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New Lives S: The Movie

By Emma Iveli

The Sailor Senshi, long ago a kingdom rose and fell with them as their Guardians, they were reborn into five worlds to protect them. These Guardians were known as the Sailor Senshi. When they reborn, they however reborn as men… now when they transform they cross dress.

They are:

Ash Ketchum AKA Neo Sailor Moon from the World of Pokémon.

Kiyo Takamine AKA Sailor Mercury from the World of the Mamodo Battle

Monkey D. Luffy AKA Sailor Mars from the World of Pirates

Ranma Saotome AKA Sailor Jupiter from the World of Chaos.

Uzumaki-Kazama Naruto AKA Sailor Venus from the World of Ninja

Gary Oak AKA Sailor Saturn from the World of Pokémon

Hatake Kakashi AKA Sailor Uranus from the World of Ninja

Portgas D. Ace AKA Sailor Neptune from the World of Pirate

Uchiha Sasuke AKA Sailor Pallas from the World of Ninjas

Roronoa Zoro AKA Sailor Juno from the World of Pirates

Eido McLovin AKA Sailor Vesta from the World of the Mamodo Battle

And Ryoga Hibiki AKA Sailor Ceres from the World of Chaos.

They are joined by the lone survivor Setsuna Meioh AKA Sailor Pluto and Kousagi Tendo the duel reincarnation of the king and queen of Crystal Tokyo.

Now normally things are these are normally kept secret, but due to a mixture of friendship, love and just plain bad luck their identities aren't exactly a secret. In fact many of their friends and family knows their secret. However what would happen if others took the reigns of the Sailor Senshi… even if it was just for once.

A mysterious woman looked at each Senshi on screen.

"Interesting… truly interesting… soon there was will be a moment where I can use the plan I've been trying for a very long time." Laughed the woman.

Chapter 1: Okay, what just happened!

Ash, Pikachu, Gary, Dawn, Piplup, Brock and Reggie waited at a dock. That's when a ship came in the distance.

"Here she is!" said Ash.

The boat docked and Misty came running them.

"Hey!" she yelled out.

Right when she was there, she fell... and she landed on Ash.

"Uh…" said Ash.

Misty on the other hand was blushing, she gritted her teeth, got up and turned around, "You didn't have to push me you know."

That's when everyone noticed her two of her sisters joined her, Violet the blue head and Lily the red head.

"What are your sisters doing here?" asked Ash as Brock's eyes exploded in hearts.

"They tagged along and they wouldn't take no for an answer." Said Misty.

"But what if…" said Ash, "They might find out about know…"

"I'm sorry… okay…" sighed Misty.

"You're still embarrassed by it?" asked Gary.

"You were one longer than I was!" yelled Ash.

"So… who's your new friend." Said Violet getting everyone's attention.

"Oh, hi! I'm Reggie, I'm a breeder from Veilstone." Said Reggie nervously.

"He's pretty cute, don't you think?" asked Lily.

"I know." Agreed Violet.

"This is going to be a long vacation." Sighed Misty.

Meanwhile in the World of Ninja… both Hokages, Naruto, Opal, Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, Kakashi and for some reason Shikamaru were waiting for something.

"Why are you here?" asked Naruto with a sly smirk.

"I'm just here to say hi… that's all." Said Shikamaru.

"So you not here to say to Temari." Said Sakura with a giggle.

"For the last time… we're not dating." Muttered Shikamaru.

That's when a the carriage arrived and the Kazekage and his guards arrived.

"Hey Gaara!" said Naruto.

And the two shook hands.

"You know… I know I shouldn't say this but it weird me out that the Kazekage is the same age as my son and the two of them are good friends." Said Arashi.

"You don't' have to hide is seems weird." Said Tsunade.

"Yeah… all of us thinks it's weird." Said Temari.

Arashi sweat dropped, "Okay then!" he said.

That's when Kankuro was over to Shikamaru.

"So you came to say hi to your girlfriend, eh Shikamaru." Said Kankuro.

"She/He's not my boyfriend/girlfriend." Said both Temari and Shikamaru at the same time.

"Why did I even come here?" asked Shikamaru leaving.

Meanwhile in the World of the Mamodo Battle…

Megumi was free for a few weeks, because of that she and Tia invited Kiyo, Zatch, Hyde, Eido, Koko, Lori and Kolulu to a picnic.

"There's so many cute girls here." Said Eido with perverted smile.

"What would your girlfriend say if she was here?" asked Tia.

"She's probably just shrug and wouldn't mind." Said Eido.

Tia tried to come up with a response, but couldn't... after all that's just what Doll would say.

"Come on! Let's go eat!" said Zatch.

In the World of Pirates, Kuina and Zoro was having a spar, which Zoro won.

"Look like I'm finally able to…" said Zoro.

But before he could finish that sentence, Sanji kicked him in the head.

"What the hell was that about!" yelled Zoro.

"You shouldn't have done that Kuina!" yelled Sanji.

"Sanji…" said Kuina who began to glare at Sanji, "I don't need you to defend me… I can do so myself."

"If you say so." Said Sanji leaving.

"The next time, he dose that, I honestly don't know what I'm going to do…" muttered Kuina.

Nami and Vivi were watching this.

"It's great that Kuina has found a place in this crew." Said Vivi.

"So, you think she's going to eventually beat him up?" asked Nami.

Vivi sighed and sweat dropped.

"Yeah, she's going to eventually." Sighed Vivi.

Meanwhile in the World of Chaos, Ranma, Akane and Kousagi went into The Snack Shack.

"Hey!" said Ranma.

"Ranma!" said all the Waitresses and Specs.

"You've been wanting to do that forever, haven't you?" asked Ranma.

"You got us." Laughed Amber.

"So how has things been going?" asked Akane.

"It's been okay… nothing much." Said Specs with a shrug.

"Okay then…" said Akane with a shrug.

Meanwhile Ryoga and Akari were walking in a park together. Just silently enjoying each other's company.

Meanwhile in a strange location… a woman looked at the screens. She created a ball of light… which split into 12 different lights, which then took on human shapes then became faceless monsters.

"Lure them into the plan, will you?" asked the woman.

All 12 monsters nodded in agreement then disappeared.

In the World of Pokémon…

Ash and his group were walking to the nearby Pokémon center.

"So what's been going on?" asked Misty.

"I'm… not sure if I should tell you in front of your sisters." Said Ash with a sweat drop.

"That's rude." Said Violet.

"Why can't you talk in front of us?" asked Lily.

"That's okay… I understand why." Said Misty.

That's when suddenly two of the monsters suddenly appeared and grabbed Dawn and Misty.

"What's going on?" thought Dawn.

"I can't move…" thought Misty.

The monsters began to retreat.

"Okay! What just happened!" yelled Violet.

"Don't worry!" said Ash, "We'll help them."

Ash took out his communicator.

"Hey! Everyone need your help!" yelled Ash into the communicator.

"You're not the only one!" came Ranma's voice from the other end.

"Let me guess… some weird monster also kidnapped someone." Came Luffy's voice on the other end.

"They took Akari!" yelled Ryoga on the other end.

"They got Nami, Vivi and Kuina." Said Luffy on the other end.

"They got Megumi and Lori." Said Kiyo the other end.

"Hinata, Sakura and Temari." Said Naruto on the other end.

"They got Dawn and Misty." Said Ash.

"They also kidnapped Akane." Said Ranma on the other end.

"Okay… I think this is a Senshi issue! Everyone! Transform!" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"Right!" came a chorus of Voices.

Ash hung up his communicator.

"Moon Prism Power!"

"Saturn Cosmic Power!"


They caught up to the monsters, which began to split away from each other going in different directions.

"I'll go get Misty." Said Neo Sailor Moon.

"And I'll go rescue Dawn!" said Sailor Saturn.

The tow followed the enemies they were following.

In each world, the Senshi each cornered the monster, that were holding their friends (and in two cases girl friends) hostage.

"So… it looks everything is in position." Said the woman watching the screens.

In the World of Pokémon Neo Sailor Moon ran towards the monster. That's when a light came from the sky. It hit Neo Sailor Moon, Misty and the monster, the monster vanished. However that was the only thing strange, a pink light came out of Neo Sailor Moon's body and went into Misty's… causing Ash to Detransform! The light disappeared. Both of them fell to their knees.

"Misty?" asked Ash.

"I'm fine… what about… you… you detransformed…" said Misty.

"I'm fine… really." Said Ash.


"Okay… what just happened." Said Dawn.

"I have no idea." Answered Gary.

In the world of the Mamodo Battle.

"Kiyo?" asked Megumi.

"Something weird just happened." Said Kiyo.


"Why did I just detransform?" asked Eido.

In the world of Ninja…

"If I didn't know any better… this was some kind of trap." Said Temari getting up.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Said Kakashi.


"Hinata, are you okay?" asked Naruto.

"I'm fine." Said Hinata.


"Sakura, are you okay?" asked Sasuke.

"I'm fine." Said Sakura.

In the World of Pirates…

"Luffy…" said Nami noticing Luffy detransformed.

Before Luffy could do anything, he was kicked in the head by Sanji.

"How could you let Nami get kidnapped like that!" yelled Sanji.

"Sanji… something weird just happened!" yelled Nami.

That's when Ace, Zoro, Kuina and Vivi joined them.

"You guys are okay? Right?" asked Luffy.

"Other than forcibly detransformed that is." Said Ace with a shrug.

In the World of Chaos…

"Ryoga… you're okay right?" asked Akari.

"Of course." Said Ryoga.


Ranma and Akane were fighting over what happened.

"Sure you were paralyzed." Said Ranma sarcastically.

"I was paralyzed!" yelled Akane.

"Stop this right now!" shouted Kousagi.

Both of them looked at Kousagi, she was crying. And it was her crying that made her look cute so they would stop fighting… no this crying was real.

"Please… stop… something… something really bad just happened! Really bad!" cried Kousagi.

"What?" asked Ranma.

"We need to have a meeting right now!" cried Kousagi.

After she stopped crying, she sent out a message to everyone, using the message system.

In the World of Pokémon.

"We're having a Senshi meeting in the usual place, come as soon as you can and you must bring the girl you saved." Said Kousagi's message.

"So… this sounds serious." Said Misty.

"I have a feeling it is…" said Ash.

They heard a throat clearing behind them. Misty sweat dropped while Ash slowly turned around… there stood Violet and Lily.

"So… are you going to explain everything?" asked Violet.

"So… how much did you see?" asked Ash with a big sweat drop.

"Everything…" said Lily.

Ash sweat dropped and went into the fetal position. After all this day was getting worse and worse…

Next Time: The Senshi and the girls they saved learn what's going on... and what they must do! Now must beat the clock in order to fix everything... but will it work?