Reflections of a Lost Time

Me: I own Wicked, all of it. (Evil Cackle)

Elphie: Glinda I think she is losing it.

Glinda: I thought there was some hope.

Elphie: Eleka namen namen atchum atchum eleka namen.

Glinda: What are you doing?

Elphie: I am trying to get her sanity back.

Me: Fine it all belongs to Gregory Magurie, Stephen Schwartz, Winnie Holzman and all the others.

Just a small note: I am not a native English speaker so please correct me if I am doing something wrong.

Aelphaba, daughter of Glinda the good sat at the dinner table waiting for her parents to join her. She threw back her curly, long hair and sighed. Why weren't her parents here? It was her birthday after all. Her father must have finished his work at the Gale Force almost fifteen minutes ago so he should be here now considering the fact that their apartment was five hundred meters from the wizard's palace. Her mother of course was a public figure and never stopped working. But still she should be here after all it wasn't every day Aelphaba turned fourteen. She looked up at the gigantic clock standing against the wall. It was twenty minutes past eight; they should have been here five minutes ago. The servants had already placed the food on the table. Aelphaba looked over at the door as she heard it open. She saw her mother walk in with her secretary Glock right behind her. As usual Glinda the Good was wearing a gigantic gown. It was light yellow the same colour that Aelphaba was wearing. She was in a discussion with Glock about the celebration of Glinda Day. It was the day that her mother almost fifteen years earlier had hunted away the Wicked Witch of the West from the Emerald City. The witch. She had been in Aelphaba´s nightmares since she was little. The celebration was to take place in a month and the whole city was talking about it. As soon as her mother managed to close the door with Glock on the outside, she turned to Aelphaba.

-Hello Darling, I am sorry, I am late she said and walked over to Aelphaba giving her a hug. Aelphaba noticed that her mother wasn't her normal self. She always a bit sad Aelpaba thought but around Glinda day it seemed to get worse. Aelphaba couldn't understand why her mother didn't like celebrating the day of her biggest achievement.

-Is your father home yet Glinda asked her daughter?

-No but he should be here by now.

-Maybe we can start to eat or the food will get cold, her mother suggested?

-No, he will be home any minute, Aelphaba said. They sat silence as the clock ticked by. Fifteen minutes, half an hour, forty-five minutes and then as an hour had passed they started to eat. The food didn't taste as food as usual. All her favourite dishes were on the table but Aelphaba barley touched the food. The clock turned ten and her mother turned to wave in the servants. Glinda felt sorry for her daughter as she saw her walk to her room to go to bed. Aelphaba put on her pyjamas and crawled into bed. She thought about her horrible day and how her parents this morning had been gone when she woke up. They had left her gifts on the dinner table and then she had spent the entire day with her tutor even thought it was it wasn't school until next week. Then her father hadn't even turned up for her birthday dinner and her mother had for most of the time been away in her own thoughts. Aelphaba got tears in her eyes as she thought about how it had been last year when her mother and father had been home with her the entire day. But just a couple of weeks ago there had been warnings about the opposition, the group led by the wicked witch of the west that several times had tried to capture or kill Oz himself, and that they were on the move again and since then she hadn't seen either her mother or her father. She lay sobbing for a couple of minutes until she heard the front door open. Then she heard her mother's voice talking rapidly in an upset tone. Her mother was then cut of by her father's voice. Aelphaba just lay and heard them talking. She couldn't hear the words but she knew that her mother was lecturing her father about not showing up earlier this evening. She rapidly closed her eyes when she heard footsteps in the hallway. The door opened and she felt her father sitting down on her bedside. He kissed her forehead and then he rose from the bed. She opened her eyes just in time to see his back and his curly brown hair before he closed the door. After she had cried a bit more she fell asleep.

The next day Aelphaba woke up around nine and she quickly got dressed and went down the stairs to meet up with her friend Eldina. The two of them were going to pick up one of their other friends and then they were going shopping. They took a carriage to the western parts of the city and the carriage stopped in front of a grand house and the two girls got out. Aelphaba watched as her friend tried to get out of paying by flirting with the young carriage driver but in the end the long blonde hair and blue eyes didn't get her out of paying. They opened the gate and went to the front door and knocked on. They were let in by a munchkinservant dressed in a blue uniform. They went into the living room where they saw their friend Samira sit in the company of three boys in their age. When she saw her guests the little brunette bolted to their side and greeted them with a: hi. Then she took them under their arms and dragged them over to where the boys were sitting.

–So this is my cousin Avax she said pointing at the dark headed munchkinboy. And these are his friends Caroc and Maras. They are Gilikenese she added with a whisper. Samira who was of very short statue even for a munchkin was crazy when it came to tall boys. The boys nodded when they were introduced. The both Gilikenese boys were tall and both were blonde.

-We thought that instead of going shopping, we could go for a picnic at Kellswater, Samira said. It is said that it is the most romantic place on the west side of the Emerald City. While she said that Samira couldn't take her eyes of the Gilikenese boy she had called Caroc.

-Fine let's go; Aelphaba said feeling that she needed to get far away from her parents. As far as possible. The party went to the backyard and started walking towards the stables.

-Aelphaba your riding dress is here since last Sunday if you don't want to ruin your clothes, Samira said. Aelphaba went to change and when she came back the others were already on horsebacks. A black mare was led to her and she swung up on its back and the teenagers sat of out to Vinkus. They rode for four hours before they could see the lake. They were just about to stop and tie up their horses when they heard a howl from the forest. Then it appeared a large wolf out of nowhere. The horses panicked and so did the riders. Aelphaba was just going to turn her horse when the wolf howled again and her horse jumped to the left very fast and Aelphaba couldn't follow so she fell of and hit her head The last thing she saw was her friends riding away and the wolf getting joined by its pack. Then it turned black and she heard a female voice saying: We have to take her to Kiamo Ko. The she passed out.

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