Ortorain, who handed it to him.

"These cards were made to gain access through barriers that block the way to another world. It's not too complicated, but sometimes explaining it can get a little confusing. Heh heh…"

"Well, since all we can do is find the Pure Heart, can you lead us to the next portal?" Chopper asked.

"Of course, Chopper. That's why I saved you. Come along now!"

The six heroes followed Ortorain through the flat area until they reached a Star Block up ahead. Chopper gave it a whack and watched as all the twenty glittering stars circled around.


After witnessing the end of Sammer's Kingdom, Chopper and Co. were saved by a strange little alien named Ortorain, the creator of all dimensions. To them, he looked like a young child, but to Ortorain, he was thousands of years old. As they followed him, they began to hear an explanation from him about the dangers of The Void and what it could do to this world if it was destroyed. Our heroes knew the loss of this dimension would be dangerous, and so they hurried on ahead as the petals bloomed in the dimensional world.

I really wanted to go into Sammer's Kingdom somewhere in this story, so I decided that I would do it here, since it would fit before some other worlds we go into (and trust me, we'll get to those some other time in Chapter 18). Yeah, even though I like Sammer's Kingdom, I'll admit it's a little repetitive, especially this part with the gates. But, thankfully I put in some of the outside area as well!

Anyway, next time, we get to know a little more about Ortorain and we even go to another world! The question is... Which one?

...And I also noticed this fic has over 900,000 words. ...Yeah.