Parker sat at his father's kitchen table eating pancakes and talking a mile a minute to Dr. Temperance Brennan. "I have a whole collection of dinosaurs but I think mummies are so much cooler, especially the ones that come back to life." Parker jumped down from his chair, walking around the kitchen, demonstrating what the reanimated mummy would look like. "Have you ever seen a mummy, Dr. Bones?" Parker asked, crawling back into his chair and reaching for more syrup.

"Yes, I have. I've seen many, actually, and there's an exhibit on them going on now at the Jeffersonian. I'm sure your Dad would love to take you." Brennan said, taking a sip of her juice.

Parkers' eyes widened. "Do you really think he will?" Brennan nodded. "Can we go, Daddy? Please?"

Booth was toweling his hair dry. He had just gotten out of the shower and was dressed only in black sweat pants. "Go where?" He asked, then jumped. "God, Bones. I didn't know you were here."

"Parker let me in," Brennan explained.

"Can we go, please Daddy?" Parker put on the more adorable version of Booth's charm smile.

"Go where, Parks?" Booth asked, still getting over the fact that he was shirtless with Bones in his kitchen.

"Dr. Bones said that there are mummies at the Jeffersonian. I wanna see them. Can we go, please?"

"We'll go next weekend. Your mother will be here any minute to get you." Booth promised, glancing at the clock.

Parker groaned, "but Dr. Bones just got here!" He protested.

"And your mom is on her way to get you. Go get dressed." Booth shooed his son out of the room and turned to his partner. "Sorry about him, he must have talked your ear off."

Brennan frowned, "You can't actually . . ." She trailed off, then her face lit up. "Oh! I know this one." Booth laughed at her enthusiasm. "Actually I find such a curious young mind refreshing. I like answering his questions."

Booths' eyes widened in mock horror. "You're turning him into a squint? He's too young for me to lose him like that!" He gasped, putting a hand over his heart and pretending to cry.

Brennan frowned. "You wouldn't solve half as many cases as you do without our help."

"Low blow, Bones."

Parker bounded into the room, out of his pajamas. "Dr. Bones, tell me about something you and Dad worked on." He demanded.

"Okay, well, this one time . . ." Brennan began, Parker hung on her every word. Booth chuckled to himself and went to answer the door.

"Hello, Rebecca," He greeted her. "Parker's in the kitchen."

"Hello, Seeley." Rebecca said in return, she smiled at him and headed into the kitchen.

She faltered for a second when she saw Dr. Brennan sitting there, then straightened herself. Rebecca had no problems with Dr. Brennan and Parker seemed to enjoy her company. As it was at the moment, he seemed very involved in the story she was telling.

"Wow, Dr. Bones. Did the dead guy smell?"

Brennan laughed. "By the time he was sent to me he didn't."

"That's so cool," Parker whispered, awestruck.

"Parker time to go home," Rebecca called.

"HI!" Parker ran and hugged his Dad, then waved to Brennan. "Thanks for the story Mom."

Time seemed to stop for a few seconds.

Rebecca finally managed out a mangled, "What did you just call her?"

Parker looked like he hadn't even noticed the blunder he had made. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked Rebecca, glancing at Booth.

Booth felt like his brain had just shut down. His son had called Bones Mom? Either they had been spending way too much time together or they were closer than he had realized. He could practically feel the anger radiating off of Rebecca. Risking a glance at her he cringed away from the look he was getting. A look that clearly said, "Do something!" Booth looked to Bones. She should help him with this, but all hope of that vanished when he saw her face.

Booths' shock was nothing compared to hers. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open just a little. She didn't seem to be breathing. Brennan had thought that she and Parker were just friends, and maybe they were, maybe he had been looking at his Mom while talking to her, or thinking about going home with his mother. That would explain it. Brennan's mind was going over every logical explanation, but she was still stuck on one thing: Parker had called her Mom. She had never wanted kids, never wanted to be a mother, she'd never wanted this. So why did she feel so good when he'd called her that?

Parker ran over to Brennan, he touched her hand, "Did I do something wrong, Dr. Bones?" He asked her, worried.

This seemed to snap Brennan out of it. She turned to Parker, a warm smile on her face. "I'm sure it was a mistake, Parker. You didn't mean to call me 'Mom' did you?"

"No, no." Parker protested. "I love you Dr. Bones, but that's my mommy." He pointed to Rebecca, who calmed down a little bit when Parker said this.

"I love you, too, Parker." Parker gave Brennan a hug.

Parker ran over to Rebecca's side. "Let's go, Mom." He gave Booth one last hug, then waved to Bones again. "Love you Momma Bones." He called before he walked out with Rebecca.

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