"Tipral… Why? Why did you have to do this?"

When Chopper slowly opened his eyes, he noticed he was back in Flopside Tower, right beside the pale green door they were in before. He and his friends slowly got back up and noticed where they were.

"Poyo…? (We're back in Flopside…?)" Kirby gawked.

"But… Ortorain's power wasn't there to help us…" Sonic trailed.

"Something's fishy here…" Blade trailed.

Mario: But our other friends aren't here…

"Yeah… Our friends…" Chopper trailed as he started to see some flashbacks of his friends from previous adventures. A small tear came down his face, but he soon wiped it off. "They've…met with a terrible fate."

"Oh man…" Luigi shuddered. "Everyone's starting to die off…"

"But there's something strange… The door's still here."

"Should we honestly…" Sonic trailed before getting cut off.

"Yes, I think we should," Blade nodded. "Remember Desert Oasis? We managed to find the Pure Heart there and got it back to normal…somehow. If we did it last time, then we can do it again."

"Unngh… But seeing all of the remains of our worlds…" Luigi cringed. "It just feels so…"

Mario: I know… But we have to go through with it.

"I guess we have no other choice…" Chopper trailed. "Thankfully, that Star Shroom was able to fully heal us, so we should have no worries going through here."

"Poyo, (Let's hope the Pure Heart is fine,)" Kirby hoped as he slowly opened the door. Knowing what they were about to witness, they gulped and reentered the eighth door of Flopside Tower.

Unfortunately, they didn't notice a shadowy mist watching them.

"Such fools… They…never seem…to give up!" it cackled. "They should…be lucky that…they were able…to escape The Void's…wrath! Little do they…know how…they got out!"

The shadowy mist followed them through the door, eager to see what would be going on through there.


When the door revealed itself, all six heroes walked out of the door, only to find nothing else in this world. Everything was white, and all they could see was a long pathway with a couple of remains from other worlds. Overall, it was absolutely devastating.

"So… This is what it looks like when a world is swallowed up?" Luigi gaped. "This… This is awful!"

"You've…never seen what The Void could do…?" Sonic asked.

"No… Sadly, I haven't been able to."

"Well… I guess we better go…" Chopper trailed as he started off by walking on ahead. They happened to notice all of the dead, lifeless and white petals on the ground, which seemed to be what was left of Dimensional X.

"This is so unbearable to watch…" Blade cringed as they passed by a broken sign, which seemed to feel like it was the first sign they saw in the world, and then the remains of a black tower, which was knocked over and broken.

However, what they saw worse than that was Ortorain himself, who was completely lifeless.

"N-No… Ortorain… Speak to us!" Chopper cried as he shook Ortorain's black, lifeless body. His staff ended up disintegrating, making him step away from the body, afraid to see his own body disintegrate.

"Poyo… (Look at him… He looks so…peaceful like that…)" Kirby trailed as they noticed his eyes were shut and a small tear made of dust was on the ground. All they could do was take one last glance at him before continuing on.

They eventually ran into remains from Sammer's Kingdom. They could see a couple of broken planks on the ground and even a broken throne.

"Man… Look at Sammer's Kingdom…" Chopper gaped. "Everything's so…dull and lifeless!"

Mario: Just like Ortorain…

"I can see some of the Sammer Guys as well…" Luigi trailed, noticing some of the Sammer Guys running in fear of The Void. That is, if they were still alive, that is…

King Sammer and Final Quano didn't look like they were screaming or fleeing. They looked like their heads were hung low as if they were waiting for their lives to be over soon because of The Void.

"Come on, guys… Let's just go…" Chopper trailed as they went past the remains of Sammer's Kingdom.

This time, they began to notice some remains of some palm trees and loops. Seeing this made Sonic feel shocked, especially when he saw that his friends were black and lifeless like Ortorain.

"Tails… Knuckles… Amy…" Sonic trailed as he noticed their expressions looked as if they were screaming. Blade even noticed his friends, Bang and Night were lifeless as well. Bang looked like he was whining, while Night was slapping him.

"As much as I found Bang to be annoying, I don't like to see him like this…" Blade trailed, wiping a tear off his face. "I've seen cruel things before, but this is just… This is too far!"

"Gemerl's here too…" Chopper noticed as he saw Gemerl's lifeless body clenching his fists while looking up, as if he was looking up at the sky. "I don't want to see his lifeless body… I just don't like it."

They decided to pass by the remains of Mobius, but Sonic stopped by his friends and took one last look at them.

"Don't worry, guys… You'll be just fine when we save all worlds…" he trailed before catching up to his friends.

As they traveled on, things started to get worse when they reached the remains of the Mushroom Kingdom. The remains of Koopla, Bruce, Parakarry, Bow, Yosho, Kayzee, Mallow, Geno, Vivian, Scrub, Shadower, and Bombette could be seen, which began to make Chopper cringe.

Unfortunately, he couldn't say a thing about it.

Mario: We… We never even got a chance to see the princess…

"I know…" Luigi trailed. "Now, I don't think we'll have our chance to even see them anymore."

"Don't think about that!" Blade cried. "Thinking negatively isn't going to help us…"

"You're… You're right… But, sometimes I can't help it."

After taking one last glance at their friends, they noticed the remains of Staris, Grodus's head, Lord Crump, and the X-Naut Johnson.

"I don't like this one bit…" Carrie trailed.

"It's definitely unbearable…" Crystaline agreed.

When they reached the remains of Pop Star, Kirby was saddened to see the remains of most of the Cappies, including friends like Fumu and Rick the Hamster. Some of the forest creatures were looking up, like they were looking at the forest fire. Meta Knight had his cape wrapped around himself and was looking up.

"Poyo… (Poor Pop Star…)" Kirby sniffled. "Poyo… (It was such a great place…)"

"I know… And what makes me feel worse was that I never told Flyer about Fumu's fate…" Chopper trailed.

"I think that was…for the better," Sonic pointed out. "It would've been better if he didn't know."

"Probably…" he sighed as they walked past some Waddle Dee remains and King Dedede and Escargon, who looked like they made up and put some of their differences aside. It looked happy, yet it was depressing because they were lifeless.

"Poyo, (I don't know how much I could put up with this,)" Kirby frowned as his head hung low.

At last, they reached the last of the remains. Clara's remains.

"All of the trees and plants are so…lifeless here," Luigi gaped as he noticed a flower laying on the ground. Chopper also happened to notice the remains of his house, which was toppled over.

"I guess The Void's power was strong enough to knock over my house…" Chopper trailed as he took a good look at it. The grave, to his surprise, was still there, and the flower's black and white color fit very well.

"I won't let you down, Mom and Dad…" Chopper thought as he took one last glance at the gravestone before walking over to the remains of Trinado, and then the remains of C-2 Choppor, Ghoster, Berry, Flyer, and Tamber, who were still tied up. Berry looked like she was shedding a small tear.

"I feel so bad for them…" Blade trailed. "First they're forced to stay down by the castle, then they get kidnapped, and then they finally get swallowed up by The Void. It's so tragic…"

Mario: Blame it all on Tipral.

"We…should probably move faster," Chopper suggested as he charged up a Speed Dash before taking off. However, once he was past the remains of his home world, he went to a sudden halt when he noticed something up ahead.

"Guys… I think I see something…"

"What is it, Chopper?" Luigi asked.

"Look," he pointed over to a heart-shaped rock up ahead. "It's the Pure Heart…"

"No surprise seeing it survive…" Sonic trailed. "If one could survive the end of the world, then I'm sure another could."

"Let's just grab it and get out of here," Blade suggested. "I don't want to look at the remains of our precious worlds… It's terrifying!"

"So you still live, huh?"

The voice echoed throughout the area as everyone looked around, trying to find the voice, but then they stopped when they saw Tipral appear right behind the Pure Heart.

"Tipral…" Everyone got in their fighting stances and clenched their fists.

"You heroes seem devastated from your looks," Tipral noticed. "It might be because I was able to succeed in my plans in destroying your home worlds! You ended up humiliating me, along with destroying my family, so I decided I would return the favor by obliterating your worlds! How does that feel?"

"You know what? You just crossed the line with us!" Sonic shouted. "WE actually try to help people, while you? You're doing nothing but thinking about yourself most of the time."

"You're nothing but a selfish dark being," Chopper stated. "Do you think we ENJOY destroying villains? You may think it looks fun to us, but it's not."

"Hmph… So you call me nothing but a selfish dark being? I could honestly care less with what you guys think." Tipral declared as he took the Pure Heart and put it away. "Face it. Without the Pure Heart's power, you're finished."

"Oh, really? All we need to do is bring it back to Queen Jaydes and she'll revive it. Simple as that."

"That is, if you live to see the Pure Heart get revitalized," Tipral growled while drawing the Dark Star Scepter. "Since my attempts to destroy you all failed, I'm going to resort to doing it myself! Tell me, heroes… Doesn't this make you think of that one desert world?"

"Yes…" Blade grumbled.

"Too bad you didn't see that world get obliterated as well. It was actually one of the first anyway. When I'm through with you, you're going to be spending the rest of your life in Underwhere Prison!"

"That is, if you beat us!" Chopper growled as he clenched his fists. Tipral's stats were nothing to laugh at. With a Max HP of 480, an Attack of 19 and a Defense of 10, this was pretty serious.

"Allow me to demonstrate one of my greater moves," Tipral announced as he threw his scepter in the air and let it spin rapidly. Many dark stars began to rain down from the sky and drop on the heroes, leaving them in pain.

"Well, two can play at that game," Chopper grabbed Starbow and used her power to make shooting stars fall on Tipral. However, with his teleportation, he was able to escape the shooting stars and throw a Star Spear at Chopper, who managed to jump out of the way.

"Whoa… That was too close." When Tipral appeared in front of him via teleportation, Chopper was able to bash him with his hammer and kick him with rainbow energy, sending him flying back before he teleported back.

"Poyo! (You'll never guess what we've got that you never knew about!)" Kirby shouted as he attempted to hit Tipral with his Final Cutter. Although Tipral tried to defend himself, he ended up getting hurt anyway.

"Well, I see you people have gotten a few new moves," Tipral noticed as he avoided Blade's Dragon Beam, which shot out from a long distance. "Even then, it's not possible for you to beat me."

Sonic clenched his fist and unleashed his Sonic Wind on Tipral. While it managed to hit him, he teleported out of the gust of wind easily and fired a small dark beam at Sonic, knocking him down. Luckily, the blue hedgehog got himself up and was able to avoid a dark star being hurled down by the Dark Star Scepter.

Blade gripped his katana and charged at Tipral, spinning his weapon vertically as he jumped toward Tipral, who managed to spin his scepter to block some of the slashes. However, he wasn't able to avoid Blade's Dragon Beam.

"You deserved that," Blade growled as he landed on the ground and threw Hommissile toward Tipral. When he quickly got up, he snapped his finger and made Hommissile explode before reaching him with Star Magic.

Tipral teleported to the right of the heroes and surrounded himself with a couple of shadow balls that spun around him. When he fired them down, he was able to hit at least Chopper and Mario. Kirby inhaled one and spat one toward Tipral, who teleported to dodge the attack.

"Poyo… (He's not messing around…)" Kirby trailed.

Mario: This is probably the first time Luigi and I have even fought him…

"Ah, yes… I just realized that." Tipral remembered as he teleported in front of Mario and whacked his nose with his scepter. Mario held his nose in pain before using Kickbrin to knock him over and jump on him afterward.

Before Luigi could attack, Tipral sent a Star Pulse out as he got up, sending everyone flying. He growled as he skated his way over to Chopper and fired a dark beam toward him. However, Chopper was able to outrun the beam and do a flip before jumping on Tipral, leaving him dazed for a couple of seconds.

"OK! Attack him now, Luigi!" Chopper cried.

"Got it!" Luigi nodded as he attacked Tipral with his Cyclone, which sent him flying upward. With that, he finished off his attack by hitting Tipral with a Super Jump. Sonic attacked him while he was in the air with a Bounce Attack.

"Unghh…" Tipral grunted as he hit the ground. Thankfully, for him, he was able to teleport out of harm's way and fly above the group. He snapped his finger a couple of times to strike a couple of them with Star Magic. Sonic and Blade, who didn't get hurt by the attack, got struck by a couple of dark stars Tipral fired at them rapidly, as if he was firing a machine gun.

"He's firing those stars like a machine gun!" Sonic gaped.

After Tipral teleported again, he raised his scepter and another dark beam fired out. This time, he made it circle around the area vertically. However, with Chopper's flipping, he and his friends were able to escape Tipral's power.

"Where'd they go?" Tipral gawked as he noticed their presence was no longer around. "I bet they're hiding in 3-D like cowards…"

When they reappeared, Tipral immediately took action and snapped his finger. However, with Slim, they were able to turn sideways and avoid getting hurt, which angered Tipral a bit, but it didn't stop him from using the attack again when they stopped using Slim's power.

Chopper hurled a rainbow ball straight at Tipral, but when he threw a shadow ball, it easily destroyed the rainbow ball and hit Chopper, despite him bringing his arms up in an attempt to defend himself.

"My rainbow energy doesn't seem to work that well against those shadow balls…" Chopper sighed.

"Well then don't use them when he's throwing a shadow ball," Blade suggested as he tried to jump toward Tipral, who simply flew out of the way and hit Blade in the head with his scepter.

"Take this!" Tipral cried as he swung his arm and fired a Star Spear down toward Chopper, who appeared to be his main target. However, Kirby inhaled the Star Spear and spat it back at Tipral, sending him flying back.

"Gee, Tipral… I'm sure you would've used the Chaos Heart's power to make yourself invincible or something." Chopper sighed. "And why are you targeting me anyway?!"

"I COULD do that, but what's the point in defeating you when I'm invincible? Destroying you all while not being invincible feels more achieving. But, no matter. It's a shame you won't live to see what the Chaos Heart's true power can perform."

"What could it do?" Luigi asked worriedly.

"While it's dangerous, it can do what the user wants, and when I use its power, nothing will be left when I'm through with everything!"

Mario: That's just horrible!

"I know it's horrible, but that's what I intend to do as soon as I end your games!" Tipral swung his scepter and made three, large dark beams strike the ground. Unfortunately, everyone got caught in one of the beams and left them cringing in pain.

"Ugh… That was painful." Luigi winced.

"Look, Tipral… Just because you've got that weapon in your hands doesn't mean you're going to win." Chopper growled. "I managed to beat you without my friends, and I can do it again with my friends!"

"We'll see about that," Tipral dove toward the ground and sent a dark shockwave that stunned everyone. Afterward, he teleported over to the left and created a small dark portal that he fired dark stars into.

"Poyo? (What the heck?)" Kirby gawked.

"Trust me, they're not gone."

"Let's not worry about them," Chopper suggested as he jumped toward Tipral and slammed him to the ground with a flaming slamming kick, leaving Tipral with a burn. However, what made things cheap was when Tipral used the Dark Star Scepter's power to heal off the burn status.

Mario: Uh oh…

"Great… He can heal himself." Luigi groaned. "This isn't going to make the fight any easier now!"

Tipral clenched his fists as he stopped time, leaving everyone frozen. He took this time to fire multiple dark stars at his enemies before reverting time back to normal, which left everyone in pain.

"He's able to stop time and hurt us while at it?" Sonic winced.

"I wish my ability wasn't so limited even with the Dark Star Scepter. But I guess I can't have everything. Let's see how you handle this!" Tipral declared as he summoned a large dark void to suck everyone in. They all cried out as they tried to run away from the center of the void where Tipral was floating. It reminded them of when everyone, save for Chopper, were sucked into a portal to Sammer's Kingdom.

"Please don't suck me in!" Luigi cried.

Seeing that the heroes were doing well with their escape, Tipral stopped and decided to fight on his own. He landed on the ground and swung his scepter toward Mario, which fired a dark star at him.

Mario: Uh oh…

The red plumber readied his hammer and whacked the dark star back at Tipral, who simply avoided it by teleporting and letting it go toward Chopper.

Mario: Look out, Chopper!

"Huh?" When Chopper turned around, he ended up getting knocked back by the dark star. "What the heck?!"

Mario: You were a little too late…

"Oh… Well that's a bummer." Chopper grumbled, drinking some of a Star Shroom Shake to recover 150 HP. He passed it over to the rest until Kirby had the last sip. He decided to throw it at Tipral, but with a snap of his finger, the can disintegrated.

"Poyo? (What the heck?)" Kirby gaped.

Before they could do anything else, another dark portal appeared, and this time, dark stars fired out at their direction. Chopper gulped and flipped everyone into 3-D to avoid the attack, while Tipral growled in frustration.

"Hmph… Smart move, Chopper… But you're still not going to escape from my wrath!" Tipral declared as he waved his scepter as he created a couple of smaller dark stars. When they went back into 2-D, they homed in on the heroes and pelted them.

"All right, that's it!" Blade growled, throwing a shuriken at Tipral, which hit him, but soon disintegrated. Thankfully, he was able to hit the dark being with his Dragon Beam, leaving him off guard.

"Good work, Blade!" Chopper congratulated as he hurled an ice ball at Tipral, freezing him for about one second before he broke out and teleported between his foes with his Star Burst, creating a purple aura blast that knocked Chopper and Kirby away.

However, since he was busy with his attack, Sonic was able to send him flying with his Whirlwind, allowing Luigi to hit him with his Super Jump afterward. With that, Mario bashed him with his hammer when he landed on the ground.

"It appears I've taken some serious damage thanks to you…" Tipral noticed with some of the wounds on him. "I suppose I'll give you a little treat first!"

He swung his scepter and made dark stars rain down on them like shooting stars. Thankfully, they were able to get out of the way before they were struck, but this gave Tipral the moment to heal himself of 100 HP, making everyone gape.

"What the… Are you serious?!" Blade gasped. "100 HP?!"

"That's around the same as Gemerl could heal when we fought him for the Dark Star!" Chopper gaped.

"Thankfully, with the Chaos Heart's power on my side, my healing powers are much stronger, which makes it easy for me to slaughter you all," Tipral scoffed as he teleported in front of Luigi and smashed his stomach with a Star Punch, leaving him to hold his stomach in pain.

"Unnnghh…" Luigi grunted as he fell over.

Mario: Luigi!

The red plumber grit his teeth as he turned his head to Tipral, who already fired a dark star his way. Mario clenched his hammer and whacked it at the dark star to send it flying back. However, instead of dodging the attack, Tipral opened a dark portal that it went in and opened another one that struck Mario with the dark star.

However, despite this, Tipral ended up getting hit by a rainbow ball Chopper hurled at him. Sonic pitched in and used his Sonic Wind to knock Tipral back with a blue gust of win. However, it didn't stop him from hurling a Star Spear at Sonic, which made rings fly all over the place.

"Gah! This isn't good!" Sonic sweat dropped as he tried to recollect his rings, while Blade used his hurricane slash to make Tipral get blown back. It only took him to teleport in order to attack Blade and Chopper and the same time with his Star Fists.

"I could heal at this moment, but I don't think I need to…" Tipral pondered. "How about I make things interesting?"

He twirled his scepter and made it flash before making time slow down in the area. Everyone was moving at a slow pace, with the exception of Tipral, who watched as they tried to make an attack.

"Pooooooyooooo? (My vooooooice feeeeeels soooooo weeeiird! Whaaaaaat's goooooing oooooooon?)" Kirby asked in a low-pitched voice.

"Tiiiiiipraaaaaal caaaaaaaused thiiiiiis!" Chopper cried.

Now that they were slowed down, Tipral snapped his finger and struck Blade and Kirby with Star Magic, making them slowly get sent flying up. Afterward, he dove straight for Luigi and knocked him back by ramming into him.

"Aaaaaack!" Luigi cried as the speed went back to normal, as well as everyone's voices.

"Whew… That's a relief." Sonic sighed.

Mario: Let's not let that happen again.

However, they were stopped when Tipral appeared above them and raised his scepter, which fired a dark beam upward. He began to spin it counterclockwise, which made the beam move toward them.

"Uh oh… This isn't good!" Chopper gulped as he ran from the beam. Thankfully, it didn't circle around them completely, so they were able to escape the beam just fine. However, even then, Tipral slammed the ground with his Star Slam, which everyone managed to jump over.

"That was pretty close…" Sonic sighed.

Using the Dark Star Scepter's power, Tipral managed to create two more copies, making three Tiprals appear. This all reminded them of when Dimentio cloned himself, and one thing for sure was that three Tiprals was more dangerous.

"Great… How do we guess the real one?" Blade asked.

"With Starbow, of course," Chopper declared, holding the star Pixl up and letting shooting stars fall down. The real Tipral got hit and the other two clones disappeared. However, this didn't stop him from healing himself of 100 more HP.

"Poyo! (That's not fair!)" Kirby cried.

Tipral ignored Kirby and landed on the ground, firing dark stars from his scepter rapidly at the group. Kirby defended himself to take minimal damage, while Chopper attempted to jump over and jump on his head, interrupted Tipral's attack.

However, after Chopper struck him with a rainbow punch, Tipral was surrounded by a purple glow. One thing for sure was that he was definitely not happy.

"Now you're going to die!" Tipral roared as he clenched his fists and levitated off the ground. "STAR BLAST!"

"Aaah! Run for it, guys!" Chopper cried as a large blast sent everyone flying back. When the attack stopped, Tipral landed on the ground and tossed a shadow ball toward Kirby, who inhaled it and spat it back at him.

Tipral snapped his finger after grunting, but Kirby quickly got on Carrie to avoid his Star Magic and used his Final Cutter to strike his opponent. One thing for sure was that the heroes were not going easy on him either.

"I can tell the hatred for me in your eyes," Tipral noticed as the heroes were glaring at him. "You people want revenge against me, is that correct?"

Everyone didn't know what to say.

"Well I'll tell you this: revenge isn't very heroic for a bunch of heroes such as yourselves. But, this is something I've wanted to do for a while."

"I've learned about revenge ever since I was alone on my planet," Chopper recalled. "I remember when…"

"Chopper, now's not the time for this!" Sonic snapped. "Tipral's summoning another large void!"

"Thank you for distracting your friends, Chopper!" Tipral thanked as everyone got closer to the dark void. "Now I can watch you all suffer now that you're close to this void!"

Unfortunately, everyone couldn't escape from the portal's wrath. They were tossed into a dark dimension where they were struck by multiple dark beams. When they were sent flying out, they were low on HP.

"OK… Now might be the time for a Master Shroom Shake, right?" Luigi panted.

"Yeah…" Chopper grunted as he took out the item and recovered 200 HP with it. He passed it over to everyone until Sonic had the last sip. They disposed of it and got ready for Tipral's next attack.

"No worries! I have much more in store for you pathetic heroes!" Tipral scoffed as he raised his scepter and let it get surrounded by darkness. It created a large, dark sword that he used to swing down toward his opponents.

"Poyo! (That's intense!)" Kirby cried as a dark sword beam fired out as well, forcing everyone to jump out of harm's way. However, this didn't stop Tipral from using another one of his attacks. He raised his arms and everyone was trapped in a transparent box.

"Huh?" Luigi gawked. "Wait… Isn't this like Dimentio's…"

"Yes, it is, actually," Tipral nodded. "Apparently, ever since you stopped 'Dimentral', I somehow got some of Dimentio's powers…mainly this one, to be precise. Now that I can use its power against you, there's no way you can escape THIS!"

With a snap of his finger, the boxes exploded from inside, heavily damaging his enemies. Despite this, the heroes managed to stand up on their own.

"Hmph… I expected you to survive that. I would've preferred to use something I had instead of someone else's power to beat you, though…"

Tipral raised his scepter again and fired three homing dark stars that went after Chopper. However, when he inhaled them, he spat them back at Tipral, who was knocked back before disappearing.

"Where'd he go now?" Chopper wondered.

Mario: We better be cautious…

When Tipral reappeared, he fired a dark beam from his scepter at the group. Chopper was about to flip into 3-D, but he was a little late and got knocked to the ground.

"What's wrong, Chopper? You can't handle a dark beam?!" Tipral roared as he managed to kick Chopper in the face with a Star Kick. "You know, you could look a lot better when you're rotting in Underwhere Prison!"

When Chopper got up, he saw Tipral was about to kick him again and jumped out of harms way. He attempted to punch Tipral with rainbow energy while Tipral was able to use Star energy to punch. Both fists clashed and forced both of them back.

Now that Tipral was vulnerable for an attack, Blade used his Dragon Beam to send him flying back over by the remains of Clara. Once he got back up, he noticed another Dragon Beam coming his way.

"Not this time," he mumbled as he spun his scepter rapidly when the beam hit his scepter. He was able to deflect it back at Blade, who gaped when he saw it coming toward him.

"What the heck?! How's that even possible?!" Blade gasped as he closed his eyes tightly. Thankfully, Sonic used Reflecto to reflect the Dragon Beam back toward Tipral, who simply avoided it by teleporting.

After Tipral healed 100 more HP, he raised his scepter again and created a large, dark hammer that he managed to slam on the ground to send a dark shockwave toward the heroes, which struck them before they could make another move.

"This is just like when we fought Dimentio Doom," Luigi grunted. "How is he able to do stuff like that?"

"Considering that that thing's powerful, I'm sure it can do a lot," Chopper wheezed.

"Time to end this!" Tipral roared as a purple glow surrounded him. "Now you people are simply wasting my time!"

"You have all the time you want!" Sonic barked. "We, on the other hand, don't!"

Tipral let out a scream as he unleashed his Star Blast on his opponents. Chopper instantly rushed out of its range with a Speed Dash, while everyone else was unfortunate to get hit by the Star Blast.

The dark being groaned as he noticed Chopper come back unharmed by the Star Blast. He clenched his fists in anger and threw two shadow balls at him, which he managed to jump over and attack Tipral with a sweeping kick.

"Get outta the way, Chopper!" Sonic alarmed as he curled up in a ball and attacked Tipral with a Spin Dash. Tipral cringed as Sonic jumped away from him, but he was able to strike Sonic with Star Magic with a snap of his finger.

Tipral disappeared once again, making everyone confused and cautious. Kirby noticed some darkness rising from the ground, and there he saw a large dark star split into smaller ones. Kirby was able to inhale one of them, but the rest of the group got hit by the stars.

"What's Tipral doing now?!" Luigi exclaimed.

Mario: I have no idea…

"Poyo, (We better be careful,)" Kirby suggested.

More darkness rose from the ground, with Tipral flying upward and throwing Star Spears down from above. Everyone managed to dive out of harm's way as Tipral stomped the ground to create another dark shockwave that struck Luigi.

"Let's see what happens when I charge this scepter's power," Tipral wondered as he began to charge up dark power in the scepter. Everyone gulped as they noticed a large, dark beam coming their way.

"This can't be good…" Blade gulped.

"I know what to do," Chopper declared as he flipped him and his friends into 3-D, avoiding the dark beam.

"Chopper's flipping is REALLY starting to annoy me!" Tipral hissed as the heroes went back into 2-D. Tipral dove for Chopper and punched him with Star power, leaving a bruise on his face.

"Geez! At times you seem a bit calm, but there are times you're freaking violent!" Chopper cried as he ducked to avoid Tipral swinging his scepter at him.

"I'm usually calm when I'm not fighting, but when I see people I loathe, then that's when I'm going to get violent!"

Tipral managed to punch Chopper upward with Star energy and jump up to grab him and throw him back to the ground headfirst. However, before he could fire a dark beam down at him, Luigi managed to strike him with a Super Jump.

"Don't even try that!" Luigi warned as he slammed Tipral to the ground with his own feet.

"And here I thought you were a coward," Tipral scoffed.

"Well I don't like it when you hurt my friends!" the plumber retorted as he helped Chopper up. Tipral crossed his arms before charging his scepter once again. Mario bashed him with his hammer, but that didn't stop him from charging.

"Get out of my way, fat mustached plumber!" Tipral hissed as he kicked Mario's stomach and sent him flying back to the heroes. When he swung his scepter, two large dark stars slowly began to move around the area.

Tipral disappeared to avoid getting hurt himself while the heroes avoided the stars. Thankfully, they were slow, so they didn't have to worry about getting hurt. When Tipral showed up again, he charged into Blade and knocked him down, while firing a dark beam to hit Kirby.

After Kirby got himself up, he readied his Final Cutter and struck Tipral with it, followed by using Crystaline to freeze him. Chopper happily threw a charged fireball before Tipral could break out to burn him.

"Your fire attacks aren't going to do much to me," Tipral scoffed, using the scepter's power to wear off the burn. He noticed how low his HP was, and healing wasn't certainly going to work again. After all, he couldn't heal forever.

So he resorted to using his ability to freeze time in order to freeze his foes in time. He was able to hit them with a Star Blast afterward, sending them flying back. Once time reverted back to normal, he summoned another large void.

"Geez… He's kicking our butts!" Blade gaped. "I think we kinda underestimated him…"

"Of course you did! Now die!" Tipral roared as everyone tried to escape from the darkness. Chopper was unfortunate enough to be the closest, but that didn't mean that he couldn't attack.

"Maybe I could finish this fight…" Chopper thought as he had his hammer ready. When he was close another to Tipral, he threw his hammer at him, stopping the dark void and leaving him standing in a dazed manor.

Chopper ran toward him and kicked him with a rainbow kick, which sent Tipral flying back and dropping the dead Pure Heart in the process.

When Tipral got up, his bright white eyes were dull, and he was even panting at the moment. Needless to say, he had enough.

"What… What went wrong…?" he wheezed.

"I think you were a little overconfident in yourself," Sonic deduced. "For someone who has something that makes him the most 'powerful' being in the universe... You're pretty good at getting your butt kicked by us."

"Well we'll see what happens when the Chaos Heart gets its true power!" Tipral hissed. "Then you'll see why my power is greater than anything out there. For now, take that stupid heart of yours. Just remember that we're not through yet. Especially you, Chopper!"

"I know we're not!" Chopper retorted. "And I bet the next time we fight, we'll be much stronger to fight against you, especially with all twenty Pure Hearts!"

"That is, if you can get them all. But for now, goodbye heroes."

Tipral skated off, leaving the heroes to sigh in relief. Sure, they may have had a couple of bruises left on them, but they were able to defeat Tipral once again.

"Man… That battle was intense!" Luigi coughed. "That… That was the first time I even got to fight him. He's definitely no pushover…"

"He's the leader, what are you going to expect?" Blade asked.

"Well, let's not worry about that," Chopper suggested as he turned around to the Pure Heart. "Let's go show this to Merlon. Afterward, I might know what we can do with this…"

Chopper picked up the heart and held it up. Even if they managed to get a hold of the Pure Heart, they had to pay a big price for it.



"I can't believe I've lost to those welps again!" Tipral growled as he began to walk away. "However, little do they know what they know about the Dark Prognosticus's statements! Even with the Purity Heart, I believe the Chaos Heart's true power will trump it!"

He stopped for a moment when he felt as if there was another presence here.

"I… I sense something here…"

"So… It looks…like you lost…to those…heroes…again! What…a loss…"

"And who is speaking to me right now? Show yourself!"

He noticed a shadowy mist float down near him. "What is this? You're nothing but a cloud of darkness! In fact, who the heck are you anyway?"

"I'm someone…that you know!"

"Hold on… Dimentio?" Tipral gawked. "But you were destroyed by those heroes! There's no way you could be alive!"

"But I'm…not alive! You see… I…left a shadow…of my power…behind…which is…why my…speech is so…weak. In fact…little did…you…know that I…possessed…your minions to…take some of…their powers! With them…I shall become invincible…when I return from…the dead!"

"The only way you returned from the dead was because of me. And do you honestly think I'll just do that for you? I don't think so, which makes your plans ruined!"

"I…do know…someone else…who has that…power! In fact… I might know…where he is!"

"Listen, Dimentio… Even if you DO manage to somehow come back to life, you're not getting in my way to defeat Chopper and his friends. That's my business. Not yours."

"Well… Now that you…know about my…presence… I think it's time…I disposed of you!"

A box appeared around Tipral, making him gawk. "Hold on… Since when could you do THIS when you're dead?!"

"Just because…my shadow is…left, doesn't…mean that I…lack power! Besides… This is all…according to…plan!"

"And why don't you tell me your 'plan' then?" Tipral suggested as he reached for his scepter. However, he noticed it was gone. "Where'd my scepter go? And where did the Dark Prognosticus go too?!"

"Looking for…these?" the shadow mist was holding the scepter and book in its invisible hands. "And should I…tell you…my plan? I think…that would…make it all…too clichéd! Better to…dispose of you first. The others…won't notice you…gone!"

"Yeah yeah… Just go ahead and send me to The Underwhere. I'll go tell Queen Jaydes that you're out again so I could find a way to get rid of you."

"And after what…you've done? You'd be put…in Underwhere Prison for…your actions! Actually, I…have someplace better…for you!"

"I swear, you're going to die. You and Chopper will BOTH die!"

"No need…to get angry…my dark friend! …But, I might…as well make this…interesting! I'll…give you one wish!"

"I don't care about your wishes!" Tipral hissed, slamming his fists on the invisible box. "I'm going to break out of here!"

"…Oh, really?"

With a snap, the box began to explode from the inside. Not only that, but the Chaos Heart was released out of the box and disappeared.

"Perfect! Now…the Chaos Heart…is loose! Now I…just need to…be brought back…to life!"

With a twisted cackle, the shadowy mist faded away.

Our heroes sighed in sadness as they took one last look at their destroyed worlds. All of their friends and the things they loved about their world. Completely demolished. The good news? Chopper and his allies managed to survive the terrible destruction of their worlds and claim the Pure Heart. Unfortunately, just like the seventh Pure Heart, it was transformed into a rock. Knowing what Chopper had to do, they hurried back to Flipside.

Yeah, I think it wasn't a big shocker to see who that shadowy mist was. I mean, it was pretty obvious... This DID feel a little like Chapter 6, but I felt it was done much better, especially with the fight against Tipral, which I actually liked.

And with the World of Nothing here... I think it speaks for itself. This was definitely one of the darkest chapters I've written so far. Although, I don't know if I will consider this THE darkest chapter in the story.

With that aside, only two chapters remain and only one Pure Heart is left. They had to go through the destruction of their worlds, but what will they have to deal with next? Well, you'll have to find out. ;P