Hi, so long time, no see. This is a very short chapter because I rewrote it several times and it seemed to get shorter and shorter :P Anyway, please tell me if it is unnecessary to keep it in the story, I just couldn't delete it because I like it so much :D

After dinner Elphaba had gone back to her tower and it was now midnight. The weather had gotten really bad and there was a storm building up. She went down the stairs to check on the doors and windows on the ground floor. Then the storm broke loose, the rain started pouring down, and then she heard a lightning strike. She went and picked up a sweater she had knitted last year, preparing for the wind that soon would make Kiamo Ko a lot colder than normally.

Next she went to check on the girls, she took the stairs and went to Nessarose's room first. She quietly opened the door and peeked in. Her youngest daughter was sleeping heavily and wasn't disturbed by the storm roaring outside. The little girl looked peaceful. Elphaba closed the door and went to her oldest daughter's room. She found Galinda sleeping with a book as a pillow, Elphaba laughed slightly at the girl who was so much like her. More then once she herself had fallen asleep and woken up with a sore neck from having a book instead of a pillow. She went and picked up Galinda's pillow that was lying on the floor and changed the book for it. She laid the book and the bed stand and blew out the candle her daughter had forgotten.

Thereafter Elphaba went to check on Aelphaba, when she arrived at the slightly open door she could hear sobbing. She pushed the door open and went inside. The young girl was lying in the bed and her whole body was shaking. Elphaba went over to the bed and sat down. She took the small girl in her arms and stroked the girls' blonde hair. The young girl started to calm down and the crying stopped. Elphaba started singing that same song that had been stuck in her brain, that same song that her mother had sung all those years ago. This was the only clear memory Elphaba had of her mother.

When Aelphaba finally was peacefully asleep again, Elphaba tucked her back in and went to sit in the chair by the bed. She wanted to be here if the girl woke up again. The picture of the blonde sleeping gave her a flashback to a night much like this, Glinda had been so scared of the thunder that Elphaba had laid next to her friend the entire night hugging her and every stormy night after Glinda had come and to Elphie for comforting and they had laid together listening to the thunder until they both fell asleep. If Galinda as she had been back then was upset Elphaba had sung to her.

Elphaba smiled for herself at the memories. The time at Shiz with Glinda had been one of the happiest times in her life. Even though Fiyero and her daughters were her entire life now, there would always be a part missing. A part that was somewhere far away with a perky blonde with a fondness of pink. Elphaba sat for several hours before falling asleep just as the sun rose.

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