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Harry Ride was hiding. It wouldn't due to get caught. Oh no, not at all. So even though it was uncomfortable, Harry couldn't move. The slightest movement, could draw his enemy to his location. And that would be bad. Very...bad. So he stayed, uncomfortable, but determined.

However, after a few drawn out moments, which felt like hours to the young, green-eyed boy, he decided to chance a peek above the bush he was hiding behind. He slowly looked around the park. Finding no sign of the one he was hiding from, he slumped with relief. He tensed right back up again after hearing someone clear their throat...right...behind...him... He slowly turned around...and looked right into the face of the one he had been avoiding in the first place. His brother, Tom Ride.

"Er...Hey little bro...how are you this lovely day?"

Tom glared at his obviously nervous older brother. The glare intensified as Harry's nose twitched slightly. It was barely noticeable, but Tom saw. It was his brothers tell-tale sign that practically screamed, 'I'm guilty!' Of course only Tom knew this. Not even their parents knew.

"Oh fine. Absolutely brilliant. I'm just wondering how to get away with murder. Can't leave any traces when I kill you, ya'know."

Harry gulped, but tried to maintain his dignity and not show his cowardice to his brothers, more than likely to happen, threat.

"Now Tom...why would you want to kill your dear older brother?

"Hm lets think!" Tom snapped, "Couldn't have anything to do with, oh I don't know, dying Godric pink could it?"

Harry mumbled something that sounded like, "Bloody cat deserved it..." Then said quickly at Toms mutinous look, "Besides, Salazar told me to do it!"

Tom raised an eyebrow, "Why would Salazar, your pet snake, tell you to dye Godric pink?"

Harry shrugged, "Maybe they don't like each other."

Tom rose his other eyebrow, "They've never even met. We make sure they're separated from each other."

Harry blinked, "They knew each other in a past life."

Tom looked startled at the sure tone his brother used, but quickly reverted back to his original annoyance. "Uh-huh." said Tom sarcastically, "and how would you know that?"

"Must we have this talk again?" Harry said in exasperation. At Tom's raised eyebrows and expectant look, he siged and said in a tone meant for a three year old. "I told you before Tom. He...Told...Me..."



"Harry," Tom said, adopting Harry's three-year-old tone, "Salazar is a snake. How can you talk to snakes?"

Harry shrugged, "How can we do any of the odd things we do? We just can."

Tom seemed to ponder this and slowly gave a nod. "I suppose that makes sence."

"Of course it does. I said it." Harry said, smirking arrogantly for an eight year old.

Tom rolled his eyes. "Anyways, back onto the subject of Godric. My poor, defenseless cat."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Oh please! That cat's hardly defenseless! Have you seen his claws?"

"He is too defenseless! He was minding his own buisness when you pulled that harsh prank!"

"How the heck was that prank harsh? It was just dye! Dye that will wash out after a couple of washings!"

"Godric hates taking baths and you know that!"

"Every cat hates taking baths so Godric can get over himself or remain pink forever!"

And so the two brothers bantered back and forth, more out of amusement then anything else.

After all. Who doesnt think a pink cat would be hilarious?

Except, of course, Godric.

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