Hey just a story for everyone NCIS and Stargate cross over. Screwed up plot! haha All due to loving both of the shows and characters. I soo had problems doing these stores but it doesn't matter anymore. So, now enjoy the story and remember to review.

The clouds were a dark brewing color as they hovered over the NCIS building, a small and barely noticed rain was drizzling over it before DiNozzo turned to face the windows that separated him from the outside. It had started out as a normal day for him that was until he got a call from his boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, that a body had been found brutally murdered.

It was a civilian, he mauled over his brain, not a marine. He felt tired as he looked down at the vanilla folder before his brain started a rant of questions. 'Who was Jack Launtra, why was he in D.C. dressed as some Marine, and why did his uniform strike a nerve in DiNozzo's mind?' I had been bothering Gibbs also as he was looking over a few things he got from Timithy McGee. It had appeared that the man had vanished, or to put if more blatantly 'dropped off the face of the earth', four years ago.

Ziva David, glancing at the woman told him she still wasn't use to doing two shifts none stop, had looked threw his finical records to pull up nothing again. Again it turned into a dead end. He had no family that they found. No home or apartment. His friends, two Gibbs accounted, said he went away and never kept in contact. It was a dead end no matter what way they went to figure out the end of the case.

The only evidence that Jack Launtra had existed was that the body was on Dr. Donald Mallards- Ducky's-slab. Other 'hinky' thing was his gear.

DiNozzo and Gibbs looked at each other before turning to the screen as the gear came up. It was familiar to DiNozzo. He knew it and yet...

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked out snapping Tony's train of thought. "Find out why our vic was wearing some Military gear!" DiNozzo nodded before getting up and heading off to make a call and gather some photos of the gear to help him.

If his hunch was right then by Gibbs's hell of fury, he was dead. "On it boss." with that he vanished into the elevator.

Stargate Stargate Stargate

John Sheppard sighed as he relaxed into the chair at the Stargate commands conference room. He- as in his entire team plus Lorne- had come back to Earth-their other big blue home- before looking at the amused face of Ronon Dex- his teammate and an alien from the Pegasus galaxy.

"Enjoying Sheppard?" Ronon asked in his deep voice that held a hint of something gristly.

"Yep, nothing like lounging." or that would have been what John would have said if Jack O'Neill didn't barge in with a look of pure dark humor.

"Sheppard, tell me why I just got a call from DiNozzo?" so, the reply that John, second in command of Atlantis, gave was "Shit."

Ronon gave out a deep vibrating roar as he laughed at the slack jaw, green to the gills, and horror stricken Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. General Jack O'Neill just raised his brow before tossing his phone at the 'deer caught in the head lights' John.

"Talk to him." was all he said before leaving the two men to glance at the phone.

"Hey John, pick up now!" it squawked at him.

Raising it his ear John slowly said "Hi Tony." and that was how Anthony DiNozzo and John Sheppard set up a date to time to meet. Ronon, the bystander, held an amuse smirk at the squirming man.

Tony sighed before walking back into the bullpen, all smiling before grabbing a vanilla envelope and putting in the new pictures inside of it.

"DiNozzo!" Tony visibly jumped as he turned on his heel to face Gibbs.

"Yes boss?" he asked his voice showing how nervous he felt.

"What are you doing?"

"Um, taking the pictures to someone who might be able to identify it."

"Why?" Tony nearly cursed.

"So that I can start asking questions and getting answers to them." Gibbs, everyone noticed, seemed irritated at that answer.

"You know something I don't DiNozzo?" Gibbs growled out glaring at him. For the first time Tony didn't flinch, smile, or make some stupid retort or comment.

"Just checking out something that's bugging me." he sounded like he did on important things. Gibbs felt slightly shocked and his gut was telling him that he just got a case he didn't want anymore.

John mumbled under his breath as he looked to see his team sitting- all grins- in the van that the SGC had gladly gave them to use. It was Jack's way of saying 'screw you' . He swore it was.

"So who is this Anthony DiNozzo, John?" Teyla asked cutting the growing tension. John didn't respond, sending the tall Satedan into a fit of wild laughter.

"Does Ronon know?" Rodney McKay asked obviously feeling out of the loop.

"No, McKay, he doesn't." Silence had filled the car again as they finished the last block to the spot that Tony had given him.

If DiNozzo was pissed he didn't show it. Hell if Gibbs didn't know Tony he would have said the man was giddy or high.

"Tony I do not understand why we are here and not trying to-" Ziva was cut off as a black van pulled up and five people piled out. Tony smirked as he walked over towards the driver who was a few inches shorter before giving him a hug which was returned.

Gibbs watched the exchange- as did the people from the van- before Tony pulled him in front of Gibbs. A Cheshire cat grin that made the other put out a face of annoyance but a small smile crept upon his face.

"Who the heck are they DiNozzo?" Gibbs shouted out in irritation. The tallest in the group collapsed clutching his gut laughing.

John felt embarrassed as he stood next to Tony while Ronon laughed in the background at he salt and peppered man in front of him. It felt as if he was meeting Tony's dad from the tension that the wet drizzling of the rain slapped in his face.

"Um, we'll you see Boss..." Tony stammered out. John smiled at Tony's discomfort before taking a step forward. Judging from the man's hair style, stance, and his air of authority he was going to deduce him to be ex military. Marine most likely.

"Lt. Col. John Sheppard Air Force." John said in introductory. "Pleasure to meet you."

Ronon stopped laughing as he watched how straight and uptight John was. He quickly took position behind the commanding officer just like Lorne had. Tony had caught the movement so did Gibbs and the Arabica woman.

"Again, then, 'Who the heck are they'!?" John sighed so much for being nice and polite he mused.

"Well boss, John here works with any new equipment before it is shipped out with any military." John caught Lorne's expression and McKay's snickering.

"I wouldn't say 'newest' Tony, more like scraps." Tony looked at him with the sly smile that John knew well.

"We have-don't know what- that looks like your standard issue 'scraps'." tony smiled normally before pulling out he vanilla envelope and giving it to John to look at. After glancing at them John noticed that it was standard issue Atlantis TAC vest. His response was to cuss and grab the phone in his pocket and throwing the envelope at Lorne to look at before going behind the van to talk.

Lorne palled before knowing who he was calling: O'Neill.


Tony looked grim, that was what turned Gibbs gut as he watched the other man looking at before nodding his head.

"Yep, that's our gear." the shorter man then John said.

"McKay, actually, these look weird. Could they belong to the field or..." John reappeared scowling before looking at Gibbs.

"How did you find these?" his voice held a 'no nonsense" tone of a leader that Gibbs liked.

"On a body of a dead civvy." John paled as he pulled the phone back to his ear. Silence.

"Yeah, tony recognized it. No, don't know who yet General. Yeah, ask for the name." John lowered the phone again before he turned back to Gibbs. "Name and where you found him." that Gibbs felt was going to be a problem.

"This is my case Sheppard."

"And that is my gear." John retorted. Tony quickly stepped in between them.

"Gibbs, trust me, if it does have anything to do with John's work then the best thing is for both of us is to either give him the case or give him what he wants." John glanced at his team nodding his head. Gibbs skin crawled as his gut turned and burned when he saw the three people who looked trained to fight took a few steps forward.

"Jack Launtra. Out by the strip." John nodded yet he still waited for something else. Gibbs growled as he looked at Tony. He really wished to know what was going on.

"He has no records for the past four years. Before we left Ducky found a strange mark on the man's chest. Toxicology found some chemical in the man's blood. That's it." Tony nodded his head before looking at John seeing that the growing anger and fear was clearly evident for all to see.

"John any news to add?"

"Yeah, you've just been recalled." with that he gave the phone to Tony who tentatively took it.

Nearly an hour of standing in the drizzling rain had soaked their clothes yet no one cared much as they waited for the phone call to end. Tony was still talking to the general of who knows what and it was as if everything the man knew of his senior agent was dead wrong.

In that hour Tony became a different Anthony DiNozzo. He could tell by the various gaze of John's team that they didn't know either.

"Yeah sir, I'll be there when John gets back." Tony shook his head shaking the water droplets from his face. "Yea I'll grab the bratt also. Don't worry if it's a serious problem I'll be 'gone' before 'he' figures it out." Tony chuckled a little dryly. "Yeah, I am a master of what I do Jack. What, it's been two or what years after' it' happened?" Tony laughed before closing the phone.

"Gibbs, sorry, but it seems I'm going to have to leave." Gibbs glared at DiNozzo sizing him up before growling out a short reply 'No'. Ziva and McGee both silently watching in aw and horror looked at Tony's change of demeanor.

"Come on Tony, got to get that 'Queen' now before the storm worsens." There was no further exchange between DiNozzo and his team as he piled into the van with John and his group leaving his team dazed and confused.

Before he or John had a chance to close their door Gibbs called out walking towards them, "Who's after DiNozzo!"

"Oh it's not who it's more like what actually." and with that they drove off before Gibbs could stop them further.

Stargate Stargate Stargate

Ronon looked at the man trying to sleep in the passenger seat. "Keep staring, you might figure out what ever you're thinking." Ronon made a low growl of protest in the back of his throat as warning.

"Sheppard?" John took a deep breath risking a glance as his passengers.

"Long story Ronon." he didn't want to start anything until they got her. "Were here Tony." tony popped open an eye lazily before he got out of the van and jogged up to the front door. Before he got the chance to open it the door had busted open and a young woman barely in her twenties jumped and hugged Tony's waist.

"Antonio!" she shouted was light and soft but Ronon and Teyla saw Tony's flinch.


"I thought you weren't allowed here?" the girl glanced over at the van as she said this. Ronon's sharp intake of breath was heard b them all. Her eyes were wraith.

"Well we've been called back. Seems Diatiem got out." Tony laughed as he all but dragged the girl to the van.

"Sheppard." John caught the Satedan's eye and rolled his.

"Long story but you have nothing to worry about." When they entered the van Tony felt the glares and the hot breath of the sit foot man on his neck before the crushing silence.

"I take it not everyone knows?" John felt the slap and mentally on his head.

"Well don't worry you've done that before." John said in retort making Tony laugh a little before going silent. The girl smiled before moving into a position on Tony's lap to see the team better.

"Oh! You two aren't of this world!" she said in shocked. John and Tony cocked their identical grins.

"Neither are you bratt." John said before driving off.

The drive back to NCIS head quarters was silent a lack of DiNozzo Gibbs assumed. When he got into the first order of business was tracking down his senior agent.

"McGee find DiNozzo now. Ziva search for a Colonel John Sheppard." he headed up to the directors office to find Vance. If something was going on he wanted in on it.

"Special Agent Gibbs!" Vance's secretary said in alarm. "You can't go in there!" he ignored her finding that barging in on the man helped ease some of his anger if only the tip of the ice berg.

"Gibbs." Vance growled out in annoyance. Another man turned his head to look at the former gunnery. Standard Air Force attire that shouted out that he was a Coronel.

The man, Eliiss, was sent to tell Jethro Gibbs in person that Special Agent DiNozzo was being put in protective custody tell a situation-top secret- was cleaned up. Then by learning from Ducky ther body was chartered off. All forensic evidence, by Abby, was also taken. Heck their hard drives were taken... and Tony's desk, computer, etc... don't forget his meddles that were in the safe in Tony's drawer...

Starting from scratch was not something Gibbs liked. Nor was it something he tolerated.