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"Avada Kedavra!"


The spells connected with a loud bang, golden light erupted between the saviour and the destroyer. Harry saw Voldemort's green jet as it met his red one, saw the Elder wand fly high, saw as it flew straight in between the two spells, causing a great explosion. The wand shattered and all anyone saw was a great, bright light. Everyone near the explosion would no doubt, be incinerated. And the only two people that were that close to the incident were Harry Potter and Tom Riddle. No one could see the two wizards. Not the Order. Not the Death Eaters. Not the students. Not the teachers. Not the ghosts. No one. Just a horrible light that would no doubt kill their savior, but in the process kill the enemy. No one knew whether or not they should be happy or sad. Finally, it was all over. The light disappeared. All was silent in the once great hall. No one uttered a sound. After a few moments, people began to edge closer to the site. As they got nearer, they could make out the robes the two great wizards had worn. But no sight of said wizards. It was as if...they were never there...

None of the witches and wizards would ever guess what had really become of the two warriors. At least...not for another eleven years...


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