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Chapter 1- Search

It had been said that the Heartless were searching; but for what, Sora was not sure. He, along with Donald and Goofy, were still searching through countless worlds, hoping to seal the Heartless from ever having a chance at rule over the universe.

The world they were approaching quickly on their ship was unlike any that Donald and Goofy had seen before, but to Sora it felt quite familiar. Not his home, but quite close. They docked right beside a calm bay on a small patch of land, overlooking a large T-shaped structure. Sora looked it up and down, as if committing it to memory, whereas Donald snorted at the sight.

"This world looks ridiculous," he quacked, "Are you really sure the Heartless are coming here?"

Sora ignored the irritation in the nasally voice and straightened, the chain of his Keyblade chopping at the air. "Positive."

"How can you be so sure?!" Donald demanded.

"Hey, I'm the Keyblade master, aren't I?" Sora couldn't help but smile at his cocky statement. It was followed by Donald's customary grumbling; "He always has to bring that up…,"

Goofy, on the other hand, was excited as a child at the prospect of this new world. "Say, Donald," he chuckled in his throaty voice, "What world is this?"

The irritated duck, arms crossed, did not turn around. Perhaps his stance would have been more impressive if he had been a few feet taller. He merely supplied Goofy with the reply, "Earth."

"Earth?" Goofy exclaimed, "Golly!" The conversation was then interrupted by a loud explosion in the distance that shook the trees around them, tossing them about like rag dolls pushed against the wind. Over a city skyline, Sora and his friends could see a bright flash of light. Odd, as the Heartless usually appeared in quick bouts of darkness. But that had to be them, right? The odd party rushed towards the heat of the battle.

It had not been a very good day for Raven. She had been having the oddest premonition, and it was only highlighted by her latest nightmare. Her teammates were all worried about her, this she knew. She was acting erratic and very unlike herself. However, she couldn't tell them; no, that would require her telling them so much more. She reasoned with herself that as long as she didn't find the key, she would have no problems, she couldn't be found. As long as the key didn't find her.

Raven was shaken from her musings by a cry of, "Raven! Watch out!" The sorceress' eyes widened, but she managed to swerve in the air and successfully avoided Plasmus' solid fist. With a grunt of energy, she chanted her mantra and raised her hands in the air- until she felt a pain. It was at the back of her head, first just a small ache. Then all of a sudden the pain erupted, Raven's vision was gone in a cloud of black, and she began to plummet to the streets below.

Although Sora could tell that the creature before him was not in any way a Heartless, he had enough sense to realize that it still was evil. He assumed a battle stance, pleasantly surprised to see a group of odd-looking (though that was nothing new to him) teens already breaking the monster's defenses.

And indeed Sora was about to attack the stone beast, when he heard a scream. It sounded like a cry of worry. He followed the sound to see a boy about fifty feet away, battling with the monster, but his eyes somewhere else entirely. Sora followed those eyes, and started upon catching the focus; a purple- haired girl was slowly but surely plummeting towards earth. Her teammates seemed distressed, but were all either incapacitated or quite busy fighting. Sora had no other thought but to save her. That's what heroes did, right?

So breaking out into a run, Keyblade swinging aimlessly behind him, Sora caught up to the falling girl just on time; he landed to his knees, cradling her gently in his arms. In his peripheral vision, he saw a flash of bright green and heard the crash of the behemoth. A moment later, Sora looked up from the girl that he had caught and found himself looking directly into masked eyes. The boy that had screamed for her, that was who it was.

"Thanks. I never thought I'd see the day that a Titan would need saving." Most would have disliked the word choice, but Sora could see the grateful smile on the titan leader's face. Sora rose to his feet, and he felt the girl stir. Her eyes shot open, surprising him- purple? - and immediately he saw a flash of emotions on her face- fear, confusion, understanding, and resignation.

"Please put me down."

Her voice surprised him as well. It was husky and low, not what one would have expected from such a frail-looking female. He let Raven down gently, awkwardly scratching at the back of his head. "Er…sorry?"

The masked boy laughed. "Rae, it's good to see you're alright. And don't let her scare you away. Raven's not a big fan of new people." The purple- haired girl swatted at him, but his smile only grew. "I'm Robin," he said, "And we're the Teen Titans."

Sora watched as the other Titans approached. "So…you're all a team?" He became aware that Donald and Goofy were behind him.

"Yep. Crime fighters all the way, dude!" This came from a boy that Sora had not noticed, one that was curiously green.

Robin rolled his eyes. "That's Beast boy," he indicated the green fellow, "Cyborg," he pointed to a cybernetic teen, "and Starfire." The girl named last was orange-skinned, her fiery red hair cascading down her back. "Oh, and you just met Ra-," he stopped and looked around at the three previously named titans. "Guys, where did Raven go?"

"She probably went back to the Tower," Cyborg commented. The others seemed to accept the fact, so Sora continued the conversation.

"Oh, I'm Sora, this is Donald, and this is Goofy. We're here to protect your world from the Heartless. Apparently, they're looking for something and it's here."

"Heartless?" Robin asked.

Sora sighed. "It's a long story…"

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