"Hey Guys, Just a quick Authors note of thanks, really."

After nearly five months since the last chapter was posted, and the story was completed, I'm STILL getting awesome reviews from this. I just really wanted to thank each and every one of you who has left me a review or message. They really do mean a lot to me, so THANK YOU!

I've received a few messages over the last few months asking if I'll be writing another VA fiction – as I know I said that I would. Well, at the moment I have no plans to unfortunately, this is because I am currently working on my own paranormal YA Novel series, which I am going to try and get published.

I'm also waiting on the last VA book, (not long now!). Depending on the ending of the Vampire Academy Series, I may write another short story, if I'm not to busy with my own series.

I did however, for those who haven't seen, write a One-Shot VA story titled "VA: Rose & Dimitri One Shot", which can be found in my profile. So, feel free to check that out. I'd love to hear your comments on that.

Thanks again to everyone who read and commented on this story. I think speak for other writers on here when I say every review is very much appreciated.