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Jack Bolton loved his son. Troy was his youngest of two and his only son. Diane was his first child and she was five-years-older then her brother. Amber, his wife was closer to Diane and he was closer to Troy. They both loved their children however.

One day 16 year old Troy came home arguing with Jack, ran in, went upstairs and slammed the door. Jack sighed.

"What happened," Amber asked him looking up from making dinner.

"Troy and I had an argument because I won't let him see Gabrielle the day she gets home"


"He was goofing around and not taking his leadership on the basketball team seriously"

"So basically he was being a normal boy"

"But he-"

"Jack," Amber said, "try to put yourself in his place for a minute. His life is tough lately"

"What is so tough about Troy's life," Jack asked

"Jack, he was driving the car that killed his sister"

"I already told him it wasn't his fault"

"Jack you did and you were great at first but you've been a lot harder on him lately…"

Jack sighed realizing that Amber was telling the truth.

"Not only that, but Chad's been a real jerk to Troy lately"



Amber told Jack about something that happened between Chad and Troy.

"I'm going to have to have a serious talk with Chad," Jack said angrily.

"And have a talk with Troy"

"I will"
He walked upstairs and knocked softly on his son's door.

"Come in"

Jack came in and sat on her son's bed.

"What happened dad," he asked, "we used to be so close"

"What happened is you're growing up. I don't want to lose you… like I lost your sister."

Troy looked up and said, "the game is playing on Saturday… why don't we go together?"

Jack looked at him and smiled

"It's a date"

"I look forward to it"

"Oh and Troy," he said, "Gabriella can meet up with us after the game"

"I love you dad,"