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Chapter 8: Everything is Okay Again

Ash was silent… he didn't know what happened…

"Ash's what's wrong?" asked Gary.

"I don't' know." Said Ash, "When I was unconscious I had a dream where I helped in the fight… like I helped her use the silver Crystal…"

"It could have been a dream, right?" asked Violet.

"I… I… don't know…" sighed Ash.

That's when they heard a thump outside, they all ran out to find the girls in a big pile.

"What happened?" asked Ash.

"Um… well…" said Sakura.


"I don't think I can move." Said Misty.

That's when everything began to collapse.

"The Dimension is breaking apart!" cried Hinata.

That's when Sailor Cosmos Moon showed up and took everyone out of the Dimension.

(End of Flashback)

"So is Misty okay?" asked Ash.

"I'm alive if that's what you mean…" moaned Misty from the pile.

"Um… I have a question." Said Lori, "Is it okay if we sleep here for tonight…"

"That would be a really good idea." Said Ash.

And so the girls slept in the Pokémon Center after such a tough battle.

The next morning they all returned to their worlds…

In the World of Pirates…

"Nami! Vivi! Kuina! It's so good to see your okay!" said Sanji happily.

That's when Kuina socked him in the face.

"I'm still angry about what happened." Muttered Kuina.

Everyone sweat dropped when she did that.

"I was wondering when she would do that." Said Nami.

"So is Zoro okay?" asked Kuina.

"I'm fine." Said Zoro walking towards, "All my wounds healed."

"That's good." Said Kuina with a smirk.

That's when they suddenly began to spar.

"All right! Zoro's oaky again!" cheered Luffy.

"You already knew that." Said Usopp.

"But now everyone's back." Said Luffy.

Usopp couldn't help but to sweat drop as a response.

In the World of the Mamodo Battle. Everyone was resting in a park.

"So you had trouble with the computer?" asked Kiyo.

"Yeah." Said Megumi, "I'm sure that you knew how t use the first time too."

"Uh…" said Kiyo with a big sweat drop.

"He couldn't use the first time either." Said Zatch, "IT was pretty funny too."

"You just ad to tell her that!" yelled Kiyo going demon, causing everyone to sweat drop.

"Those two look so cute together." Laughed Lori.

"Why that…" muttered Eido.

"Don't you have a girlfriend." Said Lori with a sweat drop.

In the World of Ninja…

In the Hokages' office both Hinata and Sakura in front of both Arashi and Tsunade.

"We have sent a message to both Sakura's parents and Hiashi stating you were in missions last night." Said Tsunade.

"Thank you." Said Sakura.

"Hey… come no thanks. You saved my son…" said Arashi.

"But…" said Hinata.

"Yeah… I know… you're his girlfriend but still…" said Arashi.

Hinata blushed at this.

Meanwhile at the Kazama Mansion, Temari was brushing her hair.

"So your going to see your boyfriend after that adventure you had." Said Kankuro.

"He's not my boyfriend." Muttered Temari.

"Oh really I heard that." Said Kankuro.

That's when Temari began to beat up Kankuro. In the hallway, Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke and Opal sweat dropped.

"So… when should we help?" asked Naruto.

"I would advice against it." Said Gaara.

At the Memorial stone, Kakashi and Setsuna stood there silently… both of them glad that the plan succeeded after all.

Meanwhile in the World of Chaos…

Ranma, Akane, Ryoga and Akari were watching Kousagi play with the "hamsters" in the yard… when Ranma felt like he needed to say something to Akane.

"Akane… I wanted to say something to you… about what you did." Said Ranma.

"What is it?" asked Akane.

Before Ranma could say it, Shampoo crashed her bike into Ranma's head.

"Ranma! You go on date with Shampoo now?" asked Shampoo.

Akane's eyes began to twitch.

"Ranma Darling!" shouted Kodachi showing up.

"Satome you foul certain!" shouted Kuno.

"Shampoo!" shouted Mousse.

Kousagi flinched at she watched what happened next… what it would be would best not be described.

"That had to hurt…" muttered Aphrodite.

Kousagi could only nod.

Akane stomped off, angrily… muttered evil things.

"Wow… Ryoga I'm surprised you didn't…" said Kousagi.

Ryoga took out some candy, which made Kousagi shut up.

"What was she going to say? "asked Akari.

"It was nothing…" laughed Ryoga nervously.

In the world of Pokémon Misty continued to sleep.

"She still hasn't fully recovered yet?" asked Ash.

"No." said Dawn shaking her head no.

Ash sighed…

"Ash don't blame yourself… Misty wanted to save you…" said Dawn.

"But she would have died." Sighed Ash.

"And how many time have your risked your life to save the world?" asked Gary coming into the room.

"Um…" said Ash.

"Clarisse was extremely powerful Ash." Said Dawn.

"Powerful enough to transfer our powers to others." Said Gary, "Misty didn't have a choice… you know how it is."

Ash sighed…

"Hey…" said Misty who was now awake, "Can I speak to Ash alone?"

"Sure." Said Dawn.

The two of them left and closed the door.

Ash and Misty sat in silence

"Ash… thank you." Said Misty.

"Thanks for what?" asked Ash.

"When I used the Silver Crystal… somehow… you were there helping me." Said Misty.

"Wait… that wasn't a dream." Said Ash.

"Wait dream?" asked Misty.

"I had a dream where you used the Silver Crystal." Said Ash, "I guess it was my spirit helping you."

Misty smiled when she heard this.

That's when both of them heard a thump, they went outside to see Croagunk drag away Ash, while Misty's sisters and Reggie watched.

"You were listening… weren't you?" asked Misty.

"No… no… of course not." Said Lily.

"Why would we be listening?" asked Violet.

That's when Nurse Joy showed up.

"Excuse me Misty… there's a phone call for you." Said Nurse Joy.

Mist went to take the phone call…

"What!" yelled Misty into the phone.

"Sorry… but… but… can you please come back… I can't turn all of these trainers away." Said Daisy (her oldest sister who stayed to watch the gym) over the phone.

"But that's what I asked you…" sighed Misty, "You haven't been giving away badges have you?"

"Um…" responded Daisy on the other end.

"Daisy… you're supposed to be the reliable one." Sighed Misty.

"Did something happened on your vacation?" asked Daisy, "You seemed more stressed out than when you went."

"I don't want to talk about it!" yelled Misty.

"So did Ash…" said Daisy on the other end.

"I don't' want to about it!" shouted Misty.

And so Misty had to prepare to leave… Even though it her turn to have an adventure… it really made for an extremely lousy vacation… That was for sure…

The End!

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