Forty-five minutes had passed since Chopper fell unconscious. Nothing much had changed during that time. The True Chaos Heart continued to rampage and cause havoc to all worlds remaining, and chances were it would all be over in no time.

Chopper slowly opened his eyes and noticed where he was. With a bit of energy left in him, he slowly got himself up and stretched.

"Ungh... What happened?" Chopper moaned, rubbing his eyes before looking at his whereabouts. "...Oh, yeah. I remember now... Tipral tried to release the True Chaos Heart by..."

He stopped and looked down at Tipral. He wasn't sure whether or not he was alive at this point, but sorrow began to fill Chopper's face. "I can't believe what he just did... I mean, trying to commit suicide to free the True Chaos Heart from himself... I feel so bad for him..."

Chopper also noticed the Dark Star Scepter, the Dark Prognosticus and Tipral's two wrist rings lying beside each other. He looked further and noticed something else he didn't see before.

It was a large door. However, unlike the other doors, this one was glowing with light.

"A door? What's this door doing here?" Chopper wondered as he staggered over to the door. He placed his hand on it, and it ended up opening on its own. With curiosity now filling his mind, he decided to see what lied through the door.


Chopper could not believe what he saw upon coming through the door. For the first time in a while, he had actually seen a world filled with color and no darkness in the sky (aside from the area with all of his perished friends, of course). It was a beautiful green landscape with a bright blue sky. It almost reminded him of what Tipral showed before they fought.

"What is a place like this doing here in The Void?" Chopper wondered, looking up at the sky. "This place is too beautiful to be close to The Void's center..."

He decided to explore the landscape by slowly running. Eventually he felt like he had enough energy to run, and he started running faster. It felt nice to be running in a beautiful landscape. They were not common on his planet.

Eventually he stopped when he saw a large altar and a temple in the background. Over by the altar, there were several people there. But what caught him off guard was when he realized Tipral's minions were there.

"Oh, no... Not Tipral's minions!" Chopper thought. "I have to be ready for this..."

He slowly got in a fighting position when he began to approach them, but unfortunately for him, they already spotted him in time. And then the unexpected happened.

"Great wallopin' potatoes!" O'Chunks nearly cried out. "Chopra! Yer safe an' sound!"

"...Huh?" Chopper gawked before he felt himself being grabbed by the large, bearded warrior and received a noogie. "Ow!"

"I can't believe yeh finally made it! Everyone thought yeh'd be in some deep chunkin'!"

"...Everyone?" When he was released, he suddenly felt himself being caught in a hug. Mimi's hug. "Mimi?! What... What's going on here?! I thought you people wanted me dead?!"

"Well, things started to change," Mimi explained, releasing Chopper from her hug. "We were told everything. Everything about Tipral..."

"Yes," Dark nodded. "We know why he caused all of this havoc."

"Wait a moment, before we get into any more details, I need to know something!" demanded Chopper, looking as confused as ever. "How are you guys still alive? I thought something bad happened to you all!"

"Well, when I was tryin' teh hold the ceiling, I ended up fallin' through it," O'Chunks explained. "The landin', however... It wasn't a great feelin' to land on me rumpus."

"I fell through the floor and ended up landing on O'Chunks," Mimi explained. "Golly, it was sure of a soft landing! ...But when I realized it was O'Chunks, I quickly got off."

"I don't know what happened after I got sucked into that vortex, but those two found me out cold," Dark explained. "However, there was one thing we managed to do that I'm sure you'd be happy to know about."

Dark pointed over by six sleeping bags. There he saw Timpani, Blumiere, the three sages and his five friends who were lying in the sleeping bags. They were awake, and their injuries were treated.

"Guys!" Chopper cried, running over to his friends. Kirby, Sonic, Blade, Mario and Luigi blurted his name at the same time as they jumped out of their sleeping bags and rushed over to Chopper. They all got in a group hug before letting go.

"Poyo! (Chopper! You're safe and sound!" Kirby cried, glomping Chopper afterward.

"But how did you guys live?"

"O'Chunks, Mimi and Dark told us that they saved us," Sonic explained. "I don't remember everything, but why does that matter? We're heroes! We're not supposed to go down easily!"

"Yeah," Blade nodded, looking down at the bandage on his arm that was replaced by O'Chunks's torn clothing. "I should be really grateful for O'Chunks for saving me at the last moment. He surely did risk his life to help me..."

Mario: He even managed to help me too!

"I was almost worried for a moment when Mr. L tried to take me out with him..." Luigi shuddered. "But I didn't expect to survive that explosion. It was almost a miracle..."

"But at least we're all together!" Sonic grinned, giving a thumbs up. "That's what's important!"

Chopper smiled and gave a thumbs up as well when Kirby got off him, but he was eventually glomped again. This time, by Luvbi.

"My sweet prince!" Luvbi cried, happy beyond belief to see her prince back. "Thou art OK!"

"Wah! Luvbi! Get off me, please!" Chopper cried, being turned on his back so Luvbi could plant kisses on his face. While the heroes could have been annoyed, they were laughing instead. But eventually they had to get him away from Luvbi, so Mario pulled him away from her, who was left annoyed, but understood why that was done.

"Squirps is glad to see you all right, space grunt!" Squirps smiled, hi-fiving Chopper. "We all thought you were in danger, squirp!"

"Well, I thought I was too..." Chopper looked over at Ninbot, who only replied with an approving nod. He looked over at the sleeping bags and noticed Nastasia was still unconscious in one of them. "Nastasia..."

"We're not sure what's going on with her..." Sonic trailed. "She still didn't get up."

"She will be just fine," Timpani assured, approaching the unconscious secretary with a bowl of soup. "This took a while to make, but I think this will be just enough to wake her up."

While she fed Nastasia the soup, Chopper couldn't help but gaze at her and Blumiere, who stood beside her. This was the first time he'd ever seen her in her true form, and he was admittedly surprised by her appearance. He had seen very few humans throughout the years.

"Tippi... Is this...the real you?" Chopper gaped.

"Oh, Chopper!" Timpani gaped, finishing up the soup and looking up at Chopper, unaware of his arrival from before. "You're all right!"

"Yeah... I don't know how long I could've lasted..."

"Yes, we were very worried about you," Blumiere nodded. "It seemed as if all hope would be lost for you, until... Well, you know..."

"Yeah..." Chopper trailed, reminiscing what happened in the end of the battle.

Eventually they heard a moan and turned their heads to Nastasia, who slowly began to open her eyes and sit up. She felt her glasses next to her and put them on. The first thing she saw was Blumiere looking down at her.

"C-Count...? Is... Is that you?" Nastasia wondered.

"Yes, Nastasia, it is me," Blumiere nodded. "You're safe now."

"Oh, count... I missed you so much..."

"Everythin' will be fine, wee Nastasia!" O'Chunks assured, walking over to the secretary and putting his hand on her shoulder. "Yeh'll be just fine!"

As if he jinxed it, the area around them started to tremor, nearly startling everyone around them.

"Agggghhhh! It's…happening!" Luigi cried.

"The True Chaos Heart is still on a rampage!" Blumiere realized. "Soon, everything will be completely wiped out!"

"How do we stop the True Chaos Heart then?" Blade asked. "If it's all out of control, what do you think can stop it?"

"That answer is very simple," the count started. "Do you remember how we managed to banish the Chaos Heart before?"

"Eh?!" O'Chunks gawked.

"But we don't want you going again!" Mimi cried. "We just managed to reunite with you! Don't go so soon!"

"I'm sorry, my minions..." Blumiere trailed, lowering his top hat. "Love is all that is needed to stop something as dangerous as the True Chaos Heart... Combined with the Purity Heart, it is bound to work."

"If that's the only way, then there is no other choice," Dark stated.

Blumiere turned to Timpani, who nodded and grabbed her hand. The two slowly began to go up the stairs to the altar ahead. Nastasia could only look in sadness as she lowered her head.

Luigi turned his head to his brother, who replied with a nod as both Blumiere and Timpani reached the top. The True Chaos Heart was waiting on a large pedestal in between them, and soon the Purity Heart began to hover above it.

"It pains me to believe that this kind of havoc was brought back..." Blumiere sighed. "If I hadn't let that Dark Prognosticus get taken so easily, none of this would have ever happened... I'm sorry for everything that happened to you, Timpani."

"There's no need to be sorry," Timpani assured, giving him a smile. "I have made several new friends along the way, and I even got to experience a few worlds I had never gone to. And even if we had been separated, I would still love you until the very end."

"And I will still love you until the very end. I had always thought about you even when we were separated. That's how much you mean to me... Even in a hundred years, that will never change."

The two both smiled at each other, and soon their faces began to become closer and closer together until...

"Wait! Stop! Don't do this!"

Blumiere and Timpani stopped and turned their heads down at the bottom of the altar. Everyone else turned their heads too to see who was calling.

It was a limping Tipral, who carried the Dark Prognosticus and Dark Star Scepter in his hands.

"Tipral...?" Timpani gasped, putting her hands over her mouth. Everyone else let out a gasp as the dark being staggered past them and reached the top of the altar.

"Tipral... You're still alive?" Chopper gaped, walking up to the top where Tipral stopped. His friends walked up there to join him.

"Tipral..." Blumiere trailed, unsure of what to say.

"If you two use love on the True Chaos Heart, you will only make it worse..." Tipral explained. "The heart's power has become too full of hatred and darkness that not even the power of a married couple can destroy it..."

"How... How do you know this?" Timpani asked.

"When I looked through the Dark Prognosticus, it stated that the power of the True Chaos Heart would be nearly impossible to stop. Not even the power of love combined with the Purity Heart can stop it..."

"Then... Is all hope lost?" Chopper asked, looking a bit sad. Everyone else felt sad in the process as well. "All we can do is just die?"

"No, there is one thing..." Tipral stated, making everyone look back up at him. "In order to banish the True Chaos Heart, one chosen by its power must link themselves directly with the Purity Heart and use the power to banish the True Chaos Heart from existence. However, by doing that, they along with the True Chaos Heart and what else was linked to them will cease to exist... And that is something I'm willing to do..."

"Tipral... Are you saying that you're willing to stop the True Chaos Heart by giving up your life?" Timpani gaped.

"But that's crazy!" O'Chunks gaped. "Why would yeh try that?!"

"It's the only way to stop the True Chaos Heart. And besides... All of this was my doing. It would only be fair for me to redeem myself after the chaos that was created by my hands... Plus... I want to give all worlds a chance..." Tipral trailed, a few tears rolling down his face. "A chance to be happy again..."

Even if Mimi was unhappy with what he tried to do before, she felt even worse than before. "But Tippy! Why would you sacrifice you life just like this?! I was hoping for things to come back to normal, but not with you being wiped out from existence!"

"Mimi, you must understand... While letting my game end at this point sounds terrible, it's for a greater good. Wouldn't you do the same thing if every world could be saved if you gave up your own life?"

Mimi sniffled and looked down, unsure of what to say.

"I'll respect your choice," Dark said. "Even if you were using us the whole time, seeing such a change in heart from you is very...surprising. It almost makes me feel...a bit happy..."

Tipral slowly turned his head over to Nastasia. "Nastasia, I hope your future becomes bright. I will pray to see your life change for the better."

"Thanks..." Nastasia trailed, unsure of how to react. "I hope your future becomes bright as well..."

"Squirps is surprised by how much he has changed," Squirps mumbled to the other two sages.

"Yea, verily," Luvbi agreed. "I knewest him as an angry, heartless being, but his selflessness doth make me smile..."

If Ninbot could smile, he most certainly would.

"Chopper, I want you to have this..." Tipral turned to Chopper and placed one of his golden wrist rings in the boy's hand.

"Why are you giving me this?" Chopper asked, looking down at the ring and then back up at Tipral.

"I don't need it anymore. I want you to hold onto it for now. You can do whatever you want with it." Tipral turned to Timpani and gave her his other one. "And you can keep this. It can be a sign of remembering me..."

"Tipral... I'm not sure what to say..." Timpani trailed, looking down at the ring and then at Tipral.

"You don't have to say anything, Timpani," Tipral assured. "Now please go... I have to finish this."

Timpani and Blumiere stepped away from Tipral and let him finish the job. He approached the True Chaos Heart, but he couldn't help but look back at the entire group watching him. O'Chunks and Mimi were sobbing, while most of the others were looking at him in sadness.

"I'm sorry that it's all come to this..." Tipral trailed, the tears now returning. "I'm sorry for everything I've caused to everyone. I hope you can all forgive me..."

"...I forgive you," Chopper smiled, while others nodded in agreement. With such a nice feeling, Tipral felt a new feeling in his heart. It was happiness.

And for the very first time, he gave the group a smile.

"Now go," Tipral commanded. "It's time to put an end to this..."

He let the Purity Heart fall into his hands and absorbed its power. His dark skin was much lighter, and his gloves and eyes were changed to a glowing yellow. A halo and angelic wings now appeared on him. The light around him was bright enough to blind the group for a moment while he approached the True Chaos Heart.

With the Dark Prognosticus and Dark Star Scepter in his hands, he let out a cry as he stabbed the True Chaos Heart with the scepter. A bright light soon enveloped him, along with everything else that made physical contact with him.

Everyone else could feel shaking around their feet.

"Aaagh! Everything's shaking!" Blade cried. "Are we too late?!"

Eventually the shaking stopped, and instead they heard something else.

"Hey, I hear something," Luigi noticed, closing his eyes to listen carefully to the sound.

"Are those...bells?" Mimi asked.

"Yes... The bells are giving their blessing for Tipral's actions..." Timpani trailed, looking down at the ring she now wore on her wrist. Blumiere put his hand on her shoulder, and she looked up at him with a smile.

The Bitlands-

The Koopa Strikers, Motobugs and Hammer Bros. were sweating in fear at the size of The Void and the violent shaking around their feet. They had a feeling this world was about to meet its end very soon.

However, bells soon began to echo through the dimension, and The Void was slowly beginning to disappear, cleansing the sky of the darkness. Upon realizing this, the enemies were left with relief.

"That...thing in the sky! It's gone!" the first Koopa Striker gaped. "Does that mean...?"

"I think so," the second Koopa Striker nodded. "Everything's starting to get restored!"

Sagein Galaxy-

"The Void... It's disappearing..." Merlo trailed, taking notice of the disappearing void in the sky. "The heroes must have finally done it..."

The Peaceness-

With The Void's presence disappearing, The Peaceness had finally returned to its former state. The Nimbis who were cowering in fear over The Void were now celebrating.

"Pherrance! That darkness in the sky!" Tillip gaped. "It's gone!"

"Gosh, Tillip, you're right!" Pherrance exclaimed. "And I'm feeling greater than ever too!"

A fart came out of Pherrance, and soon the two Nimbis were laughing hysterically over their farts. Many others Nimbis began to let out farts, and soon laughing could be heard from everywhere.

And they farted happily ever after.

Cradian City-

With Cradian City finally back, the Cradians all celebrated over the death of The Void. The same two Cradians who wondered about the heroes looked up at the beautiful, starry sky.

"This may have been those peoples' doing," the first Cradian noted.

"Yes, I agree," the second Cradian nodded. "Perhaps we be wrong about them... Maybe they not so bad..."

Dimensional X-

Ortorain slowly opened his eyes and noticed where he was. He found himself back in his own homeworld, right in front of the portal to Clara. A smile was left upon his face as he looked up at the petals falling from the sky.

"Thank you, heroes... Thank you for what you've done!" Ortorain cheered.

Sammer's Kingdom-

Jade Blooper, the Sammer Guy of the first gate, found himself lying on the ground ever since The Void destroyed Sammer's Kingdom. He let out a moan before he heard someone shout his name.

"Jade Blooper!"

He was left started and quickly got up to see King Sammer looking happily at him when he turned to face him.

"K-King Sammer!" Jade Blooper stammered. "I..."

"Doesn't it feel great to be alive?"

All Jade Blooper could do was rub the back of his head in confusion while he slowly nodded.


"Unngh..." Gemerl let out a moan as he rubbed his head. From what he could remember, he was fighting Chopper until The Void stopped him. But when he looked around, he saw no Chopper, and neither did he see The Void. "What the... What happened?"

"It looks like everything is turning back to normal," Tails deduced. "Each and every world is coming back to life!"

"I bet Sonic had a part in this!" Amy smiled, her hands clasped together.

"Yeah... We oughta congratulate him." Knuckles suggested. "...Well, you guys can. I need to go guard the Master Emerald."

"Then how come you're not guarding it right now? What if Rouge decides to go pay it a visit?"

Knuckles's eyes widened at the thought of the emerald being stolen, and soon he was running. "I swear, if that bat girl even touches that emerald, I swear I'm gonna..."

His voice was soon beginning to fade as he ran off in the distance. While Amy and Tails laughed, Bang and Night were rubbing their heads, unsure of what just happened at the moment.

"Are we...alive?" Bang asked, looking at his arms and legs.

"Of course we are, idiot," Night replied. "It's too obvious."

"Don't suppose Blade took some part in this, right?"

"Uhh... Yeah!"

"What does that mean?"

"It means everything's back to normal!"

A grin soon appeared on Bang's face. "Sweeeet... Now I go hit on some girls!"

As he began to run off, Night felt his hand connecting to his face.

Toad Town-

"Hnnnnngh..." Koopla moaned, who slowly got up and opened her eyes. Everyone else slowly began to get up in the process and noticed The Void no longer lingered over them. "What the... Hey! I'm alive! YEAH!"

"What? Really?" Mallow gasped, looking at his arms. "Hey! I am alive! Yay!"

"I have a feeling Mario was part of this," Parakarry smiled, looking up at the sky. "...And Luigi as well!"

"And I believe Chopper had some part of this as well..." Vivian smiled.

"Of course Chopper would have had a part in this," Bow said. "And I think I have an idea of what to give him as a little reward."

"Let me guess..." Shadower began. "A kiss?"

"Mmmmm... Maybe something he might like." the Boo princess shrugged. "I think he deserves to earn a little slice of cake or something. ...And maybe I might add in a little kiss as well!"

"Just like what Princess Peach would give to Mario!" Kayzee giggled.

"Heh heh heh... That sounds funny." Bruce chuckled. "But I don't know if Chopper's accept your second offer, Bow!"

"I'm sure he would," Bow retorted. "He loves food, and the only way to get to him is to get to his stomach first!"

"I'd like to see what happens!" Bombette giggled.

"Well, I hope when Contadre comes back, I finally get to battle with him in the Glitz Pit!" Scrub smirked. "With the new skills I've got, I don't think he'll ever stand a chance against the Great Contadre Jr.!"

"Great Contadre Jr.? Man! This kid's got some cool on him!" Yosho smirked. "And it makes it cooler, since yer a Yoshi like me! I bet you'll grow up to be a great ladies man!"

While Scrub and Yosho began to have their talk, Geno slowly looked up at the stars. "Chopper... Kirby... Sonic... Blade... Mario... Luigi... We shall be forever left in your debt."

Staris's Shrine-

"Unngh... I feel something strange..." Johnson the X-Naut moaned, slowly getting up. "What on earth just happened?"

Lord Crump looked up at the sky and saw no darkness lingering over them. "Whuh? Hey, Grodus! That darkness in the sky's gone!"

"Yes, I know that, you blubbering twit!" Grodus snapped. "Perhaps with everything back to normal, maybe we can makes plans for us to rise once again."

Lord Crump and Johnson looked at each other for a moment before looking back at Grodus's head. "Why are you two giving me that look?"

"Errr... Well... You see..." Johnson began, unsure of what to say. "We don't exactly have the right resources to rise again. We're the only X-Nauts standing at this point, while the rest who did survive left us. I don't think that will be so easy..."

"Oh, I was thinking of taking over as leader and..."

"You will never be the leader. Not with your stupidity." Grodus declared, making Johnson snicker.

"Well... I was able to make a powerful robot! That's something an intelligent person could come up with!"

"That was destroyed by Chopper. Your machine was obviously flawed. ...But aside from that, I think I want to relax for a while."

Johnson nodded in agreement as they looked up at the sky. Staris too looked up and couldn't help but wish the heroes his thanks.

Pop Star-

When both Fumu and Bun finally reached the field where Knuckle Joe and Silica were lying, they noticed them slowly getting up.

"Sis! They're just fine!" Bun noticed as they reached the two.

"Ugh... What happened?" Silica moaned, slowly getting herself up. "I don't know what was going on..."

"Yeah, me too," moaned Knuckle Joe, getting up as well. "I don't remember a thing since that dark vortex in the sky came in..."

"You two were corrupted by its presence," Fumu explained. "But now it appears to be gone..."

The two Star Warriors looked up at the sky and noticed the clear blue sky. However, there was still the burnt forest that still existed.

"What happened to the forest?" Knuckle Joe asked.

"It must have been burned down..." Fumu answered. "The forest will eventually come back, though. It might take some years, but if we do something to help, maybe it might come back faster!"

"Hmmmm... That doesn't sound too bad." Silica smiled. "Say... What do you think happened with that dark vortex anyway?"

"I bet Kirby had a part in stopping it!" Bun answered.

"Yes, I think so too," Fumu smiled. "But in the meantime, we should go check the residents of Cappy and Hatty Town. We should see how things are going there."

The four agreed and decided to head over to the towns. Silica stopped and looked up at the sky. She almost saw a constellation of her family up there. Her mother, father and brother.

She eventually followed the rest of the group afterward.

Out in the distance, Meta Knight was watching them from the castle, and soon he found himself looking up at the sky.

"Thank you, heroes..." Meta Knight muttered. "You've done a fine job."

He slowly turned away and began to head inside the castle.


Flyer slowly opened his eyes and saw the bright blue sky of Clara above him. The others even noticed this too and were left surprise.

"The Void... It's gone..." Flyer trailed, breaking the silence.

"I guess that puffball finally got the job done," Tamber, said, breaking through his rope and untying Flyer. The rest were eventually untied after a couple of minutes.

"Well, it looks like peace has finally returned once again," Ghoster said, looking at the environment with a pleased look. "And that means I can finally go back to pranking! Haw haw haw!"

"Please... There are better things than that." Flyer scoffed before looking at C-2 Choppor. He was still badly damaged from last time. "Oh... I think I might have an idea here!"

He took his tools out and started to fix up C-2 Choppor. When he finished, the robot was finally running again.

"What...happened?" C-2 Choppor asked.

"All worlds are restored, I guess," Flyer shrugged.

"I'm so grateful for what Choppy did," Heartsy smiled, thinking about Chopper. "All worlds are back to normal, and now I can finally think of some new plans to see him and maybe even try to go on a date with him!"

"Pbbbbbbth! You still use that stupid girly nickname for Chopper?" Tamber laughed. "Come on! That's just so lame and-"


Tamber was left lying on the ground with a large bump on the top of his head. Heartsy glared down at the brown furball with her Hearty Hammer in her hands.

"Make fun of me or my boyfriend and I might leave two bumps on your head next time!"

"Relax, babe!" Ghoster assured. "There's no reason to hit someone with a hammer for making fun of you! Naw... Atomic wedgies are much more fitting!"

Heartsy looked down at Tamber with an uncertain look. "Uhhhh... I don't think it's possible with him..."

"Wha? Oh, dang!"

While that occurred, Flyer decided to look up at the sky, and C-2 Choppor joined him.

"Choppor... There's a strange feeling in my mind..." Flyer trailed. "While Chopper and his friends may have had some part in this... I feel like the end of The Void was done by someone else..."

"What gave you that idea?" C-2 Choppor asked.

"I feel a strange voice in my head... It sounds like the voice of someone I remember running into with Chopper before... Only it feels like he's changed..."

Timpani, this is what you wanted, right? Love and happiness to be spread throughout each world? I am willing to grant that for you and all those you love and care about. You deserve it just as more as I do. And I thank you for restoring what I once wanted in my life...

Blumiere, I'm sorry I couldn't keep that promise of watching over you after Timpani was forced to leave. My anger quickly took me over, and I soon forgot about everything related to you... I hope you can forgive me...

O'Chunks, Mimi, Nastasia and Dark... I may have used you as pawns from the very beginning, but of all the people I've met while I was doing my terrible deeds, you were probably the only ones that were actually nice to me... I apologize for everything I've caused to you at this point, and I hope things work out for the better for you all...

Chopper, Kirby, Sonic, Blade, Mario and Luigi... I feel terrible for all the trouble I've caused for you all... I'm sorry for destroying your worlds, and I'm sorry for using you all to get to the True Chaos Heart... I hope my sacrifice to bring back everything you love can make you forgive me for my troubles...

Thank you all... I will surely miss you!

"...per! ...Chopper!"

Chopper slowly opened his eyes and noticed he was back in Flipside – or rather, Flipside Tower. He looked up and saw Sonic looking down at him before he was able to get himself up.

"You all right, Chop?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah, I'm all right..." Chopper nodded. "We're...back in Flipside?"

He found his friends with him, and across him were O'Chunks, Mimi, Nastasia and Dark. Behind the heroes were Squirps, Ninbot and Luvbi, and above them was The Void, which was the same size before the heroes entered the door in Rainbowside Tower.

"Poyo! (Hey! Look up there!)" Kirby cried, noticing The Void's size slowly shrinking. Everyone took a look as well, and in a matter of seconds, The Void was finally gone.

"Squow! That darkness in the sky's gone!" Squirps squealed.

"I guess The Void's closing..." Luigi trailed.

"Yes. It is proof that the Prophecy of Destruction has not yet come to be."

Merlon and the Pixls joined in with the group and faced the heroes. "And all worlds have finally been saved… The prophecy has truly lost its power… Thusly, the world that was lost returns to normalcy. You have done well, heroes. It is all thanks to you."

"You shouldn't thank us for stopping The Void," Blade said. "That was not our doing."

"Mmmmmm? Then who was responsible?"

"Tipral..." Chopper answered.

"Tipral? The one who held the dark prophecy? What happened to him?"

Chopper started to explain all the details to Merlon, and most of the things he said left some of the heroes and minions surprised.

"Dimentio came back?!" Mimi gaped.

"'Ow'd 'e do that?!" O'Chunks exclaimed.

"But it doesn't matter now. He is gone." Dark stated. "And hopefully this time, for good."

"Hmmmm... So after finding his true self, Tipral repaid your acts of kindness by giving up his life to stop The Void..." Merlon trailed. "I never would have imagined the holder of the True Chaos Heart performing such a selfless act..."

"Yea, verily," Luvbi agreed. "Mayhap there art demons with good hearts out there..."

"I wouldn't call Tipral a demon... He was just a lost soul..." Chopper trailed. "A lost soul in need of help..."

"And as for Tippi and Count Bleck... Where do you suppose they went?" Luigi wondered.

"Hmmmmm... Not even I would know where their presence is at this point..." Merlon trailed.

"Ummm... They're just fine." Nastasia spoke up, now smiling at the group. "They don't have any worries now... count is living with Tippi I...yeah, I..."

Everyone was startled when she began to break down crying. "WAAAAAH! C-C-Count! NOOOO! Why did you have to leave so soon?! What am I supposed to do now?!"

"'Ey, wee Nastasia!" O'Chunks called out, trying to console with her. "I'm sure the count is livin' just fine an' happy knowin' yer still fine! An' remember what Tipral said before, lass! He wanted yeh teh 'ave a great future! We can help yeh with that! So pull it together, 'ey?"

"Yeah, he's right, Nassy!" Mimi added with a smile. "Everything's not over yet! We still have the future ahead of us! Maybe we can finally try to build the world the count wished for! Or maybe we can build it the way Tippy wished for too! So, c'mon! Give us a big smile!"

"Oh, O'Chunks... Mimi..." Nastasia sobbed before pulling herself back together. "Y-You're right. Yeah, I can't just sob forever. That's not something the count would approve seeing me do. We have to create the ideal world that, um, the count and Tipral wished for in their hearts… A world of love and happiness, not war and hatred. Yeah, let's all pencil that in. An appointment…of hope."

"Farewells are bittersweet," Merlon sighed, lowering his head. "But as long as you live, you can never escape them. To feel sadness is to live…but as long as you are alive, the future is a blank page."

He brought his head back up and looked at the group. "To celebrate your return, I've asked Saffron to make some of her celebrated snacks for us. Let us heal our weariness by devouring a banquet of sumptuous sweets!"

"Poyo! (YESSS! That is what I'm talking about! Make a path, people!)" Kirby cried out, running past everyone and making his way to Saffron's place.

"Yeesh... Kirby sure can run like crazy!" Sonic gaped. "But hey, we get some free snacks! I'm definitely in for that!"

Everyone else ended up following Kirby down to Saffron's place as fast as they could, eager to have some meals. The only two that stayed behind were Chopper and Merlon.

"Hmmmm? What is it, Merlon?" Chopper asked, hearing Merlon mumble before heading to Saffron's place.

"Ah, Chopper… I'm thinking of Tipral's deed of restoring all worlds back to normalcy..." Merlon trailed. "Do you think he has finally become happy?"

"I would assume so. He sounded like he felt truly happy for once..."

"Ho ho ho ho! Yes, yes. Of course." Merlon chuckled. "Well, let's have at those snacks… I'm sure you're eager for them!"

"You bet!" Chopper smiled, watching Merlon head to Saffron's place. He began to make his way down too, but he stopped and looked down at the ring he held in his hand and then up at the sky.

"Thank you, Tipral... We'll never forget what you did... I'll cherish this ring as much as you did. I promise."

And with that, Chopper ran off to Saffron's place.

So the dark prophecy was averted and peace reigned. The Dark Prognosticus and Dark Star Scepter were wiped out from existence… Count Blumiere and his love, Lady Timpani, both vanished… Tipral's sacrifice was remembered by Chopper and his friends... And so the story of the lost book of prophecies comes to an end… May we meet again in another time and place…

It had been four weeks since The Void was destroyed thanks to Tipral's brave sacrifice. Everyone eventually returned home after their meals, and peace was restored in all worlds. Sure, people such as Kirby, Mario and Sonic had to deal with their nemesis now and then, but that was usually common in their world.

As for Chopper, he had no troubles during those four weeks. No one had bothered to attack his planet, so he was spending most of his time doing the things he loves most: eating, running, jumping and watching some television with his brand new HD TV, since he ended up smashing his older TV by accident.

But rather than watching some stupid 4Kids, he was watching something that entertained him more.

It was entitled Super Paper King Dedede. It starred King Dedede and Escargon as the protagonists and Chopper as the villain. The animation was poorly done like the previous anime, and it looked absolutely amazing – in a hilariously bad way, of course. He was laughing the majority of the time anyway!

"Oh my gosh! This is so bad that it makes it so laughable!" Chopper laughed, being able to see how worse the animation was in HD. "I mean, seriously! How did King Dedede even find out about this adventure anyway? Did he get the information from someone?"

There was a box of pizza beside him, which he was eating while watching. On the table beside him, there was a picture of him and Flyer, the other two pictures with his partners and finally a golden ring in between the pictures.

When he finished his last slice of pizza, he heard a knock coming from the door. He quickly turned off the TV and ran over to his door. His eyes nearly widened when he saw a tall person wearing an orange Varia Suit standing in front of him.

"Wait a second... Aren't you...Samus?!" Chopper gaped.

"Hmmmm... You know me? That's surprising..." the bounty hunter Samus Aran trailed. "Well, I don't know how you do, but I'm not going to complain about it."

"But what are you doing in front of my house?"

"Well, let's just say that someone wanted me to deliver this to you. Why me? I'm not entirely sure, but since I had nothing else to do, I decided to take the offer."

Samus took out a box and handed it to Chopper. "She said it was very important."

Chopper looked down at the box and decided to open it. The first thing he noticed was a letter, so he read it first.

Dear Chopper,

I had a great time traveling with you and your friends. But at the same time, I'm starting to miss you... I'm sure you and your friends were wondering what happened to Blumiere and I after Tipral sacrificed himself to save the universe... Well, let's just say we had a little honeymoon to finish. I'm deeply sorry for leaving you all like that, but I decided to make it up to you. Aside from this letter, you'll find something else in the box. I had to spend 999 coins just to get it from Francis. He calls it Tiptron! It's something that's supposed to resemble me and have my personality to boot! It's a little something I thought I could get for you so you could remember me... Well, I hope this letter and the delivery gets to you safely! I asked one of the greatest bounty hunters in the universe to take it to you! Pretty strange for a bounty hunter to do a delivery, huh?

Yours forever,

Lady Timpani, aka Tippi

Chopper opened the box wider, and soon a rainbow-colored Pixl resembling Tippi flew out. The only difference between her and Tippi were the antennas that looked more jagged and round at the end.

"Hi, Chopper! It's me, Tippi! Ask me anything and I'll investigate it!"

"Hmmmm..." Chopper let Tiptron's power go into his mind, and soon rays of rainbow light began to emit from his eyes. "Yeah! I can't believe I'm doing this again! Thanks, Tippi!"

"You're welcome," Tiptron spoke, while Samus was confused.

"What in the... What is that?!" Samus gawked, covering her visor when the light was flashing on her.

"That's Samus Aran. She is known to be one of the greatest bounty hunters in the universe." Tiptron continued. "Most of the time when she's working, she prefers to be alone most of the time. But there are times when she can't get her job done and is forced to help save a planet that is in danger."

While it almost sounded like the Pixl was insulting Samus, she decided to take it as a compliment as Tiptron left Chopper's mind.

"Oh, yeah... Before I forget... That's not the only thing I came here for..." Samus noted, slowly beginning to step aside.

"Wait, really?" Chopper gawked. "Then what else are you here for?"

"Hey, Chopper!"

When the bounty hunter fully stepped aside, Chopper was left startled when he saw nearly all his friends right behind before his very eyes. He hardly even noticed them before because he was too busy paying attention to Tiptron and the letter.

"G-Guys?! What're you all doing here?!"

"Chopper, remember that little party that Tipral lured us in back in Trinado's Castle?" Sonic asked. "Well, Kirby thought of an idea of throwing a party there. This time, a real one."

"You serious?"

Mario: Oh, yes!

"Poyo! (We got most of the things prepared! All we need are the people!)" Kirby cheered.

"And we're hoping nothing gets in our way this time," Blade added.

"I certainly wouldn't want that..." Luigi trailed.

"A party? That sounds nice..." Tiptron trailed.

"Hey, maybe when we're there, I can show you my moves, Contadre!" Scrub suggested, punching the air. "I'm telling you! I can totally take you in the Glitz Pit now!"

"Maybe, Scrub... Maybe..." Chopper smiled.

"Who wants to race?" Sonic asked, getting in a position to race to Trinado's Castle.

"You're on!" Chopper challenged, getting in the same position as well. Soon the two were racing to the castle for the party, while the rest began to follow.

It seemed as if everything was back to the way things belonged, and everyone was happy once again.

A spirit watched the group from afar making their way to the castle. He also happened to catch Chopper running back to his house and grabbing something that he found familiar to him before he ran back off in the distance. He now saw Chopper wearing the item on his wrist.

"A new day brings a new adventure. But for now... Rest easy, heroes."

With one last smile, he slowly began to fade away from this world.


After spending almost two years rewriting this story, it is finally over...

For those of you who didn't know from before, I started this story around October 25, 2009 and finished it on April 23, 2010. But I didn't think the quality was exactly as great, so this is what it had become. And I have to say, I'm actually pleased how it turned out in the end.

I could've probably executed this and probably the finale a little better, but honestly, I feel satisfied with how it turned out. The ending is much better than the previous two stories in my opinion, and I feel it was written better.

Now... There were a couple of people who asked me if I was going to make a Paper Chopper: Sticker Star (if that's what it's going to be called anyway). The answer is... Yes, I do plan on doing it. ...But, I don't plan on doing it right now. I want to focus on a few other stories at the moment, and maybe if I get those done, you might see a fourth entry. I can't guarantee it'll be published around this year or next year, though... Plus, I haven't thought of that much ideas for it anyway, but I have the other stories I'm working on to keep you company until then! ^^

Plus, those two stories I'm working on are not even close to being as long as this, so it may be easier to read!

So, what was your favorite moment in this story? Had a favorite chapter, character or boss? I don't know why I'm so curious over that, but hey, I'd like you know your thoughts. :P

This is a rather long author's note, so I might end it here. I wanna thank you all for reading this, and if you managed to read through every single chapter, I commend you for that (whether you liked it or not – even though I wouldn't understand why you'd still be reading this far if you didn't like it)!

And yeah, I can't believe I wrote a fic with over 1,000,000 words! I didn't expect this story to have this many words in the end.

See you all next time!